Powerful New Voice Search SEO Tool Makes Optimizing Easy [EP 35 The Blog Chronicles]

July 3, 2017
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voice search seo

Voice search has been around a few years now, although, in reality, it’s practically still a newborn baby.

If there’s a voice search, that means there has to be voice search SEO, too. Because if people are using voice search to find things online, you better believe there are plenty of bloggers and online businesses who want to capitalize on this fact.

As voice search continues to grow, so too are the voice search SEO tools that are becoming available to help you optimize your site so the voice searcher will find you in search results.

Hey, if the topic of voice search sounds completely new to you or something out of science fiction, you’re not alone. Many bloggers are not yet aware of how impactful voice search is going to be when it comes to SEO.

That is why I invited Allen MacCannell on The Blog Chronicles.

He’s an expert on voice search SEO and the VP of Sales for WebCEO.com.

On this podcast, here are some of the things you’ll learn:

–The differences between “voice search” and “keyboard search”

–Things a blogger can do to make their website more “voice search friendly”

–the 3 best SEO practices that optimize your site for voice search

–a new tool coming out in the Fall of 2017 that will help you pull in traffic from people using voice search. 

Be sure to leave any questions you may have for Allen down in the comments. Enjoy this episode!

voice search seo

Allen MacCannell – Vice President Sales and Partnerships.

voice search seo

Allen MacCannell Interview Transcript

( For those who like to read.)

voice search seo


Matthew Loomis: Hi Allen.

Welcome to the Show!

Allen MacCannell: Hello!

Good morning Matthew.

Matthew Loomis: Good morning.

How are things over in the Ukraine?

Allen MacCannell: Ah, well I’m with the programmers here at Web CEO.

We’re very very busy and we’ll be working all summer long on new functionality.

I believe one of the big products that we expect to have in the Fall is why I’m on the Air with you right now. That would be our Voice Search product.

Tell Us About Your Online Business Called Web CEO of Which You Are Vice President.

Matthew Loomis: We’ll talk about that in a moment.

So, Allen, you are the Vice President of sales and partnerships for an online business called Web CEO.

Allen MacCannell: Yeah, Web CEO Dot Com.

Matthew Loomis: Oh yes, we don’t want to leave off the Dot Com 🙂

Allen MacCannell: The main competitor of MOZ and Raven online.

Raven Computer

voice search seo

What Other Services Do You Offer at Web CEO?

Matthew Loomis: This is a business that I’m just now getting acquainted with.

So people like me that may not be familiar with Web CEO.

Tell us about the company and what services and products it provides and anything else we should know.

Allen MacCannell: Okay.

Web CEO was founded in the year 2000.

So we were pretty well the first people on the scene for search engines for SEO software that deals with search engines. Like for instance if you may remember from the distant past? The old desktop software that people had that would automatically submit your website to search engines.

Back then you could do this through software that the software could automatically submit to twenty or thirty different search engines.

voice search seo

After a while, that sort of dropped off and Google and Yahoo and others actually expected you to go to the website yourself and sign in and not just have a machine submit your URL for indexing.

That slowly fell off and that’s what made us famous.

voice search seo

We were the main company that did that and people all used us probably. A lot of people were Web CEO customers and don’t even remember it.

Then over the years, of course, that dropped off at the importance and it became more important for SEO tools. Which of course were all desktops downloadable software at least around 2006, 2007.

By then we used to make sure that the ranking as well as to make sure that your websites were properly optimized in terms of the meta tags etc…

Then it grew from there. So now we have forty-five different tools. There are now over two hundred main ranking factors that Google looks at to decide where, how to rank a site.

You need a lot of software to help you optimize for as many as those two hundred factors as possible.

So things really grew from there and it’s constantly growing because the industry is constantly changing. That’s why for instance over the summer we’re working so hard on the new Voice Search product.

Which of the Web CEO Products Are Top Ranking at the Moment?

Matthew Loomis: Right.

So before we get into that.

What are some of your best-known products right now?

Allen MacCannell: We were the desktop king.

Right through to the end of 2010. We still have a desktop product but that’s a January 2011 when we fully launched the online version of our tools.

One of our customers was Rand Fishkin of MOZ early on.


voice search seo

But I think in 2006 – He wrote on the forum he said ”You know you guys need to have online tools!” And then he had like a dot dot dot and he says, ” Wait a minute! Scratch that I think I gonna go out and develop my own online tools.”

So Lo and Behold one of our customers went out and created MOZ and they’re still bigger than we are. It became bigger than we are and it’s still bigger than we are.

Matthew Loomis: Oh WOW!

Allen MacCannell: They are a really great company and that’s one of our customers.

Now, of course, we had to respond to that because he was going to completely eat our lunch.

voice search seo

And so from 2009 all of 2009, 2010 we developed the online version. By January 2011 we were able to launch and managed to keep our market share. It was in the nick of time during the year 2011 and 2012 desktop software sales collapsed across all industries.

