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March 17, 2017

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  • What comes to your mind when you think of going green?
  • Consume less, eat less, spend less and be happy. Right?
  • How can a person do less of everything and be happy?

Well, people say happiness lies in consuming MORE AND MORE. Be it food, clothing, pleasure or partying.

This is the confusion that you can demystify on your green blog by clearly showing how real happiness is found in balanced consumption. Neither more nor less.

What is “going green?”

Going green means simple living. So why would a person living a simple life buy more? Won’t she try to save money instead of buying more stuff? So how does a person living a simple life buy more? Won’t she try to save money instead of buying more stuff?

And then there’s the bigger question, the one you are probably more interested in…how does someone make money with a green products and services blog?


Don’t worry. I will clear this confusion in the post.

What is a green blog?

It doesn’t mean a blog with a green background. Or with a green theme. Nor does it mean any other design that makes your blog like a garden.

It’s actually a blog that teaches people how to adopt a simple way of living and how to love their environment.

It convinces them to save their resources by consuming everything without wasting it.

It could be on any topic that covers sustainable living.

Sustainable is a vast term that says do whatever you want to do but without harming your environment. Or at least compensate it if you mistakenly hit it.

Can you start a green blog?

It’s very simple to start a blog and run a green blog successfully. Just close your eyes and think of your environment.

If you see dying fishes, felling trees, smoke-emitting chimneys and silencers, garbage straying everywhere and many things like this; it means you feel how our environment is degrading.

Maybe it’s not happening around you but somewhere in the world it is happening and you worry about the environment of whole world.

If you think like this you can run an eco-friendly blog because it proves you are a green lover.

Easy blog traffic, the biggest attraction

Most of the keywords of a green niche have huge amounts of searches with low competition. So after a little effort, you can get huge traffic on your blog.

Basic strategy to make money fast

The basic strategy to make money blogging fast with a green blog is very simple…

First, let people know you want them to take care of their surrounding environment. Once you convince them then offer them premium things to help them go green more effectively.

Evolution in green blogging

In the beginning, it was simply a noble cause to adopt a “go green” way of living. It didn’t have any business interest. Green blogging was done as a hobby mostly.

But now you have a lot of premium products and services to make it easier for people to love their environment in practical ways.

Top 10 most profitable green niches

Generall, a green niche is all about environment. But ours is an age of specialization where the narrow niche blogging brings in more money. So pick one or a few from the following list of environmental sub-niches;

  • Green energy: Its Adsense per click rates are quite high because the profit margin on renewable energy products is also higher.
  • Green living: It has the vast range of products that help people adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle.
  • Climate change: It’s very effective to be popular globally as it is one of the hottest topics of business and politics.
  • Green business: It’s expanding fast everywhere. Businesses want to increase their market share as a sustainable business.
  • Pollution: It has a very strong appeal and tends to get noticed by governments and aware communities.
  • Green awakening: The best niche to create a green community and engage your audience to promote green products and services.
  • Organic world: It has so many branded products of every type to sell and make money fast.
  • Vegan: Quite attractive for the veggie food market. You can place food products ads on your site and sell vegan food ingredients.
  • Green buildings: It’s best to sell directly these home making consultancy services to environmentally aware people
  • Green jobs: This market is expanding fast as new jobs related to the environment sector are being created everywhere around the world.

Best Eco Blog Themes


Organization theme is a well balanced theme for non-benefit companies, Eco-friendly organizations and cause-based firms. The configuration is spotless and professional. Advancing your business or bringing issues to light for your nonprofit or cause is a breeze using Organization.

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Green products market

Our product market is made of two types. One is the giant market of conventional products. Another smaller one is slowly emerging everywhere around the globe and it consists of green, eco-friendly or organic products.

What is a green product?

Anything that is manufactured without harming our environment is called an eco-friendly or green product. Green products are made with natural ingredients and very little processed chemicals.

Green services market

The green services market is also made up of two types of products. One is conventional services that are offered without environmental damage. While green services have even less  energy consumption and minimum wastage of resources.

