7 Great Resources You Can Use To Make Your Blog Shine

April 2, 2019

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It seems like everyone and their dog has a blog these days. 

In fact, there are billions of blogs out there, all fighting for attention. So how do you make your blog shine? How do you stand out from the rest of the competition, especially when there are so many good blogs out there?

Of course, it helps if you’re a strong writer. This doesn’t just mean that you’re able to think creatively when it comes to innovative post concepts — you have to be able to execute your ideas well, pique the interest of the reader, and, of course, rank well in search.

If it all sounds a bit daunting, don’t worry; there are some great resources out there that you can use to make your blog shine. Here are seven of the best to help you improve your writing and make your blog stand out.


Grammarly is one of the best resources out there for writers or people who do a lot of writing in their jobs.

This handy writing assistant tool flags everything from incorrect spellings to wrong word usage to grammatical mistakes (it can spot errors in subject-verb agreement and comma splices).

Grammarly has a Chrome plug-in feature that is free to use — so it can be used to check everything from your blog post drafts in Google docs to your emails. And if you want to pay for a premium plan, you can also get help with writing errors like wordiness, inappropriate tone, unclear sentence structure, and even plagiarism.

To have a blog that your readers respect and admire, you need to maintain a high standard of writing — and Grammarly can help you to achieve this.

The Hemingway App

If you haven’t heard of The Hemingway App, then where have you been all this time?!

Beloved by most digital copywriters for its ability to make your online copy simple and punchy, this is a useful (and free!) resource to lean on when blogging.

Copy for the web needs to be simple and easy to read these days — visitors will simply lose interest if your sentences are too rambling and your paragraphs are too dense. The Hemingway App values straight-talking, short and snappy sentences over the passive voice and complex sentences; using it can help you to become a better blogger quickly.

All you need to do copy and paste your chosen text into the field provided and the Hemingway App will highlight when you’re going wrong (color-coded into different types of errors) and how you can improve your writing.

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

So you’ve covered your grammatical errors and you’re now writing copy that’s optimized for the web. Next up? Reeling those visitors in with some awesome headlines!

CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer can help you to hone your headlines so that you’re getting the maximum impact you can. This handy resource breaks down your chosen headline and identifies its strengths and weaknesses — such as the percentage of uncommon words, emotional words and power words you use.

It also looks at length, readability, keywords, and sentiment; get all of these right and you’ve got a way higher click-through rate and easier-to-find content.

If you want your blog to shine, it needs to be visible in the first place!

The Blog Post Ideas Generator (from your favorite website 😉

Coming up with exciting and relevant blog posts is what will really make your blog stand out. But sometimes, no matter how hard we try, we just can’t come up with a decent post idea. Whether you’re an expert blogger or just starting out, this mental block comes to us all.

To get your creative juices flowing, you can use Matthew’s handy Blog Topic Generator located right here on Build Your Own Blog! It’s a free online resource, and it’s very simple to use: all you have to do is click the big orange button that says “Generate Blog Post Idea”, and the generator will do the rest!

Click as often as you like, as there are many topics programmed in, which you can then tweak using CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer to create the perfect title to go with it! 

Jericho Writers

If you’re struggling with your writing, then why not lean on the experts? Successful, published writers have been there before, and you can get help in the form of editorial services and online writing courses on Jericho Writers.

Improving your writing is something that you should always be working on if you run a blog — and using comprehensive resources from the professionals will help you hone your writing skills and craft copy that is tailored towards your online audience.

If you want your blog to really shine then you need to be able to write high-quality content that is optimized for your target demographic quickly and easily. If you can’t do this or learn to do this, running a successful blog becomes much, much harder.


Now that we’ve covered the creative aspects of writing, you also need to think about SEO. Your blog doesn’t just have to stand out to your human visitors — it has to stand out in search as well.

Keyword research is invaluable when it comes to writing content that will rank well. That’s why Neil Patel’s keyword research tool, Ubersuggest, is an awesome addition to any blogging resource collection.

Simply enter your keyword and your chosen search location, and Ubersuggest will give you the lowdown on how competitive ranking for this keyword is, as well as give you some useful keyword ideas. It’s a good way to generate keyword ideas for your blog post and optimize your content.

Build Your Own Blog

One way to make your blog shine is to learn from other bloggers.

Build Your Own Blog, run by Matthew Kaboomis Loomis, is a blog that focuses exclusively on blogging. It’s a super useful resource for anyone who wants to start blogging or become a successful blogger, regardless of experience or background.

The site is full of insights and handy tips on the various aspects of the blogging world — from help with WordPress to finding your blogging niche to email marketing mistakes to avoid.

These are just some of the amazing resources out there that you can use to make your blog stand out. All of these tools are hugely valuable for any blogger wanting to improve their writing and shine out to an online audience — try them out today to see what a difference they can make to your blog!




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