The 1 Thing You Must Do Right Now to Reach Your Blogging Goals in 2018

January 2, 2018

blogging goals 2018


You get to make a brand new start in life thanks to the calendar…

January…the first month of the year.

Wipe the slate clean.

Set New Blogging Goals – Challenge Yourself in 2018

2017 is now behind you. It’s okay to look back and reflect. Just don’t stare at your rear-view-mirror for too long or you will get in a wreck.

Looking back can be productive only if you are doing so to learn what NOT to do going forward.

Jot down the lessons on your blog and move on.

Now let’s get to the fun part!

Imagine where your blog can be twelve months from now…picture the results you want:

•A tribe of devoted fans
•Lots of readers
•Higher levels of income
•Creative satisfaction
•Helping more people
•Making a difference in your niche

Super ambitious goals like these are a beautiful thing. Yet, to reach big goals you must first set some specific goals to help you get there.

A few examples of specific goals that take you where you want to go are:
•Write four guest posts by Feb. 28
•Get 120 email subscribers per month
•Post one new blog article per week

How do you reach the top of a mountain? One step at a time.

There is power in writing down (or typing) your new year’s resolutions.

In Habakkuk 2:2 it says, ““Write the vision; make it plain on tablets so he may run who reads it.”


Below are the bloggers and aspiring bloggers who replied to my recent email.

I asked my subscribers if they would be willing to share their blogging goals publically.

Many people responded as you’ll see below.

Notice how most of these folks are beginners. I’m talking at the very beginning of the journey (in many cases.)

I’m proud of them. And it’s not too for you to join them here.

Just share your goals for 2018 in the comments, and you will be entered into a drawing for a $15 Starbucks gift card. 

Everyone who participates this year by sharing their blog goals automatically gets entered into the drawing.

Be sure to include a link to your blog in the comments (if you have a blog already up.)

Time to get inspired.

Happy reading…


Here are the brave bloggers who responded to my email.


Tom R. – “My goal is simple.  After more than a year of trying, I would just like to get my site up.”


Merle, a.k.a. Pinena –  “I am a new blogger: My goals are to increase my visibility and to encourage ppl to continue a conversation with me via email. Us boomers are new to being at this stage of life and I am blogging about my experiences with my millennial daughter and also downsizing and other goodies that come with aging.”


Toni H. – Well, I’ve been feverishly working on my stories since I will be setting up a book blog. I have my title however, I’m still a little nervous because I have not found another blog concept similar to mine. Not trying for perfection but I would like to be successful. My goal is to have my blog up and running by my birthday, (Happy birthday to me . . . ) 25 January.

Lynn W. – “I plan  to set up a blog and learn how to create additional, passive income streams.”


Nati – “Hi, I just set up a new blog last week and it’s not ready to launch yet, so much to do (it’s my first blog). Thank you, it’s so good to know I could reach out to you for help. My goal is to start blogging NLT Feb or sooner, improve my design, get traffic to the blog, and generate some income!”


Greer – “My goal for 2018 will be to get a blog up and running.”

I have already followed your suggestions on how to start with a Blue Host account (now have one & time is ticking on my 3-year subscription), I have a account, but each time I sign in to do some work on setting my site up, I get covered over with things I should be doing (or at least feel I should be doing).

For instance, I am almost zeroed in on a theme (it had to be a free one).j

Anyway, you asked and I am trying to be quite candid with my reply.

Sincere best wishes for a Happy New Year 2018.”

Carol G. – “I would like to start a blog for domestic violence for the new year.”

Jeanette H. – “Just made it home from rehab after having my left hip replaced after falling on Dec. 10th. Current goals are learning not to FALL!”

Sue C. – “This coming year I will be composing content for a Facebook page with this title: Global Solutions.”

Helen M. – “I have sought advice from you in the past and in so doing have created a website which I am pleased with as far as structure and design is concerned.  I need to go in and correct and add meaningful content with a goal to now publishing it.  I am unsure how to go about effectively publishing it.  I have included social media plug-ins but I think I should create a facebook page for this website alone not just use my personal facebook.  Also, I haven’t a clue about Twitter.  I would love some tuition now- do you offer tuition and what would be the cost?”

Tyler N. –  “Mr. Loomis, thank you for all the information during 2017, and insight into starting a blog. I am planning in 2018 to start my blog. Working with you to get this started is going to be a pleasure. Thank you.”

Michelle E. – Here’s my goal for next year. On  My goal is to do more blogging. I tend to be very picky about everything so maybe I will let up a little bit. I’ve spent more time setting up the website than I have been blogging. That will change this next year.

