Everything You Need To Know About Cool Favicons

June 30, 2015


What’s a Favicon and why should a blogger care?

The term favicon is short for favorite icon. It goes by other names, such as bookmark icon, tab icon, website icon, and shortcut icon.

Here’s an example of a website with no favicon:

example of a website with no favicon

Notice, Build Your Own Blog has a cool favicon. 🙂  You should see it in your browser URL bar next to my URL (like in the top photo).

Here’s a few more examples of cool favicons:

example of a website with a favicon

cool favicons

cool favicons

Why should you have one?

There are two reasons why you should have a favicon.

First, having one is an important part of building your brand online. There are two places people will see your favicon – on the internet browser tab and in the bookmarks section.

Second, when people see your favicon, they are reassured that they are in the right place. Lastly, it may be a ranking signal. After all, the former head of Google’s web spam team has a favicon on his personal blog. Who better to emulate?

If you don’t have one, internet browsers will show a blank page icon, which looks like this:

cool favicons

How do you get a favicon for your wordpress blog?

Watch this video:


Video Outline:

Step 1: design your favicon in Microsoft Paint (an alternative for the non-designers is to hire someone on Fiverr to do it for you.)

Step 2:  convert your image into a favicon with this free tool http://www.icoconverter.com/

Step 3: Download custom favicon plugin – it’s free

Cool Favicons Conclusion

Paying attention to the small details of your website pays big dividends. Now that you know what a favicon is, go forth and create one.

Author Bio:

Adam Morgan loves helping people find answers to their technical questions. He specializes in SEO, PPC, and loves learning all he can about online writing and social media. You can check out his blog and get his free eBook 6 Steps to Making Your First $100 with Your Blog at succeedwithadam.com


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  1. Luna Darcy says:    •   5 years

    Hi Adam and Matthew,

    I have to agree. This tiny little thing is a big help in building your brand. I created one already for my site and it looks so much better than no favicon at all!

    Have an awesome day to both of you!


    1. Matthew Loomis says:    •   5 years Author

      Hi Luna,

      Your favicon looks great! Nicely done.

  2. Brent Jones says:    •   5 years

    Hi Adam! Great post.

    But wait… what happened here?:

    “If you don’t have one, internet browsers will show a blank page icon, which looks like this:”

    ^ Under this point… is that Internet Explorer I see? Does IE still even exist? 😉 Just teasing.

    Favicons are just one of those things newer bloggers wouldn’t necessarily even know to look for. So great idea for a post topic.

    Have an awesome day!

    1. Adam Morgan says:    •   5 years

      Hilarious catch Brent! Thanks for the kind words about the post. I see you have a dollar sign favicon. Pretty cool if you ask me 🙂