SEO Search: Using Google to Find Basic Search Engine Optimization Secrets


Are you searching for SEO answers? Join the club.


“People fear what they don’t understand.”  – Andrew Smith

SEO can look scary to a new blogger if they don’t know what it means or how it works.

I know how you feel. Although I have  a bit of knowledge about this topic, I am by no means an expert. I’m still learning about SEO and probably always will, because things can change quickly in the SEO field.

Like you, I’m still looking for answers. Solid answers that are up to speed. So, I’m going to blog about this as I search for answers because this topic is something new bloggers should know about. I know some of you already want to learn more.

That’s a good thing. Because putting some time and attention to your blog’s SEO helps you get more visitors, readers, subscribers and/or customers. Continue reading…

Why the World Really Needs Everyone to Blog

We need more blogs.

Recent events of unbelievable proportions, from Missouri to Iraq and a dozen horrific bits of news each day has spawned an understanding that news sites often release coverage of important events as per their owner’s political leanings.

Certainly the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri once again showed the power of the mobile device video—and the need for more of it. More of it from people all around the world.

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Published Authors Need a Blog – Carey Green Shares Why and How

A book by Carey Green

How can a blog help a published author?

That’s a good question.

You may already have a book published and you’re reading this thinking, “How can I find the time to blog and write books?” Or you may have dreams about writing a book one day and you’re not sure how to fit a blog into your future plans… Why blog? Isn’t being on Amazon enough?

I get these types of email questions a lot from people who are starting a blog to promote their book or want a blog to facilitate their writing career, so I decided to investigate. Continue reading…

Don’t Be Cheesy! 4 Clichés to Avoid in a Video Script

Cheesy videos stink like Limburger.

That’s problematic because nobody wants to have a “cheesy” blog or “cheesy” online business… Well, except for maybe Weird Al.

How closely do you tune in to the video and audio ads that fly past you every day?

We tune out most of them, right? Because so many of them are complete cheese balls. You know, filled with the same cliches you’ve heard ten million times.

To help you create videos for your blog that avoid the cheesiness and grab people’s attention, here are four cliches you should avoid.

Remember these tips the next time you write a video script…

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Blog Branding: Grab Your Blog By the Horns and Brand It Like a Cowboss

                                   Photo credit: Kipp Baker


Without branding, your blog is like a cow.

That’s right. Just another domesticated ox blending into a huge herd of blogs, trudging across the internet plains.

Sorry if this offends. What I’m trying to say is that your blog might actually be a gorgeous stallion that nobody notices because you haven’t branded her. Continue reading…

100 Reasons Why You Should Be Blogging

Illustration on a Build Your Own Blog Post called 101 Reasons to Blog


Here’s a list of 101 Reasons to Blog


Why blog?

Good question.  That’s something people ask me now and then.

I enjoy a good challenge, so I made a list of reasons why you should be blogging.

I actually ended up with 101 reasons. You can find the bonus reason below and its a pretty cool reason. Continue reading…

Meet Avinash Kaushik–His Blog Analytics Advice is Gold

Avinash Kaushik infographic

Discovering Avinash Kaushik online has been like finding a valuable treasure out in a vast, barren valley. I read his blog Occam’s Razor to get cutting edge tips on digital marketing and analytics. He has two well received books on analytics: Web Analytics: An Hour a Day and the newly released Web Analytics 2.0

I could go on, so I’ll let this infographic tell the full story on why he’s someone I respect and why you should check him out. Continue reading…

Addiction Recovery Blogger The Secret Slayer Chats with Matt – #HOA (Video Interview)

The Secret Slayer


The Secret Slayer


The purpose of her blog is to share her past so others may heal.

Her name is Pearl. She’s an addiction recovery blogger off to a fast start.

Pearl used the Build Your Own Blog setup guide to begin a new blogging journey that is changing her life.

In this interview, Matthew asks The Secret Slayer many different questions that reveal why this blog has started strong and continues to grow. Continue reading…

Video Will Rock Your Blog! Time to Turn Up the vBlogs

Are you on the web  blog bandwagon yet?

There is a lot of compelling support of the fact that web video should be a significant focus of your site.

People love stats, so here are some stats.

  1. According to Forrester Research, just one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. That’s an average of 3,000 web pages. Continue reading…