Why Roundup Posts Deliver Proven Results (Like More Traffic) [EP 18 The Blog Chronicles]

December 16, 2016


Romanian Blogger Minuca Elena is a full-time creator of Expert Roundup Posts in many different blog niches.

Busy influencers hire her to organize and put together these projects. She makes a nice living doing this as an independent blogger.

Listen in as she talks about her life as an expert in expert roundup posts.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn in this episode:

–How blogging has changed Minuca’s life

–Why she focuses on creating expert roundups

–How she became a full time blogger

–What expert roundup posts can do for your website

–What her family and friends think about her career

–What Minuca likes and dislikes about full time blogging

–Where Minuca expects to be in two years

If you have any questions for Minuca, leave us a comment here on the blog and I’ll make sure Minuca see’s your question or comment.



Minuca Elena Interview Transcript

( For those who like to read.)


Minuca Elena

Matthew Loomis: Hi Minuca.

Welcome to the Show!

Minuca Elena: Hi Matt.

Thank you for inviting me!

Matthew Loomis: How are things in Bucharest this evening?

Minuca Elena: Everything is fine.

Yesterday it was the National day of Romania.

Image result for Images of Bucharest

Matthew Loomis: Oh, wow!

What does that mean?

Minuca Elena: We celebrate the National Day.

Matthew Loomis: Everybody celebrates the country’s history?

Minuca Elena: Exactly.

Great Union Day (Romanian: Ziua Marii Uniri, also called Unification Day) occurring on December 1, is the national holiday of Romania. It commemorates the assembly of the delegates of ethnic Romanians held in Alba Iulia, which declared the Union of Transylvania with Romania.

Image result

Matthew Loomis: All of that.

Sounds really cool.

Minuca Elena: It’s a great parade.

It’s very nice. Very nice.

Matthew Loomis: Fantastic!

Minuca Elena: Yes.

Matthew Loomis: So everybody was off from work yesterday?

Minuca Elena: Yes.

Matthew Loomis: Alright!

Now, I know that you are eight hours ahead of me.

We started at 12:30pm my time and it’s 8:30pm your time. Thanks for coming on the show when most people are winding down and getting ready for bed.

Minuca Elena: Certainly.

No problem.

Matthew Loomis: Alright!

How Long Have You Been a Blogger?

Image result for images of the word blogger

Minuca let’s start off by talking about your blogging career.

First of all, how long have you been blogging?

Minuca Elena: A year.

Matthew Loomis: One year.


Minuca Elena: Exactly one year ago.

Two days ago I renewed my hosting because yesterday it would of expired 🙂

Matthew Loomis: Oh, okay.

So it was time to renew that domain, huh? 🙂

Minuca Elena: I already have renewed it.

Can You Tell Us How You Started Off As a Blogger?

Matthew Loomis: Oh good.

That’s great!

You’re still in business which is pretty amazing. You’ve been blogging for one year and you are already making a full-time income as a blogger.

We will get to that in a moment.

I want to start off by asking you to tell us about your very first blog.

Is what you’re blogging now your first blog?

Minuca Elena: Yes.

I only have one blog that has my name – Minuca Elena dot com

Matthew Loomis: Okay.

This is obviously your first business blog?

Minuca Elena: Yes.

This is my first and only blog up to now. I haven’t had another one.

How Minuca’s Life Has Changed in Just One Year of Blogging!

Matthew Loomis: Okay.

In the last year as a blogger and someone who and not only is blogging for fun or a hobby. But is actually making a living doing it.

How would you say that blogging has changed your life?

Image result for How blogging changed my life logo

Minuca Elena:

It’s given me a purpose!

Because before I started blogging I was a college student.

I did a lot of volunteering work. I had a job that I was not happy about with very low pay and I was not satisfied.

Now I can work full time from home and I can organize my time the way that I want to. I get money working online that I wouldn’t get from having a job here.

Image result for images of purple roses

Matthew Loomis: You’re making more money than you would.

Having a job in Romania?

