How to Live Your Legend Through Adventurous Blogging [EP 27 The Blog Chronicles]

March 24, 2017
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Scott Dinsmore was an amazing blogger…

After learning the basics with a few previous blogs, Scott launched a new website called Live Your Legend.

For the first four years, not much happened.

Then suddenly, the seeds he had sown began growing rapidly!

Within a couple of years, he had 100,000 subscribers.

Then tragedy struck…

That’s where my guest comes in…

Chelsea Dinsmore was his devoted wife, who traveled the world with him, and gleaned some of Scott’s business sense along the way apparently…

Because now SHE is the CEO of Live Your Legend dot net.

What happened to Scott? How did Chelsea step into the role of CEO without any prior business experience? Then proceed to take the blog up to 250,000 subscribers?

You’ll have to tune in or read the transcript to find out. 😉

Here are a few things you can expect to find in this amazing story…

–What happened to Scott up on Kilimanjaro while hiking with Chelsea

–What the purpose of Live Your Legend blog is all about

–Did they use any paid advertising to grow?

–How Live Your Legend is helping people reach their dreams around the world

–How blogging has changed Chelsea’s life

–Much more

If you have a question or message for Chelsea Dinsmore, be sure to leave it in the comments. I’ll make sure she see’s it.


Chelsea Dinsmore Interview Transcript

( For those who like to read.)

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Matthew Loomis: Hi Chelsea.

Welcome to the Show!

Chelsea Dinsmore: Thank you so much for having me Matt.

It’s my pleasure to be here!

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Can You Tell Us What You Did After the Tragic Death of Your Husband, Scott Dinsmore?

Matthew Loomis: Alright!

Today, we’re going to focus on your blog that’s called Live Your Legend Dot Net.

Now, the story behind this website is pretty amazing and I would like to first start at the crux of your journey.

You and your husband Scott were in the midst of building this fast-growing and exciting online community.

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Then you suddenly faced a tragedy one morning on the top of a mountain and I would like to start there if that’s okay with you?

Chelsea Dinsmore: Yeah, absolutely.

Scott had built Live Your Legend with me sort of an unofficial partner.

Being married to an entrepreneur you are a support system whether you realise it or not. We co-created Live Your Legend over a course of about eight years.

We had been dating for quite some time and we had a decade-long dream of travelling around the world for a year. So January 2015 we sold everything we owned, packed our lives into two backpacks and took off on a trip.

Nightmare: Dinsmore was realizing a lifelong dream when he began his ascent of Kilimanjaro, but the dream became a nightmare

 Then eight months into that trip we were climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

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It was day six of an eight-day trek so it was summit day and unfortunately, there was just a complete freak accident where there was a rock slide and unfortunately Scott did not make it.


That obviously shook me up personally and I actually remember as I was walking down the mountain thinking – ”Oh my gosh what on earth am I going to do with Live Your Legend?” Like I said I wasn’t originally officially involved.

That was a year ago and I decided to jump head first into taking over the business and that’s what I’ve been doing the last year alongside obviously processing my own personal loss.

Matthew Loomis: You did a great talk on World Domination Summit.

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I saw that earlier today, so if anyone who is listening would like to hear more about this part of her personal story and how Chelsea has been overcoming this and grieving and dealing with this.

What’s the name of the talk?

Chelsea Dinsmore: There wasn’t actually a title.

It’s not like a TED Talk or anything.

So it’s World Domination Summit.

It’s on Live Your Legend. It’s also on Chris Guillebeau’s site. If you just Google World Domination Summit – Chelsea Dinsmore it will come up.

Thank you and thank you for watching it.

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How Long Were You and Scott Together?

Matthew Loomis: Absolutely. Great!

How long did you say you were married?

Chelsea Dinsmore: We were married for five years.

We had just celebrated our five year wedding anniversary.

Last dispatch: A dispatch from Turkey along with a photo of the Dinsmores read: 'Onward to Tanzania and then Off The Grid as we head up Mt. Kilimanjaro. #DinsmoreWorldTour.'

I had actually met him in college so we had been dating since I was nineteen years old. We dated for about thirteen years and married for five.

You Were There From the Beginning of Scott’s Blogging

Matthew Loomis: So you knew Scott from his earliest time blogging.

