How to Deal with the Busy-ness of Increased Blogging Business

July 31, 2019
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Come in close.

I have a secret to share.

More bloggers fear success than you’d believe.

What? Why? Why would bloggers self-sabotage to avoid success? Especially when blogging failure feels miserable, depressing and deflating.

Here’s why: many humans fear they cannot handle the busy-ness of increased blogging business.

Case in point; this morning, I wrote 2 posts already between my blog and Blogging Tips Dot Com. But I noted 4 or 6 or 8 – I seriously lost track – of my recent guest post submissions went live on blogs this morning. I felt a little overwhelmed because I want to write but also intend to share guest posts placed on blogs.

This overwhelmed feeling is the busy-ness of increased blogging business. As you, your blog and your business grow, you become more and more busy. Even though it sounds really weird, most bloggers fear such increased busy-ness on a deeper level because they worry about overwhelm, loss of perceived freedom and increased criticism as their online presence expands.

Let’s tackle how to deal with the busy-ness of increased blogging business so you enjoy the taste of sweet blogging success without the sour of anxiety.

1: Follow Energy Management Rituals

As your become more busy, an energy called “fear” often enters your mind. Sometimes, fear floods your mind, invading your being.

I call this paying your prosperity tax. More traffic, more money, and, the illusion of more problems. But without fear in mind, problems dissolve into opportunities. Opportunities dissolve into the moment. Then, it’s all good.

Follow an energy management ritual daily to face, embrace, feel and release fears. Some ideas: meditating, doing deep yin yoga, breathing deeply for stretches. Make it daily. If you are human, fears enter your mind, daily. Follow this ritual to reframe busy-ness from headache to blessing.

2: Slow Down and Calm Down

I admittedly wrote my prior guest post a bit too quickly. Anxiety does that to a blogger.

But breathing deeply, slowing down and calming down, helped me craft this post from a peaceful, detached, relaxed energy.

I may be busy today but I do not feel busy today. My blogging duties have nothing to do with how I feel about my blogging workload. I choose my feelings. Since I blog from a slow, relaxed, calm energy I choose to feel not busy and overwhelmed but largely detached and blessed.

Slow down your writing. Do your fingers feel like you just went 10 rounds with Old Skool Iron Mike Tyson when you wake in the morning? You are typing too fast and hard. Relax. Chill. Slow down. Everything gets done in its own time.

3: Honestly Own Deep Attachments

The only reason you feel anxiety related to increased blogging busy-ness and business is because you fear not getting the job done for some human being, including yourself.

Own these deep attachments. Be at peace with the fear of being rejected, judged, or, with disappointing yourself. I clung to a serious self-loathing fear. This manifest as me working like a beast to make myself and people happy. If I appeared to come up short in mind, since I did not love myself, I crashed and burned, went into a blogging shell and struggled.

Do I sound like I am on Dr. Phil now or Matthew’s blog?

I know you likely want a practical blogging tip, technique or hack to address your pain and anxiety but all blogging success flows from within. You will never see increased blogging business or increased busy-ness if you cling to fears, pains and terrors inside of you mind. Mental garbage has to go for sweet blogging success to find you.

You are good enough! You deserve success. Accept yourself and two neat things happen; more fans find you and grow your business (more busy-ness and business), plus critics will not bother you. What a deliciously delightful 2-pronged blogging benefit.

4: Analyze Busy-Ness (Either You Followed Your Passion or You Need to Make Changes)

Do you love writing?

Why stress about writing for clients all day long?

You get to do what you love, all day long. Duh!

Sometimes ego can be a big stick in the mud because it scrambles for something to worry about. Stop worrying. You spend all work day doing what you love doing. Plus you make money blogging for it. Nightmarish scenario, I know.

Remove outcomes-worries and replace with the idea that you get to do what you love doing and get paid for it. Sounds like a square deal to me.

But on the flip side, if you feel entirely overwhelmed by your increased workload and something just does not feel right, you need to ask yourself: “Did I honestly feel passionate about blogging, my niche and my income streams when I chose each? Do I still feel passionate about blogging, my niche and my income streams now?”

Open up. Relax. Wait for honest answers. If you do not have fun blogging and working income streams you are working a job for someone else. May as well quit blogging and do the 9-5 bit.

Blogging without passion is a job for other people not a joy for yourself.

I watched an Indian yogi on YouTube advise people to be straight with themselves. I consider this to be about the best advice any blogger can follow. Be straight with yourself. Either remove outcomes-based worries and have fun making money or choose a different blog niche, a different online medium or perhaps you need to quit blogging to find your true happiness in life.

5: Outsource or Trash

I formerly spent hours daily on Twitter.

But with increased blogging business and busy-ness I trashed this approach. I had to let go that person to find time and energy to be the person I am today. We all evolve. But you need to let go in order to grow.

Consider outsourcing business tasks you deem critical to virtual assistants or tools. Invest money to free up your schedule. Invest money to make more money. Jeff Bezos is not still working out of a garage in New Mexico as he was 25 years ago. He has a few more employees these days to help him build his $150 billion net worth.

Hire to scale and to reduce busy-ness as business grows.

6: Leverage through Your Blogger Buddy Network

I could write and publish 10 posts on Blogging From Paradise today.

But as my busy-ness and business grows, I see it being much easier to build friendships and place 7 or 8 of those posts as guest posts on respected blogs.

As you become more busy, you either learn to reach more people with fewer acts or you cease growing. Most bloggers hit a success ceiling because they try to go it solo. A select few leverage by co-creating with an army of blogging buddies to promote everybody’s success.

Enjoy It

Enjoy your increased blogging busy-ness and business.

Either you gain clarity and move in a more fun direction or you live the blessing of doing what you love while getting paid for it.


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Ryan Biddulph helps you become a successful blogger at Blogging From Paradise.

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