How to Make a Big Foot Print With Your Blog -[EP 10 of The Blog Chronicles]

September 28, 2016


A blogger goes hiking in a Douglas Fir filled forest somewhere in Oregon…

All is serene and relaxing until he hears a weird noise.

He pauses, stops on the trail and listens.

There it is again. A strange clicking sound…

The blogger has heard stories about Big Foot sightings in these parts…

More clicks echo through the tall conifers…

The blogger scans the forest nervously.

Clickety Click Clack Clack Click Click

With a heart rate already at running speed, the blogger takes off down the trail. Gulping in clumps of fog with each breath. Trying not to trip over rocks and roots…running…

“What’s that?”

Ahead, he notices the end of the trail reaching what looks like a back yard…with heavy breaths, the blogger enters the yard and stops.

He spots a red haired man sitting outside on his deck.

The man is wearing Columbia Gear, sipping coffee, and furiously typing on a laptop.

“Hi. I’m David Boozer. What’s your name?” Never looking away from his computer, David continues typing.

The blogger sighs, looks around and laughs. That mysterious sound wasn’t Big Foot. It was this guy named David typing away out here.

Between breaths, the blogger says, “Haven’t I seen you on YouTube or something?”

David stops typing and looks over at the panting blogger standing in his yard.

“You look like you have a story to tell. Do you blog?”

How to Make a Big Foot Print With Your Blog with David Boozer

On this episode of the Blog Chronicles, we journey to the Great Northwest.

David Boozer knows blogging. He’s living the “work-from-home” life in a quaint Oregon town. Creating quality SEO content that gets results from his home office, David enjoys frequent lunches with his children (who are home schooled.)

He helps big brands blog better and provides blog consultations with many upstart online business owners in the early phases of chasing their goals.

If you want to work for yourself as a self employed “independent” or “freelancer”, you’ll enjoy my interview with David. Business owners will become believers too.

Believe in what? Big Foot?

No, not the big hairy dude. (Well, you might end up believing in him too.) What you will find yourself believing in after listening to David Boozer is the power of the blog.

Does Your Blog Leave a Big Foot Print?

Your blog needs to make a big foot print on the internet. If you haven’t started blogging yet, this interview will help you get off to a good start.

Those who have been blogging awhile and still needing help will also benefit using the audio below or reading through the transcript.

Do your online goals seem elusive like Sasquatch? Is the internet life really out there somewhere? Or is it a myth?

Why do some people believe while others never do?

Let’s find out on this episode of The Blog Chronicles…


How to Make a Big Foot Print with Your Blog

David Boozer Interview Transcript

( For those who like to read.)


Matthew Loomis: Hi David.

Welcome to the show!

David Boozer: Well.

Thank you very much, Matthew.

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

So how’s the online lifestyle treating you?

David Boozer: You know.

For the better part of the decade you can, not argue with it at all.


Matthew Loomis: Hahaha…

David Boozer: There are long days.

There are good days, but to tell you the truth having FREEDOM is very much worth the battle.

Matthew Loomis: Absolutely.

Freedom! Awesome!

David Boozer: Yeah.

How Long Have You Been Living The Liberating Online Lifestyle?

Matthew Loomis: So how long have you been living this online lifestyle?

David Boozer: As a matter of fact.

This is my seventh year online.

I got my start back then through an internet marketing training program, that had an affiliate part to it.

I started out just learning there with a good coach and a good mentor for internet marketing.

That was really it. It took me about, four months to get the hang of everything. By the end of those four months, I was working from home.

how to make a big foot print with your blog

You Do Blog Consulting From Home, is That Right?

Matthew Loomis: Wow.

Yeah. So you’re a blog consultant at home, is that right?

David Boozer: Well.

I do basic internet marketing coaching, but for the most part when you start to think about a web-presence online and marketing your website.

Your blog is the center of everything. That is the world and all of the stars and all the other planets that align around it.

That’s just how it is. That blog and that website are just where you want to bring everyone.

Matthew Loomis: So.

Do you like to call yourself a blogger at first?

David Boozer: Yes.

Matthew Loomis: Okay.

David Boozer: Yes.

I really do prefer the term professional blogger.

That and video have become two of my biggest passions online.

I love writing, I love it.

Matthew Loomis: Yeah. Yeah.

And you told me in an e-mail, that you love the video too?

David Boozer: Yes.

Yes. I think video and blogging go hand in hand.

I’m one of those guys that really believes that it’s a really good SEO, you know one, two punch. To have that video in there really personalizes the content itself. I would attribute it, that’s probably a huge part of my conversion rate for subscribers.

Subscribers come because of the videos and the blog posts.

Are You Currently Only Using the YouTube Channel?

Matthew Loomis: That’s sweet!

Now, I know you’re on YouTube.

Are there any other channels you’re using video with?

David Boozer: I used to use Dailymotion a bit.

Dailymotion is a video-sharing website based in France on which users can upload, watch and share videos. It is one of the biggest video platforms in the world, offering a mix of content from users, independent creators and premium partners. Wikipedia

I still do from time to time. It’s kind of a backup place to have videos.

You can actually go there and find some of the older videos I have where… (And I’ll make the really annoying sounds for everybody), but I had this camera that my wife had and it would be like this high pitched humming sound while it was recording these videos for these blog posts back then or these articles.


Matthew Loomis: Hahaha…

David BoozerSo you can see the transition of overtime.

As you gain more knowledge and you get better at your craft.

I left it all up there on Dailymotion.

So You Used To Use Daily Motion?

Matthew Loomis: On Dailymotion?

David Boozer: On Dailymotion.


It’s still out there. It’s still available… So yeah.

YouTube is the channel. I mean, that’s the second largest search engine on the planet.

So you know…

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.


Well. If I can find your Dailymotion page I’ll link to that in the Show Notes.

David Boozer: Hahaha…

It’s in there somewhere. I really don’t go there too often anymore. 🙂

Once in a while I’ll back-up a really good video and throw it up there. Yeah. It’s rare.

Matthew Loomis: That’s been a long time since I’ve heard Dailymotion.

David Boozer: Yes.

How Many Bloggers Have You Helped in Your Career as a Professional Blogger?

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.


So, as a blog consultant, how many bloggers would you say you have helped in your career?

David Boozer: Oh.


Up to this point. You know, I really couldn’t count how many.

There’s just been so many people.

Of course, you know, if somebody screens off… (You know I’ve helped two-thousand people.) You can almost guarantee that five or seven hundred of them succeeded with it.

A lot of people just fall off.  They just do.

They just do.

It’s probably not your fault. It probably has nothing to do with your coaching or mentoring or anything. It’s just sometimes life throws curves and sometimes people don’t know how to hit a curve.

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

David Boozer: Until they learn.

That’s kind of what happens.

I probably would say around the fifteen-hundred mark. Somewhere round about there. I have consulted for two very large companies, to very well know international companies. From a blogging standpoint, one of them actually has my blog training system in their back office.

There is a giant MLM company, of course, it’s in the Fortune 500 one.

Matthew Loomis: Okay.

David Boozer: I liked it.

I liked doing that, it was fun.

I got paid to do it. So…


Matthew Loomis: Yeah 🙂

David Boozer: You can’t go wrong there.

Matthew Loomis: Right.

David Boozer: It was really fun.

Just to put the training together and really get together with that particular community and help you.

how to make a big foot print with your blog

What is the Leading Indicator of a Successful Blog?

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

Pretty interesting.

So based on all the bloggers that you’ve helped over the past seven years. Whether they were solo-preneur or a large brand blog. What have you determined would be the leading indicator of a successful blog? (Or indicators-Plural).

By indicators, I mean what are the early signs that forecast a blog’s future direction?

Both good and bad.

Can you tell us what are the leading indicators of both good and bad blogs?

David Boozer: First off.

I think the leading indicator of a good blog is going to be – ”PERSISTENCE”.