Even before Live Your Legend Dot Net?

Chelsea Dinsmore: Oh my gosh.

I actually was with Scott. We were on a kayak I remember on Lake Tahoe together when he got the idea for his very first blog.

Image result for Images of Lake Tahoe Kayaking

So I was there from literally stage one.

What Is the Purpose of the Live Your Legend Blog?

Matthew Loomis: That’s cool!

Let’s talk about Live Your Legend Dot Net.

Can you tell us, Chelsea, what the purpose of this blog is?

Chelsea Dinsmore: The purpose of Live Your Legend is to help people find and do more meaningful work.

Image result for Images of Live Your Legend Logo

I think a lot of people especially in the United States know that most people are really miserable with their jobs you know they go to work every day.

There’s a huge majority of people who go to work every day and wait for the weekend and wait for their two-week vacation and that’s what life is all about.

Live Your Legend is a platform and a community and has tonnes of resources that not only show you that it’s possible to make a living from doing work you love.

So there is that hope and inspiration that’s part of it.

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If you don’t believe something’s possible you’re not going to go for it anyway. So that’s sort of the first step just realising that there are a lot of people out there doing this stuff.

From there as I mentioned we have both free tools and paid courses that take you step by step along the process that we know and that we have proven with thousands and thousands of people that take you from where you are currently.

Everyone’s at a different stage to taking you down that journey of either creating a business or a career doing work that you love.

Matthew Loomis: I know that is a huge problem in the United States.

Do you find that to be the case around the world as well?

Chelsea Dinsmore: Well, what is really fascinating is every country in the world uses our tools.

We have in-person meetup groups called the Live Your Legend Local that get together in about seventy-five countries around the world.

Image result for Images of Live Your Legend Logo

I’ve been lucky enough to go and meet in person with these people everywhere from Nairobi to Canada. I was just in Auckland New Zealand and did a meetup group.

What really is amazing to me is that no matter where you go there are people that really want to just live life purposefully and intentionally.

Because we spend so much time at work that’s a really great place to start acting out with our intention if that makes sense.

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Matthew Loomis: Right, where they’re at?

Chelsea Dinsmore: Exactly.

It’s been interesting and fascinating to me to know that I get an email  from somebody in Mongolia and I’m like ”my goodness!” You know this is just solely catered to the U.S  or a place like Australia or something.

Really it’s unbelievable that we have meetup groups that literally get together all around the world. All different cultures, religion, backgrounds, upbringing, everything.

Tell Us More About Your Free Tools and Courses

Matthew Loomis: That’s fantastic.

What are a few of the resources that you offer? You said free and paid both.

Chelsea Dinsmore: Yes. We have a series of courses.

Live Your Legend is really based off of four pillars.

Scott when he started – Live Your Legend he went on a decade-long research study of trying to understand that there are certain people who wake up every day and love what they do. And then there are people who don’t.

So there is this subset of people who do love their jobs, what have they done differently?

Literally. I mean he just met with hundreds of people and did so many interviews and case studies and all this stuff.

And he came up with four real pillars that we call at Live Your Legend that separate people who love what they do versus the people that don’t.

We actually have a course catered to every single one of those pillars.

Image result for Images for Live Your Legend Blog Logo

One is becoming a self-expert knowing what you’re good at. What your passions are where your talents lie. All of that stuff.

The second is surrounding yourself with people who make it possible. So one of the free tools that we have is the community groups that I mentioned. We also have a complete course around connecting with people.

Another step is proving to yourself that you can do things that you didn’t think that you could do. We have a course called – Live Off Your Passion.

So we have courses that line up with each and every one of the pillars.

Like I said we’ve got our free meetup groups. We also have workbooks and tonnes (if you have ever visited Live Your Legend) I mean the amount of information available on the website just through our articles and popular posts and things like that.

I mean you could spend a year alone just reading that much information because Scott blogged every single week for five years.

So there’s a lot of free information on there.

Have You Kept Up the Trend As Far As Weekly Posts?

Matthew Loomis: There appears to be a lot of great information there.

Have you carried the baton as far as weekly posts?

Chelsea Dinsmore: Yeah.

Actually, every single week in 2016. Actually every single week since his passing.