Annamarie Muirhead – Hi there Matthew,
Yes, I intend to put out one of the children’s books once a month.
Getting toward the first week of the month, but not managing this for January,
closed to.
It will be” Adventures of Harry the Super Dog, Book 4.

I will take care of my website and get an email list.
I will write something maybe once or even twice a month.
I’m mostly concentrating on writing more books,
especially the one I started before the Children’s books demanded all my attention.

I am wishing you all the success you are looking for in every aspect of your life
in 2018, it’s a great number and I’m looking forward to that year.

Love and Blessings

🙂  <3  🙂  A

Thank you so much for all your encouragement.

Bob T. – “My goals include the following:

Continue or enhance my twice a week schedule.
Gain more of an audience.
Upgrade the look of my blog
Figure out how to monetize my blog”


Bertus – “Hi Matt, hope you are doing well. I am now finished with my site and I have written my first blog. I have also launched my site. The problem that I have is that when I go to my blog page, I have this ugly looking big, black box with 1160 x 508 written on it. PLEASE tell me how to get rid of this box, it spoils the whole page. My website is Please also have a look at the rest of the site if you wouldn’t mind and let me know if you find something wrong with it.  Thank you very much in advance.

Alli – Hi Matthew, Thanks for the email! We are so excited to see what 2018 has in store for us!! Some of our goals include; writing more content, generating more traffic from multiple sources and writing our first e-book!”

Sharlene – “I am a Breast Cancer survivor in

2017. It has been a difficult year.
I am not a youngster but NOW
is the only thing any of us have.
I am hoping to dive into my blog
in 2018. Planning revisions and
inviting contributors.

Right now my blog consists of only
my own essays and verses. Photos
that I have taken over the years.

My content will include contributors
who are looking for a safe place to
hangout and write.

I am planning to explore some of the
Blue Host templates to make my
blog shine and I’d like to make some

I am active on social media,
On Facebook, participating in
several private groups, as well as
Twitter and LinkedIn.”

Danae – “Hey Matthew, I do intend on setting up a blog, I have been spending a lot of time thinking about it and will act soon. Thank you for the continued emails and not giving up hope.

Happy New Year!”

Kim G. – “Aloha Matthew, I’m living in Hawaii and have had many things in my life change recently, as my husband and I have moved back here to care for my mother who was just recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s I need to be close at hand here to care for her but with my husband being the only one employed we could use the extra income, as well as I would like to have something of my own.  I would like to learn how to do affiliate marketing, I have always wanted to learn but I tried myself a few years ago and just didn’t know where to start if you had any answers for me I would be very grateful  …. Aloha, for now, Kim”


Maddy Osman – “I have high aspirations for my 2018 blogging goals. In addition to all of the paid blogging projects I execute for clients, I’ve been playing around with an SEO strategy for my new eCommerce website, Tanks that Get Around a lot during the end of 2017. By finding keywords with a reasonable search volume and a low keyword difficulty, with each new (optimized) blog post, I drive hundreds of new qualified visitors to the site in hopes of converting them to paid customers!

On this website and on The Blogsmith, my “business” website/portfolio, I want to spend a lot more time on affiliate marketing. I just purchased the course How to Make Sense of Affiliate Marketing and will be making my way through that in January 2018, then implementing what I learn from here on out throughout the year!”

Rod H. – “I am working on pretty much all of the above. I am going through training with Clickfunnels and also affiliate marketing with Anthony Morrison. I have some trading also with Jeff Goins.

I have a blog at but I don’t know the exact URL. The last piece is to create great content that people will want to read and then tie all this together so that I can create a profit center for my business.”


Regan Fraser – “I am going to try to start a website in 2018.  I have a business partner.  The purpose of the website will be to help people having difficulty remembering the myriad of passwords in their life. Among others…

