Creating a Video for your Blog: Know Your Purpose

April 24, 2014

Every time you present something–you should know the purpose for your communication, or you risk losing your audience.

When using a video for your blog, you must understand what your purpose is before you spend the time and money to produce the video.

These are the things to think about before starting your vBlog…

What do you want to accomplish with your vBlog?

Your video can be centered around one of these purposes, in no particular order:


You May Want to Inform

This style is mainly descriptive. You want your audience to learn about something new, to understand a process or to develop a new skill. If you want people to remember what you show them, concentrate on only one topic; what you really want them to remember.


You May Want to Persuade

If you want your viewer to change their thinking, accept a point-of-view, or alter their attitude or behavior, you should pick a convincing approach. Both sides of the brain are important when persuading someone.


Use emotions along with data to back you up. Be authentic; avoid being arrogant. A useful tool is to emotionally stimulate the viewer. Not antagonize them.


You May Want to Inspire

If you want to have an effect on your viewer’s life; if you want them to reach new goals; or you want to generate thoughtful ideas…you need to inspire. Inspiring is one of the best ways to reach people. Emotions “hook” people. Only the unprofessional will misuse it.


You May Want to Entertain

An entertaining video is used to provide enjoyment to the viewer. Humorous videos are the most common type of entertaining video, but you don’t have to make people chuckle to make them enjoy themselves. If humor isn’t “your thing,” you risk making a very BAD impression and causing a negative impact on your reputation rather than strengthening it. Only use comedy if it’s REALLY good comedy!



Once you have decided on the overall purpose – to inform, persuade, inspire or entertain – you can focus on what you want to convey:

your purpose.


Your message should be stated in just one sentence. Be straightforward and understandable, and react to the question “what do I want to achieve with this video?”


Remember to focus on your viewer. You’re not giving a talk to yourself, so your message should be crafted around your audience. Make it easy for them to answer the common question, “what’s in it for me?” You should focus on answering this question at the beginning of your video –  it will attract attention.


After developing your purpose, then work on the copy, (the opening, the body and the conclusion/call-to-action).


Author Bio:

Dan Nuckolls is a twenty year veteran of video production and the owner of Nuxx Media You can follow his passion for purposeful online videos on Google+.


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  1. Sean Rasmussen says:    •   6 years

    Hi Dan.

    I make videos all the time, at Camtasia level. You’ve made some solid points here that I will take onboard.


  2. Dan says:    •   6 years

    Thanks, Sean!

    If you ever have any questions, let me know.


  3. Sherri Grotts says:    •   6 years

    Good article. However, I gotta learn to walk before I can run! Still a good article for more experienced Bloggers than me.

  4. Dan says:    •   6 years

    Sherri, I hear what you are saying, however, sometimes it is easier to say your thoughts than to write them down and edit them.

    I am surrounded by writers who know THE perfect way to write something.

    But in video, the whole idea is to be natural and real. Be human, be you!

    When speaking on a video, you are speaking to ONE person – the viewer. Many people may see it, but each one of them watches through THEIR OWN ears. So in a way, video is easier than writing a blog.

    I would never detour you from writing, but for some people it is a good way to humanize their blog and connect with people.

    Happy blogging (vBlogging),