Blogger Success Bulletin – Summer 2017

August 16, 2017

blogger success Bulletin


Time to meet some new bloggers out there taking action and making things happen.

In this issue of The Blogger Success Bulletin, you will meet two bloggers off to great starts. One is based in the U.S. and the other blogger is based in South Africa.

Alrighty then, let’s meet our first blogger!

The Blogger Success Bulletin is out!


Blogger success bulletin

Blog: Ladybug’s Blog

Blogger: Jill Frier

build your own blog












1] How did you find Build Your Own Blog and why did you decide to follow Matt’s setup guide?

Last year, having recently left the corporate world to stay home with my daughter, I was doing research on freelancing and consulting opportunities. I wanted to set my own hours and work around my daughter’s school schedule, while bringing in some additional income. Enter the blog. I’d never considered blogging before and knew next to nothing about it, but research and training webinars from some great copywriting resources gave me the grand idea that I could do this. I could write about what I love and research already and, if nothing else, create a dynamic portfolio of writing to help me land some freelancing clients through my business.

Build Your Own Blog was one of the first sites I found searching the internet and, truly, one of the best. It is well written and organized, cleanly designed and visually appealing – and best of all, very easy to follow and understand. I ditched the sub-par contenders and became a BYOB devotee.

2] What do you like about the setup guide?

I like the step-by-step guidelines. They are easy to follow and easy to pick up again if you are interrupted (which I am, constantly). The guide is well-written, clear and easy to understand for a newbie, like me. The guide visuals and icons help move you easily through the setup process.

3] What else do you like about Build Your Own Blog?

I like Matt’s responsiveness with questions, as well as the follow-up and supporting information available in the website itself. The industry-related articles and blog posts are very helpful, as are the interviews with experts in the field. It’s really a great website for bloggers.

4] What are your plans for Ladybug’s Blog?

I was recently contacted by a small local newspaper, the Deer Valley Times, about picking up my Ladybug’s Blog articles for their Kids Corner. They are giving me ad space for my business (developing small business websites), in exchange for using my articles. They will also post the articles online and trackback to my blog – a very exciting and completely new venture for me. I can’t wait to see what happens when the first article is published in July!

I am also working on building up readership and actively monetizing Ladybug’s Blog through ad plug-ins and (I hope) affiliate advertising. The process of driving traffic has been slow going – mostly gradual, organic growth through friends, colleagues and social media. But I hope to launch some email campaigns in the near future and am considering using social media ads to ‘boost” the readership, now that I’m closer to having enough solid content to make a bigger splash. Looks like more traffic-driving research is in my future!



blogger success bulletin

Blog: Reduce the BS

Blogger: Theuns Victor

blogger success bulletin

1] How did you find Build Your Own Blog and why did you decide to follow Matt’s setup guide?

“Frankly, when I started my content marketing campaign on the internet I wanted to be different and initially did not want to blog as a form of getting a message to the masses. After running into all kinds of flack with the article directories and Hub Pages and reading about some online marketer who said you have to start a blog to be successful online I decided it was time to take up blogging and having already spent $1,000 online and not getting any ROI, I decided it was time to get started with my blog.

I had no idea what blogging was about and started a Google search to get more information on the subject of blogging. Little did I know at the time just how much having a legitimate blog with good content could do to my business in general. Well in my search I found a number of “How to… blog sites” and started scrolling through them to try to get an overall picture of how to set up a blog. “Build Your Own Blog was about the fifth or sixth one I opened and immediately there was something eye-catching about this site which tickled my curiosity.

I started reading: “Now if you know me you will also know that although I love reading, a piece of writing must capture me in the first 30 seconds or I’m done with it”. If the first line and the following two paragraphs don’t bolt me to the floor you lose me and I will never read anything you write ever again. In the case of BYOB something grabbed my attention in those first lines and ironically enough, unknowingly I stopped reading when I realized I was at the end of the page after reading every single word without a break in my reading exercise on the introduction page and there was the “Click here to go to Step 1” button right in front of me. Well, needless to say at this point the rest is history.


2] What do you like about the setup guide?

A lot of bloggers attempting to teach the process of starting a blog as well as online marketers spend a lot of time telling one how successful they are and how much money they make with their blog or product. The majority of readers and viewers coming online to start a blog or to get involved in online marketing already know about the success of top bloggers and marketers which is one of the reasons they endeavor the journey of going online to supplement income or start a business or writing a blog.

