4 Blogging Lessons Learned from Riding a Motorbike in Southeast Asia

blogging lesson

**Another useful yet entertaining guest post from Ryan Biddulph**

I have eaten pavement in Bali.

I have enjoyed some of the world’s most stunning views in Phuket, Thailand.

Riding a motorbike through Southeast Asia over a 2-year stretch has blessed me with a wide range of experiences.

Oh yeah; I also gleaned a few key blogging lessons from these rides to help you build a successful blog.

Put on your helmet, pack your bribe money, pull back on the throttle and enjoy the ride. Continue reading…

Why Self-Love Makes Your Blog Better & Proves Your Haters Wrong [EP 29 The Blog Chronicles]

how do you love yourself?

Dani DiPirro is my guest on this episode of The Blog Chronicles…

Dani was not happy working a cubicle job in marketing, and wanted to somehow get out of it.

In 2009, she started a blog while keeping her day job, and worked on building a web audience in her spare time.

By 2012, she was ready to walk away.

She turned in her resignation and has been self employed, doing what she loves, ever since. Continue reading…

How to Live Your Legend Through Adventurous Blogging [EP 27 The Blog Chronicles]

Chelsea Dinsmore

Scott Dinsmore was an amazing blogger…

After learning the basics with a few previous blogs, Scott launched a new website called Live Your Legend.

For the first four years, not much happened.

Then suddenly, the seeds he had sown began growing rapidly!

Within a couple of years, he had 100,000 subscribers.

Then tragedy struck…

That’s where my guest comes in…

Chelsea Dinsmore was his devoted wife, who traveled the world with him, and gleaned some of Scott’s business sense along the way apparently…

Because now SHE is the CEO of Live Your Legend dot net.

What happened to Scott? How did Chelsea step into the role of CEO without any prior business experience? Then proceed to take the blog up to 250,000 subscribers?

You’ll have to tune in or read the transcript to find out. 😉 Continue reading…

How to Make Money Fast with a Green Blog: a Minimalist Guide

green blogger

**This is a guest blog post from Green Blogger Mi Muba**

What comes to your mind when you think of going green?

Consume less, eat less, spend less and be happy. Right?

How can a person do less of everything and be happy?

Well, people say happiness lies in consuming MORE AND MORE. Be it food, clothing, pleasure or partying.

This is the confusion that you can demystify on your green blog by clearly showing how real happiness is found in balanced consumption. Neither more nor less. Continue reading…

1 Paralyzing Blogging Limiting Belief and How to Slay this Dastardly Demon

blogging limiting beliefs

I am staring at a blank page here in Myanmar.

I am writing these words – offline – in a Word document but my web browser remains blank. Clear. A casualty of a less than stellar Burmese internet connection.

My wife Kelli and I prepared ourselves for this. We knew this country had recently opened up to the outside world. Having a strong 4G network is not high on the list of Myanmar priorities these days.

But even though I was aware of this issue I still have to be mindful of a paralyzing blogging limiting belief dancing around in my monkey mind, bedeviling me like a nasty little demon, trying to snuff out my successful blogging actions.

The limiting belief? Continue reading…

5 Tips to Become a Guest Posting Machine

guest posting


**Another useful yet entertaining guest post from Ryan Biddulph**

Writing and placing guest posts drips with blogging benefits like:

–increased blog traffic
–greater profits
–more friendships established
–more fun had
–more folks helped

But most bloggers cling to a jambalaya of limiting beliefs related to guest posting.

Today I’ll share tips to help you become a guest posting machine. Continue reading…

Increase Your Digital Marketing ROI with This Simple, Proven Formula from Marcus Sheridan [EP 28 The Blog Chronicles]

Marcus Sheridan

When it comes to effective business blogging, Marcus Sheridan just might be the king of the content marketing jungle.

He knows how to increase your digital marketing ROI because he’s done it first hand.

Maybe that’s why he is called The Sales Lion? 😉

And now, Marcus has shared his story together with some additional case studies in his new book: They Ask, You Answer.

Here’s why anyone who wants to make more income online should listen to this interview: in 2008, Marcus was co-owner of a brick-and-mortar business–a swimming pool supply store called River Pool and Spa. (He still owns it today.)

For 7 years, he led the sales team and built the business with traditional methods, like in-person sales, phone calls, meeting clients in their home, serving customers who walked into the store, etc.

Then, in 2008, the economy crashed, and many advisers told Marcus his River Pool and Spa store should declare bankruptcy.

But Marcus didn’t want to lose the house he and his wife and children called home.

So out of desperation, he tried something new. Continue reading…

How to Right a Sinking Blogging Ship (or How to Bail and Find a New Ship)

sinking ship


**This is a guest post from Ryan Biddulph**

The boldest move of my blogging career involved:

–deleting 3,400 blog posts
–trashing my old blog
–trashing my old brand
–releasing my online cash flow streams

Each move made way for Blogging From Paradise.

In a world where bloggers whine on parting with a single blog post, the idea of deleting 3,400 posts, an entire blog and your brand may induce vomiting. But you never truly grow until you let go.

Sometimes you need not delete the blog. All it takes is a few adjustments to right a sinking blogging ship. Continue reading…

Why You Should Still Care About Google Plus [Episode 26 The Blog Chronicles]

Ben Fisher

Google Plus was rocking in 2013.

Do you remember the G+ heyday?

Those were fun times….

What about now? Did something happen to Google Plus?

Yes and no.

Yes, Google made some business decisions in 2015 that affected the G+ momentum. Like, it dropped dramatically.

Many people lost interest and left.

Now let’s fast forward to 2017…have you used Google Plus lately?

Oh, you think it’s a ghost town? Huh.

Then how is a guy like Ben Fisher helping his clients grow their business through Google Plus? Continue reading…

Blogger Survival Tip: Kill the Bear Trying to Eat You

blog fears

Have you ever seen a movie called The Edge?

Here’s a quick synopsis: A billionaire (played by Sir Anthony Hopkins) tags along with his supermodel wife to her photo shoot up in the Alaskan frontier.

Alec Baldwin plays the sleazy photographer.

Baldwin and Hopkins end up getting lost out in the wilderness together. I’m talking many miles out from their lodge, thanks to a small plane crash.

It gets worse. Continue reading…