This Teen Entrepreneur Will Make You Wish You Blogged Sooner; The Marc Guberti Story [Episode 06 of The Blog Chronicles]

teen entrepreneur

Hello and welcome to this episode of The Blog Chronicles, hosted by Matthew Loomis.

Today we’re going to be talking with teen entrepreneur Marc Guberti.

Marc has been a blogger for seven-years now. Yet today he is still just eighteen-years old.

He is a real teen entrepreneur who started his first business in middle School. He is also a self-taught social media expert. Continue reading…

How to Create Your Brand Loving Your Unique Appeal [EPISODE 05: The Blog Chronicles Podcast]

create your brand

Create Your Brand Organically Through Blogging

Hello and welcome to this episode of The Blog Chronicles, I’m your Host Matthew Loomis. Today we are going to spend some time talking about Personal Branding and explore what this means for you the blogger.

What is personal branding? Do you need it? How do you get it? I am going to call Andrea Beltrami, because Andrea is all about personal branding.

Not only has she developed a strong personal brand for herself; she also helps solopreneurs, bloggers and freelancers develop their own personal branding, by focusing on their own visual presentation. Continue reading…

How to Install Jetpack in 2 Minutes and 18 Seconds

how to install Jetpack

Millions like me <3

Why? Because a self-hosted WordPress blog provides you with freedom.

Freedom to design and create your website however you want. Versatility is what you get thanks to a variety of plugins.

All you have to do is install them and occasionally update the individual plugins you choose to use.

This is pretty easy because there is a popular plugin called Jetpack that consolidates all of your separate plugin features into one single plugin that is user-friendly and is installed and maintained as easily as any other plugin. Continue reading…

How to Create an Anonymous Blog So You Can Spread Your Message Without Exposing Your Identity

how to create an anonymous blog

On Fridays I do a Facebook Livestream (usually at 11 am CST) over on the Build Your Own Blog Facebook page.

I’m calling it The Show Me Your Email Show. (Like the title? Let me know what you think in the comments.)

A description of this show is “where I share one to three real emails from real customers, and we talk about them.”

This week I shared an email from a woman I’ll call Joanna. Here’s what she said… Continue reading…

How to Publish Your Book & Reach More People with Jesse Wisnewski [Podcast]

how to publish your book

On this episode of The Blog Chronicles we talk about how to publish your book so you can grow your audience.

The task doesn’t have to feel daunting. My guest actually works for a company that helps people like you become published authors.

In fact they have helped 136 people as of this podcast.

If you are interested in getting a book published, you can get more info here after checking out this interview. [Affiliate Link]

If you dream of becoming an author, lets talk about how a blogger can do that with today’s special guest. Continue reading…

Get Traffic with These Simple Site Optimizations Straight from Joost de Valk, SEO Whisperer

get traffic

Are you trying to get traffic to your blog but not getting much results?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is something every blogger should practice, yet many don’t know where to begin.

If you’re still trying to figure out what SEO even means, you’re not alone.

On this podcast Joost uses simple terms any newbie can understand. Want to get traffic to your blog in just a few minutes of your time per blog post? Check out this episode of The Blog Chronicles, where I chat with SEO Expert Joost de Valk. Continue reading…

Follow Your Fun Writing a Travel Blog with Ryan Biddulph [Podcast Interview]

writing a travel blog

Watching the sunset from a gorgeous beach…is there anything more relaxing?

Yeah, actually there is: watching the sunset from a gorgeous beach again the next night. And the next night…and the next…

How about for a month straight? Wouldn’t that be incredible?

Now let’s imagine an even greater scenario…after a month, you get to go to a completely new beach for another four months…


Is this really possible?

Just ask my guest today. He knows firsthand… Continue reading…

How to Remove a Page Title in WordPress

how to remove a title in wordpress

WordPress is a versatile platform.

That’s why so many people use it–pretty much any website you can think of can you use it. With its open-source software and extensive catalog of available plugins, any blogger can put it to good use.

Many people want the creative freedom to build a site that is unique, and you can certainly do that. All you need (aside from getting professional help if you can budget that) is to make some simple tweaks and changes that might not feel right at first…tweaks like removing headers and page titles. Continue reading…