We published a blog post in 2017. Just at the beginning of this year a few weeks ago. We are switching things up a little bit in terms of how we’re delivering content. So we haven’t been posting every week but it’s literally just been the past two or three weeks that that’s been the case.

What Year Did Live Your Legend Blog Begin?

Matthew Loomis: Very good.

So your website began as a typical blog by your late husband Scott.

What year did this begin?

Chelsea Dinsmore: Living Legend actually began (as I mentioned on the kayak that I was talking about)

We were kayaking on Lake Tahoe and Scott knew nothing about the internet or code or anything like that. He had read a book that told him that he could start a website. This is way before he even knew what a blog was.

This must of been I think, 2008.

He read a book that said ”hey you can make a website without knowing code” and so he said ”I’m going to do that, that sounds cool.”

We were on the kayak and he’s like ”well what should I do it about Chelsea?” I said ”well you read a lot of books what if you just reviewed books?” Books that you read and you pick the highlights and then if people want to learn about what book to read around certain topics they can do that.

His first blog per se like I said, he didn’t even know it was a blog a the time that was called – Reading For Your Success.

Reading For Your Success is actually what became – Live Your Legend. Scott then started making it more about career stuff and what to do when you are unsure or unhappy where you are.

21 Days to Discover Your Passion

Then it was about 2010 I believe that it officially became branded as Live Your Legend but he had been blogging on the topic for literally four years before it ever became Live Your Legend. Then once it became Live Your Legend shortly after he did his TED Talk and that to date has eight million views.

So that’s really when the spiral of Live Your Legend sort of began was right around the 2011-2012 time frame.

What Inspired the Name for Your Website Live Your Legend?

Matthew Loomis: Is there a story behind the name Live Your Legend.

How did you decide on that?

Chelsea Dinsmore: Oh yes.

If anyone listening had ever met Scott would know that he didn’t just kind of do things on a whim.

He tended to very thoroughly think through things. I totally remember the process of him trying to come up with the name. The original name that he actually thought he was going to name the site was called – Epic Existence.

He went on a fishing trip he and his father would go. They loved to fly fish and they would go out to these remote places in Russia or Alaska wherever and just totally be in nature. One of the books that Scott read every time he would go on a fishing trip with his father was The Alchemist.

In The Alchemist if anyone has read it talks about basically finding your personal legend.

Image result for Images of the book THE ALCHEMIST

Your personal legend is really just your mark on the world.

It was probably after the fifth time that he had read that book and I recall him coming back from a fishing trip with his dad and he said ” Chelsea I got the name I got the name!” That was really how it came.

I actually have The Alchemist sitting next to my bed right now I read it every single year too. It’s really just got the mission or the message in the book ties in so perfectly with the mission behind live your legend.

So it’s always good to come back to that foundational place of where we really started.

Matthew Loomis: To my left, I have a tonne of self-help books and motivational books and things.

And that is one book I have not read yet and I need to do that.

Chelsea Dinsmore: Oh Matt.You’ve got to read it!

Scott read it every year and probably read it eight times.

I have read it every single year since 2014. Literally, every time I read it I get a little bit of a different nugget or some sort of an epiphany that’s different from the last time I read it. Even though we both had read it so many times.

So I would move it to the top of your list although I am a little biased.

Matthew Loomis: Consider it done.

Chelsea Dinsmore: Sounds good.

Matthew Loomis: It’s going to go on my Goodreads list and I’ll be using audible for that.

Chelsea Dinsmore: Nice.

Once You Got Going With Live Your Legend How Quickly Did Things Escalate?

Matthew Loomis: Once you got that started (Live Your Legend Dot Net)

How quickly did this thing grow?

Chelsea Dinsmore: Scott tells a lot about the story in the TED Talks that he gave.

He basically believed that Live Your Legend had pretty much zero growth for the first four years that it was in existence.

Like I mentioned that was when it was branded as Reading For Your Success but it was really just me and his parents and a few friends following along.

Then what really changed things for him was we got engaged at that time. We were doing long distance and he moved up to San Francisco which is where I was living and it was at that same time that he started to be surrounded by people that were making a living from this lifestyle that we got to know Leo Babauta from Zen Habits.

