How to Remove a Page Title in WordPress

June 23, 2016
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how to remove a page title in wordpressWordPress is a versatile platform.

That’s why so many people use it–pretty much any website you can think of can you use it. With its open-source software and extensive catalog of available plugins, any blogger can put it to good use.

Many people want the creative freedom to build a site that is unique, and you can certainly do that. All you need (aside from getting professional help if you can budget that) is to make some simple tweaks and changes that might not feel right at first…tweaks like removing headers and page titles.

Page titles are frequently something you would want in your design. Everyone understands how a well written page title can make a positive difference in user response. Although page titles can occasionally get in the way and can even cause you some headaches. One example is this: if you are creating a single landing page with WordPress, the title on the page (automatically there by default) clutters up or throws off a customized design you are wanting. This can make the page look cluttered and busy with excessive visual stimuli.

You might be thinking, “why can’t I just leave the page title blank?” That is certainly an easy thing to do. However, pages without any title get labeled as “No Title” in your admin dashboard, which totally messes up your ability to be organized and find the page you want when you have a lot of pages listed in your backend.

Now there are some free plug-ins available through WordPress that automatically remove titles, but you may not want all your titles removed.

So what’s a blogger to do?

Make the specific title you don’t want disappear.

How to Remove a Page Title in WordPress

There is a way to remove a page title without installing a plug-in for those who want to do it manually. This just involves making a small tweak to the HTML code of the page you want to change.

Okay, so it may not technically remove the title, but this will hide the title from the page. You can still see the page title in the admin dashboard to help you find the content, it is only hidden on the front end.

Let me show you A Quick and Simple Guide to Removing WordPress Titles

Step One: Locate the Class Name of the Title

First, open the page in a browser as if you were visiting your website.

Then right-click on any blank area of the page and click “view page source” or “view source” (depending on which browser you use.)

Type Control+F to open the Find box and enter “h1” minus the quotes.

Remove a Title 1

Within the h1 tags you will see the class name of the title. Looks similar to this:

<h1 class=”entry-title“>Sample Pageh1>

In this example the class title is “entry-title” and there’s a great chance it will be the same for you.


Step Two: Locate the Page ID

Now you need to find the ID code for the page or post you want to remove the title from. The ID code can be found a couple of ways–by using a plugin like WP Show IDs or by viewing the source code again. If you look at the source code, the ID code should be found above the class name. Here’s an example:

<div id=”post-2″ class”post-2 page type-page status-publish hentry”>

<h1 class=”entry-title”>Sample Page</h1>

Write down the post ID for future reference.


Step Three: Edit the Stylesheet for Your Theme

Here’s the part where you get to add a short line of code to the stylesheet of your current theme. Go to your administrator dashboard, navigate to Appearance>Editor>Styles>Stylesheet (style.css).

Scroll to the bottom of the code and enter the code below but first change the ID value and entry title using the information you just wrote down in Step 2:

.post-2 .entry-title display: none;

Now click “Update File” to save your changes and presto! Your title page or post is now hidden. If you change your WordPress theme down the road this process will need to be repeated.

Wrapping Up

If this quick process still seems like it takes too long for you, you might want to use a plugin like Title Remover, Hide Title, or Toggle the Title.


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