2 Scary Bigfoot Stories This Oregon Blogger Swears are True

October 30, 2016

big foot stories

My guest today is David Boozer.

He is the professional blogger I had on back on Episode 10 How to Make a Big Foot Print with Your Blog. Episode 10 How to Make a Big Foot Print with Your Blog.

Today we’re going to continue talking about Bigfoot, only this time we are going to be doing a much different type of Blog Chronicles episode.

Today we’re not going to focus much on blogging, we are going to talk about the literal Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch. This episode is totally for fun, I thought this season, here at the end of October was a perfect time to bring David back because back on epsisode 10 he pointed out that he’s had a couple of experiences with Big foot up in Oregon (which is where David lives.)

Let’s do something different here and talk about Bigfoot. He will share his stories and talk about this creature that many people absolutely think exists.

There are a lot of blogs totally devoted to Big Foot today, and there are people who have devoted their lives studying this elusive creature and David is one of them. He’s been researching Big foot for years and is an administrator for a well-known website devoted to Bigfoot, too.

I hope you enjoy this entertaining episode, purely for fun.

This episode might even prompt you to take another look at this whole Bigfoot phenomenon, we shall see. I’d love to hear thoughts in the comments…

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David Boozer Interview Transcript

( For those who like to read.)


Matthew Loomis: David Boozer.

Welcome back to the show!

David Boozer: Well.

Thank you very much, Matthew.

Matthew Loomis: Alright!

We’ve been talking already about Bigfoot.


Image result for bigfoot sightings

Image result for bigfoot sightingsImage result for images of bigfoot caricatures

That came up the last time you were with me on The Blog Chronicles Episode Ten – ”How to Make a Big Footprint with Your Blog”

On that episode,  you mentioned that you had two encounters with Sasquatch in your life and I immediately said to myself; ”I’m going to have David back on here” I want to hear those stories and I’m sure many people thought the same thing. So… Today’s Blog Chronicles is all about Bigfoot.

I do plan to weave in a little bit of blog discussion. But this episode is going to be a little bit different. Most of the focus will be on this big hairy dude that nobody seems to get a clear picture of  and I don’t know if Sasquatch blog or even users e-mail.

I do know that he has been a mystery for centuries and today, David we are going to get to the bottom of this.

David Boozer: Exactly!

So. Jaa ahh ahh

Matthew Loomis: Hahaha…

David Boozer: So.

I guess we could start off with a little bit of my own background in it real quick. So everybody knows where I come from with this whole subject.

Matthew Loomis: Okay.

David BoozerFirst and foremost.

You’ve been following me and I’ve been following you on Facebook.

So you know my belief system is pretty fundamental Christian and I’m really into creation science and everything that it backs.And I find no reason especially after the incidences of myself and my mother… That this creature…I just don’t see any reason it couldn’t exist. I mean we find new species every year in the world.

Up until 2000, the Bili Ape was supposed to be a legend.

From myth to reality – meet the chimps who eat lions

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-468644/From-myth-reality–meet-chimps-eat-lions.html#ixzz4O8mrtitX
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Matthew Loomis: Right.

David Boozer: And now.

It’s a real thing.

So you know, is it really that elusive, can it not be found?


Matthew Loomis: Hahaha…

David Boozer: I think it can.

I think it could probably hide itself very well.

As a matter of fact, I live in town now. I moved down the mountain to the town of Roseburg.

Map of Roseburg, OR, USA

Even here I’m seeing the same animals that I saw up on the mountain. The thing is that sometimes they’re just right outside my window I can’t notice them. They’re pretty camouflaged with this surrounding still. So… Who knows.

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

David Boozer: Who knows.

Do You Think the Bigfoot is Smart Enough to Keep Itself Hidden From Intruders wanting to Get a Better Look?

Matthew Loomis: Right.

And if this creature has a higher intelligence than most animals. Which I think if it does exist. I think it’s apparent that it is a lot smarter than the average animal. So…

That would help keep it elusive too. Don’t you think?

David Boozer: Mmm mm.


Same here. Of course, I believe that as far as creation is concerned and the biology of animals that some species do have a higher intelligence that other species. The ape compared to the worm, so it’s kind of a natural thing.

Can You Tell Us in More Detail What a Sasquatch Is?

Matthew Loomis: Before we do this.

I thought of this.

Maybe there’s someone listening that actually hasn’t heard of Bigfoot or doesn’t know what a Sasquatch is. I wanted to ask you first to help us define what a Sasquatch is.

David Boozer: Okay.

Well, there’s some people in the camp that believe opposite to me.

They believe in evolution.

  1. 1.
    the process by which different kinds of living organism are believed to have developed from earlier forms during the history of the earth.
    synonyms:Darwinism, natural selection

    “early ecologists were not interested in evolution”
  2. 2.
    the gradual development of something.
    “the forms of written languages undergo constant evolution”


So they believe that this is some sort of ancestral man or something. Though we do share a lot of DNA of apes still there is enough difference there that can basically span between here and the milky way.

As far as I’m concerned the history of the giganto pith ecus.


  1. a very large fossil Asian ape of the Upper Miocene to Lower Pleistocene epochs.

Gigantopithecus (from the Ancient Greek γίγας gigas “giant”, and πίθηκος pithekos “ape”) is an extinct genus of ape that existed from perhaps nine million years to as recently as one hundred thousand years ago,[1] in what is now China, India, and Vietnam, placing Gigantopithecus in the same time frame and geographical location as several hominin species.[2] The fossil record suggests that individuals of the species Gigantopithecus blacki were the largest known apes that ever lived, standing up to 3 m (9.8 ft), and weighing up to 540 kg (1,190 lb).[1][3][4]

Image result for gigantopithecus images

And species like that I believe have survived. As a matter of fact, you’ll find individuals out here like Ken Ham who actually believes that certain dinosaurs still do exist. Smaller relative dinosaurs. But still do exist.

We hear stories of people running into these all the time.

In places like Madagascar, Africa and South America. Do I believe that there’s this huge amount of numbers of these things? No, I do not. I believe that the population is relatively small and why? I don’t know.

What I do believe however is that this thing is some sort of relation to an ape, basically to a primate family.

I do believe that. I believe that it has a higher intelligence than even an ape just because it can stay so well hid. There are certain things that we see with it, there’s evidence out here that we see that’s a little bit beyond what an average primate can do.

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

David Boozer: Just it’s habits alone.

That we can tell.

Matthew Loomis: Like what?

David Boozer: Yeah.

Just so people know.

There’s been hair samples, blood samples and feces samples that have been viewed  by actual scientists and been tested and they have said that it has been from an unknown primate.

You can find this in the news.

Now is it Bigfoot? Nobody really knows and can’t really say that, but it is an unknown primate running around the state of Washington, Oregon in Northern California. I don’t know of any other primate that it might be.

Matthew Loomis: Right.

David Boozer: I don’t remember a chimp.

Running around the Oregon Coast mountain range.

Matthew Loomis: Hahaha…

David Boozer: Especially one that is on average seven foot two.

You know nine foot tall.

Actually, the actual height that we hear reported of these things is usually between six and eight feet tall.

It’s not as that ten or twelve-foot giant creature that we always hear of. It’s something that a little bit taller that the average person and for the most part I think it’s usually broader. Way broader. There’s really no neck to it. Just cone shaped head. People have reported it a regular rounded kind of top or a humanness kind of top.

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

David Boozer: Some people report.

More of an ape face.

Where some people report more of a human type of face.

I haven’t seen a face. That’s the thing with me. I haven’t seen the face. But I’ll tell you what I have seen and what I’ve heard is enough to make me think that yes Bigfoot Virginia does exist.

Image result for Image of a bigfoot face human

Matthew LoomisAwesome!


I want to start first with your first encounter.

Go ahead. Set the stage and tell us what took place.

David Boozer: Okay.

Well, usually I start off with a joke.

It was a dog on a stormy night. But that’s not true.

Actually, it was a couple of weeks, about two-three weeks before Christmas. Currently, I live in a town called Roseburg but before that, I was raised in a town called Ashland, Oregon.


Map of Ashland OregonImage result for images of ashland oregonImage result for images of ashland oregonImage result for images of ashland oregon


Home of the Shakespeare Festival. A really popular ritzy town for the Hollywood elite to escape to. Home of the Shakespeare Festival it’s the exact same one as the one in England.

Matthew Loomis: So.

If Bigfoot’s in a toga you know he’s been in the Shakespeare Festival.

David Boozer: Exactly!

It’s a little university town that get’s about a million visitors a year quietly.

Matthew Loomis: Oh.


David Boozer: Yeah.

Up above that about twenty miles out of town you can drive right up the Green Springs or you could drive in just about any direction. And you’re in the cascade wilderness of Oregon.