Minuca Elena: Yes.

Matthew Loomis: Fantastic!

I want to get more into that here in a little bit. As far as changing your life goes over the past year. I think that you would agree with this.

Another thing that I think has changed your life besides just blogging in general.

Is something called The Roundup Post.

Expert roundup by Minuca

Now you have become an expert at creating Roundup Posts.

And that has become a niche service that you provide to clients that make up a good percentage of your income right now, is that right?

Minuca Elena: Yes that’s my full income online.

I earn money online only from expert roundups. I don’t provide any other services nor do I have any other way of providing monetization.

Matthew Loomis: That’s quite fascinating.

Not everyone may recognize the term roundup post or understand what they are.

I want to start there.

Basically, a roundup post is when someone gathers together the advice or tips from a variety of experts on a specific topic. For example, you might ask ten to twenty marketing professionals,

  • How do you build an email list?
  • What is your number one piece of advice or tip for building an email list?

And then you gather that information together and all of their answers and you put them into a post.

Is that how you would describe a roundup post?

Minuca Elena: Yes.

Matthew Loomis: Tell us how you got interested in creating roundup posts

Minuca Elena: Last year I used to help a guy that I knew.

He was a blogger in Romania. In the beginning, I use to help him with the easy stuff.

I didn’t know anything about blogging or anything. 

After a while, I noticed that I was doing almost all of the work and I was receiving very little money. So after a year I decided that I wanted to do this on my own and be my own boss.

Matthew Loomis: Fabulous!


Do you do roundups only in the blogging niche or in other niches as well?

Minuca Elena: I can do roundup posts in any niche.

I have highlighted them in gardening in cycling in food. I’ve done them in 630 I’ve done them in parenting. I’ve done them in a lot of niches and now I’m doing one in yoga, career experts, I can do expert roundups in any niche.

Which of the Blogging Niches Would You Say Work the Best for Expert Roundups?

Matthew Loomis: Interesting.

From all the different niches that you see out there. Or even the ones that you have worked with.

Are there any blogging niches in particular that work really well for Roundups?

Minuca Elena: I think that in the internet marketing niche.

Roundups are very popular now and being more frequent they don’t have such a big impact anymore as what they used to have.

In other niches, these types of roundup posts are very new and people are honored to participate in that. They are promoting it extensively. They write a post about the roundup post and they link to it.

They are more enthusiastic in other niches than in the internet marketing niche. Because as I said those are more frequent.

What Other Niches are Promoting Expert Roundups?

Matthew Loomis: What are a few examples of niches.

That are super enthusiastic about roundups?

Minuca Elena: Last week I published a roundup about website builders.

And people recommended a platform like Whois, Squarespace Wix Weebly with these web designers where we got very good feedback.

Image result for Images for whois logo

Image result for Images for squarespace logo

Image result for Images for wix logo

Image result for Images for Weebly Logos

Matthew Loomis: That makes sense.

That’s a platform that you are talking about that any niche could use that information.

Minuca Elena: Exactly.

Matthew Loomis: Why do you think bloggers should participate in roundups and what are the benefits to people participating in roundups?

I get asked on a regular basis to participate in roundup posts.

But I’m curious as to why it’s a good idea to say yes and to volunteer your advice and tips to aid in a post. 

Minuca Elena: By participating in roundups.

You get to improve a lot of your brand visibility. 

Image result for Images for brand visibility Logos

You get new people who see you and see your name and see your face. They see your site and different other sites. These are new people that don’t know you and maybe being in a post with thirty other experts they won’t immediately follow you.

But when they familiarize with you then they see you all the time on different sites. They realize that other bloggers consider you an expert and they follow you because they trust you more.

Those people participating in roundup posts help you with your link building strategy because you get back-links.

Link building is very difficult.

In the roundup it’s easy. You give an answer of two hundred or three hundred words then you get the link building or you get a backlink, sorry.

What Would a Blogger Benefit From Generating Roundup Posts?

Matthew Loomis: Right.


On the other end.