Image result for images for Zen Habits Logo

And Corbett Barr who was running Shrink Traffic at the time but now runs Fizzle. It was that really, that shifted Scott’s mindset because he felt like he was out off on his own dreaming up this wild and crazy dream that he was going to make some business on some website.Image result for images for Corbett Barr Fizzle Logo

Image result for images for Fizzle Logo

And then he met people that were actually doing it and not just doing it. Leo has a family of six kids and a wife and he moved to San Francisco from Guam and was able to do that through his blog.

So Scott was like ”my god.” His eyes just opened to this new world. You know Tim Ferris is in San Francisco and Scott had read The Four Hour Work Week.

Image result for images for Tim Ferris Logo

So it was really his mind started to open to the idea that things were possible. I swear as soon as that happened he started hanging out with those people as much as he possibly could.

He was just a sponge at getting information off of their early days and how they started and what they did. Then he just went.

I mean this idea of overnight success is such a joke.

Pitching to the people before they’re successful like Leo for example of Zen Habits he guest blogged seven days a week before Zen Habits was Zen Habits.

That’s what Scott did so when Live Your Legend was just beginning Scott was working like a mad man. He was writing articles for other places as well as articles for Living Legend. He was just putting himself out there he was applying for competitions doing all this stuff to just get himself out there.

Then like I said it started to gain some traction. Then after he did the TED Talk that I mentioned that put some fuel onto the fire as well. That was an easily digestible way for people to understand what Live Your Legend was about in a matter of seventeen minutes.

That got shared around and I’ve heard people say that hearing that talk was really where they started to get that hope and that inspiration that there’s a different way.

That’s how it all began, I wouldn’t say nothing happens overnight but there was rapid growth and I think it was alongside a lot of hard work.

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How Long Did It Take Live Your Legend To Really Take Off?

Matthew Loomis: I’ll have to link to Scott’s TED Talk in The Show Notes.

I will be linking to everything that we bring up today in The Show Notes.

It sounds like there was a four year period where he was going to find out what he was going to do through trial and error. It sounds like the rebranding though was a significant change.

Did it really start to take off then or was there another slower period?

Chelsea Dinsmore: It is sort of – What really came first the chicken or the egg thing?

I’m glad you brought up that four-year period because some people say ”oh my gosh what I’m doing hasn’t done anything in two years!” But I know that Scott taught this and I was able to see it literally sitting there with him. What that four year period really did was it gave him such experience.

He wasn’t a writer and he got experience writing and he got experience doing things on the internet doing things on the web. Doing guest posts things like that.

So I actually think that period where it apparently seemed that there was no growth was some of the most important work that he actually did because it really built a strong foundation.

Then the reason that he rebranded was because it started getting some traction. I can’t remember exactly the amount of followers he had at the time that he rebranded. I remember throwing him a four thousand subscriber party at one point. I know that it was still Reading For Your Success at that time.

I want to just say that he was probably between five and ten thousand subscribers when he decided to rebrand as Live Your Legend. The reason for that was it brought a little bit more focus he wasn’t doing the book reviews anymore and the name didn’t really make sense so he was like ”I really want to take this thing seriously.”

It was a side project in the beginning and when he ended up with Living Your Legend he was like ”you know what, focus, is the key to the world I’m going to go all in on this thing.”

It was a little bit that he started to see some growth that made him want to rebrand but then I think Live Your Legend became a succinct message instead of a book review, then an article about when we were travelling in Thailand.

It was really all over the placed before and then it honed in on a singular message in focus.

Did You Ever Need To Do Any Kind of Advertising To Market Your Website?

Matthew Loomis: Were you using any forms of paid advertising to market the site?

Chelsea Dinsmore: No.

Scott never did any sort of paid advertising.

We have played around with Facebook Ads literally in a matter of the last few weeks. Other than that we have never had any advertising on the website. We’ve never done any sort of paid advertising.

It’s really all been through word-of-mouth or through the TED Talk or like I said through the work that Scott was doing, doing guest posts or interviews or things like that.

Matthew Loomis: I can imagine that a TED Talk would be a nice way to promote something.

Chelsea Dinsmore: Yeah.

What Niche Best Describes Live Your Legend?

Matthew Loomis: What niche would you say your blog fits in?

Chelsea Dinsmore: I would out it under the personal development umbrella for sure.