And it’s just crazy!

I’ll get back to the town of Ashland in just a bit here. But what happened was – Growing up we were like a poor family in town. So….Hahaha…My family would save up money and we would camp during the beginning of Summer and the end of Spring right when school get’s out because it’s cheap for us. Actually, Ashland became too expensive that we moved to a smaller town called Rogue River.

Map of road river oregon

About thirty-eight miles forty miles up the road.

Map of Grants Pass OregonImage result

About seven miles short of Grants Pass. We lived on a road called East Evans Creek Road. So those of you who are familiar with it will go; ”Sweet awesome, I know that”!

Matthew Loomis: Hahaha…

David Boozer: And Rogue River itself.

On East Evans Creek Road on the East side of High Five.

Image result for Images OF East eVANS cREEK rOAD oREGON

And so this year we decided we were going to move out to the country. I’ll tell you this real quick, but as we moved out to the country and weren’t living in some posh little town.

My parents did warn us about wild animals you know there were bears out there especially cougars, coyotes that sort of thing.

Image result for image of a bear in oregon

Image result for image of a cougar in oregonImage result for image of a coyotes in oregonImage result for image of a coyotes in oregon

Image result for image of a cougar in oregon


So they did warn us quite a bit.  We did see bear tracks and cougar tracks here and there. So I was very aware of what tracks looked like. Certain animal tracks. We decided we were going to grab our little eight dollar tag for a Christmas tree. Why you had to pay for a tag I had no idea but we did anyway.

We all jumped into the little Datsun and took a ride out to a place called Elderberry Flats. Which I have to tell you guys is not very flat but is actually mountainous.

Image result for images for Elderberry flats oregon

There are two creeks that kind of basically run through it. One is kind of like a spill almost off from the mountains. The other one is actually a decent sized creek about twenty-five feet across during a really heavy rainy season.

Image result for Image Elderberry Flats forest bridge

During the Summer it’s usually maybe ten feet of water in between both sides. So twelve feet basically half that.

So this year we decided we were going to go out to Elderberry Flats and grab ourselves our Christmas tree. So when we got to Elderberry Flats we decided to turn off on the road to the right-hand side over off the little spill off creek over a little concrete kind of bridge. Literally, It’s really funny because on both sides you’ve got the creek but also fronting the little road you can’t really see what’s on the other side once you go over the bridge because there’s just so much brush here.

Literally, It’s really funny because on both sides you’ve got the creek but also fronting the little road you can’t really see what’s on the other side once you go over the bridge because there’s just so much brush here.

So many trees that even during the day here in the Pacific North West you really can’t see more than ten or twenty feet into a treeline.

Image result for Image Elderberry Flats forest bridge

I mean it’s that dark even at noon. Even at two. I mean it’s dark here.

Especially on those gray kind of cloudy days. This day just so happened that we had some snow up that high. So I think that’s what we found what we found.

Basically when you go over this bridge and you look to the right what you’re going to see is a road that goes up around a mountain. Right in front of that bridge basically about thirty feet forty yards beyond it is a mountain that basically just goes straight up.


Image result for Image Elderberry Flats forest bridge

And in front of that mountain to the left is a kind of turn around area . I think for logging truck. This was an old logging road that goes up and around the mountain into  the adjacent hills and mountains up there for logging companies.

So my dad pulls over and we all get out. Now my brother and my sister they were younger than me. My sister’s  about two years younger than me and my brother’s about six years younger than me. They decided to go ahead with my dad and they kept to the left side of that road and that open area and decided to kind of trudge around the low part of that mountain there in front of us.

And me and my mom decided to take Skippy the dog and head up the logging road.

Image result for Images of Logging roads in Elderberry oregon

As we headed up the logging road we never noticed what we noticed a few moments later at first. But going up this logging road it was pretty simple. On the left-hand side of the road, you had the mountain. On the right hand-side, you had a space of say about thirty yards.

And then all of a sudden it’s just a wall of coniferous pine trees.

Image result for images of pine trees in Oregon woods

That are tall, dark and looming.

Image result for Images of tall dark eerie pinetrees

It’s just absolutely…It can be a little daunting here in the Pacific North West at sometimes. Especially for people that first just come here. It’s like; ”Oh my gosh, it’s beautiful it’s green it’s lush”

But you don’t just want to go walking into it!

It’s very dark and you can get lost real quick. I got turned around a few times just getting morel mushrooms, hunting or fishing. I’ve been turned around a few times. So you get high and you just look.

Get high and you look and you see there’s the road over there.

So we had a space of about twenty yards and then it’s a line of just trees. Then back behind us is that run off spill off creek. So me and my mom decided we were going to go off the edge of it and  look off into the woods as much as we could for our Christmas tree.

So we were running around for a few and the dog was running around. There was nothing suspicious with the dog he wasn’t freaking out or anything else. I have told this story before but I forgot to mention that Skippy was there. He was our awesome little weird dog.

I Actually Wondered About the Dog Being There, Picking Up the Scent 

Matthew Loomis: I was wondering.

If the dog was picking up anything.

David Boozer: He wasn’t really picking up anything.

But I did notice later that he was staying more to the edge of the road.

He was kind of just following with his head down looking. And it was my mom that really noticed it. We got up about seventy-five yards about half-way. And my moms just like; ”I’m not seeing anything here I told your day we should go up higher”

 Hahaha…But I think my dad had a hangover that day.

Matthew Loomis: Hahaha…


David BoozerHahaha…

He just wasn’t over that, that day.

So we decided we were going to turn around and head back down maybe towards the creek. That’s where my dad was he was kind of looking around the edge of the creek and the mountain there for something for a tree.

My mom starts walking and I decide I’ m going to turn around and follow her. And I notice that she is just intently looking at something and then she takes a few steps and intently looks again.

And I’m kind of looking at the woods and looking back at her and I’m just like; ”What are you doing”?

Hahaha…”Woman”  ”What are you doing”?

And she was like, ”Check this out, look at this”!

I go over there and as I’m approaching her I can actually see one of them that was behind her was actually like a print. It was just like a print of some kind or maybe a paw print.

I get to where she is and this one was clearly totally defined.

I’m telling you, Matthew, it was a foot, like a foot. With toes.


Image result for Image of Bigfoots foot print


Matthew Loomis: It looked very human?

David Boozer: It looked very human.

Image result for Image of Bigfoots foot print

Here is the issue I have, though. I kind of put my foot by it and I was standing by it and I noticed that this thing just had to be. It was way past my foot. I’m like a teen at the time. I’m maybe twelveteen thirteen and I’m a pretty short guy. But at the same time, I’m putting my foot inside of this thing and my moms like; ”That’s got to be about sixteen seventeen inches long”

Matthew Loomis: And this is in the snow?

David Boozer: This is in the snow.

Years later I would actually volunteer at a place called Wala Images. It’s still there Davidson is gone of course he’s passed away. I used to kind of help him feed grizzly bears and things like that and you could actually go in the cage once in a while with him with the bears. So I was actually used to seeing bear tracks.

I’ll tell you this right now, this was a footprint it had toes.

I’m going to tell you this too. You know when you see those big footprints and it kind of looks exactly human? I didn’t see that, it was human except for the big toe. The big toe was kind of split off just a little bit further than say mine or yours would be.

But not quite like a chimp or an ape.

Matthew Loomis: Okay.

David Boozer: Okay.

It was bigger.

It was a little flatter and it was slightly cock-eyed.

Matthew Loomis: Was this a right foot.

Or left footprint?

David Boozer: Well.

We got a glimpse of quite a few of them.

There was actually the tracks. Here’s how the tracks came -When we started looking in the back of us to where the impressions in the snow came – It came out about three-fourths of the way up that road from the right-hand side there out of that tree line that we were looking into. Now it kind of bowed out onto the road and then cut down directly straight down to the creek

When we started looking in the back of us to where the impressions in the snow came – It came out about three-fourths of the way up that road from the right-hand side there out of that tree line that we were looking into. Now it kind of bowed out onto the road and then cut down directly straight down to the creek.

Okay. But here’s the deal. This is something that we hear a lot about with Bigfoot footprints and things like that. Is that they basically walk in a straight line one foot in front of the other. Unlike human beings where we kind of got that side step.

This thing is one leg in front of the other.

I mean straight as an arrow. There’s almost no variation between from side to side.

Matthew Loomis: Okay.

David Boozer: It’s like straight.

They came out. They went down the side of the right directly. Maybe two or three feet off the side of that logging road into the deeper part of the snow and it went straight down to the creek

Here’s the other thing, my mom was looking at the prints and she was like; ”Hey, put one foot in here and get to the other and put a foot in the other one” I was doing the splits and I barely got my other foot to hit the heal of the other print.

Matthew Loomis: Wow!

David Boozer: So this stride was huge.

