Ten Awesome Blogs with Awesomesauce–Your Cheat Day is Ready (January 2016)

February 4, 2016

awesome blogs

You like these monthly cheat days.

You really really like these. I know because I asked you by email and many replied back to let me know they want these ten blogs with awesomesauce to keep coming.

So let’s get right to this month’s cheat day!

Ten Blogs with Awesomesauce: Your Cheat Day is Ready

We’ll begin with this month’s tasty creation from Chef Dennis

Meatloaf rocks. Collard greens are da bomb.

Put them together? Bam! What a brilliant idea!

I have got to try this recipe, folks. Doesn’t this look amazing?

awesome blogs

If your stomach is screaming “feed this to me right now!!!” be sure to tame that beast using this recipe from the Ask Chef Dennis website.

Cheat days are the best here at Build Your Own Blog, aren’t they? You can indulge and no one will judge you. As long as you only do this one day a month. 😉

Did somebody say “indulge”? Why yes! This cheat day is just getting started. Let’s get into these ten awesome blogs, shall we?


Ten Awesome Blogs from January 2016


10 Fashion Blogger Millionaires

Maybe I should become a fashion blogger? Talk about monetization–there are fashion bloggers who make 1 to 3 million dollars a year. Sounds great, except I don’t know neats from knife pleats. Maybe I should? According to the Teen Vogue blog, many fashion bloggers are raking in the dough.



9 Cappuccino Popcorn, Anyone?

If you enjoy blogs about healthy eating, check out the Just Julia Life blog.

Since my love for popcorn is legendary, this post she did on the Ten Acre’s popcorn and their new flavors grabbed me.

I’ve got my fingers crossed that this popcorn has caffeine and is cheaper than Starbucks.



8 Cubicle Wars

Sounds like a reality show, but it’s all too real for many working stiffs.

Who’s to blame when a company or department has a culture filled with hate, contempt, disrespect and gossip? Well, if the problem lingers on, the answer definitely lies at the top, right?

Bad leadership isn’t hard to find in the corporate world. That’s why Mitch Mitchell devotes his blog to topics on leadership, diversity and motivation.

This post caught my eye. Like many of you, I’ve seen toxic work environments, and that’s one reason why I love working for myself today.

HR nerds and corporate leaders of all types will find some interesting blog posts here, like When Employees Don’t Get Along, Blame Leadership.



7 Invasion of the Granny Pods

I’ve been dreaming about having my office detached from the house, in it’s own little…pod?

My dream has changed since reading this post on the new trend of housing grandma out back in a sleek, well designed “granny pod.”

Wouldn’t that make for a cool office? 🙂



6 College Diploma before Driver’s License

Intellectual Takeout is one of my favorite blogs. Their tagline is “Feed your mind” and they deliver with lots of compelling content.

For a long time, I’ve been thinking about the American educational system and how drawn out the process is. I’ve been saying for years now that young people are fully capable of starting college sooner or entering the workforce earlier (if they don’t want to attend college). Society has prolonged the development of our young people.

So when I saw this family has 7 children enrolled in college by age 12, that got my attention. Two of the Harding children—Keith (15) and Seth (13)—are in currently in college. The question we should be asking ourselves was raised by their 19 year-old college roommate: “It makes you wonder: Are they advanced or are we just really behind?”


5 You’re an Introvert?

I have heard that several times over the years. Some of my friends are surprised to learn I consistently test out as an introvert on personality tests.

When you learn that extroversion/introversion is a spectrum and not either/or, this sort of confusion makes sense.

The Lifehack blog has cleared the misperceptions out there with 19 Real Life Examples of An Extroverted Introvert So You Don’t Get Confused



4 I thought of you when I saw this one.

I know many of you are freelancers interested in writing and getting paid to do it. You will definitely want to bookmark this handy list from the Freedom With Writing blog called 45 Blogs that Pay Writers $50+ for Guest Posts


3 Read More Books in 2016

If you’re like me, you plan to read more this year.