If you wanted to hone in a little deeper into that it would probably be career development.

Or career finding or career discovery, something along those lines.

Image result for Images for Live Your Legend Blog Logo

Where Does Travelling Fit Into Your Niche?

Matthew Loomis: Is the whole travel thing sort of the icing on the cake.

Or is that an important part of your whole mindset?

Chelsea Dinsmore: I think it is an important part of it.

We’re not telling people that they have to go out and travel.

It’s always been a big part of me and Scott’s life. We are firm believers well he was and I am a firm believer that travel is some of the best education that you can get.

Part of that really is where Scott’s mindset shifted to this idea of Living Your Legend was when he was living out in Spain. He kind of just saw the difference of the rat race of focus on money money money.

We are kind of in a way trained in America to this idea of life is meant to be lived. Get your means and then go from there because that’s just a little bit more how they live in Spain.

So he would tell a lot of personal stories and a lot of that came from the travels that we did. You just see how many ways people exist in the world. When you can realise that you’re not narrowed into this little bubble of existence that you might be taught is the one way to live.

It just really opens up your mind and the possibilities they fit hand-in-hand we encourage like I said travel for perspective but we’re not saying ”okay requirement to Live Your Legend is that you have to travel.”

It was a huge part of me and Scott’s life as we were married and still a huge part of my life today.

Image result for Images for Live Your Legend Blog Logo

Can You Give Us An Assessment Of How Live Your Legend Community Has Expanded?

Matthew Loomis: That makes sense.

I think travelling is very mind-expanding for sure.

How big is the Live Your Legend Community today can you give us an estimation?

Chelsea Dinsmore: Yeah!

To date, we have over 250,000 email subscribers.

Image result for Images for Live Your Legend Blog Logo

But then gain as I mentioned the in-person communities. That’s a little bit harder to measure because like I said it’s a totally free tool and I have been so lucky to go and visit these groups in fifteen plus countries around the world. Sometimes people pop into a meeting but they’re not actually an email subscriber. So those numbers of in-person reaches of Live Your Legend is a little bit tougher.

We have captured X amount of emails. We know that Scotts TED Talk has had  X amount of views but the idea really is that those are measurable things and they’re great to have. But the impact that someone has is really what we’re after in the sense that when you start to do something that matters to you it ripples out to the people that are around you.

So to me, the immeasurable metric is actually the important one.

It’s the people that are out there every day striving to do something that matters to them and then the people that, that impacts around them. That is to me the most important metric, that one right there. I can’t really measure that.

Image result for Images of Scott and Chelsea Dinsmore

Can You Give Us An Example Of How Live Your Legend Is Really Impacting On Peoples Lives?

Matthew Loomis: Chelsea, give us a story of one person that has been impacted by Live Your Legend.

Chelsea Dinsmore: Oh my gosh. WOW!

There’s so many!

But since I am actually in Australia right now and two of the people that actually have worked part time for Live Your Legend are here in Australia as well. They were the first people to take Scott’s Connect with Anyone’s course.

This was before the Live Your Legend Local Groups existed. What they really were looking for was like-minded people they were saying I want to connect with people who don’t just want to sit behind a cubicle … Was a police officer and Leah was working in public relations.

So they both joined this course and they both got put into a mastermind together through the course. By the end of the course, they had decided that they were going to go into business together. They stayed in their current careers for a limited time but they eventually left those careers.

Not only did they work part time for Live Your Legend but now they run a successful business here out of Australia. It’s a virtual business but they run it from Australia they live in two different cities. They are both mums and they get to live the life that they want and they help people build hyper-engaged communities is what they focus on. It’s called the connection effect.

They both went from the standard position and now they both have shared their stories on Live Your Legend. Now as they commute an hour each way to work on the train and then go to a job. Yeah, she’s a police officer that’s not an unsuccessful position but it just didn’t fill her.

She just felt like there is something more. Today they just get to spend their time not only being mums and being with their kids but also having this business and just living out their passions.

That’s one of the classic success stories of Live Your Legend.

But as I’ve mentioned we have thousands and thousands of people take our courses and there are just amazing and beautiful stories that have come out of it.

Image result for Images for Live Your Legend community Logo

What Essentials Are Needed in Building a Flourishing Online Community?

