How a Spiritual Blog Spreads Goodness and Fights Evil

February 13, 2017

Spiritual blog

Spiritual blogs are a hot niche.

I get emails every week from people wanting to start a spiritual blog.

The niche is broad and has a lot of overlap with the “self help” niche…sometimes they can seem like one and the same.

Because many bloggers want to blog on spiritual topics that help people. They want to write about self-improvement from a religious angle.

This is the niche we are exploring today on The Blog Chronicles.

Cylon George blogs at Spiritual Living for Busy People dot com (link in show notes.)

He works full time as a college chaplain while building his blog audience. Recently, Cylon did his first affiliate marketing campaign and made a few sales!

His blog is deep yet practical. He’s a good writer and has made guest blog posts for sites such as Tiny Budha.

Here are some other things you’ll learn from this interview:

–Why did Cylon choose the “self help” and “spiritual” niche?

–A description of his target audience and the purpose of his blog

–His email building strategy

–His blog monetizations

–What Cylon finds most enjoyable and least enjoyable about blogging

–How blogging has changed his life

You can read this interview or listen to our audio below.

What do you think about Cylon’s journey? Can you relate to his story? Leave a comment or question for Cylon below…

How to Spread Goodness & Fight Evil with a Blog


Cylon George Interview Transcript

( For those who like to read.)


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Image result for Images for Spiritual living for busy peopleImage result for Images for Spiritual living for busy people

Matthew Loomis: Hello Cylon.

Welcome to the Show!

Cylon George: Hello Matt.

Thank you so much for having me!

Matthew Loomis: I just realized you say your name S A L O N.

Cylon George: Yeah.

It’s Cylon. It’s an unusual name.

Matthew Loomis: Well I’m all about uniqueness.

So that’s really cool.

Cylon George: Thank you.

How Long Have You Been Blogging?

Matthew Loomis: Let’s start with your blog.

Spiritual Living For Busy People dot com

How long have you been blogging at this domain?

Cylon George: I changed the name it was first my name Cylon George dot com

I changed it but I can’t remember exactly when I changed it to Spiritual Living For Busy People dot com probably a year in.

But I started blogging about two-and-a-half years ago.

In the Spring of 2014. Over that time I was sort of experimenting and trying to find my way in this medium. I eventually changed the name to Spiritual Living For Busy People dot com

How Did You Move Over From Your Previous Domain To Spiritual Living For Busy People?

Matthew Loomis: How did that transition go for you.

How did you go from one domain name to the next?

Cylon George: Not easily.

It was a technical thing that I had to.

I can’t remember exactly how I did it, to be honest, but it took a while I had to do a lot of research online.

I was actually taking a blogging course with Jon Morrow.

Image result for Images for John Morrow Smart Blogger

Whom you might have heard of…

Matthew Loomis: Yes I ‘ve heard of Jon Morrow.

Cylon George: Along, my journey, I figured out that I needed help.

I was taking one of his blogging courses and it was in that course that I realized that I needed to change my name.

It was through working with Marsha who works with him in coming up with that name and figuring out how to change it.

It was a little bit of help from her but also me just going in diving in and doing lots of searches on Google. Once I did it it took a little while for the change to propagate and to happen but once it did it worked fine.

I definitely would not recommend it.

I put a lot of thought into coming up with a name that works for you because it’s not a very… especially if you are doing this stuff every day it’s very tedious.

If You Had To Do Start Over Again What Would You Have Done Differently?

Matthew Loomis: Right.

If you had to do it all over again would you not have started with a domain with your personal name?

Cylon George: That’s a good question.

I did do some research about this in looking up ”okay, is it okay to use your own name or should you use a different name?”

The answers were all over the map some were saying ”yes use your own name because it’s your personal brand.”

Others were saying ”maybe this only works for people who are already well known and maybe the way is to use a name that communicates what your brand is about.”

I was really torn. I went back and forth back and forth.

I think if I had to do it all over again I would have not chosen my name.

Even though I am torn. Still, if I was advising someone I would probably fall on the side of not using your name unless you were an already a known brand.

I would find a domain name that really communicated what your unique selling point was.

What is your brand about?

Image result for Images for What is your brand about?

I would go with that.

Matthew Loomis: I think this is a good topic to talk about.

I think this is something that a lot of new bloggers or people considering blogging or thinking about.

This reminds me of a quote I came across a few years ago by Chris Brogan. 

Image result

He said that he wished that he would have named his domain, not Chris Brogan but something else. I think he just used something like ”Flying Monkeys” or something off the top of his head. (I forgot exactly how he said it.)

His point was, once you’re done with that domain how marketable is it to the next person.

Image result for Images for how marketable is your brand?

You know what I mean.

Cylon George: Yes that’s right exactly.

Then I think I’m in good company with Chris Brogan.

Matthew Loomis: Absolutely!

Cylon George: I think he’s right.

I think about that with some of the big bloggers how we use their name.

