17 Blogs with Awesomesauce: Your Cheat Day Pigout [July 2017]

July 5, 2017

Has it been four weeks already?

Time for your monthly cheat day pigout!

Indulge on some of the sweetest, richest, high calorie blog posts you’ll ever read.

You can’t binge like this every day (unless you don’t want to get anything done), so that’s why I curate a monthly cheat day where we are allowed to gorge on 17 treats from the interwebs.

Okay, no more self discipline. Time to ? Out!


17 Top of the Class or Just Pass?

There’s a new book out that followed 81 high school valedictorians, studying their futures after high school…the conclusions might shock you–for one, valedictorians don’t tend to go on to start businesses or change the world. They instead appear to settle with the system and make really good employees.

“There was little debate that high school success predicted college success. Nearly 90 percent are now in professional careers with 40 percent in the highest tier jobs. They are reliable, consistent and well-adjusted, and by all measures the majority have good lives. But how many of these number-one high school performers go on to change the world, run the world or impress the world? The answer seems to be clear: zero.” What happened to your class valedictorian? (Probably nothing too exciting.) 


16 But Without Social Media, How Will I Know What’s Going On in the World?

This journalist took a three month break from social media and discovered quite a few interesting things…like how she preferred getting calls and texts from her friends after she left Facebook. That was just the beginning–leaving social media also taught her how broken the news cycle is.


15 How to Get Started Working From Home

Myself and 17 others share some honest, “no fluff” advice on starting a successful career working from home in today’s digital era.

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14 Who’s Your Daddy Blog in 2017?

There are some good Dad Blogs out there. This is a nice list of 37 bloggers who are in the “dad blog” niche. Some great examples of dad’s doing blogging right–having fun, delivering content their audience wants, and generating income. In most cases here, full-time income.


13 Are You Goofing Up Your List Building Efforts with Any Of These Goofs?

Speaking of dads, this one up in the great Pacific Northwest has put together a helpful list of blunders that many new bloggers make when it comes to building their email list. David lists 7 mistakes hurting many list building efforts out there–then he gives you the solution. This post is a time saver!


12 Keep the List Building Good Times Rolling

Once you figure out how to get started correctly with building your list, you’re gonna need a good opt-in tool that helps you draw in your prospects and enable a healthy exchange between your lead magnet and their email address. Optin Monster is one such tool and this review introduces you to this product that isn’t scary at all. It just helps bloggers get monster conversion results.

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11 Are You Easily Embarrassed? That’s a Good Thing!

Where was this article when I was a teenager?
Writer Evan Tarver finds a positive twist to being “self conscious.” Instead of trying to get rid of those self conscious feelings, embrace them and make self-consciousness a strength.


10 That Moment You Realize Blogging Requires More Than Just Writing Posts

Let me tell ya something, partner: any blogger that wants to build a good sized following and earn income from their website is gonna need some help. It’s not all about you and your awesome content. Eventually, every lone wonder boy had to figure out how prioritize and then how to scale their time and their business. This always requires at least one other human being to help out here or there on one of the many things needed to run a fabulous blog. That’s why I love this post from my friend and frequent Blog Chronicles guest, Wade Harman. You may consider yourself a freelancer now, but you still can’t do it all, unless you just want to journal with your blog and you don’t care who reads it. Time to start reaching out to other freelancers, my friend. Wade lists 5 freelancer specialists to help grow your blog.


9 Smooth Operator: He’s the Sade of Online Business Marketing

Wade Harman probably doesn’t get compared to jazz/pop singer Sade often…that still doesn’t take away from his catalog of online crooning he’s been streaming through his blog over the past several years. If you’re looking for some advice on running an online business with grace and wisdom, check out Wade’s 4 Ways to Keep Your Business Running Smoothly.

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8 Getting More Results with Your YouTube Videos

This is not technically a “blog post.” This cheat day treat is a YouTube video, which is fitting considering YouTube videos are the topic. Ileane Smith knows a thing or three about YouTube videos and how to get results on YouTube. Calls to Action (CTA) are important in all forms of content. If your YouTube videos are lacking in the results department, watch Ileane as she shows you how to add a call to action to your YouTube video. 



7 These Social Media Blunders Reveal You’re Not On Your Game

You could be making a bunch of mistakes on social media and not even know it (yet.) See if you’re doing any of these 10 social media mistakes so you can correct this with a few simple tweaks.  Wow, another post from Ileane Smith! This one is a few years old, but still effective.


6 50+ Keyboard Shortcuts to Speed Up Your Work and Cut Down Your Fingers Workload

WordPress expert Barb Drosdowich shares a nice infographic filled with ninja keyboard tricks that make your mouse fat and bored.

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5 Are You Walking Through Life on One Leg?

