Blogger Success Bulletin – Winter 2017

February 6, 2017



This is the Winter 2017 Edition of the Blogger Success Bulletin

Time flies when you’re blogging fun.

I’ve been creating lots of exciting content the past several months as another season has flown by!

For those who are new to this blog, the Blogger Success Bulletin normally comes out four times per year.

The BSB is where we feature real bloggers who have started new websites using the Build Your Own Blog setup guide.

This lets you go behind the curtain to see examples of customers who are launching new blogs.

These are blogs that are off to strong starts. They have a design theme. They have content already up. They are making things happen beyond the actual blog setup.

These are bloggers who are continuing on through steps 4 through 8, putting what they’re learning into action. 

I like to feature as many of these folks as I can, but I don’t have time to keep up with the progress of every blogger who uses the Build Your Own Blog setup guide.

For example, last month alone, 360 people started a blog using this site.

So if you would like to be featured in the Blogger Success Bulletin and you meet these three criteria, please shoot me an email with a link to your blog.

3 Criteria to be featured in the Blogger Success Bulletin

1. Started your blog using the Build Your Own Blog setup guide

2. Have a WordPress theme up. (Some type of website design that’s not just the default theme)

3. Have a least 8 posts up ready for people to check out (which is just one post per week for two months.)

What I’ll do is send you the four questions you see the bloggers below answering. Once I get your reply, that’s it.

Just send email inquiries to [email protected]

Alright, so let’s now check out this issue’s featured bloggers…


Blogger success


Blog: Shakespeare for Our Children

Blogger: Janice Salzberg


1] How did you find Build Your Own Blog and why did you decide to follow Matt’s setup guide?
We discovered Build Your Own Blog via an internet search; and with a bit of research and advice from knowledgeable friends, readily concluded it was the best way to go to further develop “Shakespeare For Our Children.”


2] What do you like about the setup guide?
The setup guide is cleverly designed for easy-to-use, and makes readily understandable the key questions which new and aspiring bloggers usually find confusing or daunting.


3] What else do you like about Build Your Own Blog?
Key among the benefits of Build Your Own Blog is a valuable intangible: its positive character. Matthew’s follow-up communications and continually reassuring presence are always encouraging and informative.


4] What are your plans for Shakespeare For Our Children?
After 400 years, it is clear that Shakespeare’s work is “for the ages,” and it is our commitment to continue to share the Bard’s stories, characters, and poetry with youngsters and educators (along with many others). The new “Shakespeare For Our Children” blog is an exciting way to accomplish that. We see “the Theatre” as the key to entering Shakespeare’s world. “Theatre is a collective art, a communal endeavor which teaches us to aspire to achieve our personal best within the context of a rewarding group effort.”



blogger success

Blog: The Balancing Soul

Blogger: Kirstine


1] How did you find Build Your Own Blog and why did you decide to follow Matt’s setup guide?

When I found Matt´s Build your own Blog I had been trying to set up my own blog for some time, determined that I had to do this by myself J. I was looking around reading different guides, but seriously, when you know nothing about coding or even the basic vocabulary these guides use, it did not help me much, and to be honest I felt quite stupid.
However, when asking Google to help me find an EASY step-by-step WordPress guide  Build your own Blog popped up. When I browsed the site, I quickly realized that this could work for me, so I decided to follow Matt´s guide because the process of setting up a blog site was broken down, which made it super easy to follow.


2] What do you like about the setup guide?

I mentioned it before, but the fact that Matt has broken down all the steps and made it easy to follow them. Also, the short videos in addition to the written guide is great. Had Matt chosen to make one long set-up video instead I most definitely think he would have lost me.
This guide did not make me feel frustrated or stupid when following it. Matt has really simplified and deepened understanding for the process of setting up and getting started creating my Blog in an easy way. It is incredible simple  – everyone can follow it!
Matt promised that it would be a simple guide and, most importantly, that it would only take 15 minutes. He kept his word. J


3] What else do you like about Build Your Own Blog?

I have to mention the swift support I received. I´ve now had The Balancing Soul for a few months, and some weeks ago I ran into some problems. So I headed back to Build your own Blog to see if I missed something in my setup. However, I couldn´t find an answer, so I used Matts live support service. He literally got back to me within 5 minutes and helped me solve my problem on the spot (Thank you!)
I have been running The Balancing Soul for a while now and feel I am ready to make some improvements to the site. Build your own Blog will be the place for me to continue learning.


4] What are your plans for The Balancing Soul?

With The Balancing Soul, I want to encourage and inspire a healthy and balanced lifestyle – body, mind and soul! I believe in healing and health through movement, laughing, loving, stillness, nutrition, and spirituality.

When I started the blog in August 2016 my main goal was to out and process, in a mostly positive way, my Burnout and share my own steps of getting back on track, and how to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Workwise I was in a limbo for a long period, and while working with my blog I discovered a “new” passion –writing about ways of healthy living.
Right now, I am in the start-up of a new company communicating ways of healthy living and personal growth through yoga, meditation, compassion, nutrition and body treatments in Malmö, Sweden. My aim is for the blog The Balancing Soul to be an inspirational compliment to my business.

