How to Right a Sinking Blogging Ship (or How to Bail and Find a New Ship)

March 23, 2017

sinking blogging ship


**This is a guest post from Ryan Biddulph**

The boldest move of my blogging career involved:

–deleting 3,400 blog posts
–trashing my old blog
–trashing my old brand
–releasing my online cash flow streams

Each move made way for Blogging From Paradise.

In a world where bloggers whine on parting with a single blog post, the idea of deleting 3,400 posts, an entire blog and your brand may induce vomiting. But you never truly grow until you let go.

Sometimes you need not delete the blog. All it takes is a few adjustments to right a sinking blogging ship.

In either case though you need to let the sucker slam into the shadowy depths or make changes to right the seaworthy vessel.

The Analogy

Before my lead in goads you to visit your nearest Long John Silver’s for the premium fish platter I want you to be honest about your blog.

Do you still have fun blogging? Did you EVER have fun blogging? Have you lost the fire? Or was the fire never there to begin with?

I personally know the agony of holding onto an old, worn out blog for way too long. I also know the miraculous power of release.

Follow these tips to right a sinking blogging ship. Or to let that bad boy crash as you bail to find a better ship.

Ask this Question

Does blogging feel fun to you? If so, carry on. Keep having fun. This post is not for you.

If blogging doesn’t feel fun, think through a few things:

–has it been weeks or months since you last had fun blogging?
–are you blogging mainly to make money?

If blogging feels like a drag you have 2 options:

–fix the blog aka fix your energy
–trash the sucker

Righting the Sinking Ship

In many cases, you lost your way. Like a sheep that got a little high on itself, cockily straying from the flock, you got a little uppity and full of yourself and then, find yourself in unfamiliar territory.

You still love your blogging topic. But you feel the tension of worrying about traffic or profits or social shares slowly suck the life out of you.

Take a deep breath. Relax. Be with your growing attachments to outcomes. Get back to the basics. Blog mainly for fun. Blog with love. Feel the emotions of not having enough traffic or not generating enough profits. Release the “not enough” feelings and get back to blogging your passion.

Making this energetic shift from not enough to having fun is where the change starts.

Help People

Help people. Serve people. Spread love. Helping people moves your energy from “this is a drag” to “wow it feels good to help folks with their problems.”

Help folks on:

–your blog, through your posts and comments
–Facebook (The Blogging Boost Group is fabulous)
–G Plus

Ask folks if they are having specific problems in your niche. Share answers.

It feels good to help people. Feeling good is THE prerequisite to righting your blogging ship.

Patch the Holes

Stop taking on water. Patch holes on your sinking ship by:

–tidying your blog sidebar
–adding a blogging income stream
–guest posting
–blog commenting
–writing in YOUR voice
–telling personal stories through your posts

Again – noting a theme here?  – these good-feeling activities help you feel better about yourself and your blog. Holes plugged. The ship is a’rising. We’re not taking on water anymore.

Add Wind to Your Sails

This is an old skool ship guys. A sloop.

Everything seems OK on the repairing front. But we’re caught in the trade winds. The doldrums.

You need to add wind to your sails by finding…..well…..spots where the dominant winds push your sails, and your boat.

Add wind to your blogging sales by feasting on the advice of experienced professional bloggers. These folks will lead you in the right direction, out of the doldrums and into a gale that pushes your blogging ship along.

–subscribe to top blogger’s blogs
–buy their online courses
–purchase their eBooks and audio books
–study their posts; take notes, review, learn
–apply what you learned; move into persistent action

By following these tips you will right a sinking blogging ship.

Congratulations skipper!

Now, on to the capsizing part.

Skull Island and a Maritime Graveyard

My wife Kelli and I just watched Kong Skull Island here in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

No, not in person; although some Thai islands actually look like Skull Island, we saw the movie version.

Anyway, a permanent storm surrounding this mythical island led to the demise of countless ships, creating a boat graveyard around the place.

Believe it or not, sometimes you need to let your ship go to a similar maritime graveyard to build a new, fun, energized blog from a loving space. Because letting go a losing venture makes room for a successful venture.

Ask yourself this question:

Does blogging feel like a trip to a proctologist who uses a spiked mace for examinations? (if you know what this feels like, why didn’t you leave the office the moment you saw he/she reach for a spiked mace?)