It was a big stride.

So it was either Wilt Chamberlain was running around up there. Or we were going to freak out.

Wilton NormanWiltChamberlain (August 21, 1936 – October 12, 1999) was an American basketball player. He played for the Philadelphia/San Francisco Warriors, the Philadelphia 76ers, and the Los Angeles Lakers of the National Basketball Association (NBA); he played for the University of Kansas and also for the Harlem Globetrotters before playing in the NBA. The 7 foot 1 inch Chamberlain weighed 250 pounds as a rookie[2] before bulking up to 275 and eventually to over 300 pounds with the Lakers. He played the center position and is widely considered one of the greatest and most dominant players in NBA history.[3][4]

Image result for images for Wilt Chamberlain


Image result for images Bigfoot foot prints in the snowImage result for images Bigfoot foot prints in the snow

Matthew Loomis: Right.

David Boozer: Yes.

Wilt Chamberlain was…Hahaha…

I actually got to see him in Grants Pass one time when he was fishing on Rogue River. Yeah. I got to meet him at a place called Galice, at Rainy Falls.

So we decided to follow this. My mom was just looking at this intently and we were walking down the side of the road here looking at these prints and we noticed that when we got down to the creek it didn’t cross that little run-off creek.

They actually kind of scooted like in a straight line at an angle back into that tree line. So, my mom, I think that she was thinking that this thing was still around. However, the dog never freaked out and I didn’t get any weird feelings or anything like that. I don’t think my mom did either until she kind of just started putting things together.

She looks at the tracks. She looks at the trees. She looks at the trees and then screamed. Then she took off.

Matthew Loomis: Really?

David Boozer: Really.

Just started screaming.

And she’s leaving her son behind, I’m food apparently.

Do You Think She Really Saw Bigfoot?

Matthew Loomis: Do you think she saw something?

David Boozer: I don’t know.

She said she didn’t see anything. She just freaked out.

Matthew Loomis: Okay.

David Boozer: Because.

Who runs around in the snow barefoot in the mountains here? Nobody does that’s foolish behavior that can get you killed.

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

David Boozer: So.

She starts running and screaming.

I decided to follow her. My dad is like; ”Dude, Lisa what up” and he wasn’t talking to her, he was talking to me. Her name was Nancy because I was screaming too like a girl.


Image result for Image of a scary BigFootImage result for Caricature of a scared face

Matthew Loomis: Hahaha…

David Boozer: Hahaha…

Because I was freaking out I was like”’WHAT”???

I remember years later too I told my mom, was like; ”You know mom I’ve been working over here for a while on Wala images and those tracks that we found were not bear tracks” She was like; ”Are you sure”?

She was like later on years down the road; ”Are you sure”?

I was like; ”Yeah I’m positive”!

I mean there were toes there. There was a heel. There wasn’t much of like an indent to them at all. Other than that big toe going to the side a little bit. Which was kind of off it was really kind of long. For the most part, at least five six seven of those tracks were very clean. Very easy to see.

Image result for images of BigFoot tracks in the snow

You don’t know what you are looking at really at first but still, you could tell what it was.

You Could Tell the Difference Straight Away if You Were Looking At a Bigfoot Print, Right?

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

You that has seen both bear and human tracks knows that there’s not much of a resemblance.

David Boozer: No.

There’s not really.

I mean if you’re untrained you might see a resemblance.

But after a while, you’re like”’That’s a bear” ”Oh, no it’s Joe” Hahaha…

You know… So…

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.


David Boozer:For me, it was just…

And I’m telling you when you’re out in the Pacific North West here.

It can be a spooky place in the Winter or Fall. When it’s just DARK!

And so you know that was the first time I ever encountered something like that.

The Dog Never Seemed to be Picking Up On Anything There?

Matthew Loomis: I was just going to say.

The dog wasn’t showing any indications of a presence.

The tracks must not have been very fresh. I mean not real fresh ones.

David Boozer: I don’t think so either.

I think my mom thought because it went to the creek, then it seemed like it shot back into the woods that maybe because we pulled up it took off.

Matthew Loomis: Okay.

David Boozer: But.

That dog would have picked up on a scent pretty fast.

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

David Boozer: I’m one of those believers. 

That those things stink and you can smell them a mile away.

No. Not really. Do they stink? It’s an animal.

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

I was going to ask you, did you experience any smell? Because some people do.

David Boozer: No smells.

All I can smell out here are the pine trees and that’s awesome!

Some People Say That the Bigfoot Smells Really Bad!

Matthew Loomis: Some people describe.

Like a putrid wet dog type of a smell.

David Boozer: Yes. 

They do.

And have I ever smelt that? No.

In the next incident, there was actually something there.

Matthew Loomis: Okay.

David Boozer: It was a trip.

Right before I jump onto this.

Let me tell you this.

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

David Boozer: I think one of the reasons my mother freaked out.

When we lived in Ashland and we wanted to save money during the Spring and Summer we would go up and camp at a place called Hyatt Lake. My mom had told me that there were a couple of incidences late at night. We were camped at a place called Boozers Bend and it was called Boozers Bend after my last name because eventually after one of those Summers my dad almost lost his life.

They were drinking and driving they smashed into a rock flipped the car twice it landed into a creek down a twenty-foot ravine. Upside down the engine landed on his arm and burned his arm.

Matthew Loomis: Oh wow.

David Boozer: It was bad.

But we used to camp in that area before that incident.

My mom told me that there were two nights there where she almost packed up and left.

Now we’ve heard coyotes I know what a coyote sounds like.

Image result for image of a coyote howling

I’ve been down to Palm Springs I hear coyotes there. I hear them here. Pretty much the same thing kind of that giggly crackly high pitched kind of craziness. But it usually kind of comes and goes, comes and goes, comes and goes. Two times on two different occasions my mom said us kids didn’t hear it my dad would work at the mill and graveyard. So he wasn’t there he’d come up on the mountain in the mornings. Then sleep for a while during the day and then go back to work.

But there were two nights and she said she talked to a couple of other people at the campground. She had mentioned something and they kind of looked at her funny and said; ”You know we heard something too” They thought it was coyotes.

Now our camping area was kind of closer to where she said the sounds came from and it must have been about a hundred yards away.

She said there were these two times where this awful long scream and it would start kind of low and then it would get so high pitched. But a coyote would howl and then kind of stop, like a; ”Yayayayaya”!

This was a kind of solid scream. You know what I mean?

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.


David Boozer: As if it was really trying.

To say something. Or to give a location or to whatever she thought at the time.

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

David Boozer: She heard that twice.

She wanted to pack up and leave.

That was the second time because the thing was it was even closer the second time.

Matthew Loomis: Okay.


David Boozer: It was just me.

And my brother and sister and back then.

This was like years before the footprint incident and I must have been in fourth or fifth grade.

My sister was in the second grade and my brother was probably one. So she wanted to pack it in but my dad would have nothing to do with that. And he wasn’t going to pay expensive rent of three-hundred and fifty dollars a month.

Matthew Loomis: Okay.

David Boozer: Three-hundred and fifty dollars.

You know back in 1979.

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

David BoozerBut I think that is what freaked her out.

I Have a YouTube Clip Here With Some Rare Recordings of Sasquatch

Matthew Loomis: Okay.

I can understand.

Not that I’ve experienced it first hand. But I found some purportedly rare audio recordings of Sasquatch on YouTube.

I’d like to play it right now.

David Boozer: Go for it.

Matthew Loomis: So let’s take a listen to this.

This is on the Sasquatch Ontario YouTube Channel. And you can hear a little bit of the human being guy that’s recording this whispering a little bit at first

And you can hear a little bit of the human being guy that’s recording this whispering a little bit at first. But these are mostly supposed to be Sasquatch sounds.

But these are mostly supposed to be Sasquatch sounds. So let’s take a listen. (Well continue in a bit) I just wanted to say;

I can’t help but notice how similar these sounds are to Chewbakka so let’s go ahead.

David Boozer: Actually I can’t hear what you’re hearing.

Matthew Loomis: You’re not hearing it at all?

David Boozer: I’m not hearing it at all.

Matthew Loomis:Interesting?

Okay. Well, let’s go ahead and get some more sounds here. Let’s see if we can.

David Boozer: Sure.


Matthew Loomis:Are you hearing that?

David Boozer: No.

I’m not hearing anything.

Matthew Loomis: Oh.

Interesting. Okay.

David Boozer:But.

I’ve heard a million screams.

As a matter of fact, I tell you the truth, sometimes I’ll put on the headphones and I’ll put on Bigfoot vocalizations and fall asleep with it.

Yeah. Hahahaha…

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

Let me finish this because you’ll be able to hear this of course. When this is done.

He even at one point he just clearly lets out a huge belch. It’s pretty funny.