I think about and wonder ”okay if I were in their shoes.” What would I be thinking in terms of a transition plan or when I am no longer the face of the platform.

How does that work? So Absolutely yeah.

What Niche Would You Relate To In Terms of What You Do?

Matthew Loomis: Let’s go onto your niche.

How would you describe your niche and what is your niche called?

Cylon George: I would put myself in the personal development niche.

Even though I think arguments can be made for or against but I see myself in that niche. Even though I am more on the spirituality side.

This was again one of the things that I really struggled with.

I am a religious person. I am a person of faith. I didn’t want the blog to be a religious blog per se.

I wanted it to have a lot of wisdom of spirituality.

Image result for Images for Wisdom?

The various traditions that could help people live better.

Drawing from the religious spiritual world and presenting it in a way for people that may not be a person of faith can absorb.

Image result for Images for Faith ?

Even though I might mention God.

Or talk about God or Jesus or Buddha or whatever. That they can take whatever the core message is and apply that to improve their lives.

I would say that I am in the personal development space.

Image result for images for the word personal development

Matthew Loomis: I wasn’t sure if it was spiritual or self-development.

That’s helpful and that’s why I’m excited to talk to you today.

I get emails from people on a regular basis interested in starting a spiritual or self-development type of blog so this is going to be a good conversation.

Cylon George: Yeah.

What Was Your Incentive For Choosing This Specific Niche?

Matthew Loomis: Cylon, what drew you to this niche.

Why do you think it’s such a good fit for you?

Cylon George: It’s a great question.

First of all, maybe just a little bit of background.

I just worked and transitioned out of this but for the last five years, I worked as a college Chaplain. Again, being a person of faith is a big part of my life I was actually working in that field.

I do many things, I wear many hats.

I was a music major in college I’m also a music director at my church. Church organist and church pianist so faith and religion are a big part of my life.

I was seeing online a lot of neat things people were doing with spirituality and with the wisdom of the ages and applying it in a very new way that really captivated me.

Even business blogs were talking about things that I cared about and things that related to spirituality.

I thought ”wow, this is amazing!” I started exploring that ”stuff” and then exploring blogs as well. Blogs have been around for a while but I think it was in 2007 or 2008 I think was probably when it started really started taking off.

I noticed a few of them like Zen Habits which you might have heard of because it’s a massive platform.


I was seeing what was going on in those spaces so Zen Habits, Tiny Buddha.

Tiny Buddha

Image result for Images of Lori Tiny Buddha

Just looking at what they were doing and thinking ”wow this is really neat stuff.” I have something to share I felt that I have something on my heart that I wanted to share.

For new bloggers, this is a very tricky thing where you struggle with the feeling ”oh my goodness there are a billion blogs out there why even bother I’m gonna get lost”!

And so I had those thoughts going in my mind.

I just felt compelled I had something on my heart and I wanted to share.

Image result for images for share my heart

In my work as a college chaplain, I was having really neat conversations with folks with students staff faculty, really amazing conversations and I thought ”wow I need to capture the essence of some of these conversations” and share them online.

That was really the thing that got me going.

Even though I was very afraid and I was very fearful. I am a very private person I’m actually kind of shy I actually have a stutter so you might hear me stutter a few times.

I really struggle with putting myself out there even with writing you know. What if I were to be judged? This is something that a lot of people struggle with.

Me as a person of faith. What if I write something that offends someone? Or if I write about Buddha if that would offend a Christian.

On and on and on I had all these thoughts just circling back and forth.

I, in the end, decided to start and I’m so glad I did.

Image result for images for share my heart

What Guidance Would You Have For Someone That Is Too Afraid To Just Go Ahead and Blog?

Matthew Loomis: Me too.

I think it’s really really cool that you just did it afraid so to speak.

Are there any other tips that you could share as far as overcoming that initial fear of putting yourself out there?

Image result for Images for Overcoming Fear

Cylon George: Oh man.

Matt, I think the number one thing is – You’ve just got to do it!

Image result for Images for JUST DO IT

I would say the tiniest step you can take towards starting this thing. 

That you want to start a blog you want to write, register a domain name. which might be a small thing but for others and even for me as I’m thinking back.

Image result for images for baby steps

Registering a domain was a huge deal.

Image result for Images for Bluehost logo

I was struggling with ”what shall I call it?” Like should it be my name should it be something else? Again should it be something else what was I going to call it?

And so it was going on and on and on.

I just decided I choose something and even though I changed it in the end because I thought this wasn’t working. I started.

Starting even though you start imperfect is much better is 100% better than not starting at all.

Matthew Loomis: Right.

Cylon George: So I would say take a little tiny step!

If it means registering a domain name writing down some thoughts on paper whatever it take’s one small tiny step.

Related image

Who Is Your Blog Directed At?

Matthew Loomis: That is such good stuff!

Cylon, could you describe your audience for us who are you targeting with this blog?

