5 Best Content Marketing Strategies for Any Business

January 20, 2020
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“The only way to win at content marketing is for the reader to say, ‘This was written specifically for me.”
– Jamie Turner(Celebrated Author & A Marketing Wizard)

Come on now this seems something obvious about the content marketing landscape, right? But hold on, the statement is way more profound from what you are thinking. Want to know the thought behind this statement? To do that, you must get an idea of how content marketing has become the key to driving more conversions and elevating the bottom line of business. Let’s start this without further delay.

When Content Marketing Came Into The Picture?

Well, content marketing started gaining traction when the conventional promotional methods became obsolete and marketers felt the need of discovering modern techniques such as email marketing, for example, to keep their targeted audience hooked-on. This is where the concept of content marketing came into the mainstream and the rest is history.

How Would You Define Content Marketing?

Fresh content has always been at the core of digital marketing. Also, when it comes to engaging the targeted audience there is no better technique than providing them with relevant content.
So, does this mean writing great content is sufficient? No, what you do once you have awesome content matters the most because eventually, your aim is to assist end-users in making a well-informed buying decision.
Yes, the concept of content marketing is all about leveraging the most effective channels and tactics to distribute valuable, reliable, and useful content. Also, these strategies should let you grab the attention of your end-users and lead them to conversion.

But do you think this is easy in the landscape where your audience is exposed to millions of blogs every day? Obviously, it’s no less than climbing a mountain but that’s what the job of an efficient content marketer, right?
You need to reach your targeted audience by breaking through the clutter which can be made possible with the help of a robust content marketing plan.

Now, what’s that?

A content marketing plan is nothing but a clearly defined proposal comprising the strategies that can be used to align your content with your specific business objectives. Does that sound too complex?
Well, let’s take a simple approach and assume you have an e-commerce store. Now, do you think that among thousands of similar online platforms it would be easy for you to rank on Google’s page one? Not at all, right? So, how can you connect with your end-users then?

Simple, initially you need to establish that you are an expert in your niche and can fix the pain points for your customers. You need to make the audience aware of your brand and here educational articles, engaging videos, and infographics can prove to be some of the best assets.

Establishing thought leadership and helping users getting the answers they are looking for are two integral aspects of winning their hearts and make them inclined towards your business.

There are a plethora of content marketing strategies that can be leveraged but identifying the specific tactics to create a comprehensive content marketing plan is even tougher as you need to sift through numerous strategies and cherry-pick the ones that can do justice to your brand.

But the toil is done and here are five of the best and most effective content marketing techniques those are must-haves in your digital selling arsenal:

1. Be Familiar With Your Buyers’ Persona & Their Journey Through The Sales Funnel

You will go nowhere if you exist in a vacuum and hence understanding the persona of your targeted audience is mandatory. Compile the existing data and develop insights to develop a buyer persona based on which you can get an idea of their specific interests, preferences, pain points, etc.

Now, how can you fix their problems or land them something that’s exactly what they are looking for? Simple, content is your key. But wait, before jumping to write lengthy articles or blogs how about outlining your sales funnel and understanding different stages where your potential customers are floating?

There are three core phases in any sales funnel:

I. The first stage is the awareness-building phase where your potential customers are searching for relevant products or services but they are completely unaware of your offerings.
Here, you can create informational pieces based on the keywords showing user intent and gradually arousing an interest in the audience to explore more of what you have in store?

II. In the second phase, you can encourage those prospects to form an opinion about your business as you have already floored them through your superb content. This stage can further move your potential customers down through the funnel and motivate them to consider your products or services.

III. The third stage is the phase when there is a need to give the leads a final push and let them make a purchase. Does that mean you just earned a conversion? Yes, and this can be easily done with a piece describing the worth of your offerings still which isn’t look promotional at all.

Confused on how to develop content specifically to connect with potential buyers on each stage of the funnel? Well, it’s simple you just have to identify the keywords that will give you an idea of the user intent based on which a relevant piece can be composed.

2. Maintaining An Editorial Content Calendar Is A Must

You have written a couple of blogs now what? The question is how to track various publications where you have pitched for posting guest blogs? Or, how to plan a week for promoting those pieces on your social platforms? Well, to do these tasks an editorial calendar is a must. Maintaining such a schedule will help you stay on track and do follow-ups on time.

3. Integrate Multiple Content Formats In Your Arsenal & Share Them On Your Social Channels

Are you still thinking that building your own blog, writing and promoting them is enough to grab the attention of your targeted audience? No, that was the case ages ago now you have to create videos, images, info-graphics, and podcasts to connect with the digitally-driven audience. On top of it, these creations should be engaging enough otherwise the users will simply quit in the middle.

For example, when sharing one of your blogs on Facebook or Twitter try and create numerous snippets different in the title, length, complexity, etc. Based on the relevancy of a platform you can share the same content but with a twist allowing you to connect with the targeted audience of that particular platform in a much better manner.

4. Invest In Developing A Couple Of Targeted Landing Pages & Remarketing

Creating landing pages that are optimized for the specific keywords your targeted audience is searching for could be another winning strategy to reach quality prospects. Also, you can integrate voice search to make the experience even more seamless for the visitors.

Besides, setting up a remarketing campaign is another powerful technique to connect with the visitors who have already interacted with your platform in the past. Showing relevant and personalized ads to them could trigger their interest in considering your product or services and there are higher chances of them getting converted.

5. Gauge Your Metrics & Keep An Eye On Your Key Competitors

What’s the use if you are implementing these strategies without measuring the impact? So, along with the execution, the evaluation part is equally significant and hence setting up Google Analytics to measure your content marketing efforts is unskippable for contemporary marketers.

This should be your priority in the upcoming content marketing plan as it helps you evaluate your content based on its performance, engagement, traffic sources, etc.

Also, if you are avoiding your key competitors it’s one of the biggest losses for you. So, keep an eye on your rivals and identify the techniques or sources from where they are earning quality links, mentions, etc.

Along with these content marketing strategies, creativity and intellect also hold importance as these traits helps you to get your content in front of the right audience at the right time as well as place. So, hone your skills accordingly and develop a flawless content marketing plan if you wish to take your business to the next level. All the best with your goals you marketing nuts!!

Author Bio:

Dhruv is an SEO Consultant and Content Marketer. He discovers new strategies to write SEO optimized content. When not sleuthing for tips, he is chiseling his fitness-goals and traveling around the world.

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