Spiritual blogger Cylon George looks at our obsession with “money back guarantees” and how life doesn’t work that way. He proposes one path that leads to a better life–guaranteed.



4 Build a Social Media Marketing Funnel with Blog Posts

Blogger Cas McCullough shows you how to use blog posts to create social media content at every stage of your marketing funnel. 



3 If You Need Help Getting More Traffic, This Will Keep You Busy

Blogger Raelyn Tan overdelivers with this truly epic mega roundup post called 101 Tips from Top Experts on How to Get More Traffic.


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2 Turn Your Online Offers into Chocolate Chip Cookies

What’s more irresistible than a chocolate chip cookie? Wait, don’t answer that….it depends on what your audience likes, right? There are countless answers to this question, depending on your niche. So, when you make an offer, does it stop your blog readers in their tracks? Do they catch a whiff of your fresh baked cookies (your offer) and find they can’t resist? (Who passes on a plate of fresh baked cookies? You gotta eat at least one, you know.) Pamela Wilson shows you how to bake your own irresistible offer.  


1 How to Convert More Optins with Your Next JVP

Not long ago I asked affiliate sales guru Matt McWilliams this very question, and low and behold, he addressed it in a recent post on his blog. If you’re an affiliate marketer, this is good stuff.

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What did you like the most from this cheat day pigout? Share your thoughts in the comments.


Author Bio:

Matthew Kaboomis Loomis is the owner of Build Your Own Blog. Connect with him on Google+ and Twitter


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  1. Brian Zeng says:    •   3 years

    Hi Matthew,

    Another great roundup list!

    It’s gonna help to save your readers much time for putting up something like this, thanks for including “our” work from home list.

    Keep your great work coming.


    1. Matthew Loomis says:    •   3 years Author

      You put a lot of work into that roundup. Awesome, Brian!

  2. Evan Tarver says:    •   3 years

    Hi Matthew,

    Thanks for the shout out! Happy I could provide a bit of value to your article.

    Thanks for sharing.

    – Evan

    1. Matthew Loomis says:    •   3 years Author

      Great work, Evan. Love your take on this topic. Self conciousness was something I had to overcome and I wish I had some resources back then like this post!


  3. Matt McWilliams says:    •   3 years

    Hey…I made #1 🙂

    Thanks for including me brother! Great question!!!

    1. Matthew Loomis says:    •   3 years Author

      And some great answers, Matt! You’re the best when it comes to affiliate marketing tips!

  4. Ryan Biddulph says:    •   3 years Author

    Great stuff Matthew. I will head over to David’s post now. He is a list building champion and really knows his stuff. After following a few of his list building tips I added a bunch of subscribers to my list in a short period of time, following his example. The guy knows his stuff inside out!

    1. Matthew Loomis says:    •   3 years Author

      Hi Ryan,

      Yeah, David is pretty awesome with list building. I learn things from him all the time. 🙂

      See ya over on David Boozer.com 😉


  5. Barb says:    •   3 years

    Thanks for the shoutout Matt! I’m in pretty excellent company!

    1. Matthew Loomis says:    •   3 years Author

      I like to surround myself with smart people, Barb! 🙂

  6. Cylon says:    •   3 years

    Hey Matt! Honored to be included here! Thanks for all the great work you do to inspire bloggers 🙂

    1. Matthew Loomis says:    •   3 years Author

      Well, thank you Cylon and thank YOU for your great content!

  7. Pamela Wilson says:    •   3 years

    Now I need dessert! Thanks so much for sharing my post with your readers, Matt.

    1. Matthew Loomis says:    •   3 years Author

      Pamela, this post you did was a perfect fit for a cheat day pigout. 😉 Chocolate chip cookies and all!

  8. Gracie says:    •   3 years

    This list is awesome! Thanks Matthew!

    1. Matthew Loomis says:    •   3 years Author

      Glad you like this, Gracie!

  9. Raelyn says:    •   3 years

    Hey Matthew, thank you for the mention! I really appreciate it.

    1. Matthew Loomis says:    •   3 years Author

      Hi Raelyn,

      Thank you for grabbing my attention with your awesome post!



  10. Emmerey Rose says:    •   3 years

    Awesome post Matthew. This– ” That Moment You Realize Blogging Requires More Than Just Writing Posts” caught my attention. I learned it the hard way when I was starting. Thanks for the list! WIll check them out! 🙂

    1. Matthew Loomis says:    •   3 years Author

      Hi Emmerey,

      That was one of my favorite headlines to this post. Funny you bring this one up…been thinking just the past couple of days about doing more on this topic, making sure bloggers understand that success requires some work.

      Let me know if any other articles strike a chord with you.



  11. David says:    •   2 years

    Hi Matthew,

    Really very helpful and interesting article. I like cheats number 4 and 16, as social media is the biggest platform for marketing.