1 Freeing Blogging Concept that Erases Your Struggles Stupid Quickly

May 11, 2017

ryan biddulph

My name is Ryan Biddulph.

I am addicted to leveling up.

Sometimes I write 25 guest posts per week.

Other times I write 10 blog comments daily. REALLY long blog comments.

I don’t accomplish these things to brag about my volume of work. I don’t write this much because I feel this is what it takes to succeed. That is hogwash.

I share because I care. About you.

I want you to erase your blogging struggles quickly.

I do stuff that may seem supernatural to most bloggers by intending to master the concept I will share in this post.

The Pain Point

Struggling like Hades. Slamming into obstacles again and again. Seeing 2 visitors to your blog. Last week. Or earning .04 cents through your blog. Last year. Or working 12 hours a day, busting your hump, for 6 months, only to earn $25 a month.

You may be utterly disgusted with your blogging results. Totally fed up. Ready to quit. I feel your pain. I have been in these exact same spots.

Let’s bridge the pain point to the pleasure point, shall we?

The Pleasure Point

If you’re disgusted with struggling blogging-wise you can feel the joy of:

  • earning a full time income through your blog
  • living your life dreams through blogging
  • receiving a steady flow of folks you can help with your blog, products and services
  • doing fulfilling, rewarding work through your blog

If the pain feels really sucky and the pleasure feels like it’d be something so worth working towards I want to share this simple, clear, powerful tip for reducing your blogging struggles as quick as lighting strikes.

Dive into Your Deepest Blogging Fears: The Band Aid Analogy

The simple, powerful technique for erasing your blogging struggles quickly is to dive into your deepest blogging fears immediately after reading this blog post.

I am not kidding. I mean “immediately.” Doing so forces you to face and feel the fears. Once felt, the fears begin to quickly die. The struggles die with the fear, because your fears fuel all of your struggles.

This practice is highly unpleasant for a few moments then, smooth sailing.

Kinda like when you rip a Band-Aid off of a wound in a split second. You feel the intense pain for a few seconds. Then the pain subsides. Relief floods in. Ahhhh….precious relief.

Meanwhile, struggling bloggers are like the gal or guy who slowly, fearfully, tortures themselves, pulling off the Band-Aid one millimeter at a time. Slow, dull pain. For 10 seconds. For 10 minutes. Or in extreme cases, the person refuses to remove the Band-Aid which leads to an infection. The infection can lead to serious long term pain and suffering. All because you wouldn’t yank off the Band-Aid in a split second, dealing with the pain.

The Cold Shower Analogy

Now that I’m back in the States I take an icy cold shower on waking. Turn the dial over to the left, all the way, and I let that ice water wash over my body for 30-60 seconds. This intensely brutal practice helps me:

  • face and release my fears
  • get energized
  • stay healthy
  • pull the Band-Aid off more quickly every day

Note; if you want to do the icy cold shower bit, talk to your doctor. You can’t read Matthew’s rocking blog after turning into a blogging popsicle.

Anyway, as a newbie cold shower taker I would torture myself. I allowed my fear of being highly uncomfortable – stepping into a 55 degree ice water stream at 6 AM when it was 30 degrees outside – dominate my mind, doing the silly thing of dancing in and out of the stream, barely letting it touch me, delaying the inevitable.

Now I yank off the Band-Aid by diving into a full bore cold shower that would make Mr. Freeze shiver. Amazing practice for facing fears which has bled into my blogging-life and heck, my entire life too.

The Concept

What scares you the most, blogging-wise?

Starting a blog? Then buy your domain and hosting today.

Writing your first post? Then write and publish your first post today.

Writing and submitting your first guest post? Do it today.

Being vulnerable and asking a high level, experienced pro blogger a question related to your struggles, even though you have created the illusion that you are highly successful, but in truth are NOT successful? Email an experienced pro blogger with your question and admission today.

