Blogger Success Bulletin: Spring 2018

May 10, 2018


blogger success Bulletin

Are you ready to meet three new bloggers out there taking action and making things happen?

One is a funny guy with Aspergers, another lady documents her nightly dreams and the third blogger is motivated to remember the lives of great human beings who deserve more attention to the life they lived.

Alrighty then, let’s meet our first blogger!

blogger success

Blog: Outside the Fishbowl

Blogger: David Lilly

David Lilly

1] How did you find Build Your Own Blog and why did you decide to follow Matt’s setup guide?

I’ve done SO much research and gathering knowledge of various people’s guidance sites on blogging that I have no idea when or how I found Build Your Own Blog.  All I say is that it was in 2017. I decided to follow Matt because of his demeanor. He’s soft-spoken and he speaks at a pace that’s very comfortable for me. Most of these folks talk way too fast.  I like how he goes step-by-step without rushing through it like he had to be someplace else 10 minutes ago.  For me, that’s a huge plus.

2] What do you like about the setup guide?

The setup guide is straightforward and simple to follow. Although I find that maybe I’m going too fast; I miss some steps and have to go back and correct what I’ve done. Sometimes I’ll email Matt with a question, and he responds with what section of the guide the answer can be found in.  I missed it when I was there. You get the information you need. No fluff or digression. And no unnecessary or boring introductions to what he has to say.

3] What else do you like about Build Your Own Blog?

The Blogging Tips section is immensely helpful. Sometimes intimidating or overwhelming to me.  There’s a ton of useful information in there. There’s also an Ask Me Anything icon a Free Blogging Tips sign-up.

4] What are your plans for the Outside the Fishbowl blog?

I would love for Outside the Fishbowl to become my full-time job and income.  There’s no one topic I blog about, but everything I do write about comes from the perspective of me having Asperger’s Syndrome.  I see that as an advantage, not a handicap. I try to include a podcast with each post. There will also be product reviews. I want to include videos but I’m camera-shy at this point; plus, I have to find a way to read (not necessarily verbatim) from the post and look at the camera, or appear to be. I’m creative, so there will be changes to the site as I come up with them.  I never know what ideas will come to me, so the site will change as the ideas come, and I learn how to implement them. It’s a great creative outlet and a challenge to improve my writing and how I get things done.

In My Dreams

Blog: In My Dreams

Blogger: Dana Watkins

Dana Watkins

1] How did you find Build Your Own Blog and why did you decide to follow Matt’s setup guide?

I honestly can’t remember how I found Build Your Own Blog. I knew nothing about setting up a blog or WordPress. I attempted to read Blogging for Dummies–I think I made it to page 22. It was just way too much information for me.

I was poking around WordPress and beginning to set up a free domain. Build Your Own Blog must have popped up in a search or my Facebook feed. The promise of setting up a blog with 8 steps was definitely appealing, so I figured I’d check it out, fully expecting a “purchase for full instruction” before the 8 step or a “take your blog to the next level” type of sell.

2] What do you like about the setup guide?

I loved the detail! Every step had video and pictures along with it. From the getting the domain name to publishing the blog. It was a complete guide. It made it so easy for someone like me who had no idea what I was doing in the beginning. I’m certain my blog wouldn’t be up and going at this point had I not found this training!

3] What else do you like about Build Your Own Blog?

All of Build Your Own Blog instructions kept the process of starting my blog fun. There wasn’t a ton of “tech” lingo-a language I really don’t speak. I still can’t believe you offer this training for free! I’m so grateful for it! I’ve already shared it with several people!

4] What are your plans for In My Dreams?

Right now, I  just love the process of creating something. That’s what my blog is for me. That and entertaining my friends, family and whoever else reads In My Dreams. After I started having a friend interpret my dreams, I became fascinated with the world of dreams. My blog is a great place to share it all! If in the future it turns in to something more, that will be fantastic! I’m definitely open to it, but for now I really just want to have fun with it!

lives cut short

Blog: Lives Cut Short

Blogger: Estelle O’Connell

Estelle O'Connell

When I committed to writing my first book, I was a total newbie to the endeavor.  My previous career had been in real estate and executive relocation. Everything was new to me, even the vocabulary.  So I took some classes in writing, publishing, and marketing offered online and at local educational facilities. One of the things I heard about was “Blogging” but had no idea what it was.  Let me add that I am a recent widow in my late seventies-so this was an alien world to me. Since I was at least conversant with the use of my computer for checking things out and gathering information, I entered “Blogging” in the Google box; and that was the start.