Why should a blogger consider creating roundup posts?

Minuca Elena: Because you get a lot of traffic.

Yes. So when you have a large number of bloggers that all parties stated roundup posts that are published on your site.

They feel more inclined to share that post because they are involving the writing parties that are contributing to the post. So they share the post with their audience on social media and then other followers come onto your site.

Matthew Loomis: Okay.

That makes sense.

Minuca Elena: It also helps you build relationships with influential bloggers.

Matthew Loomis: Right.

Can you tell us a story of how that worked for you.

Minuca Elena: I have lots of stories.

For example a couple of months ago I did a roundup about a PR and I sent about one hundred emails and I got only two answers.

So the I reached out to Evan Carmichael who participated in another of my roundups. 

Image result for Logo for Evan Carmichael

And I asked him if he knows any PR experts  and he introduced me to about twelve PR’s that have their own company.

And he also sent me an answer from a PR from the United Nations.

He helped me a lot and I wasn’t expecting that. I did expect him to give me a couple of names and that but he was very useful. He had participated in another of my roundups and he knew the quality of my work and so that’s why he helped me.

Do You Think People Actually Take Their Time To Read Through Theses Lengthy Roundup Posts?

Matthew Loomis: That is a great story.

I’m familiar with his show.

He is a good guy.

So Minuca, expert roundups are usually very long posts .

Do you think people actually read these really long mega roundups all the way through?

Minuca Elena: That’s interesting.

Because I don’t think that most of the experts that participate in the roundups read them.

Because you are an influential blogger you have a lot of experience, you are very busy… So yeah, you probably don’t read all the answers. You probably only read the answers from people that you know.

The people that actually read the entire post would be the fans, you know the people that are craving for that information. That are more newbies that want to learn and they are happy to see different opinions on the same topic.

The beginners read the entire post.

Matthew Loomis: That makes sense.

The newbies are going to want to eat that up.

They see fifty experts giving advice in what they’re interested in and what they want to do.

That could be a real treasure trove of great information.

Minuca Elena: Exactly.

Matthew Loomis: Minuca.

Why should bloggers hire you?

You’re an expert. You can create them but why can’t they do this themselves?

You know the blogger or the business owner. Why do they need to call you?

Minuca Elena: I think that it depends.

On how successful that blogger is.

If Blackberry is already an influence, they have plenty years of experience and have participated in many conferences and they know a lot of bloggers. Then yes they don’t need to hire me.

Because then they can only send a few emails and people will answer.

But I think that when you are at a higher level your time is much more valuable. And it’s easier to hire somebody to make a roundup post for you. It’s not just only about sending emails. It’s also abut editing the post and adding the photos. And writing the introduction that allows the promotion.

All that takes time.

That’s why even if you are already very influential it’s easier to hire somebody. And if you’re not influential, and maybe you are at an intermediate level. Or even a beginner then the big bloggers won’t know you and they won’t want to reply to you and you won’t know how to approach them.

Or how to find their contact details.

For me, these are skills that I have already learned and it’s easier for me. I can find any one’s email or address. I am very good at research and at making contact with someone.

Or more if I need to 

And I also already have relationships with people that have participated in other of my roundups. So if somebody participated in a roundup that I did for a more influential client and now I’m inviting you that person or another client that doesn’t have a lot of traffic. Then the blogger is going to participate because they know me and they know that quality of my work.

They would reply to me if they wouldn’t reply to an unknown person.

Does that make sense?

Matthew Loomis: That is true,

I know when I get something from you.

I pay attention because I know it’s going to be done well and done right.

Something just to add to is when you say that the person is an influential. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re not successful. Like a small business owner or a solopreneur.

They may be just getting started they may have success but they may just be getting started building an online audience. And they may need some help and they are very busy like you say.

So they don’t have the time.

Minuca Elena: Exactly.

Matthew Loomis: How long does it take you.

To make a roundup post?

Minuca Elena: About a month.

Matthew Loomis: A month?


Now you’re talking a lot of people, though, right?

