Getting the Most From Your Hosting Service

December 29, 2015
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Web hosting services seem pretty straightforward–you pay for the services; they host your website.

However, did you know there are many features that web hosting service providers have added over the years?

Keep in mind, they’re not required when first setting up your blog, just nice extras you can add to your website at any time.

Let’s take a look…

Here’s 10 Ways to Getting the Most Out of Your Hosting Service

1. Web Hosting Services With Multiple Hosting Packages

If you need more bang for your buck, or you are just starting out and need something on a tight budget, your hosting company can accommodate you. In other words, most hosts don’t offer “one size fits all.” If you’re an individual hobby blogger or a business, there’s probably a plan that fits your needs.


2. Multiple Domain Name Hosting

You may start using multiple domains and multiple websites. However, if you think you need to pay for another hosting package to start a new website, think again. Many hosting services offer the same price to host multiple websites. That means you pay one price and can host more than one website. You just pay for the new domain.


3. E-commerce Services and Support

Though there are plenty of ways to put together a shopping cart if you are selling products online, it doesn’t hurt to check with your host. Many offer excellent, secure e-commerce services. They can help set them up, show you tutorials, offer support and have secure hosting for credit card transactions.


4. Tech Support & Customer Service

Your web hosting service may offer 24/7 support on the phone or live chat. Others are available only during business hours. Those sites still have support tickets that can be submitted day or night. They can’t fix every problem you have, but they can be a Godsend if your site goes down.


5. Affiliate Programs

Web hosting services want others to bring in more business for them. Let’s face it; web hosting services are highly competitive. If you have a lot of people coming to you for hosting recommendations, becoming an affiliate may help you bring in some extra income. This is what I do with Bluehost.


6. Site Creation

WordPress is a great example of site creation without getting your hands dirty with coding. Most hosting companies can install WordPress in a snap. It doesn’t cost any more than your monthly hosting fees. Web hosting services also have content management programs to help you design a site quickly and easily.


7. FTP Access

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is very common, but if you are doing more advanced work, it is a must. FTP gives you the flexibility to work with developers, or to use your own software to develop your site.


8. Unlimited or Multiple Email Addresses

Personalized email with your domain name comes in handy. Some hosts, like Bluehost start at 100 email addresses and go up depending on what plan you pay for.


9. Security

Hosting companies offer security to fight spam, malware, hackers and viruses. If you run an e-commerce or member site, you will want extra security for credit card transactions so people will feel comfortable.


10. Tutorials

Some hosting companies offer blogs, newsletters and videos to teach you how to maintain, build, protect and market your site.


Are you getting the most out of your hosting service?


If you haven’t visited your host’s website in a while, swing by and see what they have to offer you. Web hosting companies are competitive and therefore are always innovating to stay on top, which means you benefit. Make sure you are getting the most out of your web hosting services.

How do you get the most out of your hosting service? Let us know in the comments.

Author Bio:

Matthew Kaboomis Loomis is the owner of Build Your Own Blog. Connect with him on Google+


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  1. Dr. Rin Porter says:    •   4 years

    Once again, you offer great information. I didn’t know even half of the things you listed in this blog post. I’ll have to get over to the WordPress site and see what they have to offer.


    1. Matthew Loomis says:    •   4 years Author

      Hi Rin,

      Who is your hosting service? That is who you will need to check out to see what they offer. You have a self hosted blog, right?

      1. Dr. Rin Porter says:    •   4 years

        My host is iPage. They offer competent – if sometimes rather slow – repairs and fixes when things go wrong, which they have about once a month since I started my blog in July 2014.