Also, I want to ask your opinion on how email works nowadays.  Do you agree that it would seem that collusion and/or conspiracy exists between email providers and cell phone providers? Such that once you give the email provider your cell phone number, such that they send a 6-letter code used a password to login, instead of just a password, like it used to do? Thus, are you forced into a loyalty to that cell phone provider?
I’m am unsure of average monthly rates of cell phone rates in the USA, but believe them to lower than in Canada.  Although there are about a dozen different companies to choose from in Canada, it is a common belief that Canucks pay much higher rates than do Americans.  Personally, I averaged a cost of just over $100 (Canadian) per month, or that converts to about $79 (US)/month.
Final word:  Canada’s leader, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau just visited Trump at the White House to talk about NAFTA and tried to tell him, in front of cameras that Canada has a trade deficit with the US. Trump tried to turn that around and say its just the opposite- that the US has a trade deficit with Canada.  After fact-checking was done, it turns out the correct answer is what Justin Trudeau said, that Canada has a trade deficit with the US.  That means Canada buys more goods and services from the USA than it sells to the USA, if my college economics serves. You be the judge of “fake news”.
…and we too are living in a world where once mighty major retailers like Sears are going out of business with society’s illusion that in future, shopping will only be done by pointing and clicking on a computer’s screen to have all things delivered to your home by companies like  Is it society’s illusion that the future is that simple?
I hope I am giving you something to blog about.

Happy New Year from The Great White North!”

Don L. – “I Don, have a goal to use Mail Chimp to send a list out to a small group of people on a daily basis.  This is my first Blog and it is up and running, although, without something like Mail Chimp, I only have 1 or 2 people out of 30 viewing it on a regular basis.  My overall goal is to have a 70% daily viewing of my blog.  My blog is a short thought about what I read in the Bible each day.”

Samkelisiwe S. – “My aim is to set up a blog.”

Cathey East – “My goal for 2018 is to complete the blog content on the static pages and do articles on a regular basis.

Thanks for your tips. I really appreciate them.”

Chido M. – My goal is to set up a blog for the first time. My name is Chido from Zimbabwe.

Jackie L. -“In 2018 I would like to get more traffic, improve my design and hopefully, monetize my blog.

I am Jackie and my blog is – about Mutts and Bailey; we gave up our jobs to travel in a caravan with four dogs!

Best of luck to all you bloggers and to all you aspiring bloggers out there, my best advice is JUST START!”


Donald S. – “I really enjoy your emails and blog info.  Some time ago you helped me set up my blog.  I have not been very successful with it, however.

As you said, I am going to use the beginning of the new year to re-energize and see if I can’t be more consistent with the content and getting some traffic, and lookers.

My blog is on “Water.”  I am trying to educate people on the water that comes into their homes.  I have law enforcement and other experience that has caused me concern for my family regarding clean, safe water for drinking.

For the most part, our water suppliers do a great job.  But there are things that can and do go wrong (i.e. Flint, Michigan).  I want to show consumers that they can mitigate their vulnerability to all sorts of water issues simply by filtering their water.

So, that is my goal.  Educate and then recommend my filter of choice.  I want to be more consistent in 2018 and finally see some success.

I know my blog is not perfect.  Far from it.  I look for help and advice always from anyone.  I appreciate the content you put out there for people like me who are trying to get things moving and hopefully have a great 2018.  2017 was great too in so many ways.  I am grateful for so many things.”

Gail G. – “I’ve been travel blogging for about three years now while learning about all things word related. In a short travel hiatus since my return home after thirteen months on the road, I realized recently that I hadn’t posted anything in a few months. And so, as 2017 shivers its way into 2018 here in the currently frigid Vermont landscape, I sit close to the woodstove thinking about my next extended travel sojourn, maybe this spring.

I realize that even though I haven’t been photographing and linking and writing ongoing posts in the last few months, there is no reason not to keep posting. My New Year’s post muses on the hunkering-in phase, like winter hibernation, that is as important for rejuvenating the juices. BUT—there is every reason to offer up the internal dialogues, planning and researching even though the miles aren’t traveled. This is my blogging goal for 2018—not letting the ball drop just because I’m not stacking up the road adventures on a daily basis right now.

Vermont (but with a mini-road trip sorting itself out for February—Zydeco dancin’ during a downhome Mardi Gras around Lafayette, Louisiana, and I definitely feel a posting wanting to happen once I hit the road)

Thanks for all you do!”

J.S. – “My goal is to get my blog going out to people on my email list by the end of January.”

Nathan Reep – “It’s been a while since we’ve communicated, but I just had to respond to your email asking about blogging goals.

A couple months ago, thanks to your site and your helpful information, I was finally able to get a blog ( up and running fairly easily, which was a big achievement for me.

Moving forward in the new year, I have two primary blogging goals:

1. A consistent posting schedule to make sure I’m providing plenty of content to build authority in my niche and to keep people coming back regularly.
2.  Improve my technical knowledge with regard to things like theming my blog, setting up a page structure that I like, and most importantly figure out the most direct way to add email capture and integrate that with an autoresponder.

Basic stuff for most, no doubt, but hitting these goals in the new year would definitely be an achievement for me.

