Unique Gift Ideas for a Blogger that Will Make Them Feel Special

December 18, 2014
unique gift ideas
unique gift ideas


Bloggers know other bloggers.

We have our offline friends too, and of course, we have family.

Sometimes, we need unique gift ideas when a holiday rolls around…something to make the blogger we love feel special.

Maybe its a spouse that also blogs, or kids or parents that blog…

A birthday? Mother’s Day? Valentines Day?

No matter what the occasion, a great way to make a blogger (or aspiring blogger) happy would be to give them a unique gift that feeds their blogging passion.

Consider how unique it would be to give the blogger in your life one of these gifts unique gift ideas…

Unique Gift Ideas for Bloggers

1. A New Blog – Maybe you know someone who wants to start a blog. Or you know a blogger who’s been talking about launching a second blog…would it make them smile if you gave them a new blog instead of a Pepperidge Farm gift pack? You can do this one of two ways:

A. Give them $47 and send them here to this page. (I receive a small commission when someone buys a website through my Blue Host affiliation. My commission does not add anything to your cost.)

B. Go here and get the blog yourself, then give your blogger the login info to the account, and they can take over and set it up. Doing it this way requires that you know what domain name the receiver of your gift wants. Or in special situations, you might pick out the domain name for them. For example, you’re an expert in their niche and you know a great domain name. Or, you’re getting it for your teenager. Regardless of your situation, the good news is you can add another domain to the hosting account after the fact and use that one instead. Another domain is only around $15.

2. A New WordPress Website Design – How cool would it be to offer someone a better, more functional look and feel to their blog? You can help the blogger in your life pretty-up her blog by sending her or him to MOJO Marketplace (I receive a small commission when you buy through this link. No added cost to you.) Or you can surprise the blogger yourself! MOJO MARKETPLACE has hundreds of premium WordPress themes to choose from. If you’re blessing someone with a new blog from gift #1 above, you could add this so that the blogger in your life will start off with a beautiful website that’s above average. Or this could make a great gift for someone who already has a blog and wants to upgrade the design.

3. A New Logo, Blog Promotion, Website Development, or SEO Services –  You can find some reasonably priced, highly-unique gifts over here on Fiverr. (Affiliate marketing link heads up. I do get a small commission at no added cost to you.) Do you know a blogger who needs help getting the word out? Maybe a chainsaw juggler could help their blog get more visitors? Talk about finding a unique gift, Fiverr is definitely a place where you can find one. The blogger in your life will find this to be really special.

For those of you who need to watch your spending, these next two unique gift ideas for bloggers are totally FREE:

4. Blog Comments – Picture this: On an e-card, or maybe just in a simple email, you send the blogger in your life something like this..

“Hey Bob,

I just want to wish you a [insert holiday]. I really appreciate you, and as a gift, I want to give you 12 blog comments sometime in the next six months (or year or one month, whatever you choose.)”

Then you make a commitment to give them what you said. Trust me, any blogger will love getting this from you! Not only will this make the blogger in your life happy, you’ll get some SEO juice out of it for your website, too.

5. Social Media Shares – This is another gift any blogger will love receiving. If you tell the blogger in your life that they are getting 20 social media shares from you, they’re bound to appreciate it. Especially if you haven’t been sharing much of their content beforehand. LOL  You can easily keep track of your sharing. Be generous and give them more. The blogger will be happy…they start sharing some of your stuff…see how that works?

Spread Some Holiday Cheer to the Blogger In Your Life

These unique gift ideas are something that a blogger will not soon forget. Why give the blogger in your life another pair of socks or an Amazon gift card? Instead, give them something practical and personal that will feel special and heartfelt. The aspiring blogger will love getting any of these unique gift ideas. A longtime blogger will think you’re pretty thoughtful and creative.

And if you happen to be the only blogger in your life, go ahead and treat yourself.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments if you’re going to take one of these gift ideas. Share with us the story of what happened when you surprised the blogger in your life. I’d love to hear about it.

Photo: Handmade Gift Wrap by Erika g.   CC BY-SA 2.0

Author Bio:

Matthew Kaboomis Loomis is the owner of Build Your Own Blog. Connect with him on Google+ and Twitter



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  1. Sue Chehrenegar says:    •   5 years

    Here is another suggestion: Write a guest blog post for someone with a blog. Also, if you know someone with a business on the Internet, you can write a blog with a link to that same business.

    1. Matthew Loomis says:    •   5 years Author

      Thanks for adding two additional gifts any blogger would love, Sue! Guest posts is a great one to mention, and the link is an especially nice one. 🙂 Who wouldn’t love that?

  2. Isabelle Reed says:    •   2 years

    Why are you only considering gifts related to their blogs? I’m a blogger myself, I want something different, unique. Last year I gifted a salt lamp to my blogger friend and he loved. I got it from Saltean, its warm glow relaxes the surrounding. Maybe it’d be a great gift for your blogger friends too!

  3. Joniz Kate Ucab says:    •   2 years

    It’s a nice idea for bloggers about gifts. Thanks for sharing.

  4. shivangi says:    •   1 year

    thanks for the ideas you shared .. yes!!!!! it helped me a lot

  5. Bookthesurprise says:    •   1 year


    Nice gift ideas for bloggers. Nice collection. Thanks for sharing with us