Cylon George: That’s a great question.

On my blog on my About page, I have discerned what my unique proposition is really helping people slow down. So they can focus on the things that matter most in life.

The persons that I am targeting are the people that feel so overwhelmed and hurried and distracted in life. There are a million things out there…

Matthew Loomis: I think that’s pretty much all of us.

Cylon George: Yes exactly.

At this point, right.

I think that there was a time when it was a smaller group.

At least in terms of our current state of technology and everything. I think that you’re right at this point it’s all of us. There is that larger group but then there is that smaller group of people who make a choice and say ”I have to do something to protect myself.”

To reflect, to go inward, and to slow down and figure out what are the things in my life that matter most and focus on those things and let things come and go.

I would say my audience are people who get that and who care deeply about the spiritual life and about the inner life. Which again is something that I think is really… I’m really happy to see this happening I think it’s getting a lot more noticed.

There was a time when we really just liked to focus on the outward stuff.

So the appearance, the way you look the clothes you wear the car you drive the money you have in the bank your. You know keeping up with the Jones’s your appearance.

As long as you appear to others to be happy, then that was great that was the goal.

People now in every walk of life are realizing ”no that is a miserable way to live!” and that it should be from the inside out.

In fact, if you cultivate an inner way of life you can really weather lots of storms out there.

Image result for Images for stormy clouds

Not having lot’s of money or not having a job.

Not to say that any of these things are easy or anything that you would wish on anyone. Cultivating an inner life helps us navigate life. We all know that we have tough times if you haven’t had tough times yet you will because that’s just a part of life.

My audiences are people who care about these deeply.

Matthew Loomis: Fantastic!

Can you share with us any recent tweets or emails that you’ve received from one person maybe, who gave you some feedback on how you touched their lives.

Cylon George: That’s a great question.

I have gotten some really amazing notes.

I don’t get inundated at this point because I’m not a massive platform. I get a good stream of emails from folks who are thankful for what I put out and it really keeps me going because some days it’s not easy.

I remember one person shared something with me that just blew me away. They basically said to me ”I look forward to your emails I have a dedicated folder with your name on it.”

Matthew Loomis: Oh wow!

Cylon George: Yeah.

I usually send a short email every time a post comes out. Kind of a little teaser to the post and then a link to the post. They say ”I look forward to your posts every week and how much it’s helped me overcome stress!” And so on…

That is just an amazing thing to be said. I

I was really humbled and really gratified by that. Again I get notes from people who are just thankful that this stuff is out there. It helps them think about things that they might not have thought of. Or think about things with a spin.

So that really keeps me going it’s really amazing.

Matthew Loomis: We bloggers are all human.

Every compliment we get is great we love it!

Cylon George: Absolutely!

I think for me and this has been part of my personal-development-journey that I had a hard time accepting praise. And I accept it but not in a boastful way or anything like that.

Just with gratitude to say ”wow, this is reaching someone one person.” and it’s making an impact in their lives so I say it’s okay to accept gratitude with gratitude.

Matthew Loomis: That’s good.

Cylon George: As you were asking me what kind of emails I’ve received.

One person here was writing and said ”thank you for your emails.” This is what I get a lot, people saying ”this email came at the right time I really needed to hear this.”

It’s always amazing.

Again the person goes on ” thank you for your email and reminding me to just slow down.” That has inspired her to take time off and spend time with a loved one.

So for me, that’s just amazing!

Matthew Loomis: That will motivate you for the next two weeks.

Cylon George: Absolutely exactly!

Matthew Loomis: You know what I mean?

That is a fabulous thing and that is great that you’re getting that feedback.

Let’s stick to the subject of emails here. I want to ask, you are obviously building an email list.

Cylon George: Yes.

How Do You Distribute To Your Client Email List?

Matthew Loomis: Are you sending out posts.

Whenever a new post comes out are you sending them a notification or a newsletter or what do you do with your emails?

Cylon George: With my email list I publish every Thursday morning.

I send an email every week saying that the post is ready.

Basically, a kind of a teaser just saying what the general topic is about but to really learn more about it ”click here to read.”

I’ve also sent emails from colleagues.

If I have a colleague who wants to share something I have also done a few of those. I don’t do many of those. I try not to email too much so I try to limit that but if I see something that comes across that I think can serve my audience then I would share it.

I actually just experimented with an affiliate campaign. I’ll be honest it was a very painful process for me and I think this is a part of my own growth the idea of selling is tough and I think for new bloggers I think this is something they will probably struggle with.

Especially in the spaces, I am operating in so in the personal development/ spiritual space where you’re not really expected to sell too hard.

That was an experiment I did over the holidays and for that, I did send in a lot of emails with that campaign.

Matthew Loomis: How do you think it went over.

Cylon George: I think it went over better than I expected.

A lot of people are afraid of offending people and sort of getting those nasty emails, I didn’t get one nasty email.