Earning opportunities

So you can sell anything on your eco blog related to the green market. Be it coffee, tea, milk, clothing, home, car or dating; you name it. Everything is available to serve the needs of environmentally conscious people.

Make people aware to sell

Why green market is smaller than conventional market. This is the gap where you can create your blog and earn money fast with it.

For example market of conventional energy is bigger while green energy is consumed by hardly 10 per cent population of the world. Why people are not switching to green energy. Just because of one reason that is their lack of awareness.

They don’t know green energy is cheaper than the conventional one. Also they don’t know where it is available or how to install a solar panel on rooftop of your home.

What you need to make money fast with a green blog?

So it is not difficult to make money fast with a green blog. You can sell every environmental solution on your blog.

You just need to follow a step-by-step plan.

Share free contents first

First create a few long posts on benefits of going green and promote them massively on social media and social bookmarking sites.

Optimize your contents

Do on-page and off-page SEO and fully optimize your contents.

How to select topics of your contents?

Main topics to cover in your free contents should be:

  • 10 financial benefits of going green
  • How to go green as busy professional/housewife/student/teenager/senior citizens, moms, kids etc
  • How to make your home green?
  • 10 green habits to spend a successful life
  • How going green keeps you fit?
  • 20 health benefits of going green
  • Etc etc

So you can conceive so many such topics for your long posts with the help of highly searched keywords.

Also search environment related groups on Facebook and communities in G+. Get ideas from their shares and create your contents.

Sell products

Search those products that directly help people save money and go green both. These are:

  • Energy-efficient homes
  • Energy saving roofs and windows
  • Green home appliances
  • Hybrid cars that don’t emit smoke
  • Organic pillows, bed sheets, mattresses
  • Recycled books
  • Recycled clothing
  • Green appliances for kitchen
  • Organic toys
  • Green dating
  • Energy-efficient partying
  • Solar panels
  • Energy efficient LED bulbs
  • CFC free air conditioners
  • Cloth Napkins
  • Cloth or Cotton Shopping Bags
  • Organic Dishwasher
  • Rechargeable Batteries
  • Reusable Water Bottles
  • Chemical-free House Cleaners
  • Solar Powered Outdoor Speakers
  • Solar Phone Charger
  • Solar Lawn Mower
  • Eco-Friendly Kettle
  • Energy-efficient Hairdryer
  • Eco-friendly Umbrella
  • Green (wooden) Finger Rings
  • Eco-friendly Carpet
  • Eco-friendly Chair
  • Shower Timer
  • Solar Candles
  • Biodegradable Pots
  • Recycled Cutting Board

Become affiliate of green products

Many affiliates of conventional products also sell green products. So just check them and make a list of their products. You may find a lot of such products on:

  • Amazon
  • Ebay
  • Commission Junction
  • ClickBank
  • ShareSale

Create contents to sell

Once you build traffic on your blog with your free content, then you can create content to sell green affiliate products.

Develop a content strategy

Follow a proper strategy for this purpose.

  • First inform your readers what are the harms of using a conventional product or service.
  • Then tell them how they can avoid using a harmful product by switching to a safer option
  • Describe the benefits of your eco-friendly product
  • Point various places where from one can buy it.
  • Offer them to buy it online by clicking your affiliate link.
  • Finally encourage them that by buying a given product they would also contribute to saving our earth apart from saving their own health and money.

Promote your contents

Share your contents on social media and social bookmarking sites with a powerful description how people are destroying their health and wasting money by using conventional products. This is a very good way to promote your blog in a natural way.

Follow influencers

Most of the influencers in environment sector do not charge for supporting or guiding you. They work for this noble cause in addition to their main profession. So share your post with them with the request to reshare it.

Focus Twitter

Tweeter has most powerful green community. Search people by putting the words; environment, green energy, sustainability and you will get huge number of volunteers working for green awakening online.

Search what is trending on Twitter to follow it and use popular green hashtags to promote your contents.

PPC ads

If you get huge blog traffic you have another option to make money fast with a green blog.

Register in Google Adsense to display its ads and earn extra money. A startup with high quality contents and top-level domain easily gets it approved in a few months.