In the beginning, I kept my blog a secret. It was difficult, and at the time shameful, for me to share my condition and Burnout, but I needed to write it off! The Balancing Soul has helped me to grow and to realize that it is not shameful to have and experienced a Burnout – I want to embrace this and turn it into an experience!

I am now taking steps to reach out to a broader audience with the blog. Part of this is to become better in planning my content to be able to provide continuous and meaningful value to my readers.


blogger success

Blog: The Dynamics of Healing Concepts

Blogger: Malcolm Sniher

1] How did you find Build Your Own Blog and why did you decide to follow Matt’s setup guide?

I had been searching a lot of resources lately (meaning the past year) for how to become an author, as well as getting into publishing online. I came across Build Your Own Blog via Facebook or LinkedIn and I would have to say, a big plus was – SIMPLICITY. Early into exploring the first steps of the setup guide, the simple lay out combined with cost effectiveness (cheap to start), had my alarm bells going off saying, “We finally need to start writing, and this is the way”. CLICK, and away I went. Also, Matt’s commitment to providing assistance whenever you need it – that’s a huge plus in taking the first steps.

2] What do you like about the setup guide? 

The set-up guide is again simple and easy to follow. You don’t have to be a computer whiz, to get things up and running FAST. I own an average quality HP lap top. The written manual is not only well put together, but for me, the videos are a huge plus. The vids literally walk you through the exact process you need to follow, right while you are working with the platform – as if Matthew is sitting there with you to help you navigate through things. Even though things are easy to use, there are lots of options available, to help you create original and eye catching themes.

3] What else do you like about Build Your Own Blog? 

It’s obvious Matthew has been doing this for some time and he loves what he does. Worked into Build Your Own Blog are tips and tricks to not only help you save time, but better your chances of success regardless of what ever you want to write about. It’s motivating. Matthew encouraged me to get my blog up and running ASAP. Being able to learn as you go – really takes any kind of pressure off, that might have kept you from not starting other writing projects or systems sooner. I would also agree with Matthew – WordPress is a great writing tool and easy to use.

4] What are your plans for The Dynamics of Healing Concepts website?

I am very excited to monetize Healers, and incorporate Google Adsense as a first step to doing so. There are some basic things to have set up before you can get this rolling, but it makes sense. You can’t put on icing until you have a cake baked. The potential for affiliate marketing is just TOO intriguing to ignore. I am also looking for ways to have auto updates to any of my other social media websites, to promote the blog and increase traffic. I found out quickly, I already have all these social media friends lists (like most people do) – so part of my blog audience is ALREADY THERE. When the time is right, I hope to reach out to my audience with video posts, and I am looking at creating my own YouTube channel to do so. I am also looking into upgrading my theme package. I already had a proposal from a friend and successful entrepreneur in the psychic industry, asking about writing a guest post. 

Early into the blogging world, I’ve found out that other bloggers are really neat people. There’s a sense of freedom that comes along with immediately being able to publish something you are passionate about ! 

Thank you Matthew ! 


Any Questions for These Bloggers?

I encourage you to leave a comment below if you want to learn more about these bloggers and connect with them.

And remember, if you want YOUR blog to be featured in the next Blogger Success Bulletin, let me know: [email protected]

Author Bio:

Matthew Kaboomis Loomis is the owner of Build Your Own Blog. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter


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  1. Ryan Biddulph says:    •   3 years

    Hi Matthew,

    You have an incredibly valuable guide here and these awesome bloggers are using it effectively, to rock it out.

    I am happy you and Zac Johnson are always #1 and #2 for a “blogging” search on Google because you are doing the niche right. Fab tutorials, spreading the love, leading with value and helping people succeed with their blogs. Wonderful stuff. Yeah I check every few days because Blogging Tips (where I have 110 guest posts) is creeping up on the same search LOL.

    Good to see heart felt entrepreneurs connecting with folks who can use our products and services.



  2. Malcolm says:    •   3 years

    Thank you Matthew and I am honored to be featured along with two other very talented bloggers

    Thanks also Ryan, for your positive encouragement

    1. Matthew Loomis says:    •   3 years Author

      Keep going Malcolm. You have a good personality I see in your emails. You can build an audience, boss.

      Keep me posted,


  3. Ravi Chahar says:    •   3 years

    Hey Matthew,

    Just read about you on Zac’s blog.

    Ryan has mentioned so many things about you and your achievements.It’s good to know that people have a guide to follow.

    Just like Kirstine and all other bloggers, your guide can help many.

    I wish I could find it three years back. It’s always hard to start when no one is around to teach.

    Glad to read this blogger success bulletin.

    1. Matthew Loomis says:    •   3 years Author

      Hey mate,

      Stay tuned, as Ryan is going to share some things exclusively on this blog!

      Coming soon,