Matthew Loomis: I’m sure there is.

Chelsea, what are the keys to building an online thriving community like you’ve done? I mean not just a community but one that’s not just huge but seems to have a lot of passionate people. There’s just a lot of good energy and a good vibe flowing through this community.

How do you do that?

Chelsea Dinsmore: Well you know I think it really comes down to a couple of things, to be honest.

And it’s so hard today because via the internet we are just so inundated with so much information.

There is so much noise out there that it’s very hard to hear anything, right. I think that one of the things that Scott did so well he was always led with adding value.

So when he was deciding with let’s say some paid advertising opportunity (I personally don’t have anything against paid advertising) But Scott, the way that he would think about it and the way we would continue to value these decisions and continue to make these decisions that Live Your Legend is – How is this going to add value?

Is this going to add value to my pocket only or is this somehow going to help my community?

And so Scott always led with that like ”is this going to help my community?” And if didn’t then we wouldn’t do it. Like we only do very very few affiliates at Live Your Legend. We get approached all the time with partnerships and affiliates and things that could bring in extra coins.

We only take things that we have personally done and vetted and can vouch for.

Because we can’t be authentic otherwise. If I’m going to promote something that I’ve never used that’s not going to be authentic to my community.

It comes from that place of always asking that question like – How is this helping, what problem is this solving? How am I adding value to these people that are out there? So that’s the first step.

I think the second step that I just touched on already is the idea of authenticity. We don’t have it all figured out, Scott didn’t have it all figured out. He wasn’t a guru he wasn’t perfect. He experimented he tested he failed he succeeded. I think it was about really cheering all of it.

Image result for Images for Live Your Legend community Logo

Like sharing the stuff that went wrong as well as the stuff that went right.

I was put in a very vulnerable place last year taking on the face of the business because I was personally going through such a tremendous loss in my life. In every single one of my blog posts, I did my very best to just put my heart out there and say like ”you know what this is a realisation that I had or I learned about living with intention or purpose.” And I don’t have it all figured out I’m still learning I’m still processing.

I think that so many people try to be the educator instead of the remaining the student of life. I think a different energy comes about when you’re not preaching information but you’re actually just sharing your story. People really see the real side of life there are hardships there are bumps but along side of that, there’s also wins and celebrations.

Matthew Loomis: That is really good stuff.

Chelsea, you mentioned taking on the face of the business.

I think that’s one of the most amazing points to your story is the fact that before Scott passed away you had no previous experience running a business, is that right?

Chelsea Dinsmore: No not at all.

I actually had attempted to start a food blog at one point.

And I did but I was like no no no no I actually don’t like this entrepreneur thing. I like the employee thing. So I self-decided that I didn’t want to run my own business. And then I ended up running a business.

How Exactly Were You Able To Cope With Taking Over Live Your Legend After Scott’s Passing?

Matthew Loomis: I just think that’s amazing and fascinating.

Chelsea, you said that you had to take on the face of the business when Scott passed away.

You said you didn’t have any previous experience running a business?

Chelsea Dinsmore: Definitely not.

Matthew Loomis: How has that transition been for you?

Chelsea Dinsmore:  You know it’s interesting.

I actually did not think that I was going to take over Live Your Legend.

I did not think that I was capable of doing so, to be honest. That’s one of the beautiful things that I have realised in life is that when you have a strong enough reason to do something you’ll figure it out.

Image result for Images for Live Your Legend Blog Logo

It was actually the first thing I wrote for Live Your Legend was in response to just a massive influx of love that I received from the community.

At the time I think the community was 100.000 email subscribers. When I returned home from Africa I just had message after message. I felt compelled to give back and let these people just hear from me because they were all concerned about how I was doing and so I wrote a message to the community.

They were so excited to hear from me. Then I wrote another one and I wrote another one and at the end of 2016, I think I had written twenty plus blog posts.

I think that was really how it all came together. At the end of the day, the reason why I did it was because I wanted to continue to give to this community that was giving Scott so much love and me so much love. Also, I had this realisation that Scott’s mission and his message was so much more powerful than one man.

Image result for Images for Live Your Legend Blog Logo

He actually built it that way that’s why this community was such a key foundation of Live Your Legend because it wasn’t just about him. That’s the reason I had the ”why” behind taking this massive leap and diving into so much uncertainty and so much unknown.