Here we go.

All I know is that this guy is incredibly brave and I mean if I was hearing that out in the middle of the woods. I would be so scared.Absolutely


David Boozer: I love going up into the mountains.

I love camping.

I like taking my family up there.

I still have no problems with that. We usually stick to places that are relatively populated. But I don’t go off into the woods trying to record things or anything like that. It’s not that I’m totally afraid, but you’re food out there.

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

David Boozer: If this thing is real.

Then all native legends of this thing and stories here in the Pacific North West are not good.

It’s an animal and it will eat you.

Image result for image of a hungry Bigfoot


And that’s just how it is. You know how many people go missing in the Pacific North West every year!


Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

David Boozer: Yeah.

I’ve Noticed That the Bigfoot Sometimes Acts Aggressively and Other Times Not, Why Do You Think That Could Be?

Matthew Loomis: I want to ask you about that.

Because I’ve noticed there have been some points of aggression.

But a lot of times these creatures are not aggressive. Why do you think that is?

David Boozer: I think it’s kind of like anything else.

First and foremost as I said I’m totally into creation science. Because that’s what science apparently points to.

Because that’s what science apparently points to. And I do believe at some point that animals do have a built in fear of human beings. Will that fear be there forever? Probably not. But I think there is kind of a natural fear of predators in humans. You’ll hear that a lot. There’s too many bear attacks or too many cougar attacks. Just here and there animals do get desperate, though some do.

Or they’ll get surprised and they feel backed into a corner and of course, they are going to do something.  You know how many cougars I’ve seen in my life here in Oregon? I am forty-five-years-old, I’ve seen one.

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.


David Boozer: I’ve seen tracks here all around my house.

And up on the mountain. Everyday.

They’re everywhere but I never saw one when I lived up there. Ever.

Matthew Loomis: Right.

That’s a good example.


David BoozerSo.

I’ve seen two bobcats and I have black bear all over the place up there and I’ve never seen a black bear.

But my neighbor had to shoot one because it was getting into his honey.

Matthew Loomis: Those are good examples.

And if you’re then dealing with an animal that’s even more intelligent than those.


David Boozer: Yeah.


Matthew Loomis: It’s possible.

David Boozer: It’s completely possible.

Also, you’ve got to remember too, people have weapons.

Whether it was natives with bows and arrow or hatchets or axes and whatnots… Spears.

And,  you know the white man that came here and the Spanish that came here that carried guns. Eventually, the animals learn; ”Oh they have something that’s loud and hurts” We’ve seen that, they kind of learn that.

Matthew Loomis: I do find that fascinating too.

In my research for the show – Pretty much every native American tribe across the country. Not just in the North West have these stories about this creature.

Not just in the North West have these stories about this creature.

David Boozer: Yes.

Just about every single society that basically has ever existed.

Every native culture has a story of a giant ape of some kind.

Matthew Loomis: No matter what geography.

Even in the upper snowy areas. Yeah.

David Boozer: No matter what geography.

I still don’t see any evidence and there’s still no evidence of evolution from one species to the other from a cat to a dog.

No Evolution!

Image result for images with NO EVOLUTION

There is evidence that a giganto pith ecus or a giant ape has and still could exist.

Matthew Loomis: Right.

David Boozer: So.

You know just depends on it’s intelligence level I suppose.

That kind of brings me to the next time something happened to me was basically two to three miles from the same spot.

I’m going twenty years later.

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

Go ahead and tell us that one.

David Boozer: That was kind of creepy for me.

Now,  myself and my buddy (I won’t name him or his wife) I didn’t the other time that I shared this story and I won’t again.

I went with and friend of mine and his wife and their little one and we decided; ”Hey, let’s go gold digging, gold panning on these creeks”! Somewhere here in Southern Oregon and get rich and have some fun. You know back then YouTube wasn’t around. So I rented a couple of DVD’s from a little DVD place video store.

I grabbed a little booklet from a bookstore, those little hundred and twenty pages or something about gold panning.

Image result for images of gold panning caricature

I grabbed a couple of gold pans from a town in Jacksonville, an old guy was selling old gold pans and stuff like that. We decided we were going to find ourselves a place to go. And he mentioned that since he lived out in a place called Sam’s valley and I was living in Medford at the time he was like well let’s just go up behind us.

Behind Gold Hill and Rogue River and just go up to Elderberry Flats. I was thinking to myself; ”Ah, I remember that place” Hahahaha…Thinking to myself; ”Ahh, Sasquatch”!

It really did run right across my mind real fast. It was just fleeting, however. So I told them; ”Yeah there’s a great creek up there” ”As a matter of fact, I know a good place to go there’s a couple of spots up there”

It’s a great place today for picking elderberries and it’s a great place for X-game lovers who just love mountain biking and doing crazy stuff on trails and whatever. It’s pretty cool.

This particular location was two or three miles I would say to the West down the hill a little bit from down the mountains where we were originally for the Christmas tree.

We were heading East this time instead of heading West on the road so we pulled up to the right in an open area. Now the open area had a fire pit and over by it was a nice big  huge kind of like an oak tree. Of course, there was a mixture of oak trees and really a lot of different types of pine trees.

Ponderosa and Spruce and things like that. There was also a lot of low lying brush everywhere. You really couldn’t walk too far out of that whole parking area. The creek ran through there and at this time of the year it was, gosh I can’t remember if it was June -July. It was July think it was  I can’t remember.

How Old Were You When This Incident Happened?

Matthew Loomis: How old were you?

When was this?

David Boozer: This was about twenty years later.

A little over twenty years.

I was probably thirty-years-old may be thirty-two. So this was about fifteen years ago for me. I’m forty-five now so.

So there’s a big open area got a fire pit got an oak tree got low-lying shrub and then nothing but trees growing out of the shrub areas. You know pine trees. And right in front of that area is a creek and this was the bigger creek that ran through Elderberry Flats. That whole branch there that whole mountain range. And that time of the year it was pretty slow water wise. It was probably twelve feet wide.

Somewhere around there. You know two of me maybe two and  half of me because I’m short. Where we were parked in the camping area was basically sand. And say within five feet of the water was nothing but that kind of grayish smooth rock, that kind of river rock that’s kind of easy to walk over. Those big chunks fist sized really smooth rocks.

When you’re walking on it, you can hear someone walking fifteen-twenty feet away. You could almost feel it. So what I do remember that after this whole incident. His wife mentioned that there was a time on that first night there. The first night she felt a little funny and she kept looking up not towards the creek. Because on the other side of the creek was a steep ravine. I mean straight up a mountain side. I mean it was steep.

I wasn’t going to walk up there. But it came from the roadside and across on the other side of the road was nothing but mountains. They weren’t as tall as the one’s from the creek but there were some low-lying mountains just running through.

But she kept staring up there she said a few times that first night and she just felt…She might have mentioned it to Mike because Mike had one of those cowboy pistols a real one. A real gun and he just carried it when we went up to the mountains because it was just a good thing to do around here.

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

David Boozer: Always be armed here.

It’s jus a good thing to do.

And that’s not just for animals. There’s people up here!

So he had this old style revolver basically an old-style cowboy revolver type of gun. So he kept it in the tent and when we had one of those big huge section tanks where it’s got a little section in it and everything else. So I had my own little side and they had their little side. It was pretty awesome we were having a lot of fun.

We weren’t getting richer or anything like that. As a matter of fact, we were probably getting poorer by the minute. I wasn’t working because I took the time off to do this.

The second night, however. She didn’t really speak. She said it wasn’t like the first night from what she said. You know she didn’t feel like too much. She did look up there a couple of times. Probably just because of the feelings she had the initial night. But at least that’s what I think it was probably just from the initial night.

But it was late. We must have got…You know the little one went down went to sleep around ten O’Clock I mean she’s like two. Little you know towheaded little girl two years old. Put her down. And then we all sat around the fire, they had a couple of beers I had a couple of Pepsi’s and it was probably about midnight we packed it in and said we were all going to bed.

So we all went in. We all slept our separate sides. Now next to me that separator lay’s the little one she kind of lay’s a foot on the other side of me and that’s why it just freaked me out. It just scared the *@&*! out of me. It wasn’t what we heard a split second afterward it was the little girl.

We must have fallen asleep and it must have been a couple of hours later maybe an hour and a half later. But their little girl just screamed. It’s the kind of scream a two-year-old little shouldn’t make.

If you do, you grab your gun and you look around and see what’s harming her.

Image result for images of little girl screaming caricature

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

David Boozer: Man.

It freaked me.

I mean I sat up straight!

My body sat up and I could see and it was probably a fuller moon that night. So I could kind of see him in the tent in a way and I could pretty much tell that he had the gun in his hand. At that second I already noticed that the little girl and his wife were already sitting up. Okay. They were sitting up and all of a sudden when that scream started we heard this; ”Thud” ”Thud” ”Splash” ”Thud”!

