How to Add Links to Your WordPress Blog

May 31, 2016
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how to add links to your wordpress blog

One of the first things a new blogger who is ready to create content wants to learn is how to add links into their posts.

If you want to add links from your website to other web pages (and you should) this will show you how it’s done.

Also, if you want to link to another website in your sidebar menu, the second half of this post below shows you how.

Adding links makes your content more useful to readers. They will appreciate finding helpful links included in your material, saving them time of having to look things up. Plus this connects you with others online and only makes “The Web” more interconnected–which provides a better service to all!

Let’s get started…

How to Add Links to Your WordPress Blog – Posts/Pages and Sidebars

Adding Links to Posts

(Be sure to login to your blog.)

Although your Blog Posts and Pages are different, putting links on both uses this same process.

Are you in your dashboard? Okay let’s now begin for realz…

Step One: Create a new post or Open a post already existing. The main point is to have your Post Editor open like this:

how to add links to your wordpress blog

Step Two: What you need next is a line of text that you will use for your link. You can type some fresh texts in or highlight a line of text already there. Sometimes you will want to create a unique text that compels the reader to click, or type in a commonly seen phrase like “Click Here”….whatever you do, this is called an Anchor Text. Once your anchor text is ready, you will highlight it with your mouse. Below you can see how I highlighted “Click here to get more information on this eBook offer.”


Step Three: Now find the paperclip icon (circled in red) and click on that. (Located just above the text box where you’re typing.)

how to add links to your wordpress blog

Step Four: Now you should see a pop-up box where you will place in the URL (web address) to the page you want to link with. Remember: You always want the address you are linking to begin with http:// or https://   Here’s what it looks like:

how to add links to your wordpress blog

Step Five: After you put in the link you want linked to, now click the “Apply” button, which is the blue button with the crooked arrow as you see below:

how to add links to your wordpress blog

Step Six: If you are adding a link to an already published post or page, you will now want to click the blue “Update” button like you see here:

how to add links to your wordpress blog


Adding Links to Menus 

Let’s now focus on how to add links to the sidebar menu of your WordPress blog/website.

The side bar is where you commonly see things listed on a site such as links to other blogs (like a “blog roll”), popular posts, recent blog comments, and more.

Here’s an example on what I mean by “side bar” and having links in the side bar menu:

how to add links to your wordpress blog

The above screenshot is the right side bar of Build Your Own Blog, and every arrow is pointing to a link.

Here is how adding links to your sidebar menu gets done…

Step One: Go to Plugins (on the left sidebar of your dashboard), then scroll down to


Step Two: Now type in “link manager” into the search box and click “Enter.”

how to add links to your wordpress blog


Step Three:  The Link Manager plugin should be first in your search results. Click the “Install Now” button:

how to add links to your wordpress blog

Step Four: Next, click Activate Plugin:

how to add links to your wordpress blog

Step Five: Thanks to this plugin you now can find the “Links” item in the left menu of your WordPress dashboard. Navigate to Links then scroll down to “Add New” and click on that.


Step Six: As you can see below, you type in your “anchor text” in the “Name” box and the web address to the page you are linking to in the “Web Address” box.

how to add links to your wordpress blog

Step Seven: Now you can click the blue “Add New” button up and over on the right side:

adding links 13


Step Eight: Your link has now been created. Congrats! Now it’s time to choose where to place this link you just made. To get there, now go to the left side menu of your dashboard and select “Appearance”, then scroll down and click on “Widgets”


Step Nine: You are now on the Widgets page. Widgets are tools to help your WordPress blog run more effectively and efficiently. They are added to the menus of WordPress blogs. On the left side of the Widgets page you can see a list of the available widgets. To the right, you can see the different menu areas of your site. These available menu areas depend on which WordPress Theme you are using. In other words, these change from theme to theme.

Adding a widget requires a simple “drag and drop” by you with your mouse, from the available widgets on the left over to the menu area you want the widget to be visible in.

Since we are adding the “Links” widget now, you will want to drag-and-drop that into the menu area of your choice. In the example below, my theme gives me one sidebar. In the video demo, you can see me drag the Links widget and place it so that it appears underneath the “Recent Posts” widget.


Step Ten: After you place the Links widget into your menu, you can do additional work or if finished click the blue “Save” button found here:

how to add links to your wordpress blog


Step 11: Check out your link now live on your sidebar!


Here’s how to add links to your WordPress blog! (2016 Tutorial for newbies)


Let me know if you have any questions.


Author Bio:

Matthew Kaboomis Loomis is the owner of Build Your Own Blog. Connect with him on Google+ and Twitter

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