5 Steps to Ensure Your Guest Post Pitches Don’t Fall on Deaf Ears

October 20, 2017

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Most bloggers don’t tolerate lame guest posting pitches.

Some bloggers pour salt in your pitching wounds, laying into you with a snarky or outright angry email to put you in your pitching place.

Over the years I have cultivated my “Pitch Compassion”.

I rarely get annoyed or even agitated when a blogger pitches me to land a guest post on Blogging From Paradise.

Usually I note how guest posting is permanently closed on BFP but sometimes when pressed for time I ignore the email.

The majority of bloggers either junk such emails or at best, ignore the pitches entirely.

If your guest post pitches seem to fall on deaf ears you need to change your strategy.

Something is off.

Something is wrong.

Let’s discuss the Rx. for a sickly, feeble guest posting strategy so you can reap the sweet rewards of increased blog traffic, elevated blogging profits and most importantly, growing your blogger friend network swiftly.

1: Practice Writing Daily

Practice writing daily.

This is the #1 skill you need to develop to land guest posts regularly.

Most bloggers only write if they are publishing a blog post.

This is a massive mistake.

Imagine if Lebron James only practiced during games?

He wouldn’t be the best basketball player on earth.

Ditto for any successful person in any niche.

Success is the product of practicing in the cyber shadows.

I have published over 1000 guest posts but I also wrote 1000 words or more daily for many years.

I practiced in the background. So I shine on the big stage.

Write 1000 words every day in a Word document. Write about your niche or day to day living. Just write.

Delete the document after you hit your 1K a day. Practice the art of detachment.

Gain confidence in your writing. Feel clearer on your writing.

If you devote hundreds to thousands of hours to writing practice you will receive a steady flow of invites to guest post on established blogs.

2: Comment on Top Blogs

Commenting on top blogs is the simplest way to make a strong, positive impact on fellow bloggers.

Share your thoughts generously.

Write 3-4 paragraph, in-depth, helpful comments on top blogs from your niche persistently. Be thorough.

Comment to build bonds.

Share your thoughts to build relationships.

Pitching bloggers feels so much easier and quite comfortable when you share your thoughts intelligently, generously, on these blogger’s blogs.

Blog comments add value to blog posts, build a sense of community and foster strong bonds.

You will be coming in warm when you comment on a blogger’s blog before you pitch the individual.

A warm pitch is a genuine ask.

Genuine, heartfelt asks from friends tend to elicit a positive response.

3: Promote Other Bloggers (through Social Media and Your Blog)

Promote other bloggers freely through social media and through your blog.

Many bloggers whose content I regularly retweet or Facebook Share have invited me to guest post on their blogs.

Even better? Give up some of your cyber real estate to shout out a fellow blogger via a quick mention.

People love when you give them shine on your most treasured piece of online real estate; your blog.

This is the endorsement of endorsements.

If you are struggling like heck to gain the attention of any blogger – let alone the established, authority pros in your niche – mention them as a niche authority on your blog a few times. Tag these individuals. Send them an email letting them know you mentioned them on your blog.

If you simply help people by spreading the word for them, more bloggers will spread the word for you either through guest posting invites or by responding favorably to your quest posting request.

Give freely, receive easily.

I have retweeted my blogging buddies regularly for years. This is why I drive steady traffic through Twitter and why I get invited to write guest posts from many of my Twitter followers. Ditto for my Facebook friends too. I either ask if anybody wants a guest post from me or friends take the initiative and ask me to write a guest post for their blog.

4: Ask How You Can Help Bloggers

What a door opener.

Once in a while I email my blogging buddies asking how I can help them.

I ask if I can retweet one of their posts, or spread the word on a new course release, or perhaps I can comment on their latest blog post.

Asking how you can help your blogging friends – without looking for anything in return – is an easy way to strengthen friendships.

Good friends tend to get guest invites – if their writing skills are up to snuff – from a handful of their blogging buddies.

Be generous.

Be helpful.

Observe how quickly your generosity opens guest posting doors for you.

If people treat you like a blogging leper you simply aren’t helping enough bloggers persistently.

Everybody loves a free giver.

But few bloggers appreciate someone who always seems to be trying to get, or take, without giving freely in return.

Give freely.

Receive guest posting opportunities easily.

5: When Invites Arrive Gobble ‘Em Up

I self-sabotaged for a little bit before I learned my lesson.

I used to waffle, wait, delay and nearly talk myself out of rocking guest posting opportunities.

A while back, Zac Johnson asked me to guest post on Blogging Tips. Current day me would accept the opportunity within 2 seconds of the ask. But old, less confident, less clear me thought it through for a few days before taking him up on his gracious offer.

Fear does funny things to a blogger.

Anyway, when you follow the prior 4 steps I guarantee your blogging buddies will invite you to post on their blogs.

Gobble these opportunities up like Pac-Man. Leave your pitching or chasing guest posting ways in the rear view mirror.

Seizing and capitalizing opportunities is a surefire way to gain more invites to guest post.

Your Turn

Do you follow these tips to land guest posts?

Or do your pitches seem to fall on deaf ears?

What guest posting tips can you add to this list?


Author Bio:
Ryan Biddulph owns the website Blogging From Paradise. He’s a blogger, author and world traveler who’s been featured on Richard Branson’s Virgin Blog, Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur Dot Com and Neil Patel Dot Com. He has written and self-published 126 bite-sized eBooks on Amazon. Ryan can help you build a successful blog with the 11 Fundamentals of Successful Blogging Audio Cours


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  1. Shantanu Sinha says:    •   2 years

    Hello Ryan,

    Great shout over here 🙂

    Indeed we do need to apply some brain while we wanna become long run player. Its obvious that when hard work is not showing any
    colors then we need to start from the very start.

    I have never been into guest posting but these tips are very important if some one wants to get successful with their blogging
    journey. Writing daily 1000 words is the key so that we get more brighter with our skills. Here we need to show our writing

    Blog commenting is love, one of the best ways, till my journey to make our presence in the Internet market.
    Leaving meaningful comments on top bloggers space do catches their eyes while their visitors sight for once. This can
    turn out to be our win win situation if the work is done correctly.

    Thanks for the share.


    1. Ryan Biddulph says:    •   2 years Author

      Writing 1000 words daily is the truth bro. Thanks for the kick butt comment.


  2. Atinder S Gill says:    •   2 years

    Hello Ryan,

    Some great tips indeed !

    I am one of those who like doing guest posts but due to my pitching skills or I should say I don’t even reach as many people as I should have for guest posts, I do not get results, hence it harms my plans, but thinking to make it right and work on my skills.

    Thanks for the awesome post Ryan.

    ~ Atinder S Gill

    1. Ryan Biddulph says:    •   2 years Author

      Focus heavily on helping bloggers out versus pitching Atinder. This is the best way to gain guest post invites, versus needing to pitch. Thanks buddy.