Lastly, my bonus “stretch” goal – finally taking you up on your offer to guest post for your blog *grin*

Thanks for all you do, Matthew – happy new year and cheers to you!”

Malcolm S. – “My Blog took off one year ago – but within months afterward – obligations to work and parenting left it in the back seat 🙁

2018 I wish to :

Engage in affiliate marketing and increase networking – and adjust the Amazon and google ad sense already set up

Commit to more regular posting – its good for the mind

Actually get a distribution list more organized

Have an SEO consultant vamp the site – to optimize showing up in searches; properly create keyword links; “readability”

To co-author a book with someone: the divine self and what makes us be … likely memoirs formatted

My recent blog post may be construed as anti-list making – but without goals somewhere along the way – we will never be able to have a check back for what fulfills us – goals can be set at any time; goals can be amended at any time –
sometimes a goal may change in form several times before the actual desire down inside is reached?

I seek to motivate and encourage.”


Anita S. – “Still nervous about lacking vast IT skill and very overwhelmed in recent attempts to compile and setup online. Not to get to long winded unsure about choosing between a Blog or Website. All same, have a collection of only about 45-50 articles on Eagles band, Glenn Frey, and/or Don Henley that I am possibly interested in sharing via some method online. These were mostly op-ed contributions, vine documents, guest blog posts, poems or tributes that I had the opportunity to share in past several years usually in paper documents, newsletters, or local newspaper. All written by me as a member and staff writer (Now, retired Administrative RN that usually covered Nursing or Education sections but on occassion, we would have a need or request for material outside Medical). Thanks for your support and any feedback. Happy New Yr.

Stacy – “My blogging goals for 2018 are to stop procrastinating, release the fear, choose a popular niche, and start.”


Trevor P. – “Greetings from Australia and the year 2018.  I have been working on the blog system you have given to me during 2017. I have created a number of articles and have some questions. Despite my writings, I have yet to have anyone discover them. This has puzzled me and would like to receive some advice on what have I done wrong, or what should I do?  I will list my various articles. I have published a regional history book along with two other authors and sold copies. However, I would like to sell more of this beautifully illustrated and accurate history book using this modern electronic promotional tool if possible.

My initial heading was HILLSTORY where the web site gives details of the book “In Search of the Pennant Hills’ and 100 articles I have published in a local free TV magazine published monthly for some years then recently increased to printing every two weeks.
I created a second heading HILLSTORIAN where I have used the WordPress system to make a series of articles:

Hills District History Found – search the truth and the myth [ a short promotional for my book]\

Discover Australian Treasures – where a twelve-day flight around the top half of Australia covering 10,000 miles is picture and text detailed under title Discover Day One through to Day Twelve.

Discover the Real Parramatta – The Cradle City of Australia

Walk Parramatta

Dreaming of Tim Travel

Hills District History Found

HILLSTORY has a number of blogs:  Kenthurst Combined Probus WALK GROUP – a tour of an Australian Native Plant Garden

my latest blog: Cultural TOURISM – a guided tour of the local historic cottage.

I made all the articles as Australian Heritage and Australian History.

The extra puzzle is the location map that appears associated with all my articles is wrong. It is in England and I do not know how to replace it with a google map of Hambledon Cottage which is the colonial cottage built in 1824 and the subject of some of my writings.

I have enjoyed working through your various tutorials and would now like to know how to reach out to the world and let people come on journeys with me to fascinating Australian Heritage and Historic sites.”

Elizabeth – “Happy New Year Matthew! Thank you for always being so kind to me about blogging.

The new year goals are to blog soon..starting a new blog and just terrified to start. Can’t say why I am stumbling on myself to just do it but I am.
Do you have any idea why someone would want to write but just couldn’t get started?
I thought I would start in the year 2017 started to study a book with everything you need to know to blog even took two certification courses on blogging saved all your emails or most of them and just can not for the life of me get started.
Hmmm..Matthew, what do you suggest I do? Such a delima..ho hum. I want to write. I wish I could just get in there and do it..oh dear!..”

S. Gopal – “I have the following to be done:

Hi Matthew,

Thank You for your mail.

I have the following to be done:

1)I want to write content on my blog.
2) I want to design my blog (to use WordPress instead of Blogspot).
3) I want to know the cost that I need to incur every month for maintaining my blog.
4) How to devote time for writing blog on a daily basis.
5) How to monetize my blog?
6) In addition, can i also go for online surveys like neobux or clixsense – are they good ones in case you are aware of them.