It’s the person that just gets out there and say’s, ”you know what”? ”I’m going to do this”! ”Nothing will stop me, I’m going to create content”!

Even if you’re like me. I was a very poor writer at first.

Thank goodness for Grammarly!


Grammarly is an English language writing-enhanced platform developed by Grammarly, Inc., and launched in 2009. Grammarly’s proofreading and plagiarism-detection resources check for a writer’s adherence to more than 250 grammar rules. Wikipedia

Matthew Loomis: Hahaha…

David Boozer: Today I rely on Grammarly.

At first, the writing was not only horrible.

It was just what it was. I got better at it. I think that’s one of those leading indicators. That people are not afraid to go out and maybe start off and know, this is a little lackluster, but I know I can do better.

Guess what? They keep doing it. And they keep doing it.

I have a guy that I coached, who has a blog out here for network marketing and he’s been doing that for three years now. He finally hit.. I think in 2015 – a seven-figure from a company, you know just blogging away and making videos and blogging. So he generated a huge list and that worked out really well.

He didn’t stop. I mean, he just kept going.

An indicator of failing this is, just not doing that. There’s just no action! It’s like, ”oh my gosh, this is really horrible”! ”I can’t do this”!

You quit before you even started! 🙁

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.


David Boozer: Often.

Blogging and learning to blog and all of this? It’s persistence that pays off.

There’s no magic software. There’s no trick. It’s just- You get in and you do it.

Matthew Loomis: Right.

David Boozer: You do it.

Until you master it!

Matthew Loomis: Right.

David Boozer: But.

You have never mastered blogging. So there’s the whole thing. You have never mastered it.

You just always better it. You’re getting better at your craft.

You Have To Continuously Learn to Adapt to Change.

Matthew Loomis: Right.

Things are always changing so you have to learn new things and begin to adapt.

David Boozer: They are.

The way I used to write, from a less personal standpoint. Today it’s full of cool stories. My own interesting take on things and my own personal humor. Which, can be very rough around the edges from time to time for people.

At the same time, I think it’s that hook.

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

David Boozer: That I have.

So yeah… As far as a leading indicator for a successful blog is, the person that goes out here and…

(that’s my two-year-old, you can hear there in the background, I’ve got five kids altogether) 🙂

Ahhhhhhh… Yeah. So…

So You Have Five Children?

Matthew Loomis: Okay.

Oh. Wow. I didn’t know you had five.

David Boozer: I have five actually.

Five-children. Yeah. And we homeschool. So…

So that lead indicator of success is just persistence with a blog. Blogging success is just all about persistence.

In fact, a good friend of mine taught me that a while back. His name is Ryan Biddulph – From Blogging From Paradise.

One of those brilliant bloggers out there.

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

Ryan’s been on The Blog Chronicles before – Yeah.

David Boozer: Yes.

He’s a good friend of mine and we talk often He told me the same thing. He was like, ”you know what got you here, right”? And I was like, ”persistence”?

He was like, ”that was the ticket”!

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

David Boozer: The only way to fail here is…

No action. No action. That’s it. The only way to fail!

So you want the lead indicator at failing at blogging…  ?


Matthew Loomis: Not doing anything.

Or stopping.

David Boozer: Just not doing anything.

Or stopping.


Matthew Loomis: Okay.


I just published a post called – ”How To Win a Medal In Blogging”.

David Boozer: Yeah.

Matthew Loomis: I said, it takes – ”DESIRE”.

Because desire carries you to persistence.

Through persistence, you know.

David Boozer: Yeah.

Where Does That Desire to be Persistent at Blogging Come From?

Matthew Loomis: So.

Where do you think that desire comes from?

David Boozer: Personally.

I am a believer.

Matthew Loomis: Bill collectors?


David Boozer: Hahaha…

Bill collectors.

Actually, I’m a believer.

I’m a Christian fellow and I believe that this kind of desire, is kind of built into us. This total, oh gosh, how do I say this… ”That is such an interesting realm of discussion”.

Where does that come from?

For me. It comes from the fact, that my father ruined me for employers. He had gone out and started a carpet cleaning business when I was twelve-years-old.

By the time I was thirteen-years-old he stopped working graveyard shifts in a lumber mill in the Pacific North West. He was cleaning carpets for the next twenty-six years.

So I watched him build the business.

I watched him run and manage that business successfully until he passed away a year ago. After that, I got into my twenties and I’m telling you –

”My desire was to be my own boss”!

To work at home and just gain that freedom of time.

Time. Time. Time!

MLM’ers will tell you that. Affiliate marketers. Anyone that is into home based business or working from home or being a freelancer online.

They’ll tell you. ”I want time”!

So that’s what it was, I went through my twenties trying to figure out what to do. While I was canned from eight or nine jobs.

I got fired constantly! My mom was like, ”you can’t keep a job!

Matthew Loomis: Hahaha…

David BoozerI was like.

”Well…. PSS sss SST, the last employer just offered me a quarter raise”!

I was like like,”I told him to keep it”!

Matthew Loomis: Hahaha…

Oh. Wow!

David Boozer: I did.

I told him, why don’t you just keep this thing and give it to charity or something? I mean a quarter isn’t going to change my life.

You Mean, Your Boss Gave You a literal Quarter Raise?

Matthew Loomis: You mean.

A literal quarter?

David Boozer: A literal quarter.


And this was back in the mid-nineties and I was a single dad raising a kid on my own.

Yeah, they offered me that like, ”hey, you got that full 25 cent raise”! I was like, ”what! are you serious”?

Matthew Loomis: Oh.


David Boozer: They thought I looked surprised and happy.

I’m like, ”why would I be surprised and happy, it’s a quarter”?

Like, ”it’s okay, I’ll find something else to do here shortly”.

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

David Boozer: It wasn’t long.

Just a couple of days. I found something else that paid a dollar more an hour and went there. So… Hahaha…

Matthew Loomis: Hahaha…

David Boozer: So, there’s no motivation.

For me, it’s just time. It’s just time with my family. We homeschool. We take off on a Monday to go to the coast and have lunch and come back because I’m only fifteen minutes away.

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

You live in a very beautiful part of America.

David Boozer: Yeah.

I have lived in Hawaii and I have traveled quite extensively around this part of the hemisphere.

But I always came home. This is home where I am here. In the Pacific North West in Southern Oregon.

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

It’s gorgeous! You make me want to go up there when I see your pictures.

David Boozer: Ahhhhhhhhhhh…

It’s beautiful here.

Matter of fact, I take half the pictures that I publish out here. I have pictures on my blogs and stuff like that. I will take pictures.


Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

Closest I’ve been is Northern California.

Need to get up there…

David Boozer: Hey!

That’s Sasquatch territory.

I run a blog for an author for Bigfoot. William Jevning dot com and I run his blog and stuff. Right now we’re working on more material for it. But, that thing probably gets fifteen-hundred hits a day.

Matthew Loomis: That’s fascinating.

That’s always an interesting topic. Wow!

David Boozer: It is.

I built another blog for a guy named Freeman Fly.

Who has a lot of actor friends from Hollywood what he runs, is a conspiracy site and I think that his site is up to nine-thousand hits a day now… I think. He has quite a bunch of followers on this podcast on iTunes.

I think a million a year.

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

David Boozer: But.

He was having a hard time and I think this is why blogging is so important.

He had a hard time getting people to his website because it was just nasty. Ugly. He actually pulled people. He actually went out there and did that whole Ryan Levesque thing.

Where he’s like, ”ASK”!

Matthew Loomis: Hahahaha…

David Boozer: Ask.

Ask, what’s going on.

Well. He asked them and they said, ”your website is just ugly”! ” We don’t want to show it off”!

So, he came to me one day and said. ”I need this fixed”!

Are Conspiracy Niche’s Generally Good Ones?