My friend Ryan Healy wrote a helpful article that teaches you How to Read 36 Books in a Year.

To achieve a goal like that, you need a game plan, and some extra tips and tricks would be a plus. That’s what you get with Ryan’s post.


2 Some Wise Insights Gained a Year After Leaving Work Behind

Gina Horkey blogs about her freelancing journey, sharing her successes and mistakes along the way.

I know many of you would love to quit your job and work from home, blogging and doing whatever business you have in your heart.

If you desire to reach this dream, you ought to check out the Leaving Work Behind blog, where you’ll find gems like 5 Lessons Learned a Year After Leaving Work Behind.


1 16 Cliches to Avoid in Your Blog Posts

Real men don’t use tired expressions, so says the Good Men Project blog.

Truth be told, women are better off avoiding them as well.

Phrases like Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way and 15 others that need to be retired from the blogosphere.

Our writing is better when we refuse to use worn out expressions like these.


Clear the Plates. Time for Something Sweet

I don’t know about you, but this delicious entrée has me wanting something sweet now.

Let’s have dessert in the comments!

I’ll pour the coffee and you share with us what you liked, thought, or didn’t like about this month’s cheat day. Sound good?

Author Bio:

Matthew Kaboomis Loomis is the owner of Build Your Own Blog. Connect with him on Google+ and Twitter


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  1. Mitch Mitchell says:    •   4 years

    Wow, thanks for the link and words about my article; that’s fully appreciated.

    After that… i have to admit that meatloaf looks really good… except I hate collard greens. I do like spinach, and I haven’t made a meatloaf in a long time so maybe that’s something I should consider. As for the rest, I’ve actually read the article about introverts so maybe that puts me ahead of some of the other folks, who might not have seen any of these except their own. lol I’ll definitely be checking out some of these others.

    As for dessert… I have a pack of mint Oreos next to me, so there! 🙂

    1. Matthew Loomis says:    •   4 years Author

      Hey Mitch,

      Ha ha, I see you sharing different treats on Instagram. I used to enjoy mint oreos. I’m on a health kick now, so it’s rare I eat something like that. Maybe some rice pudding once in a great while…

      I think your article addressed a great topic that many will find interesting. Happy to share it. 🙂

      I’m pleased you have only read one other on this month’s list. My goal has been to get more diversity of topics in this list. I sent an email out a few days ago asking my subscribers if they enjoy these monthly “blogs with awesomesauce” and the feedback clearly shows people like these and are reading them, so I’m glad folks will find your article here.

      That meatloaf does look great. Never seen any greens added before, and since I like pretty much all greens, this got my attention. Chef Dennis is fantastic.

      Great seeing you here. Don’t be a stranger! 🙂


  2. Donna Merrill says:    •   4 years

    Hi Matthew,

    Lots of interesting stuff to digest here… in addition to the entree 🙂

    I love Mitch Mitchell’s blog site, and it was nice to see it featured here.

    Now, the thing that caught my attention was the fashion blogs. Maybe because I love shoes, maybe because I once worked in the industry, maybe because I have quite a few friends in the niche, but probably mostly because of the big profits so many of them make!

    Now, you got me curious, so I did some browsing around to peek at some of the big ones and I noticed that there seem to be two main business models that they’re using (not talking about the celeb supermodels and such, here, just the ordinary folk bloggers).

    One model is doing review articles with tons of affiliate links to all the different styles they talk about.

    The other model is almost not blogging at all, it’s much closer to e-commerce with a little more product description than you generally find on e-com sites.

    But my impression is that most of the fashion blogs are primarily affiliate sites. If they’re doing a good job with their content, then they attract a lot of readers aka buyers to their blogs… always gets back to killer content, doesn’t it?

    Hey, you had to say the word “fashion”… you’re talking my language 🙂


    1. Matthew Loomis says:    •   4 years Author

      Hi Donna,

      Yes, does’ that meatloaf look incredible? Gotta make that here soon.