Minuca Elena: It all depends.

I usually do a contact list of about a hundred people.

I email all of them and I give them seven to ten days to reply to me.

Then I check and see if I have received a reply. If not I send out more emails and I give them another week until I get enough answers. Usually, my roundups are between twenty, forty or eighty bloggers.

It all depends, the one with eighty takes me more than that.

What Amount of Bloggers Usually Would Respond To Your Emails?

Matthew Loomis: What percentage would you say respond to your emails?

Minuca Elena: It’s not that many.

I would say thirty percent I guess.

If it’s a new niche and I don’t know anybody or if it’s a niche where I have already done roundups.

I would say about fifty or sixty percent

Matthew Loomis: Okay.

Fifty to sixty percent.

Do you have any tips on the spam filters when you’re reaching out to people for the first time?

Minuca Elena: No.

I just try to find their personal email address.

I email each one individually, I don’t use a service to email service provider like MailChimp or another provider. I like to send out a mass email to everybody the same.

Something that I talk about to other bloggers is that when they do a roundup they send exactly the same invitation to everyone, just adding the name of the person and that’s not good at all.

Matthew Loomis: So you want to avoid the big email services.

Like MailChimp

Related image

Minuca Elena: When you send the invitation.

You have to do each one individually and personalize them a bit.

How Often Should Bloggers Publish Roundups?

Matthew Loomis: Minuca.

How often do you think a blogger should publish roundups and why?

Minuca Elena: It depends on how often you blog.

I think normally every two or three months it’s okay to publish a roundup.

If you publish them too often then your readers won’t get used to you. Your readers need to trust you as you are trying to build your expertise your time and trying to make a name for yourself.

Maybe you want clients for coaching may be you want clients for eBooks or something like that. If you publish only a roundup, I mean you will have traffic but people want to trust you and see you as another.

If you have a roundup about every two or three months then that’s enough. You’ll have enough time to publish your own posts. And people will see that you’re an expert.

And publishing a roundup will make them trust you more.

Be will see that you are connected with other experts and you are friends with them. Like you gain that association.

Matthew Loomis: I like to kick off the year with a roundup.

But it’s usually only ten to fifteen experts.

Minuca Elena: It depends a lot on the topic.

On how much diversity the question has.

If you have a question that can receive the same type of answer. Then yes it’s better to do a little smaller on that because there’s no point. I have a roundup of one hundred people if everybody would say the same thing.

But if the question gives you more diversity and experts, that’s okay. 

That Makes Me Want To Expand on My Roundup Posts

Matthew Loomis: Alright.

You’re inspiring me to go for a bigger amount of people in my next one.

Minuca Elena: Okay.

So the biggest roundup that I have seen was not made by me.

It was made by a friend.

It had two hundred and twenty bloggers and that’s way too much.

Matthew Loomis: Whoa!

That’s like reading a novel.

Minuca Elena: Exactly.

It’s thirty-five thousand words.

Matthew Loomis: Wow!

Minuca Elena: I participated in it.

But I couldn’t read it completely.

Matthew Loomis: Right.

He must have contacted at least four to five hundred bloggers.

Minuca Elena: I think he said six hundred.

Matthew Loomis: Six hundred?

Wow. That’s pretty impressive.

Minuca Elena: The biggest roundup.

That I have made has one hundred and twenty bloggers.

Matthew Loomis: One hundred and twenty.

That’s also really impressive.

Minuca Elena:  Thank you.

Matthew Loomis: What made you decide to become an authoritative expert.

On roundups posts and then turning that into a business?

Minuca Elena: I’m good at it.

I like doing roundups because I get to know a lot of new people.

And I get to be friends with a lot of people who are model experience and who know more than I do. I appreciate that I have the possibility.

Matthew Loomis: So you have fun.

And you enjoy it.

Minuca Elena: Yes.

It’s something that I’m good at and I like doing it.

It pays me well and it’s okay for me.

Matthew Loomis: Sounds good.

So how much of your online business is with a Romanian audience and how much is with an English-speaking audience.