Melanie C. – “I set up Blogimal,, in May after following your instructions on how to start a blog.

I’ve added affiliate marketing links, social media links, and a newsletter subscription but now need to attract new readers to the site.

So in 2018, I’m going to write my first guest post, gulp, and learn how to use social media properly. I’ve joined a free course with FutureLearn that starts in January to help me understand how to use social media for business, how to create my social media presence and how to measure its success. Fingers crossed for a bigger audience in the new year!

Happy New Year!”

Tina C. – “My goal for 2018 is to start my blog and be a blessing to others.”

Temwa M. – First, Happy New Year! I wish “Build Your Own Blog” infinite success.

My 2018 goal is to build my mailing list to 1000 subscribers. I am
Temwa Mzota and my blog is My blog is about
motivational poetry, through this poetry I talk about how to aim
higher and achieve bigger success in life.

Amy G. – “My goal this year for my blog is simply to write more. Publish more content. Be consistent in posting. My hope is that this will build my audience. My blog is:

Cheers to a new year!”

Deborah – “My plan is to start a blog and have 10k followers by June 1!!”

Trenda – “Three of my main goals for my blog “Cottage Green on the Lake” is to improve the design of my site (though I don’t know how!) to get more followers, and to get more traffic from my

Pinterest followers.
I’ll be looking forward to reading your post!”

Jill J. – “My goal for 2018 is to write, design and post my first blog entry—and post follow-up blogs a month apart.

Happy New Year!”

Banabip S. – “Thanks, Matthew Loomis, I’m grateful for your concern towards the growth of my blog. Obviously, I haven’t started my blog yet due to some financial challenges. I’m optimistic about starting my blog in the new year and starting right from scratch and without blogging experience but following your blog and newsletter, I believe my blog shall be a success.

Thanks once again and I  expect to hear from you soon.
I wish you a prosperous year ahead.”

Eve R. – “Happy New Year!…I haven’t posted yet, still figuring out things…I still need to learn. I hope there’s someone who can help me speed up. I can’t decide what to blog about. I have many subjects in mind and I don’t know which one to start. I read some bloggers focus on lifestyle blog and not a fan of a particular niche blog and maybe what they’re saying is also right. Any thought of me regarding blogging?
Anyway, Cheers for your success as a blogger :)”

James B. – “At some stage this year I hope to set up my first blog.”

Stacy Z. – “I started my blog to be able to begin my own business as a life coach. I am working hard this year to be able to graduate in the fall with my BA in General Studies with a concentration in psychology and sociology. I look forward to being able to start my own business and it was recommended that I start a blog to begin to accomplish that goal. At the present time I have not done more than just start it, but look forward to beginning to utilize it as I draw on my own personal experiences to help others.

I choose my blog name based on Psalms 16:11 “thou will show me the path of life, in Thy presence is fullness of joy.”  My own journey down the path has been filled with turns and mountains but I know that there is joy by following the right path.”

I decided to respond to your email not due to the offer of a chance at a gift card. It was because of the verse you shared. My goal in 2018 is to get my degree and begin my business.

Cathy –  “1) Finding a tribe of people, outside of the ones I already belong to on Facebook, that will read and appreciate my blog for its thoughtful posts about improving the affordability of health care the free market way without a bunch of snarkiness.
2) Figure out to further promote my blog in the niche it’s in (going through the Tribe Writers course right now – very slowly).
3) This one is not directly related to my blog, but I want to find opportunities with doctors interested in the free market and want to communicate with their patient and potential patients, but they just don’t have the time. I am thinking about offering to do a monthly newsletter for them (for pay, of course)
4) To grow my email list by publishing a monthly newsletter about current events in the world of Free Market medical and surgical care.”

Rebecca M. – “Hi Matthew,

A great 2018 for you too. And thank you for your newsletter, I appreciate it very much.

In answer to your question, i have a blog under the name of alexa khan, called:  which is about why I’m totally against death. My goal for 2018 is two-fold: 1) more traffic to my blog, and 2) improve the design and post more often with smaller pieces.

For what it’s worth!

Thank you again for your advice, support and giving hope about the light at the end of the tunnel.”

Your Turn

Have you declared your blogging goals for 2018?

Do it right now in the comments!

I also encourage down in the comments to say hello to any of these bloggers already on the page. They will probably reply to you.

Let’s make this page a place where we encourage and challenge one another as we go forward together.

This is what Build Your Own Blog is all about.


Author Bio:

Matthew Kaboomis Loomis is the owner of Build Your Own Blog. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter


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  1. Horton says:    •   2 years

    This is the year that my blog will launch and my second book will be published!