Matthew Loomis: Since you brought that up.

The whole conspiracy niche. Is that a good niche, a strong niche?

David Boozer: Like I said before.

I’m a believer.

I’m a Christian, I really don’t buy into a lot of crazy stuff out here.

But, if you do and you love that stuff and you are really interested in. I do believe there is conspiracy out here and all that stuff.

I’m a believer in Bigfoot for crying out loud!



So, You Actually Believe In BIGFOOT?

Matthew Loomis: So.

Image result for caricature of bigfoot


You do actually believe?


David Boozer: Well.

That’s best for another interview if we’re going to.

My mother and I actually had an experience. So it’s very…



Matthew Loomis: Oh!

David Boozer: Yeah.

It was really weird. I was about thirteen-years-old.

Very, very weird.

And then twenty years later, same experience about two miles away from the same place. So it was kind of interesting.

Matthew Loomis: Wow! 

David Boozer: Yeah.

Matthew Loomis: We’ll have to do another show with you.


David Boozer: Well.

It’s actually pretty interesting. People love the story, it’s pretty good.

As far as niches are concerned – Conspiracy niches things like that. Somebody was really hit by me the other day because I told him… He was like, ”what are the best niches out there”?

I said, ”find your passion, build on it”!

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

David Boozer: He was just like.

”That was awesome”!

I was like, ”that was a pretty straight forward answer”.


Is Conspiracy a Highly Competitive Niche?

Matthew Loomis: Hahahaha…


David Boozer: Any niche is really popular.

Some people ask me like, ” well what about highly competitive niches like conspiracy”? A conspiracy is actually a highly competitive niche.

Matthew Loomis: That’s what I would think.


David Boozer: Well.

I tell people. ”Guess what”? ”You’re guaranteed traffic”!

Matthew Loomis: Right.

David Boozer: All you have to do is.

Just get out in front of that traffic.

And to pull in a piece of that pie. Or slice a piece of that pie off. It’s really just to get out there in front of it and really to create your own unique brand.

You know, your Google internet marketing coaching number one.

Matthew Loomis: Internet marketing coaching, huh?


David Boozer: Yeah.

How did you do that? How did I pull that off? Well, I just… It was time.

I blogged.

I created a good blog. I used multi-forms with different types of content in there. From imagery to info graphics to video. I went very heavy on video. With audio here and there.

After that, it was just time.

So in my competitive niche, apparently there are almost four million search results for that.

Matthew Loomis: Wow!

That’s a pretty great accomplishment there.

David Boozer: So. Yeah.

As a matter of fact, there was a big-time affiliate marketer in the U.K. He was like, ”hey dude, how did you get that”?

And I was like; ”Patience… Time… and a lot of blogging”!

Matthew Loomis: Right.

David Boozer: If you know your marketplace.

You just spend some time talking about it and helping people.

You’ll get there. Period.

What Could a Blogger Do in Just Thirty Minutes Every Day?

Matthew Loomis: Great stuff David!

So whether it’s blog consulting or Bigfoot.

What are three things that a blogger could do today, in just thirty minutes. That would help them get their blog moving in the right direction?

David Boozer: In thirty minutes?

The first thing that I would do…

I would take that thirty minutes and I would turn it into thirty minutes a day. 

Where you write at least three-hundred and fifty to five hundred words.

Anybody, even a finger-pecker can write three-hundred and fifty words in thirty minutes. If you can write say, three-hundred and fifty words every day for the next three days? Then you’ve got, just shy over in a thousand-word piece of content for this week.

Slap a good video on that thing. Good imagery, link that thing out there. Go out there, share it out and boom, next week… Rinse, repeat.

If you could do that. Just for thirty minutes every day.

Want a secret to a successful blog?

That’s persistence. That’s where persistence comes in. You just keep doing it, over and over. I never cared what people were going to actually think. I didn’t care what people around me thought… ”What’s he trying to do, what he trying to do online”?

I just kept writing. I just kept creating, I just kept going.

So I took my thirty minutes a day. Matter of fact… I actually, what I did when I first started. I woke up an hour extra early every morning. I went to bed an hour later every night for ninety-days.

I wrote I made videos I published and I shared.

Over and over and over.

how to make a big foot print with your blog

How Does One Make Time to Blog Consistently Every Day?

Matthew Loomis: So in today’s busy culture.

How does someone take the time to blog like that?

You just gave us one answer.

David Boozer: You unbusy yourself.

I don’t care how busy the culture is.

Matthew Loomis: Right.

David Boozer: We’re bloggers.

We write. We make the time to write.

You can ask Brian Clark. You can ask Jeff Goins.

You can ask Ryan Biddulph.

Ryan Biddulph would publish a literal eBook of – Three-thousand, five thousand.  Ten thousand words in a day. Because he took the time to do it. He un-busied himself.

I mean what is so busy about our world right now? What is so busy about your world? Somebody looked at me one day and he said, ”Dave, I love what you do, dude, I wish I could do what you do”.  ”I really do, it’s one of my biggest goals in life.

But guess what”? ”I just don’t have the time”.

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.


David BoozerI looked at him and I said, ”exactly”!

That was it. Exactly! Pause for effect.

Hahaha… Well exactly, you don’t have the time. Because you don’t make the time. The world ain’t busier.

It ain’t no busier than in the 80’s or the 90’s, or early 2000.

Matthew Loomis: Right.

David Boozer: I don’t see how the world has become busier.

So busy. That you can’t get your stuff done. That you can’t build your dream.

Un-busy yourself! That’s what I tell people.

Matthew Loomis: That was well said, Mr. Boozer!

David Boozer: Hahaha…

How Much Time Should You Make to Spend on Your Blog?

Matthew Loomis: Hahaha…

So for someone with an online business then.

How much time should they spend on their blog?

David Boozer: Well.

I think I went a little overboard with the hour extra early in the morning, and then the hour in the evening.

But then again, four months. You know a hundred and twenty days later. I actually called up my general agent… I was doing insurance at the time and I was one of their leading

You know a hundred and twenty days later. I actually called up my general agent… I was doing insurance at the time and I was one of their leading salesmen. Oh, what we called ourselves, insurance producers. Here in the Pacific North, I quit. I was like, ”I’m out, later…”.

Oh, what we called ourselves, ”insurance producers”. Here in the Pacific North, I quit. I was like, ”I’m out! Later…”.

That was it. I hung up the phone.

I deleted phone numbers and everything. I was done. I was out of the business.

Matthew Loomis: That was your final step.

David Boozer: That was my final statement.

”I’m out! Later”! I hung up the phone.You should just set time aside. I mean, it could be a half hour a day. Like we were just saying… A half hour a day to write three-hundred and fifty words. Do that every single day for three or four days and on the fifth day, make a video get it embedded, get a featured image on there. Publish it out, share it out.

I mean, it could be a half hour a day.

Like we were just saying… A half hour a day to write three-hundred and fifty words. Do that every single day for three or four days and on the fifth day –

Make a video get it embedded.

Get a featured image on there. Publish it out, share it out!

How Much Time Should a Beginner Blogger Spend Blogging?

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

Well, how much time would you say a beginner should spend.

As far as editing and making sure you know that the grammar is perfect and all that?

David Boozer: I suggest Grammarly.

I really, really do.

It’s kind of a shortcut tool to help you.

Especially, with people like me who still have punctuation and grammar issues. Grammarly is a great tool. If you get it for free, wait for a few days and you’re going to get this huge discount on it.

It went from about one-hundred and forty bucks, to like seventy-six.

So I mean, I got that for a year.

I locked in at seventy-six bucks a year for Grammarly and it was just awesome. That’s what I use as far as that’s concerned.

As far as editing is concerned. Try not to… I’m like Ryan Biddulph… Try not to spend a whole lot of  time editing so much. I just make sure things are spelled right.

Punctuation is there. Grammar’s decent.