Minuca Elena: None of my business is Romanian,

All of my business and my roundups are in English.

Matthew Loomis: Okay.

Is English the business language there?

Minuca Elena: We speak only Romanian.

There are a lot of English schools but we don’t use the language here.

Matthew Loomis: Okay.

But you can use it online and things like that.

Minuca Elena: Yes.

People know it and if they contact with people from other countries they have companies that hire people that know English. But we don’t use English online.

Here people search Google in Romanian they don’t search in English.

What Does Your Typical Workday Look Like?

Matthew Loomis: To create these roundups.

When do you make the time to make them. This is your full-time gig and you don’t have a day job.

Could you take us through your typical workday?

Minuca Elena: I don’t really have a set schedule.

Because I can organize my day as I want it.

I actually work from home and I stay in my pajamas with the laptop on my lap in bed.

Image result for Image of a freelancer working in her pyjamas

Matthew Loomis: Oh my.

That is such a freelance stereotype.


Minuca Elena: Yes.


But it’s true in my case…come on. Matthew is the one who works on a beach with a laptop…for me its different. (Laughs)

Matthew Loomis: Alright.

That’s how they do it in Romania.

Minuca Elena: What can I say.

On a usual day, I send a lot of emails. I edit posts.  I have trouble with WordPress many times.

And I do a lot of research and promotion.

Matthew Loomis: You know.

I have twenty video tutorials on how to use WordPress.

Image result for wordpress logo

Over on Build Your Own Blog dot net

Learning WordPress

Minuca Elena: Okay.

Receiving answers from different bloggers gives me problems with the formatting.

Matthew Loomis: Okay.

So you are trying to put all these formatted in.

Do you copy them from their emails and paste them in?

Minuca Elena: I copy from the email.

From a Word document and I paste them in Notepad and then I paste them again on the site.

Matthew Loomis: Yes Notepad does come in handy for that.

Minuca Elena: Yes.

Matthew Loomis: I do know why you use that.

It does help.

Is It Really Possible To Make a Living Doing Roundup Posts?

Matthew Loomis: Okay.

So you work in your pajamas.

Can you seriously make a living as a roundup post expert Minuca?

Minuca Elena: Yes.

I pay my bills and I have enough money to save.

Matthew Loomis: That is really great.

Minuca Elena: I get everything for my bills.

Plus I get extra money that I save and I could you that for other stuff if I want.

Matthew Loomis: That’s fantastic.

The standard of living in the U.S versus over there in Romania is a little different.

But still, I think that is a really cool example of somebody finding a need that is out there. And creating a service.

You are providing a service for people that need it online and you are actually doing well and supporting yourself.

That’s fantastic!

Minuca Elena: Thank you.

Matthew Loomis: I read a print interview of yours.

Where you said that you always felt like the employee lifestyle wasn’t for you.

Why do you say that?

Minuca Elena: Because. I like to have more freedom.

I like to have more freedom to organize myself the way I want to.

I don’t like somebody watching me all the time and checking on me to see if I did that or the other stuff. Plus I like the idea of staying at home because if it’s raining I know I don’t have to leave my house.

I don’t like being an employee.

I have been an employee only for a few months but the advantage of being an employee is that you have a safe income each month. But the disadvantage is that you can’t scale it.

With blogging, in the beginning, you have a smaller income but over time when you learn more and you get more experience. And multiple clients and regular clients you can earn much more money than in the beginning.

You can increase your income because you have control. At least you can try to have control. You can earn more by doing more.

But with a regular job it’s much more difficult.

Matthew Loomis: Right.

I hear you.

I’m the same. But Minuca, come on don’t you miss your co-workers coming by your cubicle on Monday morning and telling you all about their weekend?

Minuca Elena: No, no.

I have a lot of friends online and I am very active on Facebook groups and blogger. So I have co-workers that I know and like and we chat about our weekends and about others stuff.

So it’s okay.

Matthew Loomis: Fantastic.

But you have control?

Minuca Elena: Yes.

