7 Excellent Reasons to Join the “Leading Bloggers” LinkedIn Group

January 23, 2015

In this resourceful post, you’ll discover 7 excellent reasons to join the “Leading Bloggers” LinkedIn group.

Before we go into more detail about each of the 7 reasons to join the “Leading Bloggers” LinkedIn group, let’s review them in bullet point format below.

  • Join the “Leading Bloggers” LinkedIn group to ask questions, as well as answer questions
  • Join the “Leading Bloggers” LinkedIn group to make connections with your peers, to network, and to learn
  • Join the “Leading Bloggers” LinkedIn group to engage in conversations related to your market segment
  • Join the “Leading Bloggers” LinkedIn group to learn from more experienced group members
  • Join the “Leading Bloggers” LinkedIn group to make learning more fun
  • Join the “Leading Bloggers” LinkedIn group to learn in a SPAM free environment
  • Join the “Leading Bloggers” LinkedIn group to interact in a harassment free and obscene free environment

Now that we know the 7 reasons to join the “Leading Bloggers” LinkedIn group, let’s take a deeper dive into the benefit of each specific reason.

Ask and Answer Questions

Asking questions to your peers is one of the best ways for you to receive unbiased feedback. The “Leading Bloggers” LinkedIn group provides the perfect place to learn what really works in blogging. You also have the opportunity to answer questions, which ultimately helps position you as a market segment expert amongst your peers.

Make Connections

Some people say that it’s all about who you know in business. In the case of the “Leading Bloggers” LinkedIn group, it’s all about networking and learning from your peers. You’ll form new relationships and gain a better understanding of the various skill sets that fellow group members have.

Engage in Conversations

Answering questions and leaving comments for group members, is one of the best ways to help your peers learn more. Not only that, it’s a great place to share your personal experiences of what worked vs. what didn’t work.  Be yourself, share your experiences, and great engagement will occur.

Learn from Experienced Group Members

No question is too silly to ask in the “Leading Bloggers” LinkedIn group. You may be more experienced in one area of blogging, while someone else in more experienced in a different area… regardless, it’s okay, learning is a two way street in the “Leading Blogger” LinkedIn group.

Have Fun Learning

Learning doesn’t have to be boring… the “Leading Bloggers” LinkedIn group is here to provide you with a fun environment to learn in. Learning works best when you’re having fun, so don’t be shy, if you don’t know something, simply ask, and some of the more experienced group members will help you out.

Provide a SPAM Free Environment

Most LinkedIn groups allow link dumping i.e. people just pasting their links in the discussion sections, thus creating an environment where people are ultimately just talking about themselves. This is NOT ALLOWED in the “Leading Bloggers” LinkedIn group. There’s absolutely no value in a group allowing people to link dump, the “Leading Bloggers” LinkedIn group is more interested in you opening discussions, and having you learn along with your peers, about what really works in blogging.

Harassment and Obscene Free

Being in a hostile LinkedIn group is no fun, in fact, it’s a huge turn off to people, that’s the exact reason why the “Leading Bloggers” LinkedIn group has zero tolerance for this type of behavior. The “Leading Bloggers” LinkedIn group only supports positive, helpful, useful, and engaging discussions.

By now, you’re most likely envisioning the benefits of how the “Leading Bloggers” LinkedIn group is going to directly benefit you. If you see the value in joining the “Leading Bloggers” LinkedIn group, please visit the [Leading Bloggers] page, and join today. See you on the inside!

Author Bio:

Brandon Schaefer is the CEO of 90DayEntrepreneur and has in-depth knowledge in business, entrepreneurship, social media marketing, SEO, funding, and mobile search. Brandon is always at the forefront of industry and market trends and is a key influencer in business and entrepreneurship.. Connect with him on Google+.


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  1. Adrienne says:    •   5 years

    Hey Matthew,

    I’ve been looking for more groups to join this year where there are actual conversations, networking and support taking place. Most of the ones I’ve joined over the years end up being link drop fests and nothing more.

    I’m not active on LinkedIn mainly because that’s just not where my target audience hangs out for the most part but would like to stop by your group and check it out.

    Thanks for sharing this community and it’s good to know there are some helpful ones still among us.

    Enjoy your week Matthew.


    1. Matthew Loomis says:    •   5 years Author

      Hi Adrienne,
      That would be great to see you over there!

      The new ground rules have been laid out and they will be enforced. Link dropping and running won’t be tolerated. We don’t even encourage including a link unless it is absolutely necessary.

      Instead, this is a place where serious bloggers can talk shop. We ask everyone to leave their agendas outside.

      Have a great hump day tomorrow, Adrienne. (Those Geico ads have really brought back the “hump day” phrase.)

  2. Lew Fong How says:    •   5 years

    Good day, matthew,

    I did not know that linking can be commercialised until lately. Anyway, I reckon it is time to mix with knowledgable seniors who really care to give good guidance.

    With regards

  3. Elsa Fridl says:    •   5 years

    Matt, I will be joining this LinkedIn group and filling out the survey you sent me as soon as I get the money together to create my blog. I know it’s not much, but I am not working. Your articles are great. I am doing a lot of preliminary work before I get started. Not only have I had a lot to learn, I have been composing my first few posts. My English professor in college told us, there is no good writing, only good rewriting. And since I am rusty it is especially true for me now.