For the most part, I do write like I talk. There are people that think that you should and some people are like, ”eh, I don’t know if, that’s something that’s real”.

I believe it’s real I believe it’s true.

Write like you talk. Just make sure your punctuality is decent. And that your spelling is correct, as much as possible.

Matthew Loomis: Right.

David Boozer: Being one-hundred-percent perfect.

In a blog kind of scares me :0

Matthew Loomis: Right.

David Boozer: You know, I love the fact.

That people make mistakes.

I’m not much for edited videos, just give me a good line so I can step out in front of it with a cup of coffee in hand and tell me what I need. I’m good with that.

Matthew Loomis: Okay.

David Boozer: Spending time editing?

Not too much time.

Just spend time reading through it a couple of times. All sounds good. All reads good and Grammarly’s got everything picked up?You’re good to go.

You Don’t Have To Be Perfect When You Start Out Blogging!

Matthew Loomis: I’m glad you brought that up.

That you don’t have to be perfect.

Especially, starting out.

David Boozer:  No!

No. Never.

I used to write on ezine articles.


noun: ezine
  1. a magazine only published in electronic form on a computer network.

You started out online you know about seven years ago, you could get away with a video and a landing page and sign article. I would write little three-hundred and fifty-word articles. And get them ranked on Google like the next day. Yeah, that’s how I got a lot of my traffic at first.

Eventually about a year, a year and a half later I turned to WordPress and I never looked back. I just started messing with WordPress and started blogging. The next thing you know I just got good at WoedPress theme designs, working with theme designs and blogging.

I just got better.

Today. I probably get a few score opt-ins every single day when I wake up.

They’re just there.

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

Good stuff there!

WordPress is awesome! That’s for sure.

David Boozer: Yeah.

Matthew Loomis: So, David.

Now that you’ve been doing this for awhile.

What would you say makes a good content marketing strategy?

David Boozer: Oh!

That is the perfect question.

I love this one.

As a matter of fact in my free video series, I actually have a content marketing strategy that I put people on. We’re talking about content marketing. We’re not just talking about going out and you know trying to buy a bunch of traffic on Facebook or you know, PPC or anything like that.

Pay-per-click (PPC), also called cost per click (CPC), is an internet advertising model used to direct traffic to websites, in which an advertiser pays a publisher (typically a website owner or a network of websites) when the ad is clicked.

I’ve run PPC things.

I’ve got my start actually on SEO for the most part, is doing a lot of SEO work. As far as a perfect content marketing strategy that works overtime. Something that pays off, say after three months, four months, six months. It’s just wonderful is, blogs, video, imagery, share, blasted out!

I have this little five-step process. You write the blog post. You get that topic matter and you write the crod out of it. You just write a great piece of content.

Then you make a video for that on YouTube.

People are like, ”how do you get ranked on Google”? Seventy-five percent of either one or two or both links for a video and a blog post.  I tell them;

”That’s easy just embed the blog”. Pretty common sense!

So I write that blog post. I format it from mobile and there’s some little tricks to the trade for that. Which, are smaller paragraphs. Sub-headings, bullet points.

Whatever you can do to sit there and make things readable. To be easier to consume on mobile. I embed the video underneath the more tag every time so that it’s not sitting there plainly in my blog page. I just think it looks kind of off.

Once they go to that page. They don’t have to scroll if they’re on a desktop or a laptop to see that video. They only have to scroll just a tad bit if they’re on a mobile device of any kind.

That video is there. That video is specific to that particular blog post. I use the same title. I break the title up in the tags and the video. I break down the first three paragraphs in the description of that video.

When I share it on YouTube.

For the social media. I use the fist paragraphs two hashtags in a link. Once that is published to YouTube. I embed that onto the blog post.

I find a really good featured image.

I like to go to places like Boss Fight dot co and  Pixels, I’m actually a contributor there.

I find a really good image there or I take my own pic.

I make sure that my links are on there. Make sure it’s formatted well and got my embed on there. Read through it two or three times. Boom.


Once I’ve published this. I go out and I share to my social media.

I do not use any sort of automated publishing social media tools. There are buttons on my page I just share it from there.

I just make sure I add content where I need to add content. Add a hashtag where I need to add a hashtag.


Do You Share You Content Over and Over Again?

Matthew Loomis: Do you share the same thing.

Multiple times?

David Boozer: I will share it.

To each profile or page.  Once.

Then I will go and share it to say; ”Groups”.

I think one of the best things that you can do real quick is…  Each week, I publish on Mondays. On David Boozer dot com, you’ll always see a blog post on a Monday.

So I’ll publish it on a Monday.

What I’ll do is.  I’ll share to my social media. I will find Facebook groups. I will find three or four Facebook groups.

Share that piece of content there where it matters to a specific group and then by Thursday or Friday, I will go in and find three or four more groups that have everything to do with that subject matter and I will share it there once again.

Not to mention my e-mail blast is out to my e-mail list and then that’s also how that gets shared out.

Not to mention at the end of every one of my blog posts, there’s a nice little polite CTA that says;

”HEY! You got a moment”? ”Could you share this”?

So I have that on there with a little picture of me underneath and a little, ”God Bless”.

If they want to share it, that’s great!

That little tiny marketing strategy has been a firestorm for me. It’s just been awesome. It’s just what it is and I do it every week. Every single week non-stop.

Right now I have content written between now and Christmas. It gets published on Mondays.

How Far in Advance Are You Actually Preparing Your Content?

Matthew Loomis: So.

How far in advance are you writing on the Monday published article?

David Boozer: Usually.

About four months. Is that far too much?

I think I’m going to start cutting that down to maybe sixty days in advance. Maybe two months. Right now I’m writing content and also publishing here and there.

Just because I don’t want to continually add to that.

I think the thing is is that for a few weeks there in May, I started not writing so often for some reason. I was like,”man I’m pretty much caught up ’til October”.

So I was like, ”I can be lazy”! All of a sudden I caught myself in this little like ”lazy spell”. So I was like,”bloggers can’t be lazy”. Hahahaha… You know.

So I kind of woke up from that come June and I kept writing.

I kept scheduling the posts out until December 25th. I’m going to let those play out until about November. Then in November I’ll try to keep up.

Write four blog posts and schedule them out, for you know. I’m just going to keep it about every sixty days.

Sixty days is as far as I think you’d want to go.

Does Your Content Just Stay in WordPress Editor Until You’re Ready to Publish?

Matthew Loomis: So you just leave them in your WordPress editor?

David Boozer: I leave them in WordPress editor.

Ready. Scheduled and there are even videos that I have on YouTube that are unlisted. All I do is… I go in and I make them public and just make them public.

That’s it. Save and then they go live.

How to make a big foot print

Do You Do a YouTube Video With Every Post?

Matthew Loomis: Do you do a video with each of your posts?

David Boozer: Yes.

Ninety-nine percent of my blog posts have video in them.

Matthew Loomis: So is it basically like a visual version.

Of what you wrote?

David Boozer: It’s an exact visual version.

Of what I wrote.

I take them through everything that I wrote in there, from bullet points to if it five tips for new bloggers. The I will walk them through those five tips on my whiteboard.

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

It makes sense.

Aside from reaching more people obviously through YouTube. You find that like helps your readers comprehend the information?

David Boozer: It does.

As a matter of fact, I get more compliments with that when people go, ”you know sometimes I see those onscreen recordings and all that stuff”.

”Today I love the whiteboards because it’s like I’m sitting in a classroom”, ”but it’s a cool classroom and it’s fun at your office”! 🙂

And I go, ”oh that’s nice”! Hahaha…

You know it’s nice to hear and I hear that quite often. They’re just like,”you write it all out on the board and you’re all excited and funny here and there and sometimes you’re not so funny…” I was like,”well, you know…”

People love that. They do. They connect with it.

