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December 10, 2014
memejacking blogger
Thank you, Captain Hindsight

Memes and social media go together like chocolate and peanut butter.

People love sharing memes on social media, and memes are gobbled up like sugary nougats all over the internet. Memes are low-cost promotional candies you can use online to get any message across, particularly for marketing purposes.

Memes (we will define them in a second) are fun to create and a smartly crafted one will catch people’s eye and make them want to share your message. Speaking of sharing, there’s 18 of my own meme examples below, so be sure to check them out and USE them if you’d like.

Whatever your blog niche is, your need for social media posts never ends. So go ahead and use these free blog related memes here (see below.)

Meme rhymes with “team.”

Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. You see them all over social media.

Even if today is your first day on the internet, I know you’ve seen a meme because I placed one at the top of this article.  🙂

Memes have an online history going back several years. They started out in different forms than what we primarily know memes to be today–the merging of an image with short copy. Getting “Rick Rolled” is one example, which was all about fooling someone into clicking a link that takes them to a Rick Astley music video. This was a popular meme around 2008.

Memes were technically around before the internet.

Back then, memes were cultural expressions that spread by word of mouth or radio/television. A few 20th century examples are “23 Skidoo”, “Far Out”, and “Where’s the Beef?”

Seven to ten years ago, an internet meme might be an online survey, and oftentimes bloggers would tag each other with these survey “memes.” I can recall surveys being really popular on Myspace.

Today, most memes are exclusive to the web and tend to be written words with an image or gif (moving image seen a lot on Google Plus or Tumblr). A spoken phrase or a video can still become a meme today, it’s just that the internet helps it spread quicker.

The good memes that go viral either make you laugh or slap your mind with profundity.

Bad memes are barely seen because nobody wants to share a lousy meme.

Most of the memes people create are not their own original concept. They are established memes, like Grumpy Cat or Friend Zone Fiona. These are memes people take  and put their own spin on.

Doing this is called memejacking. (Down below you’ll find several of my own memejacking creations and an original meme. You can save any of these to your computer and share them however you wish.)
Humorous memes seem to go viral the easiest, although a dramatic meme can also get shared extensively if done well.

Ready to start using memes to market your blog? Relax. Without any design skills, I’ve come a memejacking blogger. Here’s why you should too…

How a Memejacking Blogger Can Promote Their Website Using Memes

A blogger named Adrienne Erin has written some fantastic articles on this topic. In Memejacking: why it works so well and how to do it. she lists five compelling reasons why memejacking is a successful marketing tactic if you “need more convincing.”

  • They’re already established. A meme is already popular through much of society when you start using it, otherwise it wouldn’t be a meme, right? So, no need to create a new concept. Go ahead and jump on something popular and weave your brand message into it. This way you’re doing something that’s already viral. It’s been tested. Proven to catch attention.
  • They draw traffic. Speaking of attention, all bloggers want people coming to their website, right? Well, memes can help you get more traffic. What you need to do is make sure a link to your site is attached. A good meme will prompt people to check out the blogger behind the meme. Memes also make for some of the best social media posts, particularly Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Memes tend to get more Likes and followers than many other types of posts.
  • We live in a culture that likes to share. People enjoy sharing stuff on social media that they like. Sharing helps people engage on social media and an eye-catching meme can make this happen.
  • Memes are practically designed for social media. Most social media platforms favor images and videos. Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest definitely do. Facebook’s algorithm is known to prioritize images. Memes are easy for people to process. Your message will reach more if you will follow the basics of meme creation.
  • They couldn’t be easier to create. Any marketer will agree that content creation requires much effort and thought. Targeted content is the key to every marketing campaign. How sweet it is to have the simplicity of memes always there to help you advertise.

2 Free Meme Tools You Can Start Using Today

Two years ago when I wrote about memes, I shared my favorite meme creating tool called ROFLBOT. I’m still using it now. There are other free meme makers out there. I must be comfortable with ROFLBOT. Never felt a need to switch.

This year, I added the free Meme Factory Mobile App to my arsenal. What I like about this app is it provides me with a comprehensive list of famous memes. Anytime I’m ready to create another meme, I can look through this app and pick out a character I have not yet used.

This has been my memejacking strategy since the spring of 2014. What I’m doing still today is creating blog themed memes using every famous meme out there. All my memejacking so far this year is below. Whenever you need something to share on social media, keep these in mind. You can download them all right now.

Awkward Seal, Annoying Childhood Friend, Advice Mallard…so far I’ve done around a dozen, and still have plenty more famous memes to memejack. What you can do is find examples of these memes using a search engine.

Finding a blank image is normally easy. And as Adrienne Erin wrote in her article, memes are fair game. She says, “As a marketer, you’ve probably considered the implications of copyright infringement frequently. Luckily, there have been no examples of companies being punished for memejacking. Use common sense and try to track down the owner of the image if you’re going to be making a lot of money on the piece, but, understand that for the most part, memes are fair game. One of the most popular current memes for hijacking is based upon Dos Equis’s Most Interesting Man. So far, there have been no complaints or issues.”

A Bunch of Memes About Blogging You Can Share On Your Social Media or Blog

These are all famous memes that I memejacked to promote Build Your Own Blog.

This is how I describe this marketing campaign: Famous Memes, all saying something about blogging. Primarily used on my Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter accounts.

What I do is stay true to the spirit of each meme. Many have a particular way they phrase things, so I do my best to stay with that recognizable personality. I think this is the best way to memejack, as you’re taking the style people have come to recognize and enjoy, instead of trying to reinvent the wheel. Remember, you want people to laugh at your memes or feel some sort of emotion. Hopefully this will lead them to share your creations.

