Must Read Blogs with Awesomesauce–Your Cheat Day is Ready (March 2016)

April 6, 2016

must read blogs

March 2016 offered up a bunch of strong blogs.

These are my ten must read blogs I had the privilege to digest. Now I get to share them with you. Because they’re awesomesauce!

This month you’ll find lots of helpful blogging tips with plenty of inspiration thrown in.

Enjoy and be sure to share this month’s top ten list with your friends and blog audience.

Let’s begin…

These Must Read Blogs from March 2016 are Awesomesauce

Here’s Ten Must Read Blogs from March 2016

10 Interviews Lead to Revenues 

Interviewing people who know things you don’t know can produce some of the best blog content you will ever create.

That’s why I’ve increased the amount of interviews I’m now conducting on this blog. Interviews are not just interesting and powerful, they can be a game changer for content marketers according to prolific blogger Barry Feldman on his recent podcast Interviews are Game Changers.  

9 Everything is Copy

Searching for blog post ideas can sometimes be a struggle. One way to beat writer’s block is to turn to technology.

Movie Producer Phil Cooke recently revealed another way to find creative ideas that translate onto the page–anything and everything. Or as writer Nora Ephrom heard her mother say time and time again growing up, “Everything is copy.” Consider all the experiences you can recall in your life…if you are brave enough to write about those experiences, some of your best blogs might arise from these stories.

8 It Takes One to Know One

Ryan Hanley is world class marketer. Which is why I paid attention when he published a list of 21 world class marketers he studied for over a year and what he learned.

You can learn a ton of blogging tips from Hanley alone. This is a peak at who he learns from and where he gets his knowledge. Some names on the list I had not heard of before.

7 Bloggers With Benefits

Guys, did you know blogging makes you more attractive to the opposite sex? (Not that I’d know from experience.) The next time your wife or girlfriend complains about how much time you spend blogging, email her this list of the 11 Benefits of Having a Blogger Boyfriend. That will help her see the light. 🙂

6  Adwords is Not a Bad Word

If using PPC (Pay Per Click Advertising) wasn’t a good thing, would Google still be offering Adwords? Why do online businesses use PPC when some folks give it such a bad rap?

Because it works. And there’s never been a better time to use Adwords than now, according to Marcus Sheridan, a.k.a. The Sales Lion. Here, he gives 3 Reasons Inbound Marketers Should Consider Embracing Adwords in Their Mix 

5 Hello Snowflake 

One of the biggest challenges for a new blogger is to shake the feeling they have little to share that’s unique or original–especially after the first three months.

Sure, some blog niches are (over)loaded with content, particularly the digital marketing topic and subtopics. Still, this does not give you an excuse to not blog.

As blogger and social media expert Dustin Stout says, “No, you may not be saying anything new–but nobody has ever said it just like you…Nobody on this earth has my unique combination of experience and perspectives.”

YOU are your biggest advantage, and you can succeed as a blogger by following these basic rules.


Want to start your own blog? Get set up today in just 15 minutes. Boom.


4  “Morning Sun” Warms Blogs

Online marketers and Bloggers can get over focused on the nuts and bolts of producing content people want…like analytics, WordPress and seo, blah blah blah…

This can slowly bleed you dry.

What we all need now and then is a good story. Stories that refresh our spirit and revive our creativity…finding simple stories that make us smile and teach us remarkably simple lessons are easier to find when you’re a parent.

Rob Philbin is a new dad who has found digital marketing gold in a book he reads to his daughter titled Good Morning, Sun

He provides a couple of awesome stories and weaves in a collection of effective sales writing strategies at A Simple Content Strategy for Brave Marketers Only


3 Achieving Headline Nirvana

You may have noticed I routinely point out the importance headline writing, amirite? I keep pointing this out because headlines are a super important part of the blog success.

Longtime writing mentor Demian Farnworth has been creating top-notch blog content for 15 years, yet he still spends copious amounts of time one each headline he crafts.

In  5 Blissful Lessons These Nightmare Headlines Can Teach You, Farnworth reveals how you can tilt the headline odds in your favor by using some nifty “headline analysis tools” (that are free) along with his 5 tips.


2 Where My Audience At?!?!

You don’t want to find just any audience…you want the right audience. This is the audience that craves what you provide. Those who are interested in your message. People who will linger on your website for more than 72 seconds…your BEST audience.

You know what they look like. You’ve done the research. You’ve created the personas.

Now you just need to find them…

Where they at?

That’s a great question every blogger should ask right out of the gate. In Find Where Your Audience Lives–and Reach Them, writer Julia McCoy takes you past that frustrating point of identifying your target audience–then not know where to reach them. These are great tips for those who know who they want to reach and just need help locating them.

Imagine how good it will feel to finally say, “Hey, check out what I’m doing over here!” and then watch your useful traffic numbers rise quickly.


1 Peers and Present Danger

I don’t think I’ve ever featured two articles from the same author in the same month. This month I am because Marcus Sheridan just happened to publish two posts that resonated with me.

This second post he wrote in March is called The Big Mistake that is Producing Content for Your Peers and Not for Your Ideal Customer

This was a big mistake I made when first starting Build Your Own Blog. I had already been submerged in the online marketing niche for several years, and was reading all the best marketing blogs around. So when I started creating posts for this site, I had my peers on my mind too much, and wanted to impress them instead of thinking about my REAL customers and what they wanted/needed.

So I’ve known for a while this was a mistake in my past, and I’ve pointed this out before to you, dear reader. The thing is, Sheridan does such a great job with his post, I couldn’t have said it any better. I hope every new blogger will check out his article. It’s that crucial to success.


Wow! I really enjoyed these 10 blogs with awesomesauce.


Okay, Time for the Bonus Cheat Treat

This month’s recipe from Chef Dennis is The Best Tiramisu You Will Ever Make 

must read blogs

Go ahead and take a bite today! Then be sure to tell Chef Dennis how it tastes over on his blog.

Here below, tell me what you like (or don’t like) about this collection of blogs with awesomesauce. Which ones were helpful? Let’s discuss in the comments.

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  1. Ryan Biddulph says:    •   4 years

    Matthew these are fab posts and hey, ALL is copy. I live that one out each blog post. Each experience benefits us and our readers if we share ’em freely. Weave stories into posts and you’ll stand out from the blogging crowd. Awesome share!


    1. Matthew Loomis says:    •   4 years Author

      Hi Ryan,

      You are a great example of someone who takes the “everything is copy” approach to blogging. Love your stories from tropical paradise, especially during the cold Missouri winters.

      Glad you liked this curated post. See you next month!