And then crashing up the mountain.

Matthew Loomis: Whoa!

David BoozerNow this was bipedal this was like someone sprinting and leaping. Okay. This was not… I know what an animal sounds like

Okay. This was not… I know what an animal sounds like

This was not… I know what an animal sounds like when it prances off or runs off.

I run into deer every single morning here when I’m walking the city streets. Okay. And I’m telling you these were steps, these were bipedal steps. Now the ”thud” ”thud” was on this side of the creek. If I was sitting up in the tent facing the creek it would be on the left-hand side. I mean it’s pitch dark out there, the fire was out. There might have been a few coals, embers or something. But that’s about it. There’s no flame there’s no light. Other than the moonlight.

Now I couldn’t see any sort of shadow or anything because the moon was on the opposite side. It was over here by me. So because it was pretty late and we’re facing south. But the ”thud” ”thud” you could feel the vibration through the stone.

I mean through the ground. We were right next to, we were butted up by the creek. Just on this side where the rocks were. Just barely in the sand where there were some rocks. But they weren’t affecting us sleeping. Hahaha…

But we heard; ”Thud” ”Thud” which means it took two steps and then ”Splash”! Now we’re talking about a creek that is at least twelve feet wide and there was only one ”Splash and then a ”Thud” again.

Matthew Loomis: Whoa!

Twelve feet?

David Boozer: That’s twelve feet!

That means a six-foot spread.

That’s six feet in between the stride.

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

David Boozer: That thing has to be.

On a minimum scale at least eight-feet tall to do that.

Matthew Loomis: Right.

David Boozer: Here’s what freaked us out.

His wife said; ”Get out of the tent take the gun”!

Mike gets out and I call out after him, right. I’m starting to feel around for a rock because I didn’t have my gun. He had a gun, I figured that was going to be enough for us we were going to be fine. I’m feeling around for a rock or something. Anyways we hear this; ”Crash” ”Crash”! But once we get out there on the rocks. All of a sudden boom. No sound.

It’s like this thing just stopped.

Crouched down. It did nothing. We heard nothing else the rest of the night. Nothing else the rest of the night and we were looking and that thing  cleared the creek in one step and when we got out as we could hear before it stopped ”crashing” through that thing. I’m telling you it was almost up to a little clearing that’s on the side of that mountain that only has an oak tree in it.

That’s the force he used to get his way up that sucker. That’s seconds later.

Matthew Loomis: Right.

Yeah. That’s amazing.

So if it was pitch black do you think this little girl saw something?

Or do you think she heard something?

David Boozer: Here’s what happened.

Right before she screamed there…I don’t know if it touched the tent or I can’t be sure of that. Neither

Neither can his wife but I do know this. When she woke up she heard a sniff like; ”Snoaaarrrrt! This big huge barley like. Now I’ve heard bears sniff. And I have actually seen cougars in captivity, of course, working at Wala Images volunteering there and what not. And I’ve heard them sniff like that.

But this thing was like an oversized human going; ”Snnnnnniiiiifffffffffff”!

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

I’ve heard a few people testify.

That they’ve experienced the sniffing thing.

David Boozer: Mmm mm.

And the thing is it was low to the tent.

Matthew Loomis: Right.

David Boozer: So.

This thing must have been on it’s hands and knees.

Or in some sort of crouched position. Smelling us or the kid.

Matthew Loomis: Right.

David Boozer: So.

She heard that.

And right as that thing was sniffing. That’s when the little one just popped up and started screaming.

Apparently, his wife was just starting to pop up when she heard that.

That’s when Mike and me got up and freaked and went; ”WHAAAAT”?

And the next thing; ”Thud” ”Thud” ”Splash” ”Crash”!”Crash”!”Crash”! All the way up this mountain.

We scramble out. Crashing stops. So it was making it’s way in no time at all up the side of this mountain. As if it was it was nothing in the middle of the night. No light no nothing. All it has is the moon.

Matthew Loomis: Right.

David Boozer: So.

For me, that was quite the experience.

We talked about it over and over for months after that a few years. Until I kind of lost touch with those two. We’d always come back to it and it was; ”Dude it was bipedal it was legs, it was feet”

”Somebody was walking or running”!

Matthew Loomis: So.

Did they smell anything?

David Boozer: No.

Nobody smelt a thing.

I didn’t smell anything when I came out of there. Nothing.

All I could smell up there was pine. That time of the year you’ve got some fragrance of berries and stuff. But for the most part, all I could smell was like pine up there. And a little bit of the fish creek. So…Any sort of fishy smell would just come from the water there. There was no real rotten smell at all  of anything. I didn’t smell anything.

Matthew Loomis: The next morning with the sunlight did you see any tracks?

David Boozer: Well.

Here’s the thing

No. Because the thing is, is that where we were. There was sand on the one part but we were closer to the rocks. So the embankment there was harder. It was harder than the ground and there was actually like grass. We tried to stay where the short water grass was. It was kind of dried up.

So it was hard there but at the same time, it kind of had that weed grass there. So were really no tracks. We tried to look up toward the driveway. We thought maybe it came across the road for tracks. We looked over towards the right-hand side. To the West there where the fire was. And where the tree over there where more of a sandy area was. In the driveway a little lot there. Nothing there either.

So it had to come down from the side of the roadside of the driveway through the tall grassy part before it gets into the brush. You can’t really tell in that kind of grass or that hard ground if there’s a footprint. You just can’t.

Recently my mother once again was up using my brother’s popup tent. You know those little pop outs. She was up at a place called Fish Lake so if any organ fans here want o go find something. This was actually the summer it was probably around mid-August. She was up there and she did take some pictures. I would send them to you but you could make them out better if I would have taken the picture. Hahaha…

It was hard to make out but it had that same kind of funky big toe.

But this print was about three-fourths the size of the ones we’d seen earlier.The Chrismas tree event. They were three-fourths the size and they were actually off the trail there. The funny thing is, is that there were lots of kids up at the camp that year. This was towards a tiny little like kid area.

So that kind of freaks me out.

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.


David Boozer: I’ve been like.

You know, time for us to go some other place you know.

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

David Boozer: There were no kids.

It was just my mom and her Weiner dog there.

My mom really likes to be out in the woods. She’s kind of a woodsy freak like that. I don’t know why she just is.

She got a picture of two of those footprints. Now I sent them to a good friend of mine William and he saw them and he thought he could make it out. He can kind of make out something and he can make some stuff out. But you can’t get really the full impression of it because it’s just the lighting of the stupid mobile camera she took the picture with.

So she kind of cut off a few inches of the heel because she couldn’t fit it in the frame. So she’s really bad at taking pictures. My mom’s not a techie guy. She still asks me what I do online. Like; ”I blog” She was like; ”You what”? ” What is that”? Hahaha…

Matthew Loomis: Hahahaha…


David Boozer: So.

She found those this summer.

With All the Surveillance Technology We Have, Don’t You Think There Should Be Some Really Great Footage Captured Already?

Matthew Loomis: Okay.


So David with all this surveillance technology now we all have cameras.

Isn’t somebody bound to get some really great footage of this thing someday?

David Boozer: We’ve had good technology.

For the last two and a half decades.

And we still didn’t find a Bili Ape ’til when?

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.


David Boozer: So.

My point is you know. Besides you can sit there and you can tell me ; ”Oh I’m going to get some censored thing on my drone-copter thing and fly it around”

If people actually came here and saw how thick these forests are.

Image result for how dense are the oregon forestsStato di Washington Rainforest Paesaggio. Foresta Paesaggi Photo Collection. American Pacific Northwest Archivio Fotografico - 14701270

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

David Boozer: Then you would understand.

You ain’t finding nothing under these trees. You have to wait ’til it comes out into the open.

Matthew Loomis:Right.

David Boozer: Yeah.

It’s got to come out into the open. You will not find anything inside, it is so hard to peer through the canopy here.

Matthew Loomis: Right.

David Boozer: It’s thick.

Matthew Loomis: I believe that.

What’s the name of the famous film like, in the 1967?

David Boozer: The Patty Film.

Matthew Loomis: The Patty Film?


That’s possibly the best captured Bigfoot. What do you think, yeah?

Patterson–Gimlin film

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Frame 352 of the film, alleged to depict a female Bigfoot, known informally as “Patty,” looking back at Patterson and Gimlin.[1]

The Patterson–Gimlin film (also known as the Patterson film or the PGF) is a famous short motion picture of an unidentified subject the filmmakers said was a Bigfoot. The footage was shot in 1967 and has since been subjected to many attempts to authenticate or debunk it.