Is Livestream Video Losing the Former Glory, Do You Think?

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

This is kind of a spontaneous question.

I’ve noticed. You haven’t said anything about Livestream Video.

And I’m noticing around the market place or the social media, a lot of people are… It’s losing it’s luster.

It’s not proving to be an effective tool.

Do you find that, to be true?

David Boozer: You know.

When Blab cut itself off with almost little or no warning really a few days ago… or a week ago.

That was pretty hard for a lot of people.

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

David Boozer: However.

I actually stopped using Blab.

I like Livestream.

Don’t get me wrong and I think Livestream is going to be around for a long time. I think it’s kind of going to be kind of a…

Matthew Loomis: Degree?

David Boozer: I think it will.

I don’t think it will have that kind of effect that people thought it would have.

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

David Boozer: I’m probably on the same fence as you.

It’s awesome and it’s fun and it’s great to interact with people.

But at the same time, it isn’t a way to sit there and go… It’s like a webinar service is…. Hahaha…

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

David Boozer: I can assume personally now.

I’m on Zoom.

I pay for Zoom, I use Zoom. I just do webinars and invite my list to them and I will also invite those on social media.

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

David BoozerSo.

I will publish those out.

I think that’s what people should do. Get on something like Zoom or on Google Hangouts or something like that and just make sure to invite people via your social media and your e-mail list.

Just make sure that you invite them, right. Where there’s a will…

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

David Boozer: Sitting around.

On Livestream all day?

I’m sorry I got five kids!

I ain’t got time to sit on Livestream all day. Besides, sometimes I think you know with all the little video bombers and all those crazy kids, just like being dorks. Hahaha….

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.


David Boozer: Yeah.

I’m such an eighties kid.

Matthew Loomis: Me too!

David Boozer: I just think personally speaking.

I don’t think Livestream ended up being as powerful as it could have been.

I won’t say it should be or whatever, but it could have been.

Matthew Loomis: Apparently.

Not just from my own experience, but a lot of marketers are finding that it doesn’t have a good reply value. Like once it’s done, you know it doesn’t seem to be working.

David Boozer: As a matter of fact.

I noticed that the webinars that I record and then go load to YouTube and put on my blog, get more views faster than any crazy Blab ever did.

Or periscope or anything else.

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

David Boozer: As a matter of fact.

You can optimize that stuff.

You optimize it properly for YouTube, that webinar? It will bring people in there. So most of the time, maybe eighty ninety percent of the time that I actually make a video on YouTube, I end up above the fold on the first page. No matter what the results are.

No matter what the results are… Search results.

Matthew Loomis: Wow!

David Boozer: So.

How does that happen?

I have over four hundred five hundred videos sitting on there. I have multiple YouTube channels. I’ve been around for a while and I embed them on my blog post.

As a matter of fact, my viewer statistics of basically embed… You know you have that little pie chart there that says – embed?

Matthew Loomis: Mmm mm.

David Boozer: That’s probably about forty-percent of my videos.

Are viewed from embed, which means they’re on my blog.

Matthew Loomis: Okay.

David Boozer: That’s the only other place I put it.

Matthew Loomis: Right.

David Boozer: My time on site.

Runs about seven minutes.

Average page views are about 3.7, my bounce rate is about 9.11 % or 9.2.

Matthew Loomis: Yes.

Great. Sweet.

Those are great statistics.

David Boozer: Yeah.

Are You Using Facebook Live?

Matthew Loomis: So.

You’re not using Facebook Live, is that right?

David Boozer: No.

I thought about using it.

But they wanted a little bit more than Zoom and me and my wife are real cheap.

We’re pretty frugal people.

And I can save a few bucks. I like Facebook, but I hate Facebook.


Matthew Loomis: Right.

David Boozer: I don’t live on Facebook.

But I have to be there.

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

David Boozer: Personally speaking.

I like Instagram and Twitter. I really do.

I love Instagram. Instagram is a great place, I just share personal stuff there all the time.

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

Yeah. I like it too.

I need to spend more time on Instagram.

David Boozer: I think us bloggers do.

Bloggers need to spend a lot of time on places like Instagram and Facebook and Twitter.

We need to be sharing our content out there.

But we also need to be living our lives off of, you know our blogs and sharing out that kind of… Just our personalities – Just who we are there.

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

David Boozer: Sometimes I think.

Bloggers can get locked up on a keyboard.

And we think that’s it. It’s just going to be our words. It’s not just our words.

Would you Say That You Are an Extrovert?

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

Would you describe yourself as an extrovert?

David Boozer: Yeah.

I would.

I would love to be one of those introvert bloggers. But I’m not. As much as I try to be.

No, I like to be out and about, I love blogging and being me in the videos.

What Would You Say to Introvert Bloggers That Find Freedom Behind a Keyboard, Rather Than a Camera?

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

What do you say to the introvert blogger, that is maybe more comfortable behind the keyboard, than in front of a camera?

David Boozer: If you’re behind the keyboard.

And it is effective for you? Keep doing what you’re doing.

If it’s not effective and you know you need to be doing something else. Like I’ve got some people on coaching now and they’re very nervous about doing video.

They want to do podcast and I said podcast is great but video really resonates. It really personalizes that information. So here’s the deal.

Before you decide to hide away from video – Try it out first.

Don’t just try it out once or twice like a new blogger starts blogging and then quits.

They’re like,”Oh I’m not getting anywhere, it’s been thirty days”! Get out there and make a video for every blog post for the next ninety days.

Every blog post you publish put a video out there for it.

Matthew Loomis: You can just use your iPhone.

And just do it real quick.

David Boozer: Use your iPhone.

You know what?

I live in a day and age where I have a Selfie-Stick. At first, I wasn’t sure… Do I beat somebody with this?

Or I put a phone into this thing.

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

David Boozer: I’m not incredibly sure yet.


Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

Play baseball with it.

David Boozer: Yeah.


I use this thing. I actually use it and I put up videos with it.

Like on a Friday. (So I didn’t really do it today). But on a Friday… I’ll put out little like two-minute videos. Like for my MLM business or for my coaching business…

And just a little something on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram.

I love it! It gets me out there!

Actually because of being an extrovert, I guess you would say… It actually allows for more people to get to my to blog.

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

David Boozer: So.

I’m going to take that extrovert part of me and make people introvert on my blog. So you know… Hahahaha…

Matthew Loomis: Great!

David Boozer: All I want is to get them.

Getting them to read my blog 🙂

So actually by being out there in living and in marketing off-site as well, brings more people to your site.

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

David BoozerYou’ve got to be out there!

You’ve got to be engaging, you’ve got to be social today.

Even if it’s just a little bit beyond Instagram. If you’re totally an introvert blogger, I’m going to tell you right now. At least show photos of life.

Here and there on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram.

What Really Brings You JOY When You’re Helping Others Online?

Matthew Loomis: David.

You obviously have a passion for teaching people how to succeed at blogging.

Whether they’re extroverts or introverts.

In fact, on your About Me page. You say, quote – ”Helping others build their own unique income-generating web presence, brings me the most joy” – Unquote.

So can you share with us a couple of examples of this. When you felt absolute joy with your results?

David Boozer:  Yeah.

There’s one girl out here.

Doctor Becky Fitness.

She’s really getting into the groove this year.

She started out the end of December the last week of and then she really started getting in around the end of January.

Blogging and stuff like that started bringing in some lists started making some money about two or three months into it. She’s just on the go today and it’s great.

It’s just wonderful to see that.

William Jevning was an author who sat around and he’s a specialist in; Cryptozoology with Bigfoot.


  1. the search for and study of animals whose existence or survival is disputed or unsubstantiated, such as the Loch Ness monster and the yeti.

He was on a very popular podcast, for awhile. Kind of lost out on that because of just differences I guess. He didn’t know what to do after that.

