How a Blog Idea Generator Helps You Cure Writer’s Block–Here’s 9 Options

April 9, 2015
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I see you in my sleep.

In the middle of the night, when my brain processes the day’s thoughts, you are there–wrestling with a shadowy figure I instantly recognize.

Writer’s block.

I have seen that uninvited dark cloud a few times myself. When I’m awake.

I feel you, dear blogger, and since I’m thinking about your plight during the day, you end up in my dreams.

Or maybe “nightmares” is a better description…there’s nothing sweet about writer’s block.

In my dreams, I see you staring at your computer monitor. Filled with frustration. Groping for inspiration.

Take heart. I’ve got nine tool ideas you can use to cure writer’s block.

Meet the blog idea generator…

Curing Writer’s Block With One Click

As bloggers, we all need inspiration at times, even when we love our blog niche, love to write, and love life.

Our creativity ebbs and flows because we’re human. No shame in that.

This is why I want to bring you some good news: A batch of “Blog Idea Generators” have sprung up around the internet. These tools are free (mostly), and can cure your writer’s block with one click.

Here is a comprehensive list to help you find a writer’s block busting tool that works for you. Each one has some variations.

Pick one and see how it works the next time you need new, original content for your blog.

1. The Blog Post Ideas Generator

Did you know about this free tool that’s right here on my website? This tool is specifically for anyone who’s brain is fried and they need help, fast.

That’s why my tag line for this tool is Ready to Serve When Your Brain is Out of Service. You don’t have to think at all with this tool. No keywords to input. Just click the button and see what you get.

BYOB Click Away

What you find with the Blog Post Ideas Generator is a random list of general topics that can custom fit virtually any blog niche. Here are a few examples:

• Things that nobody told me about _____________.

•Do this one thing to find success with __________.

•X ________ rules you should break!

Whether your blog is about plumbing, travel, or whatever, you’re bound to find a creative spark here. (I’m not biased at all. 🙂 )



BLOGABOUT is one of the most comprehensive tools available right now, and I do like their set up.

They offer two different tools you can click. The first one offers general “blog about” ideas. The second tool is where you can plug in your keywords, which is similar to my first tool above. A nice bonus feature here is you get a virtual notepad below where you can make a list of the titles you like. When finished, just email the list to yourself.


With the homey design included, I wouldn’t blame you for liking this one.


3. ContentIdeator

With ContentIdeator, you have to type in a keyword/keyphrase first to get results.

So I typed in “blog post ideas” and was given 1 result: 5 Tips for Coming Up with New Blog Post Ideas

Um, thanks.

To get more than one result, it looks like a user must “Go Pro” and pay to get the full experience. Interestingly, they don’t have a set price. You choose how much you pay. It says at the bottom, “ContentIdeator Pro does not have a set price – we’re following our gut and let you decide instead, based on what you got out of the free version.”

Well, alrighty then.


This might be a fine tool. It’s difficult to tell with just one result in your free test run.

The all white, minimalist (bland) design doesn’t help persuade me, either. There’s no personality here.



4. Portent’s Content Idea Generator

Now when it comes to personality, Portent’s Content Idea Generator has a lot of it.

Like many others, you enter your keywords. I put in “potato farming” for fun and was given this idea: 20 Reasons You Should Be Talking About Potato Farming

Pretty out-the-box result there.

You click the repeat arrow and another blog idea pops up. This time mine was Why Do People Think Potato Farming is a Good Idea?

You can see in the screenshot below the “personality plus” I mentioned with all the different thought bubbles that surround the idea that give you more things to think about. In this case, I like the first two suggestions about “interviewing experts” and the second bubble (my favorite) about emotions and using “feeling words.”



 5. HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator

HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator wants your nouns. 3 to be exact. You plug them in and in return you receive 5 ideas in a blog title form.

Posing as a food blogger, I put in pizza, bread and root beer. Here’s the five ideas I received:

blog idea generator

I like how they provide “a week of blog topics”, but I’m not sure if “doing bread” is usable. :/  Pretty good ideas overall.


6. Link Bait Generator

The name Link Bait Generator definitely sticks in the mind. I think it could possibly turn off a few people. “Link bait” is not exactly a term of positivity. The promise here seems to be a list of awesome potential headlines. Okay, let’s see how it delivers.

With a boring design like this, some link bait could be useful. But this tool isn’t about looks. First and foremost, this is about ideas…

So, feeling like I’m wearing a toga in an all white room, I decided to type in “writing headlines” and clicked “GET LINKBAIT”

Wow! I have to say I was impressed with this long list of blog title ideas.

blog idea generator

There were 8 additional headline ideas listed below the lady gaga one at the end.

Many of the ideas here do read like “link bait”. But let’s face it, headlines like these can work great. As long as a blogger delivers on what their headline promises, I’m okay with link bait.

I liked this blog idea generator a lot.


7. Blog Title Idea Generator by Inbound Now

This tool comes closest to mine as far as getting a fresh idea with one click. You insert the keyword in your mind into the blank space. Boom.

blog idea generator



8. Content Strategy Helper

The Content Strategy Helper from Built Visible is great for those who want to create some blog content by newsjacking–taking a current, hot news topic and tying it to your blog article.

What happens here is you get set up in Google Docs. This cool tool puts blog topic ideas directly into your spreadsheet.


This saves you time–no need to browse Google News, Google Insights, Reddit, YouTube, Topsy and other news outlets, the CSH points out the news stories that are getting buzz and hashtags.

If you don’t already use a news gathering tool, I recommend including this unique idea generator in your toolbox. Here’s what the “getting started” page looks like:

blog idea generator


9. Buzzsumo

We’re wrapping up our blog idea generator options with the more unique ones, and Buzzsumo definitely takes a different approach than most of this list.

You should know up front that you’ll need to pay to get the most out of this tool. I have not used Buzzsumo much beyond a few free searches. But it looks like a great tool–one worth paying for.

What it does is provide you blog ideas by searching your competitors.

The tag line says “Analyze what content performs best for any topic or competitor. Find the key influencers to promote your content.” You can search by topic or a domain, and find out what titles are getting buzz. To boil this down, Buzzsumo helps you find blog ideas that work. If you see something you like, just write your own unique angle on the topic and you’re in business. You don’t want to use the exact same idea as someone else.

Again, you only get a couple of searches before you’re told “You’ve reached your limit.”  Now pull out your wallet or wait till tomorrow. (I added that last part. 🙂 )

blog idea generator

Now Go Forth and Generate Blog Ideas

There are no more excuses. When you hit a lull in your blog output, just input one of these tools for some exciting blog idea generating.

I suggest the first one. 😉

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Matthew Kaboomis Loomis is the owner of Build Your Own Blog. Connect with him on Google+ and Twitter

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