How to Write an About Me Page

August 20, 2019


An about me page is the soul of your website or blog, it enables your audience to learn about who you are and what you do.

The about me pages on a website are the most important components and are always the most visited pages on any website.

However, it is not always easy to write an about me page template about yourself or your business, the best about me pages today are much more than a bio and an uploaded photo.

A well-crafted about me template can help promote your blog niche as a professional brand, especially if you want to make money from blogging.

5 tips for a perfect about me page  

There is no perfect recipe on how to create an about me page, but there are specific steps you can take.

Below build your blog outline 5 tips to show you how to write the perfect about me template, one that will have your readers totally engaged.

Get the Readers Attention

‘First impressions always last forever’, so make it count!

The first line of your about me template must grab the attention immediately and push the reader on to read further paragraphs.

Don’t be afraid to open your about me section with a ‘punchy’ statement that describes best your attitude and style.

Nothing grabs the attention more than a bold, benefit driven headline.

Don’t bore them with a mundane ‘about me template’ header, raise the bar with interesting about me examples and clever about me sections.

Strive for that personal touch, a good strategy is to include photos and videos on your about me template.

Videos have the power to incite immediate trust showing ‘you are who you say you are’, while personal photos show there is a human being behind the blog.

There are many good about me website examples and about me blog examples online.

One of the best about me pages has been created by ‘Toy Fight’ an award-winning creative design agency.

Their photo of deconstructed action figures relating to the founders of the company immediately draws you in. 

While their about me description outlines their 16-year experience in the industry they also open with a direct and fun statement ‘We’re designers, directors, strategists and awkward dancers.’   

Another key element on your about me page template is a call to action (CTA).

It acts as a signpost directing your reader on where to go next.

A CTA on an about me blog may lead the reader to your posts or to purchase a product or to sign up to an event.

It is imperative that you include a CTA on your about page template or it may lead to you losing readers, always give the reader an excuse to explore more of your content.

The CTA can be added at the top or the bottom of your about me page as a button or hyperlink.

Show your Social Media Credibility

Users are always looking for reasons to trust you, there is no better way to gain trust then through testimonials on your about me page, to prove the validity of your brand.

This is especially important if you are selling something, positive feedback and happy customers deepens trust and leads to a better chance of a purchase.

Testimonials can be of different formats, as well as the standard quoted testimonials, you can add links to case studies, a customer tweet or a Facebook post or any media posts about your brand.

Gaining credibility and trust is obviously earned over time, never fake your credentials if you don’t have them, this is deceptive to customers and can be harmful to your brand leading to a bad reputation.

If you have a client who may be too busy to jot down a few words for a testimonial, you can always with their permission write a testimonial for them.

Be Honest About Yourself

When it comes to a good about me page, honesty is the best policy!

A short biography and a professional photograph; allows the reader to find out who you are what you do and most importantly WHY are you doing it.

This can be an opportunity to share your passions, beliefs and reasons for starting a blog website.

By doing this it gives the readers and users an insight into you and your brand.

Attracting google traffic by including organic SEO phrases which tie into your blog topic, can be key to any successful blog.

But try and use simple plain English on your about me page, which the reader can relate to.

Don’t be afraid to shine outlining your credentials, achievements and accolades, this is no place for modesty!

Most importantly try and keep it short, concise and to the point, no one likes a rambler.

It is also recommended to update your page regularly.

Narrow Scope and Be Relevant

There are two important key factors when it comes to an about me page, know your audience and emphasise your key selling points.

Your about me page is NOT your autobiography or a history tale of your business, you may find this can switch readers right off.

Don’t get bogged down in personal narrative, remember you are here to address your readers or customers needs, a call to action.

These unique selling points will drive leads and can set you apart from competitors enabling your website to be the best solution for the reader.  

Knowing your audience is obviously key to any good blog so don’t lose your target when writing your sample about me page.

The audience should be addressed outlining why you and your mission is so important to them.

It’s About the User not About You

Always remember users want to know what kind of problem you solve and how they fit into the solution you offer.

Good about me page examples offer empathy to the reader or customer and outline in the mission statement, what you can offer them.

Users are generally not after your life story most are looking to be convinced that your blog or product is the best fit for them.

Your credentials listing on the about us page template may sway their decision, or a story of your greatest success or some media coverage along with one or two testimonials as outlined above, will help build confidence.

A simple effective option for any user issues or problems, is to outline your experience and include an email address on your about me page, where readers can contact you or your business.

Take Away

  • Why? An about me page is an ideal resource to promote your blog brand and yourself as an authority on the specific topic or industry you write about and discuss.
  • Who? About me pages enable readers, potential clients, employers to find out more about you, your credentials and what drives your passion.

Your experience within the industry and your success stories, will translate into more credibility with your readers.

  • What? It is imperative your all about me page tells readers and users alike which topics your blog focuses on and what your website is about.


This is your call to action which can help solve readers problems.


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  1. Sharon Y James says:    •   4 months

    Hey, Matthew. Thank you for the email. I’ve been trying to decide whether to launch a website or a blog. I built two static websites in and around 2007 after having taught myself HTML. I tried to get into CSS and JavaScript, but was having a time (they are to me, more difficult than HTML) I don’t hold picture images well and trying to understand the box concept and column concepts of CSS were difficult and I am the type who will use the simpler (drag an drop) formats only after I know how to do the actual basics–I’m just wired that way. I want to do some Bible lessons, etc. So, I’m still contemplating. I may do both.

    1. Matthew says:    •   4 months Author

      Wow. Impressive, Sharon! You taught yourself coding, that’s pretty cool. You should do fine with WordPress once you start using it. Congratulations on the new websites and I wish you much more success!


  2. Faith p Smith says:    •   4 months

    Hi Matthew,
    I think this is an amazing idea.Most of us long to know more about the writers life.The about me page, solves that mystery.You’re very insightful.I don’t have a website.I want one though.I just have to stop and make some me time to get my dreams to come into reality.Thanks again for the email Matthew.☺

    1. Matthew says:    •   4 months Author

      Hi Faith,

      Glad you found this helpful and inspiring. Be sure to make some time for your dreams. You deserve it!
      Let me know if you need anything along the way.



  3. Herbert Hidalgo says:    •   4 months

    Hello Mathew,
    I think this is excellent, it tells me exactly the elements I need to create a good About me page , which I have been looking for , and most definitely, I will follow.

    Thank You Very Much!

    1. Matthew says:    •   4 months Author

      Hey Herbert!

      Good to hear from you! Looking forward to seeing your new About page. Keep me posted.



  4. Rebecca Milligan says:    •   4 months

    This is what I need I do have a blog as a new beginner, stumbling just need some help please.

    1. Matthew says:    •   4 months Author

      Hi Rebecca,

      You can do this. Just follow the steps on this site. I’m here if you have any questions.