One day I was like, I just decided to reach out to him. I said,”Let me build your website”. ”Let me build your blog”. ‘

‘I’ll put it together, all I want is my name on it”.

Hahaha… I was like,”you have books and you’re brilliant at this”! ”I’m a total believer”.

So I reached out to him. We started that back in January. Today his Facebook page is almost at a thousand followers. He’s about to light up his first live membership podcast and right now we are seeing hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of hits a day to his website.

I think upwards of like fifteen hundred in a day.

It’s just crazy!

He is doing wonderfully. He is doing more and more sales of his books on Amazon.

Another one is a good friend of mine, Frank.  Frank came to me about three years ago

He was running some basic sales funnels from the great minds out there.You know those master guru affiliate marketers.

But he knew he was missing something and he was like,”I think you can fill this void”. So I got him set up with a good sales funnel. E-mail and a good e-mail marketing campaign.

What we did was we added in blog and a video. So we added blog and video marketing to that kind of content marketing diet. As a matter of fact, at the end of 2015 Frank ended up with the seven figure income.

So that was awesome to see. Me I haven’t had that second… Hahaha… So do I want that? For me, it’s really… And I know a lot of people say this and sometimes they don’t mean it.

But in all honesty, it’s not about the money. The money pays my bills. The money gets us out to lunches and pays for books for homeschool. For

For me, it’s just about freedom.

It’s about knowing that after this call right here, it’s Friday and I’m out till Monday. And guess what? On Monday I’ll be done by noon. You know… Hahaha…

For me, that’s what it was all about!

how to make a big foot print

It wasn’t about maximizing profit as much as, it was maximizing other people’s profits.

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

Those are fabulous stories!

David Boozer: Yeah.

I mean because these people have freedom now.

I mean Frank went over to England to speak to the U.K. This rough gruff military guy gets paid to go to England to speak internet marketing.

And then he mentions my name and I’m like,”who am I”?

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

These testimonies remind me once again of my post –”How To Win a Gold Medal Blogging”.

Whereas you see the student achieves more than the coach.

David Boozer: Yeah.


And I think that that should be every blog coaches and internet marketing coaches desire. Is to make sure that, your students you know exceed everything that you’ve ever done.

If you can do that, I mean I’m telling you it feels awesome.

Right now, my good friend that I go to Church with. Troy and his wife, they’re doing MLM. They started a blog and I’ll tell you this right now, she’s going to listen to this. I’m telling you she’s kind of an introvert with this stuff.

She’s just starting to make that move and starting to become an extrovert at this.

And the thing just recently they sold some products to their website and their blog. They actually got some more sign ups to where she’s actually starting to make enough to make mortgage every month.

Within just a few months, that’s awesome!

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

Great. Wow!

David Boozer: I told them.

I was like,”just do it”!

I don’t care how you feel right now. Just do it!

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

David Boozer: You’re writing words.

You’re talking on a video and just smile 🙂 and say what you’ve got to say.

So. That’s it!

How Important is Blogging For the MLM Business Owner Today?

Matthew Loomis: Great.

Great stuff!

So David aside from blog consulting. You have also done some MLM business.

You have mentioned that several times and I want to take a moment to focus on Multi-Level Marketing.

Image result for Multi Level Marketing
Multi-level marketing (MLM) is a controversial marketing strategy in which the sales force is compensated not only for sales they generate but also for the sales of the other salespeople that they recruit.

Multi-level marketing – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Because many people are doing that and I had an MLM business in ’97 to 2001. So for me, it’s been awhile and the internet scene has definitely changed since then.

So today. How important is blogging for the MLM business owner?

David Boozer: Well.

You could sit there and look at a good friend of mine.

Ray Higdon and his wife Jessica and they both have blogs. Without a blog… It’s like Ray said, ”the blog is the hub”. It’s where you bring everybody, it’s where you bring the conversation down from everybody in the world to, to just you and that person.

On YouTube, you’ve got related videos all over the place. Advertising all over the place. So many distractions. You go to Facebook, mom’s little message popped up,”I need more cat food”! (In a woman’s voice) Hahaha…

What do you do?

Matthew Loomis: 🙂

David Boozer: Got to get cat food.

So you drop everything.

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

David Boozer: But.

If you come to my blog and you’re got that video there and they are listening to that video. Scanning and reading some of that content along the way, there’s a conversation starter.

This is where it all starts.

This is where it’s continuing. Where you’ve not only… Have you already built the authority, but now you’re gaining trust. Starting to build trust and rapport. With that potential prospect or lead.

So that blog is a must today.

As a matter of fact, I just started back into MLM myself actually and becoming one of the fastest growing online recruiters in the company’s history and it’s pretty awesome.

People in my group are like,”dude, what are you doing, what are you doing”? And I’m like, ”I got my blog, I got my video on my blog, I got great imagery”. And.

”I’ve got a GREAT message”.

I’m following along with my health and fitness plan because to tell you the truth, the one thing about blogging we all need to watch out for is – WEIGHT GAIN 🙂

Matthew Loomis: 🙂

David Boozer: I went from 165 to 225.

Real fast.

So now I’m actually down to 208.

Feeling really good. So it’s been really awesome.

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

David Boozer: So that’s it.

They asked me what I’m doing.

I’m journaling what I’m doing as far as my weight loss is concerned. At the same time, I’m offering help as far as internet marketing concerned, for MLM.


I don’t care if you’re in my program or not. I don’t care if you partner with me or not. I’m just offering – Here’s what I do. And here’s what I think about these things or whatever it is.

Just offering the information out there.

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

David Boozer: And so.

That does. It gives me leads. It gives me prospects. At the same time it puts me out there. It connects me with these people.

I’m telling you if you’re a blogger… I think every blogger should be in some sort of MLM today as a part of their income stream.

As we look at the economy and how it’s changing. Well, it’s changing even more in favor of the entrepreneur.

The internet gives us that. Our blog gives us that access to monetize it any way that we want. So why not monetize it in multiple streams and include MLM as one of those.

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

David Boozer: People ask me.

What’s the best income stream out here for bloggers?

It’s very rare to find a passive income as far as a blog is concerned. If someone would actually look up the definition for PASSIVE;


  1. accepting or allowing what happens or what others do, without active response or resistance.
    “the women were portrayed as passive victims”

Then start looking at affiliate marketing. You’d find out they are two totally different things. But MLM; Truly residual, truly passive.

Matthew Loomis: Very true.

David Boozer: When it comes to blogging.

You want a passive residual income MLM is the best way to go.

Matthew Loomis: I’ll have to take a closer look.

At MLM again 🙂

David Boozer: Yeah.

It’s better. It’s just better 🙂

Matthew Loomis: Okay.

So what are a few quick tips for the MLM bloggers out there who are listening.

What are a couple of tweaks they can make on their blog right now?

David Boozer: I love Suomi.

Suomi is a great tool.

As a matter of fact, I have talked to Noah, one of the creators there several times on Skype.

As a matter of fact, you remember how it used to cost like a hundred dollars for everything every month?

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

Like the educational stuff as well?


David Boozer: Yeah.

They wanted a hundred dollars a month to grab everything and now it’s like twenty-five dollars a month or twenty and you pay up annually?

Well, he hit a hundred of us. He said,”what would you be willing to pay for this”? I said,”dude I will not pay more that this because I’m cheap”!

That was my answer.

He was like,”you know what Dave, that’s what I’m hearing from everyone else, we’re going to fix this issue”. And the next thing you know we all got new prices.

So I pay twenty dollars a month. I pay up in advance every year. So it’s like a hundred bucks for me you know whatever it is.

So You Use Suomi?

Matthew Loomis: SUOMI?

David Boozer: SUOMI.

You know Suomi increased my opt-in rate, by somewhere between 17 and 18 percent.

Almost overnight. I mean it was sick! When you go to my website, you’ll see that there’s a welcome mat. That welcome mat works. It works wonders.