But of course for someone like me, I’m thinking maybe they didn’t send an email but you must know that you’re really angering folks in the audience and must be thinking ”what is he doing?”

I did have a good number of people unsubscribe by the unsubscribe rate and I didn’t actually do an actual detailed analysis to this. Just to my eye watching it the unsubscribe rate didn’t go up that much.

It was probably about the same as the usuals when I send my usual emails. It didn’t go up that much. So I would say it was a lot better than I expected I did get a couple of sales so that worked out pretty well.

I was relly pleased with that and this was a product that I really believed in. I have been pitched a couple of times and if you’re a new blogger your pitch is like one of those milestones.

Matthew Loomis: You mean to take part in the affiliate program?

Cylon George: Yes.

If somebody emails you to become an affiliate or share a product.

That’s one of those milestones where you’re like ”it’s amazing that I’m getting noticed in that way.” Then you quickly realize that’s cool but I can’t be an affiliate and sell anything that someone puts across my desk it has to be something that I resonate with.

Preferably something that I’ve used which was the case with this product.

This was something that I knew very well this person I’ve followed for years. I was pretty confident that I could with integrity sell this because I wasn’t selling it just to make money I was selling it because I have found benefit from this thing.

You might to so…

Matthew Loomis: You obviously thought your audience would possibly resonate with it as well.

Cylon George: That’s right.

It’s mostly for the posts.

But I do have some other things that I do. I’m thinking and I’m toying with the idea of doing more with that in terms of things like let’s say I’ve seen a lot of bloggers do roundup posts like regular roundup posts.

Matthew Loomis: Yes.

Cylon George: So like a Friday Post or something like that.

That’s something I’m looking into it’s just finding the bandwidth in space for doing that.

What Are You Doing With the Affiliate Markets At This Moment?

Matthew Loomis: One more question on this affiliate experience.

Based on what you learned in your results.

Are you planning on doing that again anytime soon?

Cylon George: That is a good question.

Yes, I would be open to doing it soon.

I probably wouldn’t do it (if I were to do something) it would probably not be for the next three to six months.

Matthew Loomis: So you just think your list needs a break?

Cylon George: Yeah, I think so.

I think my list needs a break and I think I need to put some more concerted effort into growing my list again. In terms of looking at my resources and time because blogging isn’t the only thing that I do.

So I always have to be balancing my timeIn terms of where to put my time at this point it would be working to growing that list.

And then in probably in three to six months time trying again.

Matthew Loomis: Alright, sounds good.

On your site.

I know that you give away to people who subscribe to your email list. They actually get something for free in return they get a free eBook and I love the title – 20 Little Tricks to Improve Your Mood Even If You Feel Lime Punching Something (or Someone.)

Cylon George: Yes.

Can You Tell Us More About Those Little Tricks In Your Book – 20 Little Tricks To Improve Your Mood Even If You Feel Like Punching Something (or Someone.)

Matthew Loomis: Cylon, can you share with us.

One of those twenty little trick to improve your mood?

And then give us a little teaser because I think people should go check out your book.

Cylon George: Absolutely.

I have twenty tricks that can be done right now.

That can really help someone pull themselves back from the brink in a matter of seconds.

 Number one, one simple one – Noticing your breath.

Image result for Images for the word breathe

Noticing that breath. Taking a breath, it’s so simple, right. But we forget when we are upset or when we are in a mood we forget that we’re breathing. So there is a stimulus and there is a response.

There is a stimulus of somebody said something to me, that got me angry.

My immediate reaction is going to be to tell them off. 

Image result for Images of someone arguing

In between that is a really tiny window where you get to choose.

Image result for Images for the word choose

And so if you can remember to just take a breath.

That can be all you need to make a different choice.

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

Now I’m breathing again!

Image result for Images for the word breathe

I’m tuned into my breathing….

Image result for Images of breathing in out

Cylon George: Absolutely.

That’s right!


Image result for Images for the smiling face

Another thing that I share on this – Trying to get inside your head.

(And I’m going to share this one because this is one that I’ve struggled with.) 

I go back and forth because sometimes I’m better sometimes I’m worse with it. Is a little mantra that I use. I know that people have heard it before. These aren’t things that are rocket science but what we forget is that a mantra is not about me.

Don’t take it personally it’s not about you.

What Should Someone Do To Get a Copy of – 20 Little Tricks To Improve Your Mood Even If You Feel Like Punching Something (or Someone.)

Matthew Loomis: That’s a good reminder.

Really it’s a good reminder.

It’s so simple but it’s so wise and so true.

Cylon, if somebody wants a copy of this book, what can they do?

Cylon George: This is actually just an eBook.

It’s just a little resource and if you’re interested just go to my homepage.

It’s right on my home page – Spiritual Living For Busy People dot com

When you go there you’ll see a place where you can sign-up to my blog and when you sign up you will get this little eBook.

