4 Tips to Transition from Blogging Loser to Blogging Winner

March 22, 2018

blogging winner

I love you.


Think not of the insulting definition of “loser” in this blog post title.  I mean not to criticize you.

But if your energy is mired in loss, scarcity and fear, chances are you are a blogging loser. Or a blogger whose mind is dominated by loss, lack and limitation.

I am a former blogging loser. The old me feared losing traffic, profits and my reputation.

Most of what I did blogging-wise was to avoid loss.

Not a good look.

Where you put your attention and energy, grows. I suffered through years of loss, lack, limitation, struggle and blogging failure.

I turned things around though.

Now I’m a blogging winner, all about expressing appreciation, seeing gains, observing expanding success and inspiring more folks to become successful bloggers.

Thinking and acting like a winner means it’s only a matter of time before you succeed with your blog.

If you feel stuck with your blog make no mistake about it; loss drives you. Fear goads you into doing silly, failure-inducing stuff.

Let’s turn that around.

Follow these tips to go from blogging loser to blogging winner.

1: Become Intimate with Your Deep Fears

The Time: 9:01 PM, Thailand time.

I sat down to write this guest post in the Land of Smiles but at first, I did not smile. RB worried. Just a wee bit.

I feared writing this guestie may eat into my Netflix time. Or perhaps I’d got to bed later than normal if I completed and submitted this guest post tonight.

Fears still dance around in my head, guys. I am human. Not a blogging cyborg that many believe me to be.

But I have developed the skill of being intimate with my fears. You need to know your fears to shift from a predominant energy of loss to a predominant energy of love and abundance.

Since I literally saw and felt the fear – almost like watching the fear on a screen, as I sat in a movie theater – I took a deep breath, felt the fear, exhaled the lower energies and wrote the post.

Become intimate with your deep fears. Fear fuels the predominant energies of loss, lack and limitation.

Feel the fears. Clear the fears. Set the energetic table to become a winning blogger.

I strongly suggest:

  • meditating
  • praying
  • doing deep introspection (thinking through things in a quiet room)

to expand your awareness so you can become intimate with fears.

2: Surround Yourself Only with Winners

To learn how to win, observe winners around you.

These dynamos teach you how to work from a place of abundance, gain, love and gratitude.

Zac Johnson is a blogging winner.

He is one of the most successful bloggers on earth, quite an awesome dude and a great friend.

Alonzo Pichardo is another big dawg who is one of the top marketing mentors in the world. He runs a thriving consulting business and has built a monstrously large, rabidly loyal tribe during his decade long career. He is a fabulous human being and dear friend.

Zac and Alonzo think, act and succeed like winners. They do things from a place of gain and abundance; not loss.

3: Condition Yourself to See Abundance

This one was tough for me at first.

I was programmed to see “not enough.”

I vividly recall making sweet cash through my old blog – when I cared a lot about worldly stuff like money, fame and success years ago – and feeling like it was never enough.

Now I do a Thai jig every time I sell an eBook and hear the cash register ring a $2.78 commission, and my blogging profits continue to expand.

Of course, the guy celebrating a little south of 3 smackers has been featured on Virgin, Forbes, Fox News and Entrepreneur. He is also a contributor on Positively Positive, a site boasting regular writers like Christy Turlington, Dr. Andrew Weil, Seth Godin and Gary Vaynerchuk.

How did I align with these world famous superstars? I patiently conditioned myself to see abundance, every email, website visitor, and profit cent at a time.

Be gentle with yourself when you first begin to see abundance versus loss. Most humans live in Survival Mode, doing much from an energy of fear, literally giving much of their existence to putting food on the table and a roof over their hear. This crowd sees loss and feels fear much of the time.

Transitioning from this heavy conditioning to see abundance and gain takes time, patience and mindfulness.

I know you’re up to the task.

Express genuine appreciation for everything in your life, for everything brought you to here and now, as you read my guest post.

Allow your gratitude to bleed through your blog. Celebrate everything about your blog. Especially the obstacles or appearance of struggles. Because blogging struggles teach you more about yourself than any other aspect of your blog, serving you your fears so you can feel these energies and move forward from a more empowered space.

4: Pay Money for Courses and Coaching

I regularly speak to struggling, newbie or aspiring bloggers terrified of spending aka losing money on courses or coaching that would help to make them successful.

Without fail, virtually all of these bloggers never succeed until they make the freeing, scary and empowering decision to spend money to cut their learning curve.

No way can you think and act from an energy of loss and become a winning, thriving blogger. This is energetically impossible.

You cannot use the money excuse and succeed online because your fear of losing money follows you around and injects every element of your blogging campaign.

Pay up to play up.

Do as winning bloggers do; invest money in products and services to shave years off of your learning curve.

Whenever someone buys my courses, eBooks or audiobooks, or hires me to coach them, they feel empowered, excited and ready to take their blogging game to the next level.

These folks almost always become successful bloggers because making empowered, winning decisions financially sends a strong, abundant signal to their readers. Toss in the fact that these bloggers gain confidence and clarity in following proven, sound systems established by top pro bloggers and you can see these bloggers being winners almost overnight, even if winning results lag for months.

Your Turn

How are you being a blogging winner?

Or are you doing things more from a place of loss with your blog?

Let me know in the comments.


Author Bio:
Ryan Biddulph owns the website Blogging From Paradise. He’s a blogger, author and world traveler who’s been featured on Richard Branson’s Virgin Blog, Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur Dot Com and Neil Patel Dot Com. He has written and self-published 126 bite-sized eBooks on Amazon. Ryan can help you build a successful blog with the 11 Fundamentals of Successful Blogging Audio Cours



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  1. Freddy G. Cabrera says:    •   2 years

    Hey Ryan!

    I think most bloggers start with that fear. And that’s okay as long as you wake up and realize the reality of how a successful blogging is done. You have to be in it for the service to others – that’s how one can become successful not just with blogging. Seriously.

    You have to blog from a place of love and abundance. That is very true!

    Hey I really like that money gif you have here – it’s super trippy!! haha

    Thank you for sharing your tips here!

    Have a wonderful weekend! 😀

    1. Ryan Biddulph says:    •   2 years

      Matthew and his design guy are brilliant! So true dude; we all start blogging with some heavy fears there but clearing the deep stuff makes it a fun journey.

      1. Matthew Loomis says:    •   2 years Author

        I always pick out the gifs myself. 🙂

        1. Ryan Biddulph says:    •   2 years

          Thumbs up dude, thumbs up 🙂

  2. Sharvan Kumar says:    •   10 months

    Hey Ryan !

    Blogging is a passion for me and I am converting it into my profession.

    Might will face lots of problems but will definitely get success.

  3. Charles McCool says:    •   8 months

    Wonderful tips, Ryan. Abundance is a mindset I try to remember. It is a powerful one.