I’ve got a nice little pop-up, I also have an image share.

If you hover over the images in my blog posts, on either my dot me or my dot com site. You’ll see there’s a little thing that pops up that says Twitter or Facebook.

You can actually tweet out that image, with the title and the link to that particular blog post.

That’s how I like to share my content. So this way on Twitter, I get that image in there every time. So instead of just you know characters and text.

Matthew Loomis: So Suomi provides the welcome mat?

David Boozer: Yeah.

Provides the welcome mat. Provides pop-ups, scroll-ups, image share, Google analytics.

Suomi is like, the all-in-one little tool. I think for lead gen and tracking. It’s perfect, it’s just one lightweight plug-in that you can use. It’s very light weight.

Matthew Loomis: I’ve heard of Suomi.

And have not used it.

David Boozer: Hey!

It is pure awesome. Hahaha…

In 80’s terms, it’s rad.


Matthew Loomis: Okay.

Totally TUBULAR Dude!


David Boozer: It’s tubular.

It’s rad!

Matthew Loomis: Hahahaha…

David Boozer: I would not go without Suomi today!

And I have been using Suomi now for about eight months nine months.

I could not imagine my blog without it.

I’ll Add All the Links There in the SHOW NOTES.

Matthew Loomis: Okay.

I’ll link to Suomi in the Show Notes.

David Boozer: That is something.

That I think every new blogger and MLM needs.

I think especially for new bloggers no matter what your industry is. That’s a great way to get subscribers real fast.

Matthew Loomis: Okay.

David Boozer: Another thing for MLM’ers is to make sure that you’re sharing your blog posts out. Make sure that you’ve got imagery out there when you’re sharing that content out there.

Make sure that your MLM blog is not just ALL business. Make sure that your blog combines what it used to be and what it started out as.

That it’s more of a journal.

I think that’s kind of something that’s missing today. With MLM blogs that are out there, most of them are very like,”ah, lead magnet”, you know…

Or,”attraction marketing blog” It’s like you know, HEY!

Matthew Loomis: Very direct sales marketing.

David Boozer: Yeah.


Here I talk about technical stuff but at the same time. I’m journaling my twenty- one-day-fix for a beach body.

That’s what I’m doing right now. I’m journaling that every day and every week I’m throwing out a blog post. Maybe it will be something about blogging or internet marketing or whatever.

Sometimes I’ll throw in some stuff like, you know, ”My Morning Miracle”.

This is how I start my day as an entrepreneur.

So I start my day as I read my Bible and I pray a little bit.

Jump into my e-mails you know clear those out. Check out my stats for the day 🙂

You Share ”Your Morning Miracle” on Your Blog Post?

Matthew Loomis: Did you say you share your morning miracle on your blog?

David Boozer: Yeah.

I’m actually writing one called, ”My Morning Miracle”.

Matthew Loomis: Oh.


David Boozer: Yeah.

Matthew Loomis: Dot com, or?

David Boozer: No.

It’s just a blog post.

There’s a book out there called ”Morning Miracle”.

Matthew Loomis: Oh.


David Boozer: I would play off those words a little bit.

One of my biggest qualms out here is,”lazy people”.

Matthew Loomis: Hahaha…

David Boozer: On Saturdays mornings.

I was either playing baseball.

Chopping wood or doing something else other than watching cartoons. So it’s always nice to wake up earlier in the morning and naturally get in and do something.

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

David Boozer: Something.

You know work a little. Put something into words.

That’s the best thing that a new blogger and an MLM member can do. Is wake up a little early and put something into words.

how to make a big foot print with your blog

What Would You Have Done Differently From Initially Launching Your Blog?

Matthew Loomis: Right!


So I’ve got a question from a listener named Brian.

He follows the – Build Your Own Blog – Facebook page and he let me know there that he wanted me to ask you this;  So knowing what you know now.

What would you do differently at your initial launch of your blog?

David Boozer: I probably would of went with a professional theme.

Right off the bat.

I didn’t know that there could be so many tiny little issues with themes. Even in WordPress.

These theme designers usually leave a lot out of those things. You know – Sometimes there’s links in there for them for like back linking and stuff that you don’t really know.

The best way to tell that is to go from page to page and look in the bottom left hand corner. You’ll see little funky links pop-up.

So starting out with a professional blog? If you’re going to start a blog, you might as well start out professionally in the first place. So some of my favorite developers out here, of course StudioPress.

I got to know Brian Gardner very well. We’re friends… (Oh by the way, ”whoot”! ”whoot”! to his kid out there and his baseball, getting after the All Star National Games) It was awesome!

Starting out with a good professional theme. So StudioPress.

Also there’s a husband and wife… I use Willow theme it’s a one page more design and it’s just beautiful.

On my MLM site I use Meks called Sidewalk. But my very very favorite on is Willow and it’s made by a husband and wife team out of Seattle, by the name of Solopine. 

Solo Pine dot com They have the most beautiful blogs and blog designs that I’ve seen.

My website alone… I can put a video in the header there or I can have a static image that I have right now. It’s just I get a lot of people that look at it and go – ”Wow”! ”This is really nice”!

I get that frequently.

Does Solopine Have an Affiliate Program?

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

Just curious.

Does Solopine have an affiliate program?

David Boozer: I think they do have their stuff over at Envato.

Matthew Loomis: Oh.


David Boozer: They also are a creative market place.

Matthew Loomis: I wonder if they’re on Mojo Marketplace?

David Boozer: I don’t know.

If they’re on Mojo or not.

Matthew Loomis: Okay.

David Boozer: Yeah.

I haven’t checked that.

As a matter of fact, I don’t even have an affiliate link for their themes on my website and I think one of the reasons was I just enjoyed them so much.

They do not do interviews, except they did one for me via e-mail. I would ask them questions and they would send me back an e-mail. Then I put it all together as an interview on my website.

Matthew Loomis: Interesting.

David Boozer: Yeah.

They are introverts to the extreme.


Matthew Loomis: Okay 🙂

David Boozer: They got a great Instagram page.

Which is pretty cool!

Matthew Loomis: They must be doing pretty well too?

David Boozer: They do very well.

There was a lot of downloads with that Willow theme. That one page design as you can tell it’s just a gorgeous looking theme. They used visual composure you know…

But back to Brian’s question – Starting out with a good professional theme. I think is one of the best places you can start. The other thing is; WordPress.

WordPress. WordPress. WordPress!

I had somebody in MLM the other day who said, ”I was about to start my website, do I use Wix”?  I almost screamed! I thought they might hear me from Cleveland but I was nationally. I was like, ”NO”!

Matthew Loomis: 🙂

David Boozer: But I tagged him back and said.

No. WordPress!!

And use WordPress. WordPress is just a great content management system for bloggers.

Matthew Loomis: I was wondering what that noise was?


David Boozer: Oh.


That was me. I was screaming at her.



  • 1. Use WordPress.
  • 2. Get a professional theme.
  • 3. Use Suomi.

Suomi is a great plug-in. Now could you use Suomi right out of the gate? I think that you could probably wait maybe after the fourth or fifth blog post.

Get some content meat behind you and then launch that out because that is a paid for platform. And it is going to cost you twenty dollars per month to be paid up per year. (twenty-five bucks a month, we don’t)

But it is worth the price? ”Oh Yeah, very much so”!

So that’s what I would do if you’re starting out right now.

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

David Boozer: That’s what I would do.

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.


David Boozer: Get yourself into that mindsetTo get going!

Matthew Loomis: Right.

David Boozer: Just don’t stop.

Keep writing! Keep going!

How Has ”Persistence” in Blogging Changed David Boozer’s life?

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

Good stuff David. This has been a fabulous interview today!

We’re going to wrap-up here with a question that I like to ask every guest, which is;

David, how has blogging changed your life?

David Boozer: I’m going to give you a really crazy honest answer.