It say’s on the page of my blog – Yours free – Hacks To Help You Stay Calm. Click on – Access Now – It will take you to a form – Enter your email – Boom!

Actually, if you enter your email you’ll have to confirm it first and then you’ll get it. So it’s been downloaded I guess at this point thousands of times.

Matthew Loomis: Awesome!

Cylon George: So if you want it.

That’s where it is totally free!

How Is Your Blog Monetized Apart From the Selling of  Your Books?

Matthew Loomis: Sounds Great!

Now aside from the affiliate marketing that you’ve done and I know that you promote your other book on the website that we haven’t talked about yet.

What are some other ways that your blog is monetized?

I should say future plans yes.

Cylon George: Right.

Future plans, yeah. Thank you.

With me doing the affiliate marketing over the holidays was sort of my latest attempt in terms of monetizing the blog. So I think I will be trying more of that.

That mentioned I do have a Support page on my site so if anyone wants to support it that way they can do that a few people do.

In terms of the future what I would like to look into is creating a course. I’ve seen some people online do some really neat things with a course. I think that would be the next big thing that I try.

You mentioned my book.

I wrote a little book this past summer called – Self Love – How To Love Yourself Unconditionally.

Image result for Images for Cylon George book Self Love











Image result for Images for Cylon George book Self Love

It’s really been received well and I wanted to take the material out of that book and create a course.

That is what I am looking to for the future.

Are You Planning On Doing the Course in This Year in 2017?

Matthew Loomis: Very good.

Do you think it will be this year 2017?

Cylon George: I sure hope so.

I would like it to be this year.

With me juggling a number of things in my life right now.But you know what I am going to say ”YES!” I want 2017 to be the year that I create a course.

Thank you for helping me get some clarity on that Matt.

2016 was the year for me of finally writing a book.

I have always wanted to write a book so I said ”okay, I’m not going to let 2016 pass without putting something out there!”

So I am just going to have that mindset for creating a course. Not sometime in the future, it’s going to happen this year 2017.

Matthew Loomis: Fantastic!

We can have you back on to talk about it.

Is your book also available in print version or is it just an eBook?

Cylon George: Right now it’s just an eBook.

It’s an Amazon Kindle book.

I have been asked by other people for other formats. I started working on that but then life intervened and sort of side tracked me.

It kind of really goes hand-in-hand with my intention to create a course around the book. I also want to have a print version of this book and also working on other formats for the book.

I’m looking to expand that as well and I think that would go hand in hand with a course.

Matthew Loomis: That’s great Cylon!

You can hold me accountable too because this year I want to write my first book.

Cylon George: Yay!


Matthew Loomis: There I said it, I said it on Air.

Now I’ve got to do it!

Cylon George: Do you have an idea?

It would be on blogging.

Matthew Loomis: It’s going to be blogging related.

I’m still deciding though the exact outline and the exact angle to take.

I still haven’t got that set in stone just yet.

Cylon George: In my experience once I create the intention.

Like you’re doing or like I’m doing.

Once I say it out loud or write it down. It amazing how your mind your spirit your soul whatever you want to call it, starts working to make that happen.

Matthew Loomis: Right.

That’s why I wanted to go ahead and do that.

Cylon George: Absolutely!

Matthew Loomis: That’s great!

I’ll be linking in The Show Notes about your books and your site and everything that we talk about here today.

Cylon George: I just want to mention that it could also be available in PDF format.

PDF format or Kindle format right now.

Matthew Loomis: Alright.

That sounds great!

Cylon, what do you find the most satisfying when it comes to blogging?

Cylon George: There are two things.

We already talked about one in detail.

The feedback, the interaction.

Image result for Images for the word feedback

Really interacting with real people.

Image result for Images for the word interaction

Which email me sometimes long emails.

And I don’t mind because I read them. Just sharing from their heart what they are struggling with. Some of their stories can be very heart breaking.

Image result for Images of a broken heart

And you feel I really just want to fix this. They are really reaching out to me to share more about themselves.

To thank me for the words that I have written and how much I have helped them.

I would say that’s just number one.

That’s worth more than any money, it’s just an amazing thing to just know that you can put something out there and it really helped someone in that space.

What I have really found satisfying is the way that blogging is really helping me change my mindset around a number of things.

First of all, it really gives me clarity.

It clarify’s my thinking, so when I’m writing topics and as far as spirituality goes it’s a very nebulous area. Like what in the world is spirituality anyway’s?

So a lot of the things I write about I think people experience it as nebulous and they’re not really sure what it is.

You know emotions and kind of squishy things.

Image result for images for healing

These are things that I think matter.

They are really important to me obviously I’ve dedicated a lot of my life to it.

Image result for images for people are important

And a part of my blog is to help these things become less squishy and more practical to help people.

It also helps me become clear in my thinking so when I talk about LOVE…

Image result for images for the word LOVE

When I talk about FORGIVENESS…

Image result for images for the word FORGIVENESS

When I talk about COMPASSION…

Image result for images for the word COMPASSION

Here is what I’m talking about I’m being very specific. It’s really clarified my thinking and I think I’ve found that to be very meaningful for me personally and satisfying.

