The Best Ways To Recycle Content

August 27, 2020
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Generating valuable content regularly is a tough nut to crack. Plenty of time, money, and resources go into the making of marketing materials. Over 63% of businesses lack a clear strategy and more than half of marketers find it difficult to generate articles consistently.  

Whether you want to effectively reuse your existing blogs or make money blogging, read on to learn the top ways of utilizing content. Additionally, find out how to use your competitors to innovatively repurpose old data.  

Recycle Your Existing Content  

The first step to reuse old data is a content audit. It’ll reveal things like relevance, usability, the potential to convert, and more about your blogs.  

Here are five effective ways to repurpose available blog posts:  

  • Expand evergreen content: Articles with long-term value are called evergreen content. You can find it by locating the most popular articles on your blog. Recycle evergreen posts by adding more sections or updates to the old subject. Don’t forget to address any questions raised in the comment section too 
  • Remove irrelevant topics: Find out which blog posts have outdated data that no longer applies. If there’s no chance to improve these, begin by deleting each of them. Referred to as content pruning, this is a way to remove low-value pages to increase the overall worth of your blog during a content audit. HubSpot blog removed 3,000 pieces of material increasing its Ahrefs rank to 249  
  • Add a new perspective: By doing an audit, you’ll determine if your current article needs any edits or rewrites. You can even add new points of view to existing posts. It’ll ultimately increase site traffic to your site.
  • Reformat for UX: If the audit reveals design issues, you must reformat old articles to improve the user experience on your blog. Renovating the look of old blog posts can improve the SEO substantially too. To improve shareability, revamp statistics in your articles into tweetable material. Better usability translates to higher conversions 
  • Repackage articles: The best way to multiply the value of old data is by combining several existing posts on a specific topic into one guide type of post. You can also transform old blogs into multimedia. For example, a blog post on ’Ten Top Plugins For WP Security’ can be converted into an infographic that lists the ten plugins and its benefits. Alternatively, you can recycle available posts into video scripts and podcasts 

Tap Into User Feedback  

By simply asking its readers what needs to be improved, site owners will learn how to repurpose any type of existing post.  

Glossier is a makeup brand that utilized questions from customers to help enhance its existing posts on the product ‘Cloud Paint’. This company added a detailed list of ingredients on its products based on questions raised by customers via its Instagram page.  

Blog owners can also apply such a technique to their own sites. For example, suppose a bridal boutique receives maximum inquiries on the fabric used on gowns and available veil choices.  

The boutique can revitalize old material by revamping existing product descriptions to include fabric details and a list of recommended veils alongside the product.  

Look At What Your Competitors Are Doing  

Once you’ve exhausted all the options to recycle old posts, there’s another gold mine you can tap into.  

Start by making a list of the top five competitor websites. Go through their blogs, products, and other data to find inspiring ideas to upgrade your existing content.   

For instance, consider a company that sells mattresses online. Beds are important purchases, therefore most buyers would want to try it out before buying it. How do you get around this problem when you’re doing e-commerce?  

For starters, take a look at how your competitors tackled such a problem.  

Casper is a mattress company that offers a 100-day free trial for customers on top of a ten-year warranty and free shipping. Helix and Bear are competitor mattress companies that offer the same risk-free sleep trials.  

Purple is another brand that offers more than just a sleep trial. It offers the viral ‘Raw Egg Test’ to prove their mattresses are so comfy that raw eggs won’t break if you fall on top of it.  

In short, competitor analysis from Casper, Helix, Bear, and Purple can help the owner of the original mattress company we started with. The owner can offer sleep trials or softness-tests to improve the advertising on its existing line of mattresses.  

Bottom Line  

Repurposing old posts can save you time, money, and resources. Site owners can do so by expanding evergreen content, removing irrelevant posts, or by adding fresh perspectives. Revamping the design features and repackaging articles are other practical ideas to help freshen up site material. 

Analyzing the feedback from users is another great way to re-optimize posts into powerful updated versions. By studying how your competitors tackle the pain points of customers, you’ll be able to better enhance your brand strategy. 

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