I looked at several sites and found Matt’s to be an easy to understand, step by step process and liked his conversational style.

I also appreciate his availability and follow-up when I have questions.

My plan for Lives Cut Short is to remember the lives of those who have been taken by accident, illness or violence rather than on the way they died.  My book, Je t’aime, (available on Amazon) was a tribute to my Father who had been the first victim of a serial killer.  A book recounting the life of the killer was published describing in lurid detail the many atrocities he committed.  My Dad was mentioned in the opening pages. I could not allow my father’s legacy to be relegated to the description of the day he died.    Now I feel there are others whose lives should be remembered. Their deaths brought sorrow but their memories can bring joy.  I will also use the Blog to promote my other writings:

How Do I Love You?  Let Me Count the Ways—a  poem which I am self-publishing as an illustrated children’s book (May 2018)

Tears of the Heart –a collection of poems expressing my grief at the loss of MY belovED. (August 2018)

Tears of the Heart: Anticipating, Experiencing and Surviving the Death of a Spouse (November 2018)

Long and Lasting Love: Commemorating Couples Who Have Celebrated Their Fiftieth Wedding Anniversaries—their stories and their secrets. (2019)


How to Get YOUR Blog Featured in the Next Blogger Success Bulletin

the Blogger Success Bulletin normally comes out four times per year.

The BSB is where we feature real bloggers who have started new websites using the Build Your Own Blog setup guide.

This lets you go behind the curtain to see examples of customers who are launching new blogs.

These are blogs that are off to strong starts. They have a design theme. They have content already up. They are making things happen beyond the actual blog setup.

These are bloggers who are continuing on through steps 4 through 8, putting what they’re learning into action.

I like to feature as many of these folks as I can, but I don’t have time to keep up with the progress of every blogger who uses the Build Your Own Blog setup guide.

So if you would like to be featured in the Blogger Success Bulletin and you meet these three criteria, please shoot me an email with a link to your blog.

Be sure to put in the subject line: Please Consider My Blog for the BSB

Here are the requirements needed to have your website featured…

3 Criteria to be featured in the Blogger Success Bulletin

  1. Started your blog using the Build Your Own Blog setup guide
  2. Have a WordPress theme up (a free default theme is okay)
  3. Have a least 8 posts up ready for people to check out (which is just one post per week for two months

What I’ll do is send you the four questions you see the bloggers answering above. Once I get your reply, that’s it.

Just send email inquiries to [email protected]


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  1. Ryan Biddulph says:    •   2 years

    TOTALLY agree with David, Matthew! I noted your demeanor and mellow, laid back voice and style the first time I visited your blog, seeing your home page video. Then I chatted with you during our interviews and observed your vibe up close and personal. You are a wonderful teacher who simplifies what can be an intimidating topic, that of putting all these moving parts together to build a successful blog.


    1. Matthew Loomis says:    •   2 years Author

      Hey, thanks, Ryan. Appreciate the feedback. I’ve learned to just be me and the right people will come. 🙂

  2. David Lilly says:    •   2 years

    Hey, I’m glad it’s not just me that feels that way! Thank you, Ryan. I’m getting more ideas for my blog. I may need to get a bigger sleeve…

  3. Dana says:    •   2 years

    I LOVE seeing these other blogs getting started here! I also agree with David on Matt’s style in teaching each step without rushing! I’m so grateful I found!
    Thanks again, Matt for offering this teaching!

    1. Matthew Loomis says:    •   2 years Author

      Hi Dana!

      I’m pleased to hear how this site has helped you get started as a blogger. That’s what we’re all about here! Congrats to you and I hope you succeed beyond your wildest dreams (whatever YOUR dreams are.)

  4. Estelle O'Connell says:    •   2 years


    I was honored to be acknowledged as a successful blog. Thank you.

    My mission with Lives Cut Short is to remember with love those who were denied the opportunity, either through accident, illness or violence, to fulfill their potential and to appreciate what they accomplished while they were with us.

    Now that the Blog is up and running on a regular basis, I am working to build my platform. This recognition will surely help.



  5. Matthew Kaboomis Loomis says:    •   2 years

    Hi Estelle,

    Your blog has such an honorable purpose. I can see it growing, getting submissions from other writers, and spreading in awareness via word of mouth. I would get your email list going and use social media for promotions, as well.

    I wish you the best in this new chapter of life.

    Keep in touch,