And because more and more people are attached to the internet. Especially through things like 3G. Therefore people are now reliant on the internet and online tools.

I guess you could say that desktop is being replaced by mobile apps.

Which you can download on Android and all of that.

voice search seo

We did then become a big leader in the online SEO tools.

So that’s our main product that our average sales… Our average monthly customer pays about $175 monthly, on average. That’s because we have a very large amount of agencies that work with us.

They have flexible billing which means if they only have ten customers they are paying us maybe $140. If they have twenty-five customers they may be paying us $200 a month.

They like using us because as they gain customers or lose customers the pricing goes up and down accordingly. A lot of start-ups and mom-and-pop shops can pay $95 a month to use our startup plan and that allows five projects and two hundred keywords. You can do a lot with that. You can do a lot…

So we have an enormous amount of customers. They just pay us $99 a month. It still averages $175 because we’ve got really huge advertising agencies and other digital agencies that are paying us a $1500 a month. so it averages up to $175.

Can You Elaborate on the New Voice Search Module that Web CEO has Developed?

Matthew Loomis: Alright. That’s some fascinating history.

Rand Fishkin has been on the Show before so I know he’s quite a personality out there.

Now let’s get to the product that I know you’re excited about.

It’s called Voice Search SEO module and it sounds like it’s going to be a really good product for businesses and bloggers. So I’d like for you to share with us more details about this product.

But before you do let’s talk about voice search. I think it’s good for everyone listening to know and understand what voice search is and why bloggers and internet business owners should be thinking about voice search.

voice search seo

Allen MacCannell: Right. Okay.

That’s a very interesting question and it’s a hot topic as well.

Because as many people have said ”What on earth would cause you to have a device in your home that listens to everything you’re saying?” And is waiting theoretically for you to say ”Okay Google or hey Alexa” and then get their attention.

Obviously, they are listening because they’re waiting to hear you to ask them to do something. Which makes you wonder why you would even dare have that in your home.

Because they are listening. They’re waiting to hear the right words but they could be recording everything you are saying as well.

Of course, then you might think that your smartphones are already listening to hear everything that you are saying.

voice search seo

And even if you shut your smart phone off it’s still listening to everything you’re saying. So people can say ”It doesn’t matter anyway.”

voice search seo

Matthew Loomis: WOW!

Allen MacCannell: Yeah.

A lot of people, however… and this is what is going to drive voice search is that sometimes you have to keep your hands free.

So we’re wondering around our homes with our smartphones and even while we’re eating we can still punch in things and listen to YouTube. That video is actually taking off right now.

I think more YouTube searches are happening right now. By the way, we’ve added YouTube in our rank tracker. Because it doesn’t find your website. It finds your channel.

Matthew Loomis: Oh okay.

Allen MacCannell: So if you type in a keyword and you’re number eight in the YouTube results? It won’t be your website that’s number eight it’ll be your channel that’s number eight.

But that’s very important to know because if you don’t have a YouTube channel you’re going to be left out. A lot of people are looking for videos.

voice search seo

The voice search is related because voice search is going to be connected to a lot of apps it’s got a lot of vertical silos or whatever.

So if you’re going to ask how to buy a pizza? Different voice search devices with maybe give you either the first result that’s coming into Google. Which might be the Wikipedia article about pizza or which one that isn’t going to help you. Right. Which isn’t going to bring your pizza…

Which reminds me by the way how Burger King tried to manipulate the results. They said on one if their ads that would be on YouTube. The guy said on the ad, he says ”Okay Google, tell me about the Burger King Whopper” and then by doing that the YouTube triggered the YouTube voice search and suddenly the machine that the people were operating their YouTube on suddenly came to life and opened up the website that showed the Wikipedia article on the Whopper.

voice search seo

Which was really brilliant for about a week and then a lot of hooligans decided to edit the Wikipedia article on the Whopper and say like the list of ingredients they’d say, ”Ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, cyanide, pepper….” They just added the word ”cyanide.” Right? And it took a little while for the moderators of Wikipedia to catch that.

So what happened the voice search result for ”Tell me about the Burger King Whopper” would list any ingredients of the Burger King Whopper has mustard, ketchup, onions and ”cyanide.” It was really funny for the people who looked up the results. But that could happen…

Now what other search devices will be doing though is they’ll be making deals either with Yelp or with other services.

voice search seo

Verticles for food or for travel. Like I think one of the big devices now is I’m calling devices but it’s a product. We’ll use Kayak for travel results. And it won’t only be those results. It will actually be, book me.

voice search seo

So people will say ”Okay Alexa book me or ”Okay Amazon book me a trip to Portland a nice bed and breakfast on the ocean within three hours of Portland.” And maybe skip some others that allow a child’s bed to be a cot or whatever.

Theoretically then the machine will search through various results and come up with an answer. So it’s going to get really complicated and what we’re going to have to do here is that we are going to have to have all the devices. Including the brand new Apple home pod which was released on Monday.