Matthew Loomis: That’s why it’s so much better.

You’re living the internet lifestyle some might call it.

What do your family and friends think about what you do?

Minuca Elena: They don’t understand.

Exactly what I do.

They know that it is working well for me but my friends always advise me to take a job.

They don’t understand they think that it’s something very unsafe. You can earn money now but who knows what will happen later. And what am I going to do once I have retired.

Or if I want to make a loan at the bank to buy an apartment. Then I should have a steady job and stuff like that.

Matthew Loomis: As if a job is completely permanent, right?

They are saying that you don’t know what will happen in the future but isn’t that the same thing with a job?

Minuca Elena: That’s true.


Even with a job you can always be fired but the idea is that if you have the experience then you can always find another job.

Matthew Loomis: You can also continuously grow.

And create and get into new and different services and businesses online as well.

Minuca Elena: That’s true.

But they don’t understand that.

And it’s true because I didn’t understand that before I started blogging. I had no idea that somebody could earn money online. So they think that it is something shady because they can’t understand how I can be paid for that.

You know, for writing articles.

What Don’t You Enjoy About Blogging?

Matthew Loomis: I understand.

I think more and more people are waking up and seeing the potential that is online with the internet lifestyle.

Minuca, as a full-time blogger.

What do you like the least about blogging?

Minuca Elena: I think that some of the advantages.

Are at the same time disadvantages.

I like that I can meet people that are from all over the world.

At the same time, I sometimes find it frustrating that I interact so much and become such close friends with people that will probably never see me.

Or that I will never see or realize. So that is frustrating.

It’s sometimes rewarding and other times frustrating to not have a regular income as it depends on how many clients I have. In the beginning,  it was difficult, it was harder for me to get clients and it wasn’t easy for me.

I got a few clients and then it got to a few weeks when I didn’t have clients.

It got difficult in the beginning but now I have more regular clients. And I am happy that I have periods where I can have a break and don’t have any work to do.

Matthew Loomis: How do you market yourself.

Do you have an email newsletter or what do you do?

Minuca Elena: When I started doing expert roundups.

I had this theory that my clients are going to be participants in my roundups, see the quality of my work and then ask me to do a roundup for them…

This theory is not the reality. It didn’t prove right.

My clients are either come from a reference from other clients or recommendations.

Or by bloggers who find my expert roundups online and they contact me because they want something similar. I get clients from Twitter, from Facebook groups, and people who find my expert roundups published on client sites and not on my own site.

Do You Use Social Media Marketing?

Matthew Loomis: Do you use much social media marketing.

For your business?

Minuca Elena: Yes.

I’m very active on social media.

Where Do You Think Your Online Business Will Be in Two Years From Now?

Matthew Loomis: Where do you see yourself in two years from now?

Minuca Elena: I will still work online.

And I probably will still be doing expert roundups.

But like I said I would like to do expert roundups in different niches where this type of post is not yet popular, maybe start a trend in other niches. 

I think I will start writing normal posts because they are less time-consuming…

And I don’t know that’s about it for now.

How To Connect With Minuca Elena Online

Matthew Loomis: Time will tell.

So Minuca, how can people get in touch with you or follow you online?

Minuca Elena: You can find me on my site.

Minuca Elena dot com

Matthew Loomis: It is Minuca.

Americans might want to say Manuka, but it’s actually Minuca.

Minuca Elena: Okay.

Matthew Loomis: I’m just setting them straight.

I know you know how to say your name. It took me a while to get it. So it’s M i n u c a.

Minuca Elena, it’s been a pleasure talking to you today about your blogging journey and your business with expert roundups.

So thank you for coming on The Blog Chronicles today!

Minuca Elena: Thank you for inviting me!

Show Notes

Minuca’s Expert Roundups

Minuca’s Website 

Example of Minuca’s Expert Roundups

Minuca on Facebook

Minuca on Twitter

630 Niche Articles

Build Your Own Blog dot net – Learning WordPress

Thank’s For Tuning Into This Episode of – The Blog Chronicles.