If you hate blogging this much, and have felt this way for 3 months or longer, you are clinging on to a losing venture. You stopped having fun months ago. In 95% or more of these cases it is time to trash the blog. It’s time to let the sinking ship, sink.

When I trashed my old blog I felt this way for 3 to 6 months. I hated blogging sometimes. Other times, blogging felt boring, or bland, or, I was just blogging to get money. Terrible feeling. I lost the fun. I lost the love. I lost the passion.

I trashed my old blog. I created Blogging From Paradise. I never looked back.

The Right Answer Every Time

Only fear stops you from letting a sinking blogging ship sink completely.

You can face, embrace, feel and release this fear by sitting in a quiet room for 30 minutes.

Lock the door.

Ask yourself “Do I need to trash this blog?”

Sit. Observe. Allow the answer to find you, via your intuition. Your intuition is NEVER wrong. Ever. You get the perfect answer every time. But your fears – which will arise when you sit in quiet – drown out your intuition. Which is why you need to sit in quiet. Allows your deepest fears associated with attachment and letting go to arise, so you can feel them, and so you can let them go.

Your Turn

Do you need to right your blogging ship?

Or do you need to let your blogging ship sink completely?

Author Bio:

Ryan Biddulph owns the website Blogging From Paradise. He’s a blogger, author and world traveler who’s been featured on Richard Branson’s Virgin Blog, Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur Dot Com and Neil Patel Dot Com. He has written and self-published 126 bite-sized eBooks on Amazon. Ryan can help you build a successful blog with the 11 Fundamentals of Successful Blogging Audio Course.


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  1. Janice | MostlyBlogging says:    •   3 years

    Ryan is a friend of mine and someone I consider a mentor. I got a kick out of seeing the caricature of him. Thanks for featuring him.

    1. Matthew Loomis says:    •   3 years Author

      Hi Janice,

      Ryan is great! So glad we connected and continue to develop the friendship.

      I’m also glad you enjoyed the illustration, Janice. 🙂



    2. Ryan Biddulph says:    •   3 years

      Hi Janice,

      Thanks so much for stopping by, reading and commenting 🙂

      I’m learning so much from Mostly Blogging; keep those inspired posts coming.

      Irony alert; with my Thailand tan and stubble this morning I mirror my caricature nicely LOL.


  2. J says:    •   3 years

    Then there are those who have a long-term case of ‘rock fever’. You know the ones who fail to launch. Why set sail when researching, taking notes and planning are so important. It seems the same answer as described above applies to this scenario. Helping others is what it is all about. When you focus on that the grip on whatever was holding you back loosens. Before you know it, you are in full sail.

    1. Ryan Biddulph says:    •   3 years

      Hi J,

      That is smart.

      I feared diving into many ventures in life. But when I shifted the fear, to the love, by helping others, the ventures took off on their own. The wind is always in the Loving Sails, and never seems to find the Fear-Filled Sails.

      Thanks for commenting 🙂


  3. Philip V Ariel says:    •   3 years

    Hi Ryan and Matt,
    What a joy to see my friend Ryan on these esteemed pages.
    The title is really an embarrassing one!
    But for sure, my friend Ryan always come with such eye capturing titles.
    Thanks Ryan for sharing your wonderful past experiences to the readers of Matt’s page.
    Great Journey indeed Blogging as well as Physical!!! LOL
    Keep Going
    All Good Wishes to both of you.
    ~ Philip

    1. Ryan Biddulph says:    •   3 years

      Hi Philip,

      I have a vivid imagination LOL.

      Thanks so much for reading 🙂


  4. Jeanette Hall says:    •   3 years

    Great advice! My ship is taking on a little water, but not enough to cause it to sink (THANKFULLY!). I still love and look forward to typing each day. My goal is to help other people suffering from various chronic diseases.

    1. Ryan Biddulph says:    •   3 years

      Hi Jeanette,

      Strong intent there; you should have no problems bailing out 😉 Because when you id’ed the right reason, that comes from love and fun (why you still look forward to typing) that energy carries you through. Like a Loving Energetic Avalanche.

      This is what Kelli talks about all the time through her blog, podcasts and courses.

      Thanks for commenting 🙂