Facing so many failures after failures is because his message and mission can continue to reach people without his physical presence here on this honest planet.

So that’s the reason why I did it and I dove in super head first last year and it gave me a lot of fulfilment and purpose last year. I have since brought on some help just because now that I’m entering a new year I’ve kind of evolved and I’m in a place where I need a little more help on the business side of things.

I think that makes sense and sometimes that’s a little bit hard for me to admit that but at the end of the day, I think my ”why” is still the same. My ”why” is to get this mission into people’s hands and whatever is going to get me to do that, that takes my ego aside.

Some days I wish I could do it all by myself because that’s what Scott was doing (well never by himself, he had a team and what not) but I have to continue to come back to that ”why” of what my purpose behind Live Your Legend is.

It’s just to have this message reach people. However we’re going to do that, we’re going to do that and it will continue to evolve in that way.

Matthew Loomis: When you started blogging.

Did you ever see yourself before that time as a writer?

Chelsea Dinsmore: No. No. Not at all.

Matthew Loomis: Not at all?

Chelsea Dinsmore: Definitely would have never considered myself a writer.

I had thankfully built up some skills on the internet and social space.

My previous job, I ran social media for the company and in that, I did a little bit of ghost writing where I knew my boss really well. I would sometimes write a ghost article for her and then she would make her own little tweaks.

But also that didn’t feel like writing per se because it was a fitness company I knew the ins and outs, the methodology that we were teaching. I knew Jill’s voice and her humour and all that stuff so to me it felt like a very casual thing to do.

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But now that I look back that did give me some skills of understanding how to story tell and share things in a way that people might be able to understand. Still when I wrote that first thing I never ever called myself a writer and even using those words today sounds sort of strange even though I did spend the entire last year writing.

Matthew Loomis: Do you have a how-to writing book that you like?

Chelsea Dinsmore: No.

My how-to is literally, be as authentic as possible.

I think that’s the thing. If you are authentic and you’re vulnerable the best way to connect is to make people feel. If people can feel your genuineness or your authenticity or your stories. Then you’re connecting to them. Maybe you have the comma’s in the wrong place or it’s not exactly structured in the way that it’s meant to be.

I think the best thing that you can do is touch people. The best way to touch people is to really be you and let your voice shine. We each have a really unique and individual voice and I think the more that we can own that without rules or perfection then it will reach somebody. It might not reach everybody but it will reach somebody.

How Would You Describe Your Unique Writing Style?

Matthew Loomis: I totally agree with you about the unique voice that we all have.

It sounds to me like you basically write like you talk.

Is that how you would describe it?

Chelsea Dinsmore: Yea. Definitely.

I do. I have no structure other than what I’ve done.

Kind of introducing an idea or a topic and that was I really tried to do. What I tried to do last year in my blog post was take complex things and distill them down into simple actionable items.

So that was always my outcome of my blog post.

Let’s say that I was talking about discomfort or fear or something along those lines. How do I translate an experience that I had in some takeaways or action items or whatever that people can do literally walking away from reading this blog post and utilise that right away.

I guess in a way there was a structure in a sense that it was sharing an experience and then distilling that down into a way that people could use that experience in their own lives. So I guess there is some sort of a structure but I guess I kind of do it like I talk.

Matthew Loomis: That’s a great way to start. I think for any new blogger.

That’s good stuff.

Chelsea Dinsmore: Well, the thing is we encourage people on Live Your Legend to start blogs.

We believe that’s one of the best self-discovery tools that there are.

You start to learn what you like and what you don’t like. What you enjoy writing about and what you don’t enjoy writing about. And when you start to do that that’s when you also start to get feedback. Like people will say ”oh my gosh this sentence totally resonated with me I never thought of something that way.”

So it’s really in that feedback where you start to get the information of how unique your voice is and how you’re able to help people. So I think that taking this imperfect action of just putting yourself out there and testing and trialling and failing a lot and then seeing those nuggets that stick.

That is really the best way to do it in our opinion on Live Your Legend.

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How Has Blogging Changed Your Life?

Matthew Loomis: That’s good stuff.

I love how you said that.

How has blogging changed your life?

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Chelsea Dinsmore: It has given me an insane way to process a very complex situation.