Matthew Loomis: That’s a great point.

I wish that I could convey more to people that are thinking about blogging.

But they just haven’t done it yet, how much that it actually helps them too.

Cylon George: Yes.

Matthew Loomis: It doesn’t matter what their niche is really it’s going to somehow help them in some way.

Cylon George:

Seth Godin whom I am sure many people have heard of.

Image result for Images of Seth Godin

Matthew Loomis: Oh yeah.

Cylon George: Who I’m a huge fan of which I am not alone.

Matthew Loomis: I am too.

Cylon George: Seth Godin it’s just the things that he say’s.

I’ve listened to him like in podcast after podcast and I listen to him every time and I never tire of what he say’s.

Matthew Loomis: I’m the same way.

Isn’t he the greatest guest?

Cylon George: I know.

He’s just amazing!

One of the things he say’s all the time is he believes that everybody should have a blog.

I know a lot of people think of blogging in terms of monetizing and having a certain lifestyle which is definitely great. Even if you don’t have those goals having a blog for what we’re talking about can really pay dividends in terms of helping you.

In your own thinking in changing your mindset challenging yourself.

I believe it’s something that everyone should at least try, at least try.

Matthew Loomis: We could talk about this for a long time.

In fact, I’m jotting this down.

I think this will make a great topic – How blogging helps you or changes you.

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Cylon George: Yes!

Matthew Loomis: How blogging helps you or changes you.

Cylon George: For your book, absolutely.

Which Part Of Blogging Is Least Enjoyable To You?

Matthew Loomis: Alright.

Cylon, what about something that you don’t enjoy about blogging.

Can you share with us about something?

Cylon George: Had to go there, huh?


Something I don’t enjoy about blogging? Would be and I just have to be totally honest… I think it would just have to be… that…


Matthew Loomis: Oh boy.

There’s a pause.

Cylon George: The reason why I’m pausing, it’s kind of a mixed thing.

I like writing but I also don’t like it.

I like it because of how it helps me clarify my thinking.

I don’t like it because I am a perfectionist and I want ti to be perfect. I think over the years I’ve gotten so much better with it so I’ve gotten myself into a foothold.

But it’s really having to show up every week, put pen to paper and come up with something that is worthy of being shared.

Work that is worth sharing that would matter.

That someone would take time out of their day to read. For me, the internal pressure of having to do that is hard sometimes it’s easier than other times because we all have things in or lives.

So when I have the bandwidth for it when it’s easier when things happen in my life where I have things on my plate where life gets busy things happen at home.

I still have to show up and I think that I have grown and benefitted because of that. It doesn’t mean that it’s nice or pleasant.

Matthew Loomis: Right.

Cylon George: I have experienced a lot of personal growth because I have just been willing for the past two years.

I show up every week it doesn’t matter what’s going on.

I could be as sick as a dog, I’m going to show up on that blog.

So that’s hard.

Matthew Loomis: It’s like a professional athlete.

They may not feel good or feel like performing.

But they still got to do it. They show up and they give it their best.

So that’s interesting.

Let me ask you this to close.

Cylon George: Okay.

How Has Blogging Affected Your Life Over the Years?

Matthew Loomis: How has blogging changed your life, Cylon?

Cylon George:

Blogging has changed my life!

Image result for Images for Blogging changed my life

It’s made me more connected to my spiritual life.

It’s made me more connected to my faith life which in the end as I’ve mentioned matters to me a great deal.

Image result for Images for how blogging changed me

It’s really helped me get to know myself better!

I think Socrates said this, right ”know thyself.” It’s really the core mission and a call for each and every one of us.

It’s an arduous task and journey, I think for me blogging has really helped me know myself better. In the course, it can’t just end with me, right because spirituality has to end with something that’s bigger than you, right.

Matthew Loomis: Right.

Cylon George: If it ends with you then it’s not in my mind spirituality.

It begins with you but then it goes out.

The way that I have been able to touch lives has touched my life. So it’s really changed my life in that way.

It’s helped me to be bolder. More confident, gosh the fact that I am even here talking with you I think a year ago I would not have done it because I would have been so afraid.

Not to say I’m not afraid now, but I’m doing it!

That’s what blogging has done for me. It’s given me a level of confidence or a level of courage. So even when I’m not confident I still put myself out there I still show up.

How Can People Connect With You Online?

Matthew Loomis: That’s good stuff!

Cylon, where can people find you on social media?

Cylon George: On social media, I can be found on –


Spiritual Living For Busy People dot com

Twitter – My handle is @CylonGeorge

I’m on Twitter I’m on Facebook and that’s where you can find me.

Matthew Loomis: Cylon, it has been a real joy to have you on The Blog Chronicles today.