Get banner ads

Search in your city those who are offering environmental consultancy services. They want to place their ads on green blogs because from there they can get huge orders of environmental consultancy.

If they release their ads on mainstream media they have to pay huge fee. But they want to promote their services on minimum fee.

You simply need to locate them and then contact them. Just put the phrase “environmental consultants + your city name” and you would get their list easily.

Create green profile page

Another way to make money fast with a green blog is by displaying a list of companies that follow all environmental standards.

Companies like to portray themselves as green lover for their brand management

So contact all such companies both offline and online inviting them to be part of your green profile page with a small fee.

Your page would be like a green companies’ directory and a reader can get the details by clicking on name of a company.

Green jobs board

Create a separate page for green jobs; both for “position required” and “job wanted”. With this plugin create easily a green jobs board on your blog.

Once you have traffic on your blog employers will contact you to place their “wanted” types of ads on a payment of fee.

Install donate button

A few of green niche like climate change and pollution don’t have products and services to sell. But people fully support them as more awareness on such topics is urgently required.

So you can appeal people to donate you to run the basic expenses of your blog by installing the donate button.

Get funding

After managing your blog with your own resources you can take it to next level with a funding option. There are so many donors who love to promote an environment related cause.

They have their own criteria of funding so check if you are eligible for it to apply and get handsome amount to eventually make it self-sustaining.


So your main challenge is to first create a green blog, bring huge traffic on it easily because of low competitive keywords and finally sell green products and display PPC and banner ads to make money fast.

By following the above strategy you can easily make money fast with a green blog in a few months.

If you still have any confusion or you want to know more about it I am here to serve you more on this topic.


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  1. Troy Osenkarski says:    •   3 years

    Thank you Matthew for helping the green industry out. The job opportunities here are limitless for writers.

    I have to admit, after reading this post, I see a lot of the information you gave being used in other industries as well.

    Thank you for the information. Time to put it to some use.


    1. Matthew Loomis says:    •   3 years Author

      Hey Troy,

      There is so much people can do with a website. You just need a little info to get started.

      Mi gave us some nice tips here. Glad you found this useful. 🙂

      Keep us posted on how things are going for you.


    2. Mi Muba says:    •   3 years

      Hi Troy

      Green industry is far from its point of saturation as the majority of world has yet to shift to it. So growth opportunities are countless here.

      Thanks for sharing your views here.

  2. Alexis says:    •   3 years

    Matthew; thanks for sharing this info. My blog is related to “green”. It’s about healthy living & all the great things nature has to offer us & I so want to monetize my blog! I just started blogging in late Nov.2016 so I’m relatively new & still learning. Again, thanks for this info! Alexis

    1. Matthew Loomis says:    •   3 years Author


      Keep us posted on your progress, Alexis!

      Keep growing,


    2. Mi Muba says:    •   3 years

      Hi Alexis

      It is good to know you already have a blog on green living.
      So you simply need to create more and more engaging contents and then monetize it to make it a financially viable project.

      Thanks for your feedback.

  3. Nat says:    •   3 years

    Thank you Matt for this post! I was wondering how I could potentially monetize my blog, and I now see quite a few options relevant for my blog listed here. Very timely 🙂

    1. Matthew Loomis says:    •   3 years Author

      Hey Nat!

      Thanks for letting me know how helpful this post is for you.

      Let me know how some of these new monetizations are coming along down the road.



    2. Mi Muba says:    •   3 years

      Hi Nat

      The monetizing methods I mentioned in this post is just tip of the iceberg. Green products is a consistently growing sector everywhere. So earning prospects are more than brighter in this niche.

      Have a nice day

      1. Nat says:    •   3 years

        Thank you Matt and Mi! I am very new to blogging and so glad people like you and Matt share this information with newbies like me 🙂 Very much appreciated!

  4. James says:    •   3 years

    Thanks Matt for passing it on to me. This is a great article by Mi Muba. I am so touched reading it. Clearly, monetization is one the issues I would like to explore further.

  5. Harsh says:    •   2 years

    Is green blogging profitable in 2017? And what are the future expandability of audience?