      I enjoy Mitch’s blog too. He offers some great content on leadership.

      That’s interesting, I didn’t know you once worked in the fashion industry. It’s good for the readers to hear from another blog expert like yourself to vouch for the fact that many people are making a nice income in the fashion niche.

      Thanks for laying out the two business models many fashion bloggers take. With a steady stream of “good” traffic, both those models could definitely work.

      Like you said, we all have to provide killer content first to get that traffic. When you enjoy it, producing that content doesn’t feel like work. 🙂

      Well, it’s great talking with you about fashion blogging, Donna! I’m sure you have plenty more to share on that subject.


  3. Jane says:    •   4 years

    Loving the idea of the Chef’s Spicy Meatloaf, thank you very much. And the smorgasbord of blogs, very enticing! Still trying to digest how a Harvard prof can claim that discrimination is not the cause of gender pay gap (Intellectual Takeout blog). I’ll take that one out to the compost bin. Men and women may have different priorities and yes it does show up in the ledger. But ultimately how can a concept or understanding of difference not also impact one’s innate human capacity to discriminate and ultimately inform the hiring and pay decisions made at the business/corporate level. I agree with Mitch Mitchell, a company’s culture comes from its leader.

    1. Matthew Loomis says:    •   4 years Author

      Hi Jane,

      Glad you enjoyed this month’s cheat day. 🙂

      That meatloaf looks awesome. I gotta try it here soon.

      Sounds like you dug deeper into the Intellectual Takeout blog. I agree, pay should not be based on gender.

      I’m glad you got introduced to Mitch’s blog here. He’s a nice guy.

      Drop by again next month, alright?

      Have a great week,


  4. Adrienne says:    •   4 years

    Hey Matthew,

    You definitely have an interesting selection you chose for January.

    I was curious about the granny pod although mine have been gone for well over 20 years and Mom is living next door. Pretty slick invention though I will admit. Now to only have the space to handle that baby.

    I also see you included one of Mitch’s post and I KNOW he’s doing the happy dance. He’s already stopped by so great seeing his being highlighted here.

    I’m sure you’re already off and running collecting this month’s already Matthew and will be eager to see what you share there as well.

    Enjoy your week.


    1. Matthew Loomis says:    •   4 years Author

      Hi Adrienne,

      Glad you found this interesting, that tells me I’ve improved these with more diversity of topics. You probably noticed there were less articles about online marketing, which many in our circles read the same ones, so I’m focusing more on other niches and topics now. Nobody this month said, “I read most of these” so I’m even more excited about these. 🙂

      If Mitch got his happy dance on video, I hope its on youtube. 🙂 All kidding aside, he’s got a great blog. Wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up here again.

      I am off and running this month, and have already found a few gems. It’s a shorter month so it will be here before we know it.

      Your mom sounds like she’s in a nice set up next door to you. I think those pods would make a great office. Now I just need to convince my homeowner’s association. 😉

      Always great to see you here, Adrienne. Hope the rest of your week is fabulous!


  5. Damilola says:    •   4 years

    Hello Matt,

    I wish I could throw the towel of 9-5 in and take up blogging full-time. I don’t even know that I have a niche because I just love writing and my blog is where I try those new works. Its more of short stories, book reviews and stuff like that and I try to put a bit of life in it.

    I’d like to make money writing and this post was helpful. I’m going to revamp my blog and hope that my list grows with the new face. If i’m able to get more out of your site, I’m definitely telling the whole world about it. LOL!

    Thanks Matt, more in this blogging year!

    1. Matthew Loomis says:    •   4 years Author

      Hello Damilola,

      You’re off to a good start, it looks to me. How did your contest go? When I click on that tab, I get a 404 page.
      Was wondering how it went. You might want to check out my latest post about running blog contests

      Keep learning, be persistent and you will get there! Maybe explore a second niche? That could help you with gaining a full time income.

      Keep me posted! I wish you the best this year.