I mean my breathing is so much more relaxed I’m serious in a way I actually am.

Cylon George: Excellent!

Matthew Loomis: You have a presence about you that is very soothing and enlightening.

So I want to encourage everyone to visit – Spiritual Living For Busy People dot com

Cylon, it’s been great talking with you and I want to have you on again and we’ll talk about your course.

Cylon George: Thank you so much.

I would love it!

Thank you so much for having me and I really hoped that what I’ve shared would be helpful.

So thank you so much for having me and I would love to come back.


The Show Notes

Cylon George – Spiritual Living For Busy People

Cylon George – Kindle Store

George Cylon on Facebook

Cylon George on Twitter

Jon Morrow – Boost Blog Traffic – Smart Blogger

Leo Babauta – Zen Habits

Lori Deschene – Tiny Buddha

Bluehost – Domain Registration

Seth Godin – Go Make Something Happen

Thank’s For Tuning Into This Episode of – The Blog Chronicles.

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I’ll see you next time!

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  1. Mrs. Shari Houston says:    •   3 years

    Wow, this was like writing an article.
    First, I was interested because of the title…How a Spiritual Blog… the word ‘Spiritual’ caught my attention.

    second, Ceylon, you were right, i was turned off, when instead of talking about Yes-hua-Jesus (Yes, I’ve been a Christian for over fifty years before I discovered I’m part Jewish, which explains why I’ve been driven to go to Israel-which did early 80’s-and since then to learn Jewish worship dancing and flagging,study Hebrew language, and get four or five daily reports from Israel with “true news” ), so was uncomfortable when you started talking about Budda and other sources, thinking you were a Christian.

    Yet…something kept me listening and reading along. And I have to honestly say, I’m glad I did, because I heard your sincerity and I was convicted for my judgementalness. (sp?)

    I learned a LOT from you.
    It’s okay to be scared…and do it anyway.
    It’s okay to be a perfectionist and not do it perfectly …and do it anyway.
    It’s okay to be vulnerable, honest, transparent about our inner struggles, because that’s …what readers connect with and relate to.
    It’s okay to not do it right…because there are people out there who need what ea has.
    It’s okay to be too old, overwhelmed, afraid, because never too late to grow.

    Bringing full circle to the conclusion to story, post, life…DO IT!
    Somebody needs me.

    Thank you both Matt for hanging in there with me…and Ceylon…for stretching my horizons,
    vulnerability, and opening my heart to be willing to listen to someone who thinks differently than me…and for challenging me…I’m 72 and running out of time.

    1. Cylon says:    •   3 years

      Dear Shari,

      I really appreciate your comment and your honesty. I’m so glad you decided to keep listening and that you took away so much from my conversation with Matthew – which I thoroughly enjoyed!

      I am encouraged too by your willingness to share your own vulnerability. Every day is precious. We may not be able to change the past but we can change our present and future to step out, be bold, and just DO IT as you said 🙂 I love the phrase you used “Somebody needs me.” So true!

  2. Matthew Loomis says:    •   3 years Author

    Hi Shari,

    I love this comment. 🙂

    Just do it, Shari! 😉 I’m never going to give up on you.

    I like what you said about not judging too quickly…if you take some time to look further into Cylon’s blog and guest posts, I think you will find you have more in common spiritually than you think.

    Shari, keep me posted on your progress,


  3. Sean O'Neill says:    •   3 years

    Thanks for sharing this conversation. It really resonated with me. It is interesting that Cylon mentioned that the thing about blogging he doesn’t like is having to show up every week. I tend to do several blog posts in advance, if I can find the time. Which takes the pressure off for a few weeks – all I have to do is post what I have already written a few weeks back.

    About six months ago I fell off the blogging wagon, for no good reason, and I found it difficult to start up again because I felt I needed to produce some five-star blog post to justify the hiatus. As a New Year’s resolution, I bit the bullet and started up again. So far I’ve consistently posted once a week, and I hope to keep that up.

    I like the idea of Cylon’s blog – kind of a spiritual/self-help hybrid. I’ll definitely check it out!

    1. Cylon says:    •   3 years

      Hey Sean,

      Thanks for sharing your ideas. I’ve actually tried batch writing a number of times – sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn’t. Here’s why it’s been a struggle for me:

      1. It’s hard for me to write a number of fully formed posts in one sitting. I’m a perfectionist as I mentioned in the interview so it takes me a long time to write one post. I’m working on getting better at that.
      2. Even if I did, by the time I was ready to publish one of those posts, my thoughts may have changed on a topic and I might find myself tweaking the post (at best) or rewriting the whole post!
      3. I’m a perfectionist!…lol

      I’m definitely an advocate for batching work but for some reason, as far as blogging goes, it hasn’t worked for me yet.

      But as I mentioned in the interview, having to write every week has benefitted me – though I have on occasion republished older posts (tweaked of course!)

      Thanks again for sharing!