Also, as you look through these memes, see if you can spot THE ONE COMMON DENOMINATOR ON ALL OF THESE MEMES. This is important for your website marketing. I’ll reveal what this is down below.


Awkward Seal

memjacking blogger

Annoying Facebook Girl

memejacking blogger

Bad Luck Brian

memejacking blogger

Overly Attached Girlfriend

memejacking blogger

I did two of these. This character is a gift that keeps on giving to memejacking bloggers…

memejacking blogger

Business Cat

memejacking blogger

Advice Mallard

memejacking blog

Cool Dog

memejacking blog

Clarinet Boy

memejacking blogger

Baby Godfather

memejacking blogger

Hey, Y U NO

memejacking blogger

Annoying Childhood Friend

memejacking blogger

Maury Lie Detector

memejacking blogger

Ridiculously Photogenic Guy

memejacking blogger

Grumpy Cat

memejacking blogger

Veruca Salt | I Want It Now

memejacking blogger
This one using Veruca Salt some might say looks more like an ad. Probably does lean a little bit away from a true meme. My copy at the bottom sounds like a cheesy tag line, but that’s what I wanted here anyway.

These last few I created might be classified under a meme, as I didn’t really memejack these per se. So keep in mind you can create new memes if you think the idea works.

memejacking blogger

memejacking blogger

Don’t Forget to Add Your “Call to Action” On Each Meme You Create

Do you see how every meme has the URL somewhere in the layout? Although tracking this is difficult, your purpose for creating a meme as a marketing tool is to get people to do something. Primarily to spark curiosity to check out your website. You have limited space in your layout, so you don’t want to get wordy with your CTA. Applying your URL gets it out there and if your meme does cause an emotion, like laughter or anger or whatever your goal is, there is a chance those folks will type your URL into the browse for a quick peak at your site.

The key is to not over brand or commercialize your memes. Sticking a logo on a meme tends to decrease its share appeal. That is why I recommend a simple, small print URL or blog name placed inconspicuously on the image.

Memejacking Blogger: Come Join the Fun

I know I’ll be continuing to use memejacking in 2015 as a social media marketing tool and for occasional blog images.

What about you? What do you like or not like about creating memes? Anything else on this topic you want to talk about? I’ll look forward to hearing from you in the comments.

Author Bio:

Matthew Kaboomis Loomis is the owner of Build Your Own Blog. Connect with him on Google+ and Twitter


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  1. Brent Jones says:    •   5 years

    “Asks you to comment on his blog. Never comments on your blog.”
    ^ lol

    Matt, some of these memes had me in stitches. I’m going to give this a try. Thanks!

    1. Matthew Loomis says:    •   5 years Author

      LOL Yes, love the photo of Annoying Childhood Friend…I think we all can recall a kid like him back in our childhood. LOL
      Look forward to seeing your memejacking and meme creations online, Brent!

  2. Dan Hill says:    •   5 years

    Matt – love the idea of using memes to grab attention, especially on social media. Do you think adopting a particular meme as a personal logo/avatar is a cheesy thing to do?

    1. Matthew Loomis says:    •   5 years Author

      Hi Dan,

      Let me make sure I’m clear on your question…when you say “personal logo”, do you mean separate from your business? Are you talking about using a meme for your profile photo on Facebook, or Gravatar or wherever? If so, then NO, I don’t recommend using a meme to identify yourself.

      Especially if you’re talking about an already famous meme and “memejacking” it to be your visual identity. The famous memes already have a lot of backstory behind the characters. Some of these famous memes, like Overly Attached Girlfriend, have their own youtube channels and are doing a lot with the character. So, I don’t advise using a meme to represent yourself.

      You should invest some time in designing a personal logo instead.

      But I think you could have some fun with memejacking as a means to promoting your real estate biz through social media.

  3. Bobbi Robertson says:    •   5 years

    I just checked my blog only to find “buying Viagra in Canada” how do I get rid of it?

    1. Matthew Loomis says:    •   5 years Author

      Bobbi, are you referring to a blog comment on your site?

  4. Rin Porter says:    •   5 years

    Sorry, Matt, I can’t get into this idea. It sounds to me (as an older person) that you are conflating the concepts of slogan, catch phrase, cliche, and symbol. Maybe younger readers would grab onto the idea of inventing a new word (meme) to refer to what people like me would call the four terms just listed.

    1. Matthew Loomis says:    •   5 years Author

      Hi Rin,

      The internet is definitely reshaping our lexicon.

      A meme can sometimes contain a cliché or a symbol, they definitely do spread the usage of catch phrases at times, but rarely use an actual slogan. Meme’s aren’t inventing new words, they simply portray a new thought, character, idea, or catch phrase.

      Using memes isn’t for everyone, so its all good if you don’t want to use them. Here’s another good article that helps explain what memes are all about. Maybe this will help.

  5. sutopo says:    •   5 years

    Thanks for the info, it will definitely help with getting traffic.Thanks again.

  6. Rossaimi says:    •   5 years

    Thanks a lot for your blogposting. I will try to get much more traffic.

  7. Saimi Ramlan says:    •   5 years

    Very awesome article sir. Surely i will bookmark this for future reference.

  8. Rizky Pratama says:    •   4 years

    thanks for share, i can practice in my blog 🙂

    1. Matthew Loomis says:    •   4 years Author

      Hi Rizky,

      Looking forward to seeing your memes on the internet. 🙂

      Glad you found this helpful.



  9. Cari genset says:    •   4 years

    Good quote and picture, it can be motivation for me.

  10. budidaya jahe says:    •   3 years

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