The fact is that most people are anxious to make a start and need to know everything in the right sequence right from the word go. Lots of time is wasted having to read through miles of content to get to what they are actually looking for. Let’s face it, you don’t build a house and then later shove the foundation in underneath.

In the case of “Build Your Own Blog”, Matthew started at exactly where you need to start and that is at the foundation. Too many people tell you that you need not bother about getting a domain, hosting or a website to start out online but this is exactly where you have to start if you are taking the “online business” journey. Having your own domain is part of your branding, in actual fact this is the “foundation” of your branding and therefore this is the place to start.

I can continue on and on about this and the rest of the setup guide but, in short every important step in getting your blog setup done and posting your first content is explained in such a manner that one does not get swamped with a lot of useless information but you can follow the steps with ease and finish each one to the next step without frustration and confusion.

Finally the short tutorial videos make it easy to follow the process and if you did miss something it is easy to just go back a few seconds and watch the steps again.

Overall the “Build Your Own Blog” Setup Guide gives one an opportunity to get to know the WordPress platform as well which is another big plus because too many times online one finds yourself in an unfamiliar area and because of not having all or any technical knowhow one tend to get frustrated and then annoyed which lead to many beginners throwing in the towel and giving up before they had even started. Build Your Own Blog removes that barrier so any newbie could be able to get through the gauntlet in no time.


3] What else do you like about Build Your Own Blog?

Once setup and on your way you are not left in the ocean to find your way out again. If you have followed the process and most important “signed up” for Matt’s newsletter and follow ups and you stay in touch with him via his online chat service he does not leave you having to swim to the shore. Matt is always available and willing to give quick tips, advice and a friendly 30 second chat to inspire and motivate.

As a subscriber to BYOB you also receive very helpful discussions, video interviews and content with other successful bloggers which can also do a lot to help you advertise and promote your own blog.


4] What are your plans for Reduce the BS Blog?

When I started out online two years ago it was a result of pursuing a 25-year-old dream. The awakening of this dream came when I bought my first computer back in 1990 and it came equipped with a thing called a modem. At that time in South Africa this was just about like going to school for the first time. A further inspiration and the one thing which made this dream an obsession was the release of Bill Gates’ book, “The Road Ahead” it was after reading it that I realized online marketing as such was becoming a reality and I wanted, No, I needed to be part of it.

Fact is it took a divorce and getting sent on early retirement which was the final nail in the coffin and brought me to the first step of looking for ways to first of all “Make Money Online” and in the second place pursuing this obsession.

My dream became a nightmare when I realized what was involved in starting a business online and then having to contend with all the “HYPE”, “BS”, “LIES”, “DECEPTION” and frustration, I became even more obsessed. The realization that there must be more people like me wanting to start and build a business online but, did not know where to start, gave birth to an idea. I wanted to create a simple easy step-by-step system by which anybody could jump in and “not get rich” overnight but within 2 to 3 months start generating a consistent monthly cash flow for every penny they invest into their business in order to help it grow. My astonishment was when I heard that 96% of all new online enterprises fail in less than the first year and I for one was shocked by this statistic. I was not about to give up on my dream and this drove me to learn more and to try more instead of sticking to one thing, become self-sustaining on that one thing and then moving to the next.


Because I believe the “Information Super Highway” or “internet” as it is commonly known, creates opportunity for all who have access to it and that anybody could make a decent living from it if they know “HOW” and this is where the big ingredient to failure is situated. Too many, out of greed, keep the final piece of the puzzle to themselves and will rather let another suffer in agony than to reveal that final piece in order to help the next guy become successful. Another problem is that the so-called “gurus”, “Super Affiliates” and “Master Marketers” and bloggers want too much to clone others into what they are instead of helping them to become a unique specimen with their own image and as it is called “brand”.

All these were the final aspects which conceived the principle on which Reduce the BS as a business came to life. Read more about my “Vision” and “Mission” at Reduce the BS!

Reduce the BS is a Free site. 90% of what is provided here are FREE resources, advice, tips, shared knowledge etc. Yes, there are ads which you will have to pay a fee of some kind when you join those sites or obtain a product but the main aim is to assist newbies/beginners/novices in getting to the stuff they need to do a job without having to spend weeks and months on end to finally find what they are looking for. The few products on sale are merely there to help cover the cost of maintaining the site and have no aim whatsoever to get rich or make a profit. Many of the content are borrowed to give easy access to these resources and a lot is compiled from personal experience over the past two years which I believe every newbie is having an issue with. I also attempt to show the traps and point out those people on the internet who out of greed only have in mind to scam and rob others for their own convenience without giving real value or applying any integrity or ethics.