The footage was filmed alongside Bluff Creek, a tributary of the Klamath River, about 25 logging-road miles northwest of Orleans, California, in Humboldt County. The film site is roughly 38 miles south of Oregon and 18 miles east of the Pacific Ocean.[2] For decades, the exact location of the site was lost, primarily because of re-growth of foliage in the streambed after the flood of 1964. It was rediscovered in 2011.[3][4][5] It is just south of a north-running segment of the creek informally known as “the bowling alley.”

The filmmakers were Roger Patterson (February 14, 1933 – January 15, 1972) and RobertBobGimlin (born October 18, 1931). Patterson died of cancer in 1972 and “maintained the right  to the end that the creature on the film was real.”[6] Patterson’s friend, Gimlin, has always denied being involved in any part of a hoax with Patterson. Gimlin mostly avoided publicly discussing the subject from at least the early 1970s until about 2005 (except for three appearances),[7] when he began giving interviews and appearing at Bigfoot conferences.[8][9]

The film is 23.85 feet long (preceded by 76.15 feet of “horseback” footage), has 954 frames,[10] and runs for 59.5 seconds at 16 frames per second. If the film was shot at 18 fps, as Grover Krantz believes,[11] the event lasted 53 seconds. The date was October 20, 1967, according to the filmmakers, although some critics believe it was shot earlier.[12][13][14][15]

David Boozer: Personally speaking.

I’ve kind of made my conclusion.

And based my conclusion on a lot of the action.

I believe it’s real and the reason that I do is based on actual Hollywood evidence. Based on Hollywood make-up artists who actually try to do this stuff. And they were like if you could make a suit back then and they could do that kind of stuff.

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

David Boozer: Then you would have been.

A multi-multi-millionaire in the first place.

And if they were trying to get rich? All they had to do was sell that ad.

Matthew Loomis: Right.

David Boozer: There’s no possible way.

Who would have thought of breasts?  Who would have had muscles moving in and out of a costume like that?

You really still can’t get that to be without computer generation today.

Matthew Loomis: Right.

David Boozer: I mean.

You get some awesome make-up artist and costume designers today.

And we’ve got some awesome technology. But we still can’t do what we saw in that film.

Matthew Loomis: Right.

That’s true.

David Boozer:So for me.

That was really the kicker that say’s; ”You know what I’m pretty much 90% positive that, that was real”!

Matthew Loomis: Mmm mm.

And I think it’s interesting in some instances.

Because, there’s been a few captures like that on film, where the creature like doesn’t run. It just walks. And it will look back over it’s shoulder at the person a couple of times.

And it really doesn’t look scared. Per se.

David Boozer: No.

I have seen a lot of videos.

You know ninety-nine percent of the videos that I have seen other than the Patty Film of course. Online, YouTube, are pretty much…I really don’t buy it.

But there are that one out of a hundred. There’s one here on Oregon where the kids are playing basketball. They live up on a farm on top of a hill and they look down over their farm and they saw this black thing just running and it wasn’t even that tall. It was maybe like five feet tall.

It was black. It was hairy for them. You couldn’t really see it too well with the camera they were using because it was like maybe in 2000. So it was really bad recording on it. But the thing is that the way that it ran and their reaction. Kind of tells me that they’re really good actors and they’re going to be great one day in Hollywood or this was relly something that did catch them off guard.

Matthew Loomis:Right.

David Boozer: That was pretty awesome.

Another one was that one out of Canada.

Where they were filming down blow towards the lake and on the side of the lake a little ravine there. This creature, this bipedal thing was just going nuts. The fact that they were there you know three-hundred yards from them. You Know up the mountain. Whatever it was it was pissed that they were standing up there.

It was just walking around there screaming.

Matthew Loomis: Can you send me any of that stuff?

David Boozer: It’s on YouTube.

Matthew Loomis: Okay.

David Boozer: I’ll have to find it again and send it over to you.

It was really interesting.

I like that one because you could tell they were caught off guard by that one.

Like; ”What the heck is that”? And it was kind of going back and forth and freaking out. And do these things shy away? I don’t think they shy away as much as they don’t act unless they know that… It’s kind of like any good animal. It will stalk and it will look for that perfect moment. If it doesn’t have that perfect moment it will let it go.

It will move on and I think that how they are.

When you surprise them in a situation like that. How it acted was much like an ape and the ape was like; ”Oh my gosh there’s something in my area”!

Image result for image of a scared Bigfoot

It doesn’t know what to do with it. So it just starts freaking out.

Matthew Loomis: Right.

David Boozer: That was a pretty good one too.

I like that one it really looked like an animal acting out.

Matthew Loomis: I want to see that one.

Have you seen the one of the Russian father and his son.

David Boozer:  That I don’t remember.

Actually. Probably.

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

I came across it last night and a lot of comments were thinking that it’s authentic.

You know with their reactions and stuff.

That’s a pretty interesting one too. I’ll have to send that to you.

David Boozer: Yeah.

Is it Russian father, son and Bigfoot?

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

You may want to put Yeti in there. I think they used Yeti.

David Boozer: Yeah.

They do use Yeti I do know that.

Yeah. I’ll have to find that one. That one’s going to be… Russian Boy Films Bigfoot Carrying a Baby?

Matthew Loomis: No.

I don’t think this one was carrying a baby.

David Boozer: Yeah.

Matthew Loomis: That was something else.

I was going to ask you.

How come we don’t see very many children or youngsters?

David Boozer: Well.

I mean it’s kind of like anything else.

I mean, how many baby pigeons do you see? I think I’ve seen baby piseons once in my life.

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

That’s true.

David Boozer: Yeah.


Seeing baby stuff. Even up on the mountain where I lived, the only baby things I saw up there were turkey and deer. I didn’t see anyother baby things but I did see prints. I’d seen a tale of the evidence that they were there. But I never really saw them itself.

There was that one video that I thought was absolutely interesting.

The other one was of that Bigfoot that ran across that side of the hill. When those people filmed it. And it seemed to have picked up something smaller in the same color as it. Was thrown onto it’s back and ran.

Matthew Loomis: Whoo.


David Boozer: And that was the one that I find.

Extremely interesting because it’s running across some stuff.

They tried to get a professional runner to match that. He came pretty close but he didn’t really match the speed of which it was really covering the ground. He was a whole lot more I guess you would say – ”Reckless”

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

It was kind of thrashing through stuff?

David Boozer: No.

It was, it came from the woods and it went through a clearing into another part of the woods on the other side.

Matthew Loomis: Okay.

David Boozer: It was crouched down.

It stood up.

It grabbed something, put it on it’s back and ran.

And it ran across a clearing instead of back into the woods. My biggest issue with this is whatever just ran into the woods. It ran into the woods right back at it.

Matthew Loomis: Right.


David Boozer: That was my biggest issue with that video.

Matthew Loomis: So it did it make sense.

That it had to go pick up it’s kid.

David Boozer: Yeah.


Maybe it didn’t run back that way because it didn’t want to follow back to where it lives.

I don’t know.

Matthew Loomis: Right.

David Boozer: But.

Either way, it was a pretty good video.

I’m almost sold on that one.

Matthew Loomis: Speaking of where they live.

Do you see structures that they purportedly built?

David Boozer: I have seen.

Some pretty crazy stuff over time.

And looking back even now you know, remembering back to doing things.

We used to run around the woods like we were Lord of the Flies. You know because we were always camping. Even up at my house in the mountain recently. I had seen two… They weren’t very thick in diameter maybe about six-seven inches in diameter two big tall pine trees and they were snapped off about nine or ten feet up.

Snapped off and they came down over one another like a cross almost. Like an X. They weren’t twisted or anything but they were just snapped at about the same height. Now I’d been up there before and I hadn’t seen that before. I would take pictures all over that mountain because I love photography. I had never seen it before and I wondered well who’s coming up here and snapping trees off?


Matthew Loomis: Right.

David Boozer: Could it be a bear?

I would say it probably was a bear.

Leaning on them or doing something with it. Personally speaking.

However, I have seen that before up around the Siskiyou National Forest here at the Cascades on bigger trees that I don’t think a regular black bear could do. I have seen that before but the was years ago. I remember seeing stuff like that so.

Nowadays I’m like; ”Man I wonder if that was evidence”

I don’t know.

Matthew Loomis: It’s not just Yeti’s building forts, right.

In the middle of the woods?

David Boozer: Yeah. 

A little bit bigger.

Where do they live where do they hunker down.

I really don’t know. We hear of them laying down in things nesting a little bit you can say in pine needles and under trees and even in caves or whatever. But I don’t know I’ve never seen any evidence of that myself.

I don’t where they really kind of home. Some people say in trees.

I don’t know.

Do You Remember the Northern Californian Incident in 1924?

Matthew Loomis: Are you familiar with the Northern California story back in 1924?

