How To Create The Perfect Lead Magnet

August 25, 2020
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Offering a run-of-the-mill eBook won’t do for a lead magnet nowadays. Instead, offer an exceptional product that customers would gladly pay for. When subscribers get a precious product for free, there’s a higher chance they’ll buy more from you.  

Read on to find out four ways to develop different types of lead magnets tailored for your blog. Additionally, learn the top three mistakes to avoid at all chances.  

Brainstorm And Research First  

Research is the backbone of any good lead magnet. This is because it helps marketers decode the pain points, needs, and requirements of the audience.  

While most marketers start out with a general understanding of diverse audiences, niche-specific research can reveal differing views of the target audience. If your offer is converting at a rate of less than 1%, it means the audience doesn’t see the value in it.  

By identifying where they see the value, business owners can make customers proactively opt-in. 

Validate Your Audience’s Interests  

The best way to figure out a valuable lead magnet for your customers is to get into their mindsets. First off, you’ll need to know what they like. One way of achieving this is by using Google Webmaster tools to find the articles they’re reading. Moreover, head over to the comment section on the blog and you’ll see what they’re saying. Checking the social shares of blog posts will reveal the posts they’re loving.  

Make a list of your popular blog posts. After chronologically arranging these posts by traffic, you’ll notice the articles that matter the most to your audience.   

For instance, suppose the popular topics on a sewing blog are ‘how to learn sewing fast’ with 8900-page views, and ‘most important sewing tools’ with 7877-page views. The sewing blog owner can offer an eBook on the ‘7-Day Guide To Learn Sewing’ with the article ‘how to learn sewing fast’. Alternatively, a video on using sewing tools with the article ‘most important sewing tools’ also works.   

Spy On Your Competitors  

The above point talked about creating a custom lead magnet for an established site. What do you do if you’re a new site with a limited number of readers? In this case, the best way to find valuable magnets is by curating the content of your top competitors.  

To put things into perspective, a large majority of your target audience is currently buying from your competitor. By analyzing their popular blogs, you can create viable lead magnet ideas for creating a customized offer for your audience.  

Blog owners can start by shortlisting up to 12 competitors. Then, record the three most popular posts and main magnates of each competitor’s blog. After that, shortlist the top five posts and magnets that apply to your target audience.  

The next step isn’t to copy the opponent’s strategy, but to find a gap. This market gap is utilized to create an offer that’s valuable to your audience. To beat the competition, you can even offer ‘intro-level products’ from the shop of your competitor for free.  

Crowdsource Help  

To figure out the perfect offer, start by asking your customers directly about it.  

For example, you can ask your loyal followers to offer feedback on an upcoming post. The best part is that you’ll find good lead magnets in the responses, which you can then add to the original post.   

Whether you need lead magnets for eCommerce or blogging sites, there are many sources of inspiration available to you. A few examples are:  

  • Reddit: Bloggers can head to subreddits to filter out ‘top posts’ and analyze them by relevancy and traffic to find practical lead magnets  
  • Kindle Marketplace: Go to the Kindle Marketplace, click on the relevant category to find niche-specific books popular among your target demographic. Go through its reviews to create a better eBook that addresses the concerns of readers and offer it for free  
  • Udemy: This is where you can find inspiration for making free courses for leads. All you’ll need to do is scan the top-ranking posts in the relevant category  

Common Mistakes With Lead Magnets  

There are numerous ways to create the best lead magnets without errors. Being too vague or obvious won’t attract leads. Even if it converts at first, the leads will most often leave sooner than later. Long eBooks filled with fluff and jargon might inflate its size but will merely seem useless to customers later-on.  

Last, not adding the worth of your free material can make it look useless to the readers. Here’s an example, ‘Get this Facebook marketing course (Worth $599) for free when you register’.   

Bottom Line  

To create an offer that draws-in the leads, you’ll need to research the interests of your target audience. This will help you develop lead magnets that validate their needs and requirements. 

To create uniquely valuable offers, site owners can also take inspiration from competitors and user-generated content platforms like Reddit, Kindle, or Udemy. 

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