Image result for images of Matthew Kaboomis Loomis

I’ll see you next time on The Blog Chronicles!

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Matthew Kaboomis Loomis is the owner of Build Your Own Blog. Connect with him on Google+ and Twitter

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  1. Mike Scott says:    •   3 years

    Great interview. I’m curious how much a roundup post typically costs.

    1. Minuca Elena says:    •   3 years

      Hi Mike,

      I’m glad you like my interview. Contact me at [email protected] and we can discuss a roundup for your blog if you are interested.

      Thank you,

  2. John Martin says:    •   3 years

    Great post, Matthew!

    And so glad to see Minuca here! She truly is an expert at roundups! We were in a class together of Sue Dunlevie’s and Minuca and Sue both helped me out so much with roundups. And everybody knows Sue and Minuca! That’s a huge benefit of roundup posts – you get to know people in the blogosphere that you’d never know otherwise. And that’s priceless! In fact, I think that’s how we met, with my first roundup. Everyone with a blog should do roundups.

    So glad to see you posting this super-valuable content, Matthew!

    1. Matthew Loomis says:    •   3 years Author

      Hi John,

      Always good to see you. 🙂
      You’re so right about roundups being great for building relationships. Not just the “expert” roundups…like, when I do my monthly top ten favorite blog posts, that is another “roundup” post that strengthens bonds we have with others or starts new friendships.

      I’m glad you enjoyed this interview! Please share this so we can spread the word on Minuca’s valuable work.


  3. Minuca Elena says:    •   3 years

    Hi John,

    Thanks for your kind words! I’ve also learned so much from Sue.I was just thinking about you the other day. You are doing an awesome job growing your audience on Twitter. I need to learn a few tips from you. 😉

    Merry Christmas,

    1. John Martin says:    •   3 years

      Thank you so much, Minuca – I meant every word of it! Very few people are doing what you do. And I’m very impressed with all you’ve learned about connecting with people, as well as the huge network of people you know now – all because of doing roundups.

      Glad to help you however I can with Twitter!

      All the best to you,

  4. Philip V Ariel says:    •   3 years

    Hey Matt,
    This is really amazing!
    Nice to see our friend Minuca on your podcast.
    Well done. Indeed a long one too!
    Thanks Minuca for sharing a lot of things about you as well as the creation of roundup post.
    As I myself involved in creating few roundups I could very well relate to some of the things she mentioned.
    Keep going my friend Minuca
    Thanks Matt for sharing yet another episode in the series
    Keep informed
    Best Regards and Season’s Greetings to both of you as well to your readers.
    ~ Phil

    1. Minuca Elena says:    •   3 years

      Hi Philip,

      Thank you for checking out my interview! You are one of the few people that understand how difficult is to make a roundup. Most bloggers think it’s crazy spending a month or more to only one post.


  5. SURESHA B says:    •   3 years

    Hey Matthew

    Thanks for introducing amazing blogger Minuca Elena!

    1. Minuca Elena says:    •   3 years

      Thank you, Suresha!

  6. Valerie says:    •   3 years

    Hi Minuca. So proud of you. I work at a hospital and has been trying to find a way to earn more income. I think roundups are a fascinating way to share the views of experts all around us. I would like to follow you and maybe I can learn more. I love to write and I also do poetry. I just started heartfeltpoems.blogspot.com
    I started vmginspirations.blogspot.com but could not go far.

  7. Minuca Elena says:    •   3 years

    Hi Valerie,

    It’s nice meeting you. You should be proud of yourself. Your work at a hospital is so important. You help people that really need it.

    It’s not that easy to make a roundup. Influencers are very busy, overwhelmed with this type of requests that most of them ignore them. I have cases in which I spent even 2-3 months commenting on their site, sharing their posts and following them on social media before sending them an invitation.

    The income is ok for me because I live in Romania. Here the minimum monthly salary is $220. So, comparing to a regular job, I do earn a bit better but I could never afford to live in a country like the US.