I kind of journaled here and there in the past. I think I literally wrote in my journal every single day for the last sixteen months.

It’s writing down what you think or feel, even when you don’t understand it.

I think what it really does is it almost allows you to become an observer of the experience that you’re going through instead of just reacting to it. You say – ”hey this is what happened and this is how it made me feel.” And then suddenly by getting that out of you, you become a bit detached from what happened because you wrote it down.

You’re able to look at it and review it and reflect on it.

The act of writing alone has been one of the therapeutic things that I could have done in this trying circumstance.

And Like I said it also helps you to make sense of things because to learn something yourself is one thing. But to try and share that learning in a way that other people can then possibly apply it to their lives. It takes what you’ve achieved to a completely different level because you suddenly become not only the student but you’re also trying to help teach someone else.

So it helped the process of grief. I could have easily gotten so caught in the weeds. I feel that sharing it through the blog really helped me make sense of a very very complex situation.

Matthew Loomis: It’s very complex.

But it’s also very inspiring and amazing.

It’s a fascinating story.

Have any script writers approached you yet?

Chelsea Dinsmore: No. Not yet.

One of the things that I’m doing out here in Australia and one of the reasons that I … partners on Live Your Legend is I do actually plan to write a book sharing my story.

I’m out here in Australia for a few months to get that creative process underway and give myself the space to do that. I think there is a book in the future. I think there is a Live Your Legend major motion picture somewhere down the road at some point.

Matthew Loomis: Alright!

Chelsea Dinsmore: So gotta dream big, right!

Matthew Loomis: The way you and Scott are I wouldn’t doubt it.

I really could see that coming. That’s awesome.

Chelsea Dinsmore: Thank you.

I have two bucket loads of confidence.

Matthew Loomis: As we wrap up.

Any exciting announcements about the future of Live Your Legend or anything you want to share or that’s coming up down the road?

Chelsea Dinsmore: I had some major strategy sessions about 2017 and beyond as I was bringing on some help at Live Your Legend.

We’re super excited because we have sort of detached from necessarily how it all needs to look and thinking Live Your Legend in a way it is a business at the end of the day. But it also is the way that I feel that I can just continue to share Scott’s message.

Maybe that continues to be through forces and building revenue. Or maybe it becomes a humanitarian effort that ends up at the end of the day being a non-profit.

I really don’t know what the future is going to look like. Like I said what our outcome and our mission is to reach to get this message into people’s hands.

We have some really cool ways that we do plan to do that. I don’t want to reveal too much information. But the U.S dollar is obviously… in terms of the world lives on two U.S dollars a day and of course, $97.00 is not doable for everybody.

So we actually have some really cool things coming up in the future that is going to allow kind of a one-for-one motto. Where one course is purchased another one is given to an underprivileged country.

Just things like that. Like I said, however, we can get this message and this mission into people’s hands. We will evolve the business around that.

So it’s kind of a vague answer because honestly, it’s kind of a vague roadmap right now.

We know that having local people on the ground through our Live Your Legend Local groups is providing people with the support that they need so we are continuing to grow that.

Just sharing the word like I said, I think there is a book in the future. I think there is more sponsorship and scholarship opportunities up ahead and we’re really just after keeping Scott’s light shining.

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Where Can We Follow You and Live Your Legend on Social Media?

Matthew Loomis: I’m very interested in keeping in touch and following along with what you are doing.

If somebody else wants to follow along keep in touch with Live Your Legend or even you personally on social media.

Where can they find you?

Chelsea Dinsmore: You can find Live Your Legend and the story obviously on our website Live Your Legend dot net.

Then I do a lot of my own personal aside from Live Your Legend just travelling and sharing thoughts and things that come into my mind and my travels on my Instagram and my Facebook which is Chelsea Dinsmore.

Most of the things you want to find at Live Your Legend all the free tools all it can be found at Live Your Legend dot net.

Matthew Loomis: Sounds good.

I want to thank you, Chelsea, for coming on The Blog Chronicles today.

It’s been a real pleasure to talk with you.

Chelsea Dinsmore: Well thank you so much for having me it was my treat.

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Thank’s For Tuning Into This Episode of The Blog Chronicles.

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I’ll see you next time!

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