Here’s How To Get The Best Reviews For Your Business  

August 19, 2020
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Did you know that over 93% of consumers use online reviews to make purchasing decisions? Today, 83% of buyers distrust advertising. Moreover, 97% of customers easily trust online reviews.  

Reviews are the beating heart of online businesses at present. According to the marketing portal Yotpo, 30,000 sites grew their organic traffic to 8,000 from 5,500 in less than a year with customer reviews.  

If you’re struggling with obtaining reviews, read on to learn four places to get top-quality recommendations.  

Google My Business (GMB)  

The successor to Google Local and Google Places is GMB. Google My Business puts your business on Google Maps, Google Local Search Results, Google’s Knowledge Graph, and several other Google services.   

When it comes to statistics, 90% of search engine requests around the world come from Google. That’s why marketers recommend this free location-based technique for generating customer recommendations.  

If you own an established business, there might already be a GMB listing for it. If that’s the case then all you’ll have to do is claim it. If not, set it up from scratch. Afterward, request remarks from customers by offering a direct link to your GMB. You can also respond and interact with customers to help build trust on this platform.  

Here are some bonus tips to get recommendations for your GMB:  

  • Segment and sort customers based on their interactions, customer journey, and lifecycle. This will help you locate customers who’re expected to commit for long-term  
  • Tie up your GMB link with email marketing campaigns to ask subscribers to leave commentary and inform them it’s easy to do so 
  • Create stepwise directions using infographics or videos to inform customers on how to rate products when you don’t have links   
  • Train staff to proactively request feedback from users, especially from those with a pleasant experience with you  
  • Customize email messages to sound personal when asking for recommendations from customers  

Product Review Websites  

These are third-party sites that examine the features, functionality, costs, pros, and cons of business in detail. It generates genuine referrals without bias or staging. Product review sites work in your favor. For instance, receiving several customer recommendations can boost organic traffic by 25%. Moreover, people who view online appraisals alongside the product have a 58% chance of converting. 

A website that has yet to be reviewed will see an increase of 25% in sales once it gains just 30 recommendations. If the business gains 100 recommendations then it’ll see a 37% increase in sales.  

One of the best places to start on this is Trustpilot since Google imports the star ratings of this platform to search results. Professional third-party review websites often use Schema markup so that your scores are indexed by search engines.  

Business owners can improve a customer’s feelings on the business by joining the conversation on these sites.  

Social Media  

Did you know 77% of customers are ready to offer their opinions online if asked by the company? Have you asked for recommendations yet? If not, social media is the best place to start.  

Facebook is used by billions of users and affects the sales decisions of over 50% of customers today. On the other hand, Twitter recommendations boost purchases by 6.46%.  

Here’s how to use social media to get reviews:  

  • Share reviews first: Instead of asking for recommendations straight away, share the ones you already have by pinning it to the feed or by thanking customers who’ve left comments 
  • Be responsive: It’s important to react and reply to customer’s comments on these platforms because it highlights that you’re socially active  
  • Address problems publicly: Answering comments on social media with ‘please talk to our customer care team’ comes off as suspicious and dishonest. Hence, discuss the resolutions before saying so   

Industry Review Websites  

Another place to get genuine customer feedback is on niche-specific review websites. Since 66% of customers don’t trust review sites they’re not acquainted with, this is a trustworthy option. 

For example, most travelers look for hotel ratings on TripAdvisor. When it comes to healthcare, is a good place to get real referrals. On the other hand, Avvo is perfect for finding lawyers. 

To find these sites, search Google with ‘insert the name of your industry + reviews’ or ‘insert the name of your competitor + reviews’. Additionally, look at local directories to find niche review sites. 

Keep in mind there are plenty of review sites. Don’t flood your customers by asking for reviews on hundreds of these sites in a single mail. Instead, send one link at a time and keep rotating sites.   

Bottom Line  

Reviews are a crucial tool for online businesses because they build trust and convert potential customers. 50% of consumers won’t even take a second look at businesses with less than a 4-star rating.  

If you want genuine customer stories, start sending GMB links. Product review websites give visibility to your star rating, but niche sites are more trustworthy and easier to find. Use social media to attract even more customer appraisals. Above all, be personal with customers and always thank them for reviews. 

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