Where a group of men were out in a cabin.

And they had been seeing things and one of them went out to the creek to get some water and saw a  Sasquatch. Up on the ridge and shot it, (keep in mind this is 1924) and then went back to the cabin. Told them what happened and I guess that night they basically got attacked.

Alleged Bigfoot attack[edit]

Ape Canyon was reportedly the site of a violent encounter in 1924 between a group of miners and a group of apemen.[1] These allegations were reported on in the July 16, 1924, issue of The Oregonian.[2] Fred Beck, one of the miners, claimed they shot and possibly killed at least one of the creatures, precipitating an attack on their cabin, during which the creatures bombarded the cabin with rocks and tried to break in. Beck detailed his claims in a 22-page booklet[3] written in 1967, in which he identified the creatures as mystical beings from another dimension, explaining that he had experienced psychic premonitions and visions his entire life of which the apemen were only one component.[4][5] Roger Patterson interviewed Beck in 1966 and printed its gist in his book, Do Abominable Snowmen of America Really Exist? along with drawings, a photo of the miners, a map, a reprint of a contemporary newspaper story on the incident, plus reprints of three newspaper stories about subsequent spooky and Bigfoot-related activity in Ape Canyon.[6] Chris Murphy’s account of the incident includes four photos and an illustration.[7]

David Boozer: That’s actually in Washing State.

I believe.

Matthew Loomis: Oh is that in Washington?

David Boozer: Yeah.

It’s in Washington State.

That was something attack and I believe it was named after the place there.

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

I think the cabin is still there actually.

David Boozer: The cabin is still there.

It’s pretty almost gone actually.

It’s still there actually and not far from there a good friend of mine William Jevning used to live out that way. He’s a very popular big time Bigfoot guy with books and everything on the subject.

Yeah. I’ve heard that story before and he actually talked to people who have known the family. You know people from the family who knows that story and he buys into the story too. I do believe that as well as a matter of fact if you start thinking of the Sasquatch it means mountain devil. There are Indian tribes even today when they see these kinds of things and he’s just one guy you know.

I was up in a store there one day in Oregon and his grandfather would make these carvings of Sasquatch. One of the local natives was in the store one day and she saw him and she just kept saying in her native language. ”Cannibal, cannibal” ”Those things are cannibals.

And I guess her daughter that was there would say; ”No my mom is saying that these are evil” ”They’re cannibals they’re bad” ”They’re are bad omens they are evil things and if you’re out in the forest at a certain time you could really run into a lot of problems with them they will eat you”!

David Boozer: Hahahaha…

I was like; ”Ahhh, sniffing my tent”! Hahaha…Oh freaking out you know.

Twenty-twenty-two years later for me, that’s kind of a close call. And  more importantly, they make a connection between human beings and guns and weapons. So maybe that kind of helps out.

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

Yeah. Maybe that was your friend I came across that was on YouTube. This guy was doing a documentary on that incident and he was filming there at the cabin. Actually, he didn’t catch it on video but he had a brief encounter with a Sasquatch while he was out there doing work for hid documentary. So  Yeah.

So  Yeah.

David BoozerI think they’re pretty much both fruits and vegetables and meat.

I think they take down elk and deer. Whatever else they can whenever they can. They’re just like any other animal just taking advantage of what they can. Some people argue about it there are enough here in these forests actually I could run up there right now and grab a hundred pounds of Shiitaki mushrooms probably in the next hour and a half.

So there’s plenty to eat here. Fish and small animals, deer, elk… So. Hahaha…

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

Do you thinks it’s possible that, similar to a bear that the Sasquatch doesn’t necessarily go after human beings. But if one is starving and he happens to take a bite out of one then he craves that human. You know he becomes a human eater.

David Boozer: I think it’s possible.

Where he eats both meat and plants.

Matthew Loomis: Right.

David Boozer: I don’t think it gets a taste for blood.

I think it’s pretty much like most other herbivores out here and carnivores.

It already has that taste for blood. So I think  like I said it just taking advantage of a certain situation while on a hunt.

Maybe it comes across a deer but a human being gets in the way during hunting season. Maybe it will prefer the human being over the deer but if that deer disappears too quick and that human is still there.

Who knows?

Matthew Loomis: So.

Do you have a lot of people disappearing up there?

David Boozer: We do.

Every year there’s people that go missing in the Pacific North West.

From here to Alaska, it happens. It’s not common place but it happens. And you’ll find that most of those nobody knows what happened. It’s nothing it’s just they’re gone.

Do They Get Lost in Some Cases?

Matthew Loomis: In a lot of cases.

They start out and they get lost sometimes.

David Boozer: Sometimes.

They get lost but not always.

Sometimes they’re just gone. Don’t know what happened. Just gone.

We are led to believe sometimes they got lost in the woods… Blah…Blah…Blah…

You know what? You could blind fold me and stick me anywhere in Oregon and if I could get to the top of the mountain I’ll know where I’m at. I’ve been a resident of this place long enough and been all over the place. I will walk home at some point. I will find a road I will find something. It’s not like there are endless logging roads up here. They’re everywhere!

They’re everywhere!

You could find a road and walk out at some point. It just the point of finding that road. That’s it.

We have animals up here that are pretty bad. Cougars are pretty bad. I think we still have some wolves here now. A little repopulation of wolves. Cougars and wolves, black bear they’re usually skittish. The biggest one I’ve seen is like a St. Bernard. They are usually smaller than that.

Unless you get it cornered and it’s got cubs, you’re pretty wise to go.

Image result for Image of a black bear

So, people that are being attacked by animals here? You know if they were because you’ll find them.

Matthew Loomis: Right.

David Boozer: Some of the people that go missing up here?

You don’t find hide or hair of them. Nothing.

Nothing. Just gone. So…You know.

Normally Animals Would Avoid Humans but Sometimes They Do Get Aggressive

Matthew Loomis: That’s why I was saying.

You know, for the most part like a bear.

They are normally going to leave you alone but for some reason they occasionally get aggressive.

David Boozer: I think it’s a predator. 

That takes advantage of a certain situation.

I think that will happen and if the natives say it’s a cannibal it some sort of ancestor of us. So they call it a cannibal.

Me, I call it an animal that is carnivore and just like any other animal will take advantage of the situation.

Matthew Loomis: Have you heard stories.

Of people being kidnapped by them and then some how they get away?

David Boozer: Oh.


There was one case out of Canada that said he was kidnapped and he was with a family of them for like days and then he got away.

That’s an old tale from the early nineteen-hundreds or something. A tale like that from 1910 or something I don’t remember. It was a long time ago but he escaped because he gave them a can of food and stuff. It wasn’t actually food it was spit chew stuff like Copenhagen. And they all started freaking out and took off and he ran off. Because they didn’t like the taste. So… Hahaha…

Matthew Loomis: Good to remember, right.

David Boozer: I was like yeah.

”Lost in the woods and worried about Bigfoot”? Just take some Copehagen and Kodiak with you and yes.

Matthew Loomis: Yeah. There you go.


David Boozer: David.

So tell me like with all your Bigfoot encounters.

How would you say that has impacted your life. Or how it’s changed your thoughts or your experience.

David Boozer: Well. actually really helps me with the science creation background that I have.

Actually, it really helps me with the science creation background that I have.

And it really opens so many more possibilities out here for God’s creation. I mean it’s pretty huge. There are a lot of things that we don’t know. It’s just you know experiencing what I experienced and seeing what I saw.

It lets me know that God’s creation is bigger than we think and it’s at the same time we have to understand that creation is now flawed. We really need to have eyes in the back of our head when we are out and about. When I take my kids out camping I don’t care where it is on the coast or in the woods anywhere. It’s not just about being afraid of people. It’s actually being afraid of what is out there.

We don’t know. What I’ve been afraid of is what I’ve seen.

And if it is out there and I’m finding out that a lot of this folklore that we hear – It springs from some sort of story or truth that has happened. So if it  is quote; ”Cannibal or animal or predator” of some kind the as far as I’m concerned I need to make sure that my kids understand this”

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

David Boozer:So.

The Pacific North West is a beautiful place to visit.

It’s a wonderful place to go camping and hiking and running around the woods having fun.But I’ll tell you this – Carry a pistol and if you decide to stay a few days in here and you’re walking around and hiking for a week or two. You need to be armed.

I just think it’s a good thing because what I have seen and what I’ve experienced basically tells me that there is something and  something big and scary and something that we should be concerned about.

If you’re ever graced to see this thing. And people say that they’re not graced to see it when they see it. It’s actually extremely scary it’s nice to be armed. I’ll tell you that.

Be careful. Always be careful. Bear on the side of caution. When you’re here.

Matthew Loomis: Right.

All of this spooky talk about the North West.

I can’t help but think about the T.V show Twin Peaks. You remember that?

