Expert Gift Ideas for Bloggers

November 29, 2017
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gift ideas for bloggers


If you’re reading this article right now, chances are very high that you know a blogger or someone aspiring to become a blogger.

Given the proliferation of internet connected technology, it’s no wonder that blogging is on the rise.

The crowdsourcing experts over at Gifted Idea have hand-picked 10 unique blogger gift ideas that are not only sure to inspire your favorite blogger, but also ensure you make it to the top of their personal Blogroll!


  1. How To Blog For Profit Without Selling Your Soul

How To Blog For Profit: Without Selling Your SoulMuch like starting any new hobby, it helps to have a roadmap to start you out in the right direction and avoid any of the common pitfalls that will make you quit before you’ve even begun. Whether they’re an avid writer and just doing this for fun or someone who wants to start a career as an online writer, this book is sure to both gather new long-term followers to their blog and help them turn a profit from their new venture! By using this book, you can be sure your blogger friend will be a big fish in the vast online ocean of words.


  1. Blog Design For Dummies

Blog Design For DummiesAnyone who has been blogging for at least a few years knows that recently theme options have become a hot-button item. Gone are the days of having one or two themes total to choose from on platforms like Blogger or WordPress and being stuck with the same style blog as everyone else. Your blog is a reflection of your style and passions, so it’s important that it not only contains great content but also looks attractive and in line with your vision. Any blogger can tell you that even with hundreds of free and paid options, no theme is ever EXACTLY like a Disney movie where the shoe just fits. Rather than hiring an expensive graphic designer and web developer for extravagant costs, why not give the gift of DIY? This book teaches your average blogger friend the basics of designing an aesthetically pleasing blog that’s exactly what they want and nothing less.


  1. Eat Sleep Blog Repeat T-shirt

Eat Sleep Blog Repeat T-shirtMuch like Pringles’ famous slogan, “once you blog, you just can’t stop.” Bloggers take extreme pride in their work and what better way to let the world know where their priorities lie than this stylish shirt? Best of all, everyone knows that advertising is a huge part of any successful business. With this t-shirt they’ll be amazed at how many strangers stop and ask about their blog…that is if they can pull themselves away from their blog long enough to venture out in public!


  1. SwissGear Scansmart TSA Laptop Backpack

SwissGear Scansmart TSA Laptop BackpackSpeaking of venturing into the real world…many bloggers now are taking advantage of the ubiquity of free WiFi. Everywhere you go from your favorite coffee shop to your not-so-favorite Laundromat (and everywhere in-between!) it seems that free Wifi is no longer an amenity and become a necessity for a brick and mortar store. Keeping that in mind more and more bloggers are leaving their Desktop Battle Stations and going off the grid. This SwissGear Travel Backpack offers easy and organized access to all the gadgets a successful blogger needs to keep writing. They’ll rest assured that their laptop or tablet is safe from harm in this durable weather-resistant backpack that also offers Scansmart TSA technology. That means they can spend more time writing their Travel blog than dealing with airport security, and you can’t put a price on that kind of convenience!


  1. Nikon D3400 DSLR Camera

Nikon D3400 DSLR CameraAs mentioned previously in this article, the key to repeat traffic to your blog is not only good content but also eye-catching graphics to break up your text; it’s been scientifically proven that breaking up long paragraphs into shorter segments is easier on the eyes. But let’s face it. Stock photography is EXPENSIVE. If their blog focuses on selling unique hand-crafted items or relies heavily on visual aids, those costs can add up quickly. That’s where the Nikon D3400 comes into play. No longer will your blogger need to rely on the work of others. This easy to use, entry-level camera makes it easy to obtain the exact shot you want without the hassles of digging through loads of photos you don’t want or investing the time into learning what an F-Stop is or what ISO you should be shooting at…just point, click, done! Professional photography at amateur prices.


  1. EverKing High Back Office Chair with Footrest

EverKing High Back Office Chair with FootrestBackaches, neck pain, and leg cramps: oh my! It’s no surprise that as we’ve transformed into working longer hours in more sedentary jobs, these types of pains have become more chronic. While regularly remembering to get up and walk around for a few minutes every hour is easy to forget when you’re in the middle of a brilliant stroke of genius, this chair helps combat those symptoms naturally. Providing not only ergonomic lumbar support for everyday use, this chair also offers a 150-degree backward movement and retractable footrest for those times they just need to lie back and bask in the glory of that newly written golden idea!


  1. Graphique Vintage Blog Soft Cover Journal

Graphique Vintage Blog Soft Cover JournalSometimes you just want to go old school and pull out the old pen and paper. This tongue-in-cheek gift is a hilarious way for your blogger to mechanically record all those thoughts that are sure to escape their brain before they can safely make it back to a computer. Never again will that new blog idea go un-remembered, and trust us, they’ll be sure to thank you for that!


  1. Blogging Wall Mural by Wallmonkeys

Blogging Wall Mural by WallmonkeysThis wall mural is the perfect way to brighten up any dull workspace and to let people know where the magic happens! When you’re spending a hefty portion of your day in one place, the last thing you want to do is stare at a stark blank wall. This mural is sure to get the creative juices flowing subconsciously during those zone-out moments and best of all it’s removable and repositionable with no sticky residue. Just peel and stick!


  1. Blue Snowball iCE Condenser Microphone, Cardioid – Black

Blue Snowball iCE Condenser Microphone, Cardioid - BlackThey’ve conquered the written word and proven the pen is indeed mightier than the sword; so what’s next? The obvious next adventure is the podcast of course! Offering a platform that’s a little less refined and more off the cuff, podcasts allow bloggers not only a different outlet to get their message to the masses but also a more convenient format to invite others to guest appear on their site. When paired with the free open source cross-platform recording and editing software Audacity, the Blue Snowball iCE Condenser mic offers crystal clear audio recording that will have them publishing their first podcast in no time. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be their first podcast guest, so they can tell the world what a great gift giver you are!


  1. Blog Ideas: 131 Ideas to Kill Writer’s Block

Blog Ideas: 131 Ideas to Kill Writer's BlockIt’s every writer’s worst fear. Whether it was a term paper, office report or blog article, at some point in almost everyone’s life they’ve struggled with writer’s block. This book offers 131 ideas get those creative juices flowing again and get your favorite blogger back to doing what they love: writing! This is both the perfect gift for the aspiring new blogger or to help breathe new life into an old pro’s repertoire.




There you have it: 10 blog-worthy gifts for bloggers that are sure to give them something to write about. If you’ve enjoyed this article, be sure to check out more unique, handcrafted gift articles from my friends at Gifted Idea on their Gift Blog!

Here are 10 gift ideas for bloggers.

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