  2. Nathan says:    •   2 years

    Wow, so much good stuff here.

    Inspirational and educational.

    Seeing all these fellow bloggers at their different stages reminds me how important it is to never forget the value of the journey/process itself. I sometimes find myself consumed with thinking (incorrectly) about “arriving” or being able to say NOW I’m ‘officially’ this or that (according to who!?)

    Thanks to all who shared their stories, and many thanks to you Matthew for putting such a powerful post together.

    P.S. This gets me so fired up, I’m off to read this post a second time…

  3. Paul Pedersen says:    •   2 years

    I started my blog part way through 2017. I think I did some things right, but there were distractions that gave some lengthy pauses between posts. I reached full retirement on December 31st, so I should have more time to become more consistent in producing content. That’s my wish, anyway.

  4. Eve says:    •   2 years

    2017 is gone and 2018 is here and I need to go on with I’ve started, no matter how difficult. You are my great guide and I just need a very courageous heart to overcome the challenges along the way.

  5. Annamarie says:    •   2 years

    Yes, interesting subjects and intends. I hope that all of them will be managed successfully.
    Here’s to 2018.
    Best wishes to everyone.
    🙂 <3 🙂 A.

  6. Ayley says:    •   2 years

    Hello there Mathew !!

    Well what can I say. The thought of blogging terrifies me if I’m honest so my goal is to get myself kicked up the bum and just do it, but learn to do it properly.

    I’m finding it difficult to come up with a topic to blog about to be honest.
    I’m basically looking for exposure and leads to my website so I need great content.

    I have an online baby and children’s Spanish and traditional clothing boutique. So I am just a little but lost to he honest. The journey have creating my own business has been amazing and my customers are fantastic but we need to reach more people and I’m hoping that blogging this year can help !

  7. Patricia says:    •   2 years

    My goals are to get my blog up and going. I have my blog posts written for 60 days. I want to add income through affiliate marketing as quickly as possible. I want to sell some items on one of my blogs so I can generate income from those as well. I would like to be earning money in the first quarter of this year.

  8. Jim Gillis says:    •   2 years

    2018 is the start of a new life with retirement 3 months away. I want to start my blogging and build into a little extra money income. I already have a name PlacesPlates&Pillows.
    It goes back to my job traveling all over the Texas state on job sites and the restaurants and hotels I’ve stayed at. A personal review.

  9. Kevin Gerber says:    •   2 years

    Hi Kevin here from 4K Success

    Instead of a “goal” for 2018, I have chosen a single word that I am going to embrace for the year in my life.

    I am please to share it with you all.

    Thank you for your time

  10. Jeffrey Pierson says:    •   2 years

    Hey Matthew,

    Your Blog couldn’t have come at a better time, I actually laid in bed awake, a good part of New Years Eve. Planning the year out in my head and finally lunching my Blog site this week. The goal is to get it set up and I would like to start with a goal of one new post per week with a special focus on one particular winery here in New Jersey, once a month.Thanks for everything Mathew.

  11. David "Old Marine" Howington says:    •   2 years

    Greetings and a Happy New Year to all. This is all new to me. I retired a few years ago and just looking for a good way to stay connected to family and friends and hopefully share some of our memories along the way. Good luck everyone and let’s make this happen.

  12. Mary says:    •   2 years

    I have always been fascinated by blogging; something I would really like to do. I have a few ideas on what I would like to blog to be honest, I don’t quite know how to start.

    I am only now reading about blogging, trying hard to get more familiar with it; but I am still a long way, before I can really feel that I understand it. Hopefully that will change soon, as I said before, blogging is something that I would really like to do.

    Matthew, my difficulty is not only in starting a blog, but knowing how to move forward. I need a bit of help in order to do so. Thanks for your time.


  13. Cassie says:    •   2 years

    I’d like this to be the year I (really) move my personal blogging experiment along, so that by the end of the year I’ll have my site designed, structured, set up, checked out, and sufficiently ready then to flip to my next phase; and that phase will involve actually creating and putting content INto my blog and possibly @@! even letting others see it ;’].

    Matthew, you’ve been helpful (and patient) in providing great articles, resources, and occasionally even direct answers to Qs along the way, so thank you.

    To date – partly due to some health issues and partly because I found out I love to tinker with bloggish things and also to read about them, AND partly because I’ve gotten too caught up in finding the Perfect Theme (I’m primarily a writer, but nice design matters to me, plus I think lends credibility to your site) – I’ve done little beyond set up my hosting account.

