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Blog niches are specific topics you can write about on your blog.

The hardest part of starting a blog is choosing a blog niche.

In creating a blog with the intent of using it to market to a specific ‘niche’ market is the act of ‘Niche Blogging’, these blog niches may appeal to “geographic areas, a specialty industry, ethnic or age groups”.

With this blog type it is best to choose a topic which you are knowledgeable about and one which fits your comfort zone.

When choosing the best blog niches for your website you need a clear understanding of who your target audience is, this will draw visitors to your website and allow you make money from blogging

The best blog niches to start a blog in

Blog niches which are profitable can generate traffic to your ‘blog’ website and eventually turn it into a successful income stream.

The most profitable types of blog niche markets in the business today include: 

  • How to make money 
  • Personal Finance 
  • Food 
  • Beauty and Fashion 
  • Health and Fitness 

But there are a few key steps in choosing the best blog topics:

Pick an interesting blog niche that you are passionate about and like to talk about.

Another key step to a successful blog niche business idea is to do some market research to determine if the blog topic is profitable and you can generate a target audience.

By researching blog niches, it allows you to see if the interest in the blog niche is rising, in decline or static.

A blog niche that is rising will generate traffic to your website allowing you a greater audience which can be profitable.

Blog niches will contain affiliated links or advertisements which are known as ‘pay-per clicks’ and blog niches will incite the reader into visiting another website to purchase a related product or service.

This can be extremely profitable – for example you can join Amazon’s affiliate program in promoting products – you will earn 10% commission on each product purchased. 

Pick a smaller Niche

Upon choosing a specific blog niche it is important to determine your competition.

With an online search of your specific blog niche you may find your chosen ‘blog’ niche is one of the most popular blog topics, with a huge number of related ‘blog’ niche websites already online.

It can be that the topic you have chosen maybe too broad and competing with these ‘blog’ niche sites will be extremely challenging.

In such situations it can be wise to choose a smaller ‘blog’ niche for example ‘Travel’ can be a very broad ‘blog’ niche, a sub or smaller ‘blog’ niche with less competition maybe ‘Travelling in Spain’.

How to succeed in a blog niche

If you want to become the next blogging star in your ‘blog’ niche, there are effective strategies which can lead to blogging success. 

Write Great Content – Always create quality and useful content for your followers, interesting and good blog topics help you stand out from the crowd! 

Market Research – Perform research making sure your blog niche is profitable and has a target audience.

Good Design and Branding – All successful bloggers know the importance of brand and design when it comes to blog niches.Take time out to study authority blog designs.

Guest Blogging – One of the most popular blog niche market ideas today is guest blogging, this can help increase your profile and the interest in your blog niche.


The golden rule upon choosing your blog niche is that you must be passionate about it.

That passion can drive your blog niche in helping people learn or do something and enable you to make money out of writing about a topic you love. 

Top Five Best Blog Niches

Blog Niches are today one of the top online business ideas, here is the top five list of ‘blog’ niche markets: 

How to make money – Making money is what this blog niche is all about.

Personal Finance – A blog niche which talks about how to save monies through frugal living.

Food – These blog niches generally detail food recipes rather than products.

Beauty and Fashion – Most prominent fashion bloggers focus on Instagram and Youtube first and build their blog niches on that success and following.

Health and Fitness – One of the most popular blog niches which can generate a lot of traffic and a blog niche with a lot of crossover potential e.g. dieting, meditation, yoga.

Your Good to Go

Choosing blog niches can be a tasking exercise, there are so many types of blogs to choose from.

But once you have chosen your blog niche, creating your own blog and are writing standout content, it won’t be long before the masses will follow, and you will reap the fruits of your labour!

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