17 Blogs with Awesomesauce: Your Cheat Day is Ready [monthly pigout]

June 2, 2017

Best blogs 2017

Time to get your cheat on!

These are my favorite blog articles I have recently found on the world wide internets.

17 Blogs with Awesomesauce is a simple curation of blog posts that I read then share. Usually, these posts are shared for one of three reasons:

1. They are enjoyable, useful or entertaining

2. They touched an emotional nerve, positive or negative (negative responses will have a purpose if they occur at all)

3. I thought the blog post was important and needed to be shared

17 Blogs with Awesomesauce is now a biweekly pig out, which means it will now be published every two weeks.

Some articles curated here are newly published, while a smaller portion will be older. It doesn’t matter how long the post has been online. I just share what I’ve discovered for the first time personally from the previous two weeks. Many posts are only a few weeks old or less, while others might be 5 years old.

Yet all of them are high quality, relevant, entertaining or useful for bloggers like you.

Okay, stop drooling. Time to pig out!

17 What’s Your MyersBriggs Blogging Type?

Dr. Mi Muba (he’s a blog doctor, not a medical doctor) has determined 7 types of people who can’t make money online. See if you can self-diagnose yourself using his personality types and find out what you can do to treat your malady.


16 Next Time You Feel Stressed, Release the Pressure By Doing This

Dani DiPirro has put together a list of 20 simple things you can do to chill out instead of stress out.


best blogs


15 Twitter Works if You Know How to Work It

Frustrated with the traffic results from your tweets? Barry Feldman has 19 tips to turn Twitter around for better engagement and more clicks.


14 Dare to Share Your Art

James Prescott knows what it’s like to bleed on a blank page. He’s an author and writing coach who says “don’t be afraid. Dare to step out and share your story. And in the midst of your anxieties and insecurities, know you are not alone.” He shares how being vulnerable with your art can be a path to freedom.


best blogs

Ready to share your art on your own platform? Build a quality blog that you own in 15 minutes.


13 Let Go of These 7 Mental Weights Pulling You Down

My favorite blogger in the Pacific Northwest (David Boozer) has coached a lot of neophytes how to be mentally tough, successful bloggers. He’s made a list of some Things You Need To Give Up If You Want To Succeed With Blogging…


12 Take the Itch Out of Finding Your Perfect Niche

Adam Connell has put together a really nice post that provides you with several little activities and tools you can use to help narrow down your ideas and guide your quest to choose the perfect niche for your blog and avoid failure. Not a new post, but still a relevant resource that I recently stumbled upon.


best blogs


11 You Want to Tantalize, Not Terrorize

If you have spent any time researching personal branding, you may know Sally Hogshead. She not only has a memorable last name, Sally specializes in personal branding and teaches people how to be themselves AND fascinating at the same time. In this post, Sally points out five ways your personal branding can go horribly wrong.


10 He See’s Talking Toasters and Smart Streetlights in Your Future 

I did not know that Kevin Ashton gets credit for coining the phrase “the internet of things”, which is used when describing how the internet is changing society. Ashton is a futurist and eternally optimistic, so if you enjoy reading about technology and how it will be changing our world real soon, enjoy this Telegraph article: The Internet of Things: Could it really change the way we live?


best blogs

9 Why Social Media Matters and What to Do When You’re Ready to Get Socially Serious

There’s more to social media than just arguing with your old high school friends about politics…It’s all about cat memes.

Just kidding.

Social media can bring serious traffic to your blog if you know how to use it properly. Sue-Ann Bubacz has some helpful advice for those who think it’s time to finally get serious about social.


If you’re ready to get serious about promoting your blog with social media, check out the Social Warfare WordPress Plugin [Affiliate Link]


8 If You’re Gonna Create Content, Might as Well Make Sure Your Audience Loves It

Joe Elliott put together a nice roundup of 21 experts, asking them to share their best tips to create content your audience will love. The experts include some all-star bloggers like Jon Morrow and Rand Fishkin. This post would have been even better with headshots of each of the experts. For some reason, there are no photos of anybody??? Still good info, though.


high quality blog posts


7 Writing Engaging Content: 70 Powerful Expert Tips

Now this mega roundup DOES include headshots of each blogger–70 in fact, who all share tips on how to write content that engages your audience. 