    BUT as of today, I’m half-way through and doing fine with an online blogging class that I’d barely been able to start in the past. Discussion with online classmates and a great instructor have helped me identify and push past some self-built barriers; I’m learning to get a bit more real in terms of focusing on making ‘good enough’ (well, hopefully, just ‘good’!) choices that will get me moving forward.

    Sorry to be so long-winded, but I am finding other folks’ experiences here enlightening so hope something in my comment resonates.

  14. Gloria Richards says:    •   2 years

    Although I have been blogging for about a year now on a somewhat weekly basis I still don’t have very many subscribers. Getting more people reading my blog and finding some way to reap financial rewards from it are my goals for this year. As the name of blog suggests, Sharing Random Thoughts, I enjoy writing about anything that happens to pop into my mind. I may write something about politics one week and the next week wonder why a squirrel will stop right in the middle of the road in front of me. Thank you Matt for all your help. I am having fun.

  15. Jan says:    •   2 years

    Three goals for 2018: I just published a book in November. Goal to ls to start an inexpensive, successful marketing plan. Just started an Author Page on FB where I am stumped. Goal is to finish and publish page by end of this week and learn how to get followers. Start an inspirational blog (I am already published on FB but would like to put posts in blog form and publish publicly.

  16. Rickey Harris says:    •   2 years

    Great comments here!! My 2018 goal is to post more onto my blog, as I haven’t been posting much, which is clearly my bad. I will own that. I also hope to gain new followers and subscribers!! To anyone who has thought about or considering creating a blog, go for it!! You can it!!

  17. Kathy Berry says:    •   2 years

    Hello Matthew,

    I have constructed so many blogs over the years for myself that I have lost count. I have deleted them all and sometimes even have put the domain up for sale and when that failed, I gave it back to godaddy. Finally I asked myself, what is your problem? What is your goal? You have more fun building them than using them.You aren’t in the business of blog building for others, you just build sites using mostly WordPress, sometimes Joomla, and then sit there wondering what to do with them. Wasted time and energy.

    I spend a fair amount of time on Facebook with friends old and new, some who have been friends through the years since the third grade. (long ago). More than one of these “old friends” sent me private messages over the years telling me I should write a book about my problems and successes in life, that so many love my writing it could sell well. I declined since I have trouble talking about others in my life who are still alive and if not, their relatives are. I don’t want to hurt anyone at this late date and try to use humor instead. .
    Then it hit me. A goal. Wow, I had been trying to jerk it up from my gut through all of those sites and only now did it come full blown from the brow of Zeus and smack me right in the face. (Her name really isn’t Zeus, but she had known me since childhood and had a fair understanding of me and what my goals should be.)

    I not only knew my goal, I knew what I wanted it to be, a novel based on fact. I wanted it to be written online in a long series of posts like those old Saturday afternoon matinees at the movies where you can’t wait to go next Saturday and see the next episode. But how to write a book online and still sell it? Leave the ending off?? I’m not sure but It’s my GOAL! I raised my three sons on a ranch in Texas. Originally being from Iowa, I actually felt totally displaced when I first arrived! So many told me, that my feelings would turn into a fierce love as through the boy’s studies in school I learned of Texas’ history and fight for statehood. You cannot beat the wildly colorful characters, and the fierce independance that is born and bred into the native Texan..

    I had a goal all along but couldn’t find it, I am at peace. Now where to begin? Sorry for being long winded. Sometimes I just don’t know when to shut up. 🙂

  18. Lisa says:    •   2 years

    Happy New Year / Gott Nytt År!!
    I started my blog, , late 2017, wrote a post per week until Christmas, linked it to Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. Facebook & Instagram are working well. I’m enjoying the process and have appreciated your help Matthew!

    My goals:
    Keep up the post per week
    Start affiliate marketing
    Build subscriber numbers

    Good luck to all you blog builders! ??

  19. Elle says:    •   2 years

    Happy New Year from Australia. Your tutorials have been invaluable however had committed to having my site set up prior to discovering you.
    My goal is that by the end of January I hope to have site set up and first blog posted having begun to build an email list.

  20. Susan Hartigan says:    •   2 years

    I will finally get my website live with the blogging feature active !

  21. Rebecca Ramsey says:    •   2 years

    Pick a name for blog.
    Release my fear.
    Get started.

    Thank you for not removing me from your email list after all these years. Thank you for sticking with me.

