5 Tips to Become a Guest Posting Machine

April 7, 2017


Guest Posting

**Another useful yet entertaining guest post from Ryan Biddulph**

Writing and placing guest posts drips with blogging benefits like:

–increased blog traffic
–greater profits
–more friendships established
–more fun had
–more folks helped

But most bloggers cling to a jambalaya of limiting beliefs related to guest posting.

Today I’ll share tips to help you become a guest posting machine.

How to Become a Guest Posting Machine

Man or Machine?

I am neither. I am a clown who lives in the tropics. I also allow my fingers to strike squares every day.

Here’s the output:

Ryan Biddulph on Blogging Tips

Ryan Biddulph on The Huffington Post

I have written, recorded video and published hundreds of guest posts on these 2 sites alone.

It ain’t about volume though. It’s above the love.

If you want to become a guest posting machine spread the love and have gobs of fun writing.

Here we go….

Tip A1: Make Friends with Bloggers

Become a guest posting machine by placing guest posts.

Place guest posts by making friends with bloggers.

Make friends with bloggers by:

–tweeting their blog posts
–commenting on their blog posts
–accepting their guest posts
–interviewing or featuring them on your blog

Help bloggers out. Bloggers become friends. Friends help you out, including accepting your guest posts.

1: Guest Post for Fun with Love

I get it. I like getting stuff. Like traffic. Blogging profits. List subscribers.

But if you want to develop a machine-like, automaton-type guest posting schedule you need to GP for the right reasons.

I make room for doing what I love to do. I enjoy spreading love, helping others with their blogs and having fun. Since guest posting feels fun to me, I guest post frequently. Does it get any easier? Captain Obvious here, I know, but think it through.

If you love doing something, you do it regularly. Unless you are a masochist. If that is the case, you’re on the wrong blog. Go visit Build Your Own Flog Dot Net.

Guest post primarily to have fun. Do so with love, not with the fear many bloggers approach the guest posting game with. Think not loss, rejection or criticism. Focus your energies on enjoying the process of writing, submitting and getting your posts accepted. And have fun helping people. Shifting your energies from getting to giving, and from fearing to loving, makes you prolific. REALLY prolific.

2: Write 1000 Words Daily for Practice (and Record Videos Frequently)

Questioner: “Ryan, how have you written hundreds of guest posts?”

Me: “I wrote millions of words when nobody was looking.”

I wrote 1,000 words daily – just for practice, in a Word document – for a minute. Aka, for a while. Writing regularly helps you become a skilled, confident, clear writer who can write and publish guest posts like other people breathe.

Sometimes, bloggers enter into a weird online trance. A fog, really. These fearful folks believe you can actually become prolific without practicing writing. Strange, right? Hemingway did not sit on his duff. He wrote! Lebron James shoots 1000 jump shots daily in the offseason. Bill Gates spent 18 hour days learning and experimenting with software.

It is not about hard work; it is simply devoting your energy and attention to doing what you love to do persistently.

Open a Word document. Write 1,000 words. Daily. Trash the document. This practice helps you cultivate the art of detachment from your writing while you develop your writing skills.

I also wanted to add – because I published a slew of guesties on The Huffington Post as video posts – that if you can get comfortable recording videos and find a platform where video guest posting works well, create those videos guys. Awesome medium for connecting with folks.

3: Become an Observer

I have been awake for 90 minutes. I already have 5 guest post ideas based on what I have observed.

Some aspiring guest posters complain of writer’s block. But we live in abundance. Ideas surround you. Ideas literally smother you.

Quiet your mind. Right now. Relax your body. Observe what is happening, in this moment.

A fly whizzed by my head here in Thailand. (Are You in a Blogging Hurry? Don’t Be Like my Thai Fly Buddy)

A cup of Thai coffee sits on the living room table. (How the Explosion of Increasingly Popular Thai Coffee Teaches You 7 Blogging Lessons)

And so on….and so on. Observe. Ideas abound. Always. Seize these ideas. Guest post.

Note; becoming an observer or watcher helps you spot problems in blog comments, emails, and social media chats. Convert these problems into guest posts.

4: Tell Stories

I could write 5 to 10 guest posts daily if I did not enjoy doing videos and my posts and podcasts and blog commenting so much….guest posts from….my security guard days.

No joke.

My travel stories multiply like rabbits ignorant of birth control – aka all rabbits – and are fish in a barrel easy to tell but I have a rich collection of security guard stories too, pre Blogging From Paradise days.

You are human. So you have countless stories to tell about the past year or 5 years. Every moment is a story. Get to telling these stories through guest posts. Link each story to your niche.

5: Read Blog Posts

Check out this post by Jerry Low:

How to Make Money Blogging: Niche Ideas, Case Studies, and Traffic Strategies

This whale of a helpful blog post on monetizing affords you 15 to 20 guest post ideas, easy.

Read it. Pick a topic or sub-topic. Flesh out the idea by diving into a topic you love and by doing research to dot i’s and cross t’s.

What About Research?

If you are new to blogging place a heavy emphasis on…..all of the tips! Dive in guys. Become a student. Learn, learn, learn. Do thorough due diligence. Turn around and teach what you learned through your blog and through guest posting.

What tips can you add to this list? Let’s talk about them in the comments.

Author Bio:

Ryan Biddulph owns the website Blogging From Paradise. He’s a blogger, author and world traveler who’s been featured on Richard Branson’s Virgin Blog, Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur Dot Com and Neil Patel Dot Com. He has written and self-published 126 bite-sized eBooks on Amazon. Ryan can help you build a successful blog with the 11 Fundamentals of Successful Blogging Audio Course.


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  1. @RevLaurenG says:    •   3 years

    You are definitely the king of guest posting and writing. I remember I used to write all the time. Now I work all the time. I am very good at networking when I have time. I have been following you reading-wise for years. It’s time for me to take your tips to heart and use them like a study guide. Need to flip open all those ebooks I have purchased and gotten from your free ebook Fridays you used to do.

    This is a great post. Do it for fun and with love. I don’t think any of my postings have been fun these days. I have been so busy just trying to keep life together. I really wanna let go and replace this crazy existence with a more free one.

    Thanks for your consistency.

    1. Ryan Biddulph says:    •   3 years

      Hi Lauren,

      Transparency alert; I never stopped running free eBook Friday. Still free every week….but….to train my readers to buy, I include only a “buy” call to action….so if they clicked through to buy they got a freebie 😉

      Definitely let go the binding, confiding life behind 1 step at a time. Set aside time daily to do what is most fun to you, blogging-wise, then, spend as much time as humanly possible doing fun stuff in your life. If you need to work in the moment – and are not super keen on your job – no worries, but bring your focus back to your fun, regularly, and that fun will expand in your life.

      If you have any questions blogging-wise definitely dive into my blog, my eBooks, courses, all that good stuff. I cover a slew of energetic and practical blogging topics over there.

      Thanks for commenting Lauren 🙂


  2. Mark says:    •   3 years

    Hey Ryan looks like I’ve met the king of guest blogging! How many posts do you write everyday? 5? 10?. I am impressed. Thanks for the tips

    1. Ryan Biddulph says:    •   3 years

      Hi Mark,

      Actually, not that many 😉 I publish 1 guest post daily on Blogging Tips and The Huffington Post. I have kept to this sked for many months so I’ve published a decent volume. But really, it is about having fun with writing, doing it for the Love, then you’ll publish the posts regularly.

      Thanks for commenting 🙂