David Boozer: Hahahaha…

I actually saw that on Netflix about three or four months ago.

Matthew Loomis: Haahaha…

I don’t know if they do the Sasquatch in that show.

David Boozer: I’ll tell you what.

When you see some of the scenery on there.

That’s pretty much what you get here. It’s dark. It is thick it is kind of murky and crazy.

But it is beautiful and green and awesome at the same time. So you have to be really careful when you’re here.

Just bear in mind whether you believe in these things or not if they exist. Bear on the side of caution. Just pretend that they do and that will keep you safe. Period. Even from other animals that we know exist.

What Opportunities Are Out There for Someone Interested in Blogging About Bigfoot?

Matthew Loomis: Right.

So David if someone is interested in Bigfoot, has a passion for this topic and wants to blog.

How much opportunity is there for a blogger that wants to build an audience in this niche?

David Boozer:Well.

This is a niche that can not only be monetized well.

But I’ve actually helped people do it already and it’s a great subject. It’s kind of something that I wanted to do myself down the road. I just haven’t had the time. Like you I’m very busy with regular work-at-home stuff and blogging. I think it’s a great one. I think it’s one of those that kind of, you don’t have a lot of competition because there’s not a lot of people blogging about it.

Like that’s their blog that’s what they’re really talking about. But you’ve got a huge search volume for this.

There are millions of searches on Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti and what not. So you have an audience here and that’s one of the tricks here at finding that awesome successful niche blog kind of platform for yourself.

It’s really  find something that can be somewhat general. But here is what I would do with something like this is I would stick to a specific area. The Pacific North West or Washing State or British Columbia or Alaska. Then you hone in on a particular are for Bigfoot. You can talk about general subjects on Bigfoot and Sasquatch on the website.

But you also talk about local information. Local news, updates, reports, encounters, stories and then throw in the general information in there. Here and there to fill the void. Fill more content. I think that’s even a better way to go. I don’t mind hearing stories of Bigfoot in Missouri or Bigfoot in Florida or the Yeti on the mountain tops of China.

But I’m from the Pacific North West. For me, I really like the stories that are closer to home.

So if I could run out to these places I could go and visit them and go; ”Oooh, that’s creepy”! I see it I get it!

Matthew Loomis: Do you think drilling down.

Into specific geographical locations is a good idea?

David Boozer: I think.

Geographically targeted with your Bigfoot blog and website would be a much better idea.

It really would. Yeah.

Matthew Loomis: Actually.

I’m picturing like Bigfoot tours or Bigfoot hikes.

David Boozer: No doubt.

Could you drill down even further down to – Southern Oregon’s Bigfoot Experience dot com?

I don’t know if I would really go that far. Unless of corse you really enjoy it and you want to log a lot of information about your area just as some sort of hobby. I think that’s great. Could you monetize it? I think you could. In my area geographically is there enough traffic to actually monetize?

Probably not. I’m not going to fill people’s heads with money signs. or eyeballs full of money signs. But if you had to go just Oregon, then you probably have something there that could actually sustain a decent living with a blog.

Just because it’s Oregon and Bigfoot or Washington Bigfooter Northern California

Matthew Loomis: Okay.

So. You don’t have your own blog. But you’ve told me you’ve helped out with a blog?

David Boozer: I do.

(If you don’t mind me mentioning)

Matthew Loomis: Please do.

David Boozer: I actually help a gentleman out.

His name is William Jevning. J E V N I N G – JEV NING

williamjevningdotcom his website and blog. Actually, we just put out a nice little interview he did the other night on BlogSpot Radio. I’ll have a blog post up there tomorrow. He brings in encounter stories, historical ones, new ones. He has actually his own Jevning research group. That’s now expanded to you Europe. So we have some pages on there where you can contact people in Missouri, people in Oregon people in Washington. We’ve got tons of States so far that are represented.

He is looking to add in more. So it is part of the research group where we all kind of feed news and information into this website and blog.

It’s really interesting to have a group of people out there from around the globe who just, you know sharing information, news, encounters and whatnot.

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

Sounds fantastic.

David Boozer: I absolutely love the website.

It’s great it’s fun.

He absolutely just loves it. He’s like; ”You got to be kidding me, you built this for me”?  I’m like;; ”YES”!

I’ve always loved that and I wanted to be a part of that anyway. It really gives me that without having to take away from money and food from my own families mouths. It gives me something to do once a week for an hour, hour-and-a-half.

It kind of fills that passion and that fun. like you know; ”My Bigfoot Hobby”

So. Yeah.

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.


I will definitely link to that site in the SHOW NOTES.


David Boozer: Great stuff!

Matter of fact, you’ll find a lot of blog posts that have to do with those old historical things that you were talking about.

I think that is mentioned in there. William has his own and he has some great books. He encountered Bigfoot twice. Once when he was twelve in the State of Washington and he has some pretty scary tales. I’ll tell you that. And he was actually one of the original Bigfoot hunters who started out with the original two Bigfoot hunters Rene Dehendon and John Green. They were actually all best friends.

So there’s a lot of stuff there.

He got a lot of information.

Matthew Loomis: Sounds like a lot of fun.

And very strange.

David Boozer: Freaky stuff man!

Freaky stuff.

Matthew Loomis: Yeah!

David BoozerHappy Halloween all of you and if you’re up in the mountains right now?

I’d get in the car and just huddle down.

I’m telling you. It’s got to be out there. What I saw it just couldn’t be faked.

There’s just no way.

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

David I’ve got to say honestly.

Before this topic even came up with you the first time. I resigned in my mind that’s it’s probably not real.

But just by getting into it and getting some research for the show today, I have to say I’m much more open to the possibility.

David Boozer: Yeah.

And I think the reason is.

Is that the creation is pretty huge. And we don’t know everything that we think we know.

We may have come up with the internet and cool things like blogging but there are things out here that we don’t know. And there’s plenty of it. Ninety to ninety-five percent of the stories you hear out here are probably faked, made up whatever. But there is that two to five percent that you just know what they are saying happened. You just know.

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.


David Boozer: I saw the prints.

Myself and my mom did. She heard the screams she found more prints.

We heard what we heard that night and whatever it was, it was big. I don’t really know anything up here that is that big.

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

I know and I agree.

You keep talking about science creation and things like that and what we don’t know and what I want to say is that people have yet to create a blade of grass.

David Boozer: Yes.

Exactly! The best is yet to come.

There’s Just So Much We Still Don’t Know

Matthew Loomis: So.

There is just so much we don’t know yet.

David Boozer: No.

There’s not.

And when I listen to people like Ken Ham and he’s starts talking about these things. This man honestly believes that there’s certain dinosaur types that actually exist today. Very few but they exist.

And I believe him because he’s got evidence to prove it.

Image result for image of a dinosaurMatthew Loomis: Right.

I haven’t delved into that.

David Boozer: If you believe it.

Then Bigfoot can exist.

Is every Bigfoot out the nine feet tall? No some of them are pretty average five-six feet tall.

So you know that’s that.

Matthew Loomis: David it’s been great.

Talking to you today.

David Boozer: Awesome!

Thank you very much. This was interesting. I love getting this out. It’s just really fun and interesting for me to talk about. I really enjoyed the experiences and to tell you the truth it brought me and my mom closer together. we really enjoy the passion for Bigfoot both of us. The woods and everything in the Pacific North West.

So it’s something that will always remind me of her and it always brings back good memories of my father. He passed away a little over a year ago. So it was really nice talking about it and just sharing it.

And so thank you very much.

Matthew Loomis: Well.

My best wishes. I’m sorry to hear about your dad.  And be sure to point out this episode when it comes to your mom.

David Boozer: I will.

I will, she will love this.

So this will be awesome!

Matthew Loomis: This has been a lot of fun David.

I’m really glad you came back and shared these stories with us.

David Boozer: Thank you very much Matthew.

Image result for Image of a scary bigfoot

Show Notes

David Boozer: https://davidboozer.com/

Ken Ham: https://answersingenesis.org/bios/ken-ham/

Oregon Shakespeare Festival: https://www.osfashland.org/

Sasquatch Speaks ( A Rare Recording): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ip1ntcXRfRY


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  1. David Boozer says:    •   3 years

    Thanks for having me back again Matthew! While these were real events, they were not just scary or weird, but since then have truly piqued my own curiosity. And yes, I took your advice on starting a bigfoot blog!

    1. Matthew Loomis says:    •   3 years Author

      My interest in this topic lives on, David! 🙂 Last weekend I watched the documentary Wildman: My Search for Sasquatch. It’s on Amazon if you haven’t seen it yet.

      This interview is getting a lot more engagement on the Build Your Own Blog YouTube Channel. Some good comments. A few people have shared their Sasquatch stories. 🙂