How to Use the Jetpack Sidebar Image Widget

August 3, 2016
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how to use the jetpack sidebar image widget

Be sure to install and activate your free Jetpack plugin before starting this tutorial. If you need help installing Jetpack, these helpful instructions are available. 

Sometimes when designing your blog, you will want to add images to Jetpack widget areas available in the WordPress theme you selected. Jetpack has a settings page where you can activate additional widgets and other features in the sidebar of your WordPress administrator dashboard.

In this post we will go inside your blog and see how to activate the image widget and then teach you how to place an image in the sidebar of your blog.

How to Use the Jetpack Sidebar Image Widget

Step One: How to Activate the Image Widget

First thing to do is to find the Jetpack settings page inside your WordPress dashboard. This is where all the various features of Jetpack are managed. The Jetpack settings page is user friendly.

  1. Find the “Jetpack” tab close to the top-left corner of your administrator dashboard.

how to install jetpack sidebar image widget

2. Scroll down. Find the “See the other 28 Jetpack features” button at the bottom and click.

how to use the jetpack sidebar image widget


3. Then scroll down and locate the “Extra Sidebar Widgets” tile. Click the tile and then click “Activate.”

how to use the jetpack sidebar image widget

How to Add an Image to the Sidebar

The Jetpack image widget allows you to add any image you like to the sidebar as long as it is in the JPG or PNG format. You can even use images on on your website. Just add the URL of the image and it will appear.

  1. Find “Appearance” on the left side of your administration dashboard and click “Widgets” in the pop-up menu.
  2. Then drag and drop the “Image (Jetpack) widget from the left side to the widget area of your choice on the right, like the “Sidebar”.

how to use the jetpack sidebar image widget

3. Click the activated widget on the right side to display the available configuration options.

4. Place in the image, then give it a title or leave it blank if you just want to display the image without text.

5. Enter the complete URL of that image in the box next to “Image URL.” Make sure the URL links directly to an image, including the file extension such as JPG.

6. For the display text that people see when they move their cursor over the image, type in the text you want. This can describe the image or say anything you choose.

7. You can also include a title and caption for the image but that is not required. Lastly, select your alignment and specifiy a width and height for the image in pixels (if you want to. Not required.)

8. Want to turn the image into a link? Enter the full URL in the “Link URL” box. (Not required.)

9. Then click “Save” and your changes will be updated. You should now see the image on your WordPress blog.

how to use the jetpack sidebar image widget

You’re done. Congrats! 🙂

Here’s a super helpful tutorial on how to use the Jetpack Sidebar Image Widget!

That’s how to use the Jetpack Sidebar Image Widget like a boss. 😉

Now you can add more images to your sidebar or any other available widget areas. Just do the same dragging and dropping of widgets on the left over to the sidebar area. Choose the widget areas you want and then add images.


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