6 Get in Tune with Your Audience (I mean really in tune. Not just looking at them and nodding.) 

Ted Rubin is one of the top authorities of social media marketing. In this post (like all his posts), he digs deep into the topic. This will make you relook at the interactions you have with your social media followers. Are your ears open, and your eyes on the prize? 


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5 Ten Types of Popular Blogs: Which One is Yours?

This is one of my favorite treats for this cheat day…the post is three years old, but I’m glad to have bumped into it. I like how Will Hoekenga has boiled down blogs to these ten distinct types. For each blog type, he lists Advantages and Disadvantages and includes a strong example of each. Great post for newbies or those still in the blog planning stage. So tell us in the comments, which of these ten blog types are you? 


4 How to Give a Neglected and Abused Blog a Second Chance at Life

If you have a blog covered in dust, with no new posts since 2015, don’t despair. Here’s 13 tips for getting it back on track. 


blogging greats


3 Something Impressive to Put on Your Blogging Resume

Learning WordPress is one smart course to take in your blogging education. When I shared this post I noticed the tweet got some response from a few followers who appear to be young, maybe Gen Z or millennials. No matter your age, you can be a student of blogging, and if you need some convincing, check out these 10 reasons why learning WordPres is a good move.


2 How a Monkey Peeing On Your Head Can Turn Your Blog Around

My favorite digital nomad (Ryan Biddulph) is at it again…his jungle encounter with a bladder challenged primate kicks off his three tips you can use when you aren’t seeing positive results with your blog. 


great blogs to read


1 Addicted to SmartPhone: Ten Steps to Sobriety

Do you find yourself checking your smartphone way too much? Does it interfere with your concentration, suck up your time or lower your productivity? This post I found on Medium is really good. Writer Josh Spector is a recovering smartphone addict who has shared 10 practical ways to stop checking your phone and start using it with intention. Don’t worry, this isn’t an either/or article. You can still use your smartphone. This article helps you use it BETTER. These tips will keep you in the present moment, give you more time back and prevent you from being a dangerous driver.(Oh come on, you know you’ve done that.)


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Lots of Burping Going On in the Comments    (I wonder why?) 

Nothing like a good cheat day. Let’s talk about your favorite sweet posts down in the comments.

At the end of a cheat day, sometimes you feel stuffed and can barely get off the couch, but the good news is the feeling doesn’t last long.

Once the cheat day is over you can stay focused on your blog now for another two weeks because you know you can’t consume this much food every day, and another cheat day will be coming your way soon.

So be sure to take what you learned from this pigout and put it into practice.

And I would greatly appreciate it if you would share these awesome posts with your friends.

You don’t want to be a pig now, do you?

Author Bio:

Matthew Kaboomis Loomis is the owner of Build Your Own Blog. Connect with him on Google+ and Twitter

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  1. Ryan Biddulph says:    •   3 years Author

    Hi Matthew,

    The split second I sat down to read this post I carried a cupcake to the laptop LOL! Talk about timing. I did my 3 mile run today and yesterday so it is all good and carb up time anyway.

    David’s article rocked. I recall reading it a while back. He made a point about folks obsessed about having the perfect blog. Gotta let go that insane obsession because when you are at peace with just being you and blogging you, that’s when success flows your way. Goodness knows my blog is far from perfect but that’s the point! When you are cool with and clear on blogging from an authentic space you care less about perfectionism and more about authenticisim. Even though this is not a word LOL.

    Thanks for the shout out! Gotta get in touch with that peeing monkey; he’s helping me get some serious online pop 🙂


  2. Darius Carrick says:    •   3 years

    Hi! Thanks for sharing this great list of posts. I appreciate the food puns 🙂 Thanks for sharing my article on MOJO. I really enjoy the personality in your posts and I’ll make sure to share it with people who’d find these useful!

    1. Matthew Loomis says:    •   3 years Author

      Hey Darius,
      Glad you enjoyed this cheat day. 😉 Your article was stellar. Thanks for dropping in and sharing this.