On a personal note you will also find that there is an interest for Rhino Conservation and this is just one of my passions. Out of every $10 spent on the site 20% is given to Rhino conservation in order to help save these beautiful animals from extinction.

In conclusion Reduce the BS has one thing in mind and that is to help make it easier for beginners to get around the internet and find the resources and as much as possible concise but, detailed information to do what they want to do. It is also a gateway to help find what one is looking for if you can’t find it yourself we will make an effort to help you to get whatever it is you are searching for. The blog is there to provide additional information to supplement that which is not described extensively on the site. Let’s say it is a reference library to provide that piece of knowledge you need to clear up issues and we attempt to be informative with regard to extending people’s knowledge on the topics we include.

Our Main focus though remains “Online Marketing for Beginners” and everything that goes with it.


How to Get YOUR Blog Featured in the Next Blogger Success Bulletin

the Blogger Success Bulletin normally comes out four times per year.

The BSB is where we feature real bloggers who have started new websites using the Build Your Own Blog setup guide.

This lets you go behind the curtain to see examples of customers who are launching new blogs.

These are blogs that are off to strong starts. They have a design theme. They have content already up. They are making things happen beyond the actual blog setup.

These are bloggers who are continuing on through steps 4 through 8, putting what they’re learning into action. 

I like to feature as many of these folks as I can, but I don’t have time to keep up with the progress of every blogger who uses the Build Your Own Blog setup guide.

So if you would like to be featured in the Blogger Success Bulletin and you meet these three criteria, please shoot me an email with a link to your blog.

Be sure to put in the subject line: Please Consider My Blog for the BSB

Here are the requirements needed to have your website featured…

3 Criteria to be featured in the Blogger Success Bulletin

1. Started your blog using the Build Your Own Blog setup guide

2. Have a WordPress theme up (a free default theme is okay)

3. Have a least 8 posts up ready for people to check out (which is just one post per week for two months.)

What I’ll do is send you the four questions you see the bloggers answering above. Once I get your reply, that’s it.

Just send email inquiries to [email protected]



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  1. Dennis says:    •   2 years

    That’s awesome that you donate to Rhinos! Your blog has given a lot of information on how to get started, now to promote your new business is the hard part. It’s great that it’s easier for beginners to navigate the internet now and start blogging.

  2. Theuns Victor says:    •   2 years

    Thank you Dennis, glad you liked it, remember if you ever need help finding something, that’s what Reduce the BS is all about.

    All the best with your endeavours.

  3. Shantanu Sinha says:    •   2 years

    Hello Matthew,

    Great innovative ideas over here 🙂

    They both have research in their own niche and they are getting success through this.

    Its good too see that Victor is writing down about rhinos and he is getting it up to the line.

    Good inspiration for the newbies to take lessons and take their way up to their blogging career.

    Thanks for the share.


  4. Rahul says:    •   2 years

    Very useful guide, thanks for post..

  5. Nadia says:    •   2 years

    Happy to see the summer edition here! 🙂

    Always generous Matt with promoting your fellows…

    I was featured in the Spring edition and bring all my encouragements to the new bloggers here!
    Blogging is a world apart to explore and make fruitful through learning and practicing.

    Again thank you for BYOB teachings and keep the great work all bloggers!! 🙂

  6. Ryan Biddulph says:    •   2 years

    Theuns that is so cool; what you’re doing for rhino conservation is inspired. I am a huge fan of wildlife and cannot wait to go on a safari down the ride, as I am already circling the globe so it’ll fit my lifestyle nicely. Sweet topic too as many aspiring bloggers dive into the game and see oodles and oodles of misinformation. Good to see you are cutting through the smoke and mirrors to provide helpful, meaty, practical tips for building a rocking business. Big fan of doing that myself at Blogging From Paradise.

    1. Theuns Victor says:    •   2 years

      Hi Ryan,

      Thanks for the comment. I hope to be doing more for both the rhinos and newbies in the industry in time to come that’s what is all about, helping other strugglers, :-). Your comment is encouraging and inspiring. If you ever come down my way look me up and I will be happy to be your guide.

      All the Best

  7. Theuns Victor says:    •   2 years

    Hi there,

    I only realized now that it seems that my website is my blog. The image of the site at the top of this story is the Welcome Page to my website.

    The blog is at

    Just thought I would let you know.