      1. Sean says:    •   3 years

        Thanks for taking the time to reply to me. I will pray that your ministry and blog touch a wide audience!


  4. Charlaine Martin says:    •   3 years

    Thank you for sharing this topic. I am a Christian blogger about health, fitness, and wellness from a biblical perspective. I am right there with Cylon. It does change you. Some of the responses from readers and social media are encouraging, challenging, and sometimes heartbreaking. All in all, seeing God at work through this niche is great!

    I’ve had less success with affiliate marketing, unfortunately. Amazon gave me the boot because my blog didn’t pull the clicks and buys they wanted. Oh, well. I am finding contests, giveaways, and challenges get more attention. I have some plans coming up to promote a program through my blog.

    Great work you’ve got going! Keep helping people from a Kingdom perspective, Cylon!

    1. Cylon says:    •   3 years

      Hi Charlaine,

      Really appreciate your encouragement and all you’re doing to help people from a Kingdom perspective!

      I’m sorry to hear about your affiliate troubles with Amazon. I commend you for not giving up and trying again. I pray your efforts are fruitful so that you’re able to spread your message to the world.

      All the best and blessings to you 🙂

  5. Sue Chehrenegar says:    •   3 years

    I would like to suggest a couple ways that someone might get into the spiritual niche. I once had a blog, which was supposed to promote an anthology. I had written a short story in that anthology. My blog was about the main character in that story.

    The main character was a real person. His father had founded a religion. My story and blog focused on his trip to the United States in 1912.

    I wrote a couple articles for a woman that had a blog about how different religions were acting to help the environment. I attended two talks and wrote about them. I also wrote about a youth group that followed the same faith tradition as the man that had given the two talks.

    One time I was asked to write blog posts for a business that trained people to be life coaches. My exposure to blogging in the spiritual niche really helped. That business was very happy with the blog posts that I wrote for them.

    1. Cylon says:    •   3 years

      Hi Sue,

      That’s great. Yes, fiction writing can be a great way to share spiritual truths. As I was reading your comment, I thought of Paulo Coelho’s “The Alchemist”

      It’s great to that you’ve been able to bring spiritual writing to the business world!

  6. Ryan Biddulph says:    •   3 years

    Hi Matt and Cylon,

    Absolutely sensational guys. And hey AWESOME free giveaway you have Cylon LOL. Love that title 😉 And the breathing tip.

    I figured something out; all blogs are spiritual blogs. Because we are co-creating from the inside-out. Or, through spirit. I may cover blogging tips but God acting through me is doing the creating. Or my spirit creates. Neat how it works out.

    That’s why Cylon offers an invaluable service. Because doing things with love – versus from a place of fear – and forgiving, and blogging compassionately, all these concepts will take you and your blog farther than your mind can imagine. Way farther. Because mind is limited but spirit and love are forever, infinitely flowing beyond the chains of fear.

    As for Buddha or Christ or any enlightened being, all are branches growing from the Tree of God. Jesus would say this. As would Buddha. As would Mohammed (The real Mo; not the one portrayed by the slanted West via media; the one I am learning about here in Qatar, a Muslim country in the Middle East, the one I learned about from my Muslim buddies in Jakarta and Koh Lanta, the one who inspired folks to wake at 5 AM for their morning saleh, as I hear the loud speakers blaring the beautiful prayer daily).

    As for the offense thingee, God is in all of us, in disguise, and God is un-offendable 🙂 Carry on my friend.

    A rocking spiritual blog like Cylon’s helps us see; we are all One. Connected. A spiritual presence, created by the Creator, and the more we extend, versus projecting and dividing, wow is this world becoming more fun, loving and fulfilling.

    OK I can be here until 6 AM if I keep it up LOL, and it’s 2:49 AM as it is. I love this topic.

    Thanks for sharing Matthew and Cylon. You guys are gems.

    Signing off from Doha, Qatar.


    1. Cylon says:    •   3 years


      Wow, wow, wow….

      Thank you for your very kind words! So glad the breathing tip helped you 🙂

      I definitely you’re on to something when you say “all blogs are spiritual blogs.” We’re very good at seeing our differences but we share so much in common.

      This is why I loved college chaplaincy. It allowed me to have amazing and meaningful conversations with people who were very different from me…I always went away amazed at how much we shared on a more fundamental level.

      That’s why I started my blog.

      Thank you again, Ryan for your encouragement and support. And you’re right, Matthew is a gem 🙂 He is an incredible interviewer and really know how to get the heart of the matter. I’m incredibly grateful to be part of this series!

      All the best to you!

  7. Sharil Ann Houston says:    •   3 years

    Amazing responses from all different view points just from being willing to step out and write a response. Showing in things that count, we,re all “Write” on… caring about others. So let,s “Right” on…( no,,, I didn’t,t make a mistake in writing the right English …it is a thpught-provokingjoke?)

  8. Jennifer Carrico says:    •   7 months

    This was incredible!