  22. Nicolas Kirui says:    •   2 years

    Hi Mathew and everyone here, happy new year. I am Nicolas myy goal for 2018 is to have my blog up and running after a lot of procrastination.I also intend to at least a guest post to three blogs by end of march 2018,wish me luck!!!

  23. Temple says:    •   2 years

    Hi Matthew!
    My blog:
    My goals for 2018:
    -write an e-book
    -create a landing page
    -generate an email list
    -blog more consistently
    -gain credibility
    Thanks for your insights!

  24. Anja says:    •   2 years

    Hi Matthew,

    Happy New Year. 2017 was a tough year for me. My website is set up, but. . . .

    Anyway, my goal is to make one blog post a month. That will be a miracle. Heck, a post every other month will be a miracle.

    I will also like to sign up at least 2 subscribers a month. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but I’d like that. I’m not sure what will work for me, but I’m doing what I can to figure it out.

    If I accomplish the above I can start initial work on an idea for a second site.

  25. Kyia M says:    •   2 years

    Happy New Year All!
    My 2018 Blog goals are massive especially since I’m a new blogger;
    1. I desire to write better & engaging content
    2. I desire to offer solutions for people
    3. I desire to become active with social media
    4. I desire to gain at least 100 active & targeted subscribers per month
    5. I desire to participate in sponsored travel, sponsored events, sponsored ads
    6. I desire to earn at least $10G per month from my blog
    I could go on but I don’t want to bore you guys & gals, lol.
    Blessings, Love & Peace

  26. Janice Wagner Stanford says:    •   2 years

    Hello Matt!
    I have a blog with 70 posts so far. It is a Survivat Guide for new and experienced teachers.
    Some of the posts are humorous and some are serious. I have 3,284 people who have subscribed but I have yet to make a dime on the blog.
    My goal is to publish this blog. And figure out how to make money on it.

    1. Janice Wagner Stanford says:    •   2 years

      I have had large magnets made and put on both sides of my car doors as well as a netting that you can read from the outside of the car but I can still see the outside of the car while I am driving.
      Please subscribe!

  27. Stacy says:    •   2 years

    I just want to get started

  28. Nici Lucas says:    •   2 years

    Hi Matt! My first main goal is to change themes to give my website a fresh look. Then, I need to diligently aim to post at least 3 articles a month! I put so my pressure on myself to write perfectly and create the absolute best content. This is good, but it halts me. I need to be a little bit more free with my content. Then, edit! So, 3 blogs a month. I can do it!!

  29. MALCOLM says:    •   2 years

    This is really cool Matthew,

    this blog post in itself brought a lot of writers together – I wish everyone the best in their 2018 aspirations and Beyond

    Malcolm S.

  30. Lilian says:    •   2 years

    I want to have many friends, followers and bloggers, and I would like people to like and comment on my post

  31. Lilian says:    •   2 years

    I really need to GROW my blog this year.

  32. Rosanna says:    •   2 years

    Hey Matt.
    I just want to say Thank you for helping me start up my website. You have been a real help. I have written many posts and have finally been approved by google adsense. I am still new to all this but I am learning as I go. I created a page on Facebook twitter and Instagram to promote my site. My purpose was to make money online but my heart just doesn’t really work that way. I need to help others. So, not making money, yet, but I hope I am getting through to some people who really need to read that they are not alone in their struggles.
    My newly launched website is . Facebook page name is the same name. Twitter name @WaytoRespect3 Instagram @waytorespect3 . Need to keep simple so I can remember. lol
    Anyway, Happy New Year to you and Yours. Sorry for posting late. Don’t need a Starbucks gift card, just figured I owed you a thank you and wanted to wish you another successful year.

  33. Karen Smith says:    •   2 years

    For my writing my 2018 goals are to publish 4 books: 1) nature photographs, personal essays and haikus; 2) first science fiction survival story of the Carduan chronicles, a small group of aliens stranded in an Ozarks ravine; 3) the third book in my upper middle grade Hazel Whitmore series; and 4) either a picture book or a book of pet poetry or a fun book of alphabet and alliteration about goats.

    For my blog my 2018 goals are to find my ‘brands’ to attract visitors as I would like to sell 100 books minimum this year.

    Please don’t bother with the Starbucks drawing for me. There is no Starbucks within at least 30 miles, maybe 50.

  34. Toni B. says:    •   2 years

    My goal for January 2015 is to get my blog up and running. Since we are halfway through the trip my blog is meant to document, I this is really my goal by January 20. (Yikes!) My blog goal for the remainder of 2018 is to release the fear, write publish write publish write publish and build my unique enterprise from there. Good luck to us All!