By diving directly into the fear, you kill it really, really quickly. The fear dies. Then you are free to:

  • write blog posts
  • submit guest posts
  • ask top bloggers for help, divulging your deepest struggles in a transparent manner

What deep fear did I face recently, to create a pivot that put me on this prolific guest posting trajectory? In the name of full transparency, I did my taxes last month and realized I should be making more money. Point blank. I had a lot of fears around earning and being bold and dove into those terrors at tax time.

A week after that fear-embracing sessions – which was highly unpleasant but super fast – I moved into inspired actions because I felt and released that fear, which helped me net a sweet income boost through multiple streams online. All because I honored this blogging concept that erased my struggles really quickly.

The Tools

  • 1 piece of paper
  • 1 pen
  • 1 quiet room
  • honesty, openness and a willingness to list what scares you the most about blogging

Once you list a few deep, terrifying fears you need to dive into them immediately. Not this weekend. Not next month. Because delaying = fear. Delaying = terror. Delaying = pull the Band-Aid off slowly and painfully until you quit pulling the Band-Aid, an infection sets in and then you REALLY have a problem.

Most bloggers are so terrified to pull off the Band-Aid that gangrene sets in on their blogs. Struggles persist for years. All because they wouldn’t just yank off the Band-Aid and deal with a few moments or seconds of deep fear.

Dive into your fears guys. Once your struggles lose their fear-fuel you will leave these pains in the past, for good.

Your Turn

Are you diving into your deepest blogging fears?

Or are you letting these squiggly little itty bitty waves of energy in your mind rule your life and fuel your struggles?

Let me know in the comments.

If you’re now ready to start a new blog, don’t delay. Throw up your new website NOW!


Author Bio:

Ryan Biddulph owns the website Blogging From Paradise. He’s a blogger, author and world traveler who’s been featured on Richard Branson’s Virgin Blog, Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur Dot Com and Neil Patel Dot Com. He has written and self-published 126 bite-sized eBooks on Amazon. Ryan can help you build a successful blog with the 11 Fundamentals of Successful Blogging Audio Course.


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  1. Ryan Biddulph says:    •   3 years

    Matthew these featured images keep getting better and better LOL!

  2. Matthew Loomis says:    •   3 years Author

    Having fun with images here is what we do. 🙂 This one fits the post sooooo well. Glad you liked it!

  3. Annette says:    •   3 years

    Matthew, I really appreciate your emails and how personable they are. I feel like when I do finally take the time to work my blog, that you will be here to help! Thanks !

    1. Matthew Loomis says:    •   3 years Author

      That’s right Annette, I will definitely be here for ya! Thanks for dropping by to say hi and I’m glad you’re enjoying my email newsletter.


  4. Annette says:    •   3 years

    Really good article! I like this guy and his website!
    And to answer your question, No, I have not dove in yet ! I started a blog more than a year ago about something I was passionate about, but now, not so much! I have been longing to start a blog and make some money, but I have NO idea what to blog about! I have lots of passions that will endure, but I can’t blog about Everything ! Can I ?

    1. Ryan Biddulph says:    •   3 years

      Hi Annette,

      Nope, definitely don’t do that. Unless you think you can hold 2 full time jobs or 15 full time jobs at once LOL!

      So happy you’re ready to follow your passion! Now, here’s what you do: walk into a quiet room. Take a deep breath. Set a timer for 45 minutes. Then, ask yourself what one passion do you MOST want to pursue through blogging. You will likely have your answer within 45 minutes. If not, repeat tomorrow.

      Eventually your mind will give up its games – it is so cute and silly the mind is – and the answer will flow to you. It will. All the confusion about picking 1 passion is fear, manifest, and these quiet sessions will let the fear dissolve so you can take that first step.

      Thanks for reading!


  5. Annamarie says:    •   3 years

    Hi Matthew,
    reading your blog today, I am sorry to admit that I had not found your reply invite before. Lovely to see how you respond and and having a human conversation with your bloggers. Somehow I do not like that word blogger, search me why that is. When doing something like that can’t I just call it an email or figure out another word or descriptions. Surely it is not the law to call it by that name. What dod you think about it. L&B A.