Is Google Plus Dead ? As Rumors Swirl, Bloggers Still Finding Results On Once Promising Social Media Platform – The 60 Second Blog Report

April 11, 2015


Google Plus Dead

Many people have already written G+ obituaries. Meanwhile, other folks are getting results and having fun using Google Plus despite its fragile outlook.

So what’s a blogger to do? Forget about Google Plus or keep hope alive?

In this 60 Second Blog Report, Matthew offers his perspective as someone who’s consistently used Google Plus for the past three years, seen the hype, the promises, the results and the disappointments. He has some advice for new bloggers who might feel conflicted about Google Plus, questioning how effective it really is at this point.

Is Google Plus Dead ? Here’s This Edition of the 60 Second Blog Report


Tell us what you think about the future of Google Plus in the comments.


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  1. Daniel Foxx says:    •   5 years

    Guy Kawasaki is a great spokesman for Goggle+. Or is his book,”WhatThe 8+.” I admit that Goggle+ has a steep learning curve, but his book helped me see how helpful his book could be. I had not heard that Google+ was dying until I read this blog report. I hope it isn’t so.

    Thanks for all your input. You must be doing well to seemingly have so much time to devote. Keep up the good work

    Dan Foxx

    1. Matthew Loomis says:    •   5 years Author

      Good to hear how this report brought awareness for you on G+. There were a ton of books written about using Google Plus. I hope they were not done in vain.

  2. Brent Jones says:    •   5 years

    I love Google+ and I’ll be seriously disappointed if it goes anywhere.

    You are right when you say it’s a great platform to meet other bloggers… for instance, that’s how we met. 🙂

    Take care, Matthew.

    1. Matthew Loomis says:    •   5 years Author

      Very true, Brent….love G+ for the people its put in my life that other social medias likely wouldn’t be able to do, at least not as effectively on a relational level.

      I would love to just see Google leave it be, but I can’t see that lasting forever. Hopefully this “Google Stream” will be nice and we can keep our already established contacts with it.