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March 28, 2019
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marketing hacks

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I bet you feel that being a better writer will give you the edge you need to reach your blog traffic goals. If you do, I agree.

It could.
Well, maybe.
Writing is a vital skill.
But, here’s one more little success factor to consider…

Maybe it’s time to improve your marketing mastery? It takes just a few simple skills, executed flawlessly, to build a system that keeps giving back. Designing your blogs with a solid inbound marketing plan will help you offer consistent brand messages and improve upon your writing techniques by keeping your audience top of mind.

Before we dive in, let’s get to the heart that drives this magical beast of blog marketing.

Strategic marketing isn’t natural, for any of us, but it doesn’t have to be difficult

If you have been reading steps to build your own blog then you know that social media is a powerful tool to market your blog. Of course, the success you’ll reach with social media depends on how you answer these 3 questions:

  • How deeply do I know my audience’s needs?
  • Am I writing content in a way that is inclusive?
  • Am I promoting content to the right groups?

You’ll need the answers to these questions regardless of which blog marketing tactic you take on, so take a moment to jot down a few assumptions you have made.

I’ll be right here on the next line.
If you have never really thought about these and need to take a step back, find out more about social media targeting here.

Ok, ready to begin?

There Are ONLY 2 Ways To Promote Blog Content: Provide Solutions or Build Community

Ok maybe not only two ways, but only two that place your desired audience at the centre of the conversation. When starting out, don’t execute on everything, instead design a plan that fits your skills and interests. A good place to start by choosing two- four of the below TACTICs and give it your all. Next, substitute out two, and compare results systematically.

SOLUTION Marketing

Take your blog content, package it beautifully and get it in front of those that need it. This usually means designing smaller pieces of supportive content that point to your blog.

There are so many ways to do this. So once you have written a blog you’re proud of. Take a step back, and make a point form list of all the reasons it’s great. These will become your roughed out media hooks. Prioritize these to package your content appropriately to new interest groups.


  • Distribute it on platforms you control, like: a blog platform popular with technology & startups it makes it easy to import your blogs, putting them in front of new groups ( without SEO penalties).
  • Linkedin Pulse, a great place to showcase your influence and knowledge. Don’t copy the entire blog, instead provide a short version that links to your more detailed website blog.
  • Your, personal website or freelancer profiles to feature links to your best work.
  • Your social media accounts. Just remember to #tag to reach your desired audience.
  • Your signatures: email, social media profiles or any forum profiles.


Break it up into alternative media types and distribute the blog link even wider. Can your blog become:

  • An infographic?
  • A podcast around a niche?
  • A video that highlights how it is unique?
  • An Instagram story?
  • Tutorials or reference guides?
  • Combined with others to become an ebook?
  • Combined with great visuals to become a
  • Summarized in an irresistible headline, to be upvoted on reddit?

YOU COULD: Pay for an ad, access new groups. The metrics you get from a pay-per-click model are great assets to test audience assumptions if you target them smartly. Try:

  • Display ads on websites your audience is loyal toward.
  • Google adwords campaigns, if your superpower is in the headlines.
  • Social media ads divided into micro-purchases over many short campaigns.


YOU SHOULD [No, really you shoud]: SEO your blog article. To get ideas for optimizing for search engines, try: which finds what people are often searching for. which does metric work for you. [ not it is a paid service]

Invest in writing for social media and monitor the engagement for HOT topics.

Get an SEO expert to assess your blog and advise you on changes, because it can be complicated for the novice.

OR use this checklist by

Or submit to RSS directories to get backlinks.

marketing hacks

COMMUNITY (Be Influential) Marketing

To win at community marketing your brand conversations start with finding ways you are like your audience, and this means your values taking a starring role. Think of marketing your blog reputation with many supportive materials that bring a community to you.

Inbound marketing strategies tend to take longer to cultivate but are designed to build a fanbase that will come back again and again. Your goal is to build trust, be ‘front of mind’, and let values talk for you. Don’t worry if you didn’t plan to write with values at the heart, few of us are capable of writing without injecting our brand values into it. It’s there. If you have difficulty finding the ‘heart’ message get a friend’s help. An independent reader will find it easier.


  • Find your niche, become a voice among them.If your blog has a timely media hook, get press or influencers to write about it.
  • Pitch your content to blogs that create ‘Best of lists”
  • Sponsor a group. They tend to say great things about the one that bought the pizza.
  • Comment, like, follow, engage in relevant communities, share your voice then your blog.
  • Host or speak at an event related to your content and shake the hands of your next fans.



  • Tease and tantalize an audience with exclusive access or a unique Point Of View (POV)
  • People enjoy having access. What does your blog offer that only you have access to… great, now make it a weekly or monthly feature.
  • Get an influencer your audience admires to add a quote, feature a photo, or offer an exclusive tip. Don’t overlook the influencers in your subscriber list.
  • Send a protected link to your email subscribers, ask them to share it among friends.



  • Guest Blog, linking back to your website blog or a related blog.
  • Find these opportunities thru:
  • Searching social networks (Twitter is especially good) for #Guestblog.
  • Find the content gatekeepers among your content themes and pitch them directly.
  • Make sure your blogs indicate any interest in collaborations

Speaking of collaboration, YOU COULD try these:

Don’t forget to build momentum, by advocating for your previous work.

The best approach is a mixed approach. Once you spend your time and resources to get people to one blog post make sure there are links to internal content or a call to take an action you value like:

  • Subscribe to us
  • Learn more about us
  • “If you liked this, try that” and point them to a related blog

AND now you’ve got plenty of tools to build your plan.

Author Bio:

Stephanie Michelle Scott is a 9-year social media pro who has advocated for storytelling quality over quantity and building fans strategically far before the current trend. Find her at, connect on social media @wildfireeffect

**This post was written by a guest contributor. If you are interested in writing a guest post for Build Your Own Blog, email Matthew at [email protected]**




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