What If Lifestyle Blogging Is Not For You? Six Ways To Find Your Niche

January 30, 2018

Lifestyle blogging is a popular pastime, with the rise of social media influencers led by today’s millennials. However, it’s a saturated niche and not all of us like the idea of turning our personal lives into a business. Want to set up a different type of income-generating blog instead? Here are some top ideas for untapped blogger niches.

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1.    Take Advantage of Early Adoption

What: Really want to keep your finger on the pulse? Consider early adopter niches that offer constantly evolving opportunities.

Why: By investing your time and efforts creating a blog around a popular emerging technology, you create an enviable position as a thought-leader in your industry, as well as tap into a potentially huge niche. And when the niche does begin to grow, you’re already there to benefit from an increase in traffic.

Example: There are lots of great examples of early adopter technology. 3D printing is a very popular niche at the moment, and people are turning to blogs to discover more and download patterns. Drones are another tech niche being jumped on by early adopters, moving more and more towards the mainstream.


2.    There Are Still Latecomers

What: Whilst today’s millennials pave the way for new developments in the world of blogging, don’t forget about the latecomers. Yes, there are still people without smartphones and regular internet access. Gradually, these really late adopters are joining in with the rest of their digitally connected neighbors.

Why: By recognizing the opportunity latecomers present, you can choose to blog about something that you think would be relevant to these sorts of people. This will be a steady and slowly growing niche with predictability and growth prospects.

Example: If you were going online for the first time ever in 2018, what would you search for? Niches that focus on how to get online may offer great affiliate opportunities for selling mobile broadband or internet packages, and even books on how-to tech topics. You could also consider launching in a less-developed geographical market, ready for mass adoption.


3.    Invest in An Evergreen Niche

What: An evergreen niche is one that will be around for a long time. Historic data shows a steady flow of traffic, and its future potential looks set to continue.

Why: Whilst there is great potential in current trends, hot topics and the latest fads, you can’t go wrong with an evergreen niche. If you know you’ll always have a strong pool of potential traffic for your evergreen blog, then you can really invest in a long term-approach, building up a valuable pool of content with longevity potential.

Example: Think of the classics: health, money, and dating are three stalwarts that all represent solid evergreen niches. If these are a bit too close to lifestyle topics for your liking, then you can choose a broad niche and before specializing further. For example, instead of a broad financial blog, why not focus on a particular sector: first-time buyers or students? These will be strong evergreen niches offering long-term returns.


4.    …Or Choose Something Fast-Moving

What: Prefer the idea of something more trend-related? The opportunities offered by fast-moving niches are vast if you can launch the right blog at the right time.

Why: The success of blogging comes down to one overall factor: how much traffic you can get, and how well this converts into a monetization opportunity. There is always potential in the huge traffic numbers that predictable fast-moving areas generate.

Example: Think about new game releases – these are often announced or rumored well in advance, with hot conversation putting speculation on new features and launch dates. The same goes for mobile phones, with gossip blogs building up an audience around the release of a new phone and then capitalizing on affiliate links for readers to purchase it when it launches. Even bitcoin is a good example – and bloggers are already looking to other cryptocurrencies in this fast-moving niche.


5.    Put A New Spin on A Saturated Market

What: Whatever your blog niche and specialism, you will need to stand out amongst your competitors’ blogs in order to succeed. By taking an existing niche and putting a new spin on it, you can potentially marry together two established niches and create a new opportunity.

Why: The majority of internet traffic, whatever your niche, can be represented using a long-tail spread of data. This means that, within any given niche, there will be that tiny percent at the top hogging the first page of search and receiving the bulk of traffic across all websites in that industry. The rest of those blogs will be receiving very little traffic.  By putting a new spin on a well-defined niche, you create an opportunity to stand out in that 2%.

Example: Yoga and paddle-boarding are two popular niches individually. But they are also being combined, putting a new spin on two established but trendy sports. Think of ways to similarly marry together two established niches, creating a new spin and taking advantage of existing traffic opportunities.


6.    Get Creative and Use Your Talents

What: Want to focus on creativity? Choose a practical and creative topic such as DIY or cooking, and pick a niche that really makes the most of your talent.

Why: Whilst many niches are saturated in the blogging world, putting a creative spin on something means you will always be creating a unique offering.

Example: So if you’re interested in DIY, really get creative with it and focus your talents. Instead of a broad DIY blog, how about reclaimed driftwood ornaments, or restoring antique furniture?  If you’re a keen chef, general cooking blogs are a bit over-done these days. However, veganism is a growing market, as is video. Why not consider a vegan vlog or Instagram feed?

Don’t want to launch a lifestyle blog? From early adopters to latecomers, there are opportunities everywhere. Pick the right niche and put a fresh, creative spin in on it to really find success with your blog, whether it’s lifestyle-related or not. Once you have a strong following, there are all sorts of ways to generate further revenue, from advertising and affiliates to opening an online store.


6 Ways to Find Your Blogging Niche


Author Bio:

Victoria Greene is a branding consultant and freelance writer. On her blog, VictoriaEcommerce, she shares tips on e-commerce and how companies can improve the way they represent their brand. She is passionate about using her experience to help brands improve their reach.


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  1. Sue Chehrenegar says:    •   2 years

    I would like to pursue the idea of adopting a topic that is just getting noticed, and then blogging about it. I went to a conference about some new technologies. I am afraid, though, that it is too early to start a blog about them.

    1. Victoria Greene says:    •   2 years

      Hey Sue! Thanks for the comment. That’s actually a great point – jumping on a topic that’s just emerging/on the cusp. Being an early adopter is such a good strategy, for sure!! When it comes to new tech, I don’t think it’s ever too early to start blogging about that – it’s such a multifaceted topic with reams of cool research. I’m sure now would be a good time to get involved!