That you might not have heard before. But…

Here’s the deal and I’m going to spill my guts here online. You’re talking to a guy that came from a very bad home. My father was a drug addict alcoholic for a very long time. He got clean and sober last twenty-five years became a Christian and everything else.

And that was awesome! 🙂

At the same time I had to drop out of high school (when he went to rehab) To take over the family business. I never went back to high school.

Never even got a GED, by the time I was twenty I had a child.

I ended up raising that child by myself until he was nine and then his mom took him ’til he was eighteen.

By the time I was twenty-two I had made enough money to pay for myself to go to Bible college for two years. I got a degree there but I had to pay cash because I didn’t have a GED or anything.


They put me on an academic probation for the first year.

But I got pulled off that academic probation because I did very well and they offered me a Scholarship to finish up but I couldn’t. I was a single dad and I really had to work. Going to a private school like that, you didn’t really get a lot of financial aid for that kind of stuff.

I couldn’t do that so I ended up leaving that and just went to work.

I always wanted to write. I always wanted to be my own boss. I knew that writing or something creative, you know that’s the direction I wanted to go in.

When I found blogging about a year or a year and a half after I started working online. When I found blogging and I found WordPress, there was training that popped out of the back office of this affiliate program I was in.It was like,”blogging with WordPress”!

And I watched that and the Lord was just like… ”BAM! Here you go Dave”!

All this time this is where it was going. This is where I was heading. For me… It was almost like a tear in my eye like there it was, I CAN WRITE! I GET TO WRITE!

You know and for somebody like me that didn’t really have all that education. To get out here and start writing, I’m telling you –

Anybody can build a successful blog if they just stick with it. Just let it grow on you.

And grow with it and I’m telling you it can be done.

You can be successful at anything with a blog. Any niche.

I don’t care if you’re hawking socks doing an affiliate program. If you’ve got that blog going on…

I thought about opening up a new blog called,”The Walking Man Walks”. It’s just because I love walking. It’s a great exercise. I walk every morning at 6 am and I walk for two miles up hills and down hill.

Matthew Loomis: I bet you somebody’s making a killing with socks…

David Boozer: Yeah


I listen to a friend of mine Ben Courson. I listen to his sermons. I plug it in my ear and I go for a walk.

And then the last half mile of the walk I unplug from that thing. I pull it out of my head and I just start thinking about what am I going to write about today.

And that’s really it.

Matthew Loomis: Mm mm.

David Boozer: I’m telling you.

Blogging has changed my life!

I had this problem growing up. Not feeling smart enough. Then I figured out, who cares because I’m smart enough anyways. I just got in here and I just started writing and I just started blogging. That just made me happy.

It just made me happy and that’s what changed my life! 🙂

That’s how it changed my life. It fulfilled me.

How To Connect With David Boozer Online!

Matthew Loomis: Love it!

Love closing out with that. That is GREAT!

David, how can people connect with you?

David Boozer: David Boozer dot com

David Boozer dot com is my main site for marketing and blogging.

I am a MLM’er as well. I’m in network marketing I have new blog at: David Boozer dot me

And that’s just for fun. You don’t have to out that on the blog or anything man. But there it is it’s just: David Boozer dot com is my main site.

Matthew Loomis: I will.

I’ll be linking to it in the Show Notes.

David Boozer: Yeah.

I do have a full internet coaching system. It is absolutely free there you can just subscribe to get it and I do a full WordPress blog set-ups for people. Professional blog set-ups and I’ve done them for a lot of people now.

So good stuff out there.

I love it it’s fun.


Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

David Boozer: I do the design side to blogs too.

That’s one of my other favorite subjects out here. So… Yeah.

Matthew Loomis: Are you a designer?

David Boozer: Well.

What I mean by design is – Branding them out.

Taking whats there as far as the theme is concerned and then working with that to create that branded blog feel.

Like William Jevning. That one Jevning – J E V N I N G

William Jevning dot com

I love that video header, it’s a creepy forest. It’s awesome. But I love doing blog design and branding and stuff like that.

Yeah. It’s good stuff.

Matthew Loomis: David.

I really enjoyed talking with you today on The Blog Chronicles.

David Boozer: You too man.

I love following you on Facebook too!

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

Definitely enjoy following you as well.

Thanks for coming on.

David Boozer: Thank you.

All right sir!

how to make a big foot print with your blog

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  1. Ryan Biddulph says:    •   3 years

    Hi Matthew,

    A David Boozer sighting! One of my fave guys in the world. Awesome interview, awesome tips and your presentation is so fun. Love the Big Foot theme and image up top 😉

    Thanks for the shouts too guys. David does a super job teaching the fundamentals to an ever expanding audience and goodness knows he is the model of persistence. He was doing stuff intelligently online 7 years ago while I futzed around for a BUNCH of years, until a few years back. So he’s reaped the rewards of long term success and has a nice online empire set up for himself in the paradise of the Pacific Northwest. After you get your reason why down pat, with why you’re blogging, this is a persistence game above all else.

    Thanks for this gem Matthew and David 🙂


    1. Matthew Loomis says:    •   3 years Author

      Hey Ryan!

      You both are great examples of “the power of the blog.” I love how David brings you up a lot. Your post over on blogging tips talks about how relationships (like the example you guys set) are so powerful.

      That and “persistence.” You and David both have incredible persistence. The more I get to know you guys, the more I’m realizing these “secrets” you both incorporate.

      My reason why is royal courage and integrity. If you’re wondering what in the world I’m talking about, those are the names of my wife and two kids, respectively.

      Always a blast to visit with ya, Ryan!


  2. walter Pedersen says:    •   3 years

    Hey Matthew Wonderful Interview with David,

    David is a wonderful guy good friend of mine, and is also my marketing coach, also a BIG Hey to Ryan Biddulph ( keep chugging those awesome blogs buddy) some great tips on blogging loved the big foot story, as far as blogging David hit it right on the nail with persistence when I first started working with Dave he told me just keep learning gain that trust and authority and keep on blogging

    and I been loving what I been doing every since He has greatly changed my life from that 9-5 job to setting my own hours working from home. -)


    As Ryan said Thanks for this gem Matthew and David. -)

    1. Matthew Loomis says:    •   3 years Author

      Hi Walter,

      What a testimony to David’s coaching, my friend. That’s awesome how your life has been changed by his mentoring.
      And you are now living the “work-from-home” lifestyle!? Fantastic, Walter!

      Welcome to the club! 😉


  3. Vera Carter says:    •   3 years

    Hi Walter, great interview with David!

    I’m a neophyte blogger, and David set up my website with Willow theme on WordPress, and SumoMe to begin populating my list.

    It has been a gamechanger for me! Everyone comments on how professional my website looks; I’m so thankful that I found David early on.

    I’ve spent the summer recording videos and have a ton of content to work on creating blog posts over the winter. My goal is to evolve into an internet training academy, and thanks to David, that’s a reality!

    And I love the avatar of David with Sasquatch!

    Cheers guys,

  4. Vera Carter says:    •   3 years

    Apologies Matthew, I mixed up your name with the previous commentor Walter Pedersen. I do hate getting names wrong. But I love your series here 😉

    1. Matthew Loomis says:    •   3 years Author

      Hi Vera!

      LOL Don’t worry about that. I’m really glad you are enjoying The Blog Chronicles. 🙂

      Your website looks great! WordPress rocks. 😉

      Yeah, the art direction for this post was a blast! Glad you liked the illustration.

      Keep me posted on your progress,


  5. David Boozer says:    •   3 years

    Thanks Matthew for having me as a guest, it was a lot of fun!

  6. James says:    •   3 years

    Hi Matt,

    Your interview with David Boozer on Big Foot Print was great! You covered quite a ground . It was both interesting and instructive to read. I enjoy reading your posts and hope that you will retain my name on your roster.

    Well done!