How to Move Your Site from Joomla to WordPress

May 27, 2016
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how to move your site from joomla to wordpress

Ready to ditch Joomla for WordPress?

Joomla does provide a quality website for those who are technically sophisticated enough to use it.

You may know this from experience and are now looking to move your blog platform away from this complex content management system to a more user-friendly WordPress blog.

If so, you came to the right place!

How to Move Your Site From Joomla to WordPress

Step One: The first thing you need to do is select a hosting company and install WordPress.

My setup guide only takes 15 minutes and includes a one-click WordPress installation.

Once that is complete you are ready for the next step…

Step Two: Now you want to go into your WordPress dashboard and find a plugin called FG Joomla to WordPress. Here’s how you do it.

Scroll down to Plugins on the left side bar inside the dashboard, click Add New and then on the next page type FG Joomla to WordPress in the plugin search bar.


Then you will click Install Now,

How to move your site from joomla to wordpress


and then click Activate Plugin 

how to move your site from joomla to wordpress


Step Three: Import Your Joomla Content to WordPress

A. With the FG Joomla to WordPress plugin now installed, you will see a new option in your left side dashboard. Under Tools you will click on Import. With this plugin you can import categories, posts, images and attachments from your Joomla database into your WordPress database.

So now you should see something similar to this:

how to move your site from joomla to wordpress


B. Next, click on the Joomla FG option in the listing of import options. This opens the Joomla import page.

how to move your site from joomla to wordpress

C. Now you want to pull up your Joomla website and go to the administrator section and leave this page open next to your WordPress dashboard for quick reference.

D. Enter the following Joomla database parameters in to your WordPress administrator dashboard: hostname, database, port, username, password, table prefix.

E. If you want to move images from Joomla to WordPress also, check the box beside Force Media Import.

F. Now click Import content from Joomla to WordPress to start the transfer. This process could take a while. It all depends on how much content was on your Joomla website.

G. Once the move is finished, click on Modify internal links. This step is not needed if you do not have any internal links on your Joomla website pointing to other Joomla pages on your site.

Closing: For those who need more power behind their transfer, consider the FG Joomla to WordPress Premium version. This can be helpful for those who have more content from other Joomla sites, or if your site has an outdated Content Management System, a content directory of contacts or Virtuemart e-commerce content.

I know how to move my website from Joomla to WordPress thanks to this nifty little guide:

Cheers to your new WordPress blog!

For more helpful tutorials on WordPress, check out these 20 Videos on Step 5.


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