Which is serendipity that we are having this discussion now today on Thursday.

voice search seo

When on Monday Apple just announced that they’re replacing their Siri product. Not replacing their Siri product but actually releasing a product called Home Pod. So whereas Siri will be operating on a smart phone using Bing or at least it does now.

Image result for images of BING LOGO

Maybe the app Home Pod will be using Google. That’s what they are saying now. Everything it shrimping to Google and the Apple Home Pod will be operating.

So one reason why we have to have a special module is that… well for several reasons. One is a lot of the times they’re only going to have one answer. Our rank tracker doesn’t work that way where we just say all the number one rankings we tell you if you’re number ninety-nine in the rankings.

So then we added YouTube as a search engine and we’ll add Amazon soon…

We’re still going to let you know that your product is number ninety-nine in the Amazon rankings. But that’s not going to help if Amazon is only going to give the number one result as the answer.

Also with our product, with the rank tracker right now. You yourself decide what your keyword basket is that we’re going to rank check. Maybe you’re missing out on different keywords that you could be looking for.

We have a great Keyword Research tool.

You can type in some keywords and then we’ll give you longtail results. We will give you keywords that have been through SEMrush or some other services we use as third-parties.

voice search seo

We’ll give you back what people have typed in as similar answers to your keyword so then you can add those to your basket for rank tracking because they’re very similar. We can even tell you how many requests for that keyword have occurred. Not only globally for the past month, but we’ll tell you in your local city, county or home state and country how many people have.

And so that helps people decide how important it is.

In other factors, there’s the keyword efficiency index that we have and soon we are adding the keyword difficulty index.

With voice search, it’s going to become a lot more important because people are not going to say the same things in voice search that they have been typing in.

voice search seo

How Well is Voice Search Performing and How Many People are Benefitting From the Product?

Matthew Loomis: Allen, do you have any statistics on how many internet users are using voice search and how much that’s going to grow.

Allen MacCannell: Yeah.

They say that’s about 18 to 20% right now.

Matthew Loomis: Okay.

Allen MacCannell: At least in cars, it’s going to take off.

In a car, you have to have your hands on the wheel and people are going to want to more and more.

voice search seo

They had to wait until there was a 95% accuracy rate in understanding their request because there was an issue where Google constantly got it wrong what you were asking.

The most famous example, of course, was like the Jason Bourne movies with Matt Damon.

voice search seo

They would say ”which is the latest Bourne movie?” And then Google would answer it with the latest porn movie. So Google would give the latest porn movie instead of the latest Jason Bourne movie because it’s just really hard.

I have a guy, the main guy working on the new product was just doing that today. He was asking about the latest Jason Bourne movie and it came back with a list of the latest war movies.

So Google Voice Search was taking Bourne for ”war” instead of Bourne.

voice search seo

So one thing we’re going to be doing about our different tools is we’re going to have the synthesizer. A synthesizer actually inside a box I’m reminiscing. The synthesizer will actually say the question. Then the device will actually listen to the synthesizer make the request and then we’ll see how accurate they got that request.

Matthew Loomis: Interesting.

Allen MacCannell: It might depend on… or whatever.

But then we’ll get that answer so we’ll add that extra authenticity to the results.

Matthew Loomis: Maybe Google just needs to clean the wax out of its ears, I don’t know?

Allen MacCannell: Yeah.

They are saying that Google needs to get up to 99% before this really picks up.

But I’ve also heard if they’re at 95% that’s good enough.

voice search seo

Matthew Loomis: Sure.

Allen MacCannell: I can see that taking off.

But I think the privacy aspect of those is holding it back a little bit right now. I mean one of the things that I would think of about having that in my home is that it’s always listening. It’s waiting for me to say its name.

When we were kids though we always knew that the future world of the 2000’s would include robots and robots would always be there listening and they’re connected to the matrix type of thing.

voice search seo

I guess back then we thought that the robots would be so smart that they’d have all this knowledge inside of them. One you realise that ”No the robots are going to have access to the internet and the ability to use artificial intelligence to get information off of the internet.” And then synthesise that into an answer.

So artificial intelligence is going to come into play in terms of answers from these products. That’s why we have to have a separate module because we don’t think that the results are going to be a pure play of Google results. And we know that because Google already gives different results from mobile phones than they do from desktops.

voice search seo

And then again we’re going to start to get different results for voice searches. So we are going to have to check that to make sure that we get the right results.

voice search seo

But I think that the biggest thing about the product will be helping users figure out exactly what questions they can end up being number one for.

So that’s going to require more as a keyword research tool than a rank tracking tool.

voice search seo


Matthew Loomis: We could talk a lot more about privacy and a lot of these things.

Maybe I could have you back on some time to talk some more about some of these other aspects to this.

Allen, when it comes to voice search and keyboard search.

Can you talk a little bit about the nuances and the subtle differences between the two?

Allen MacCannell: Well, that’s right.

There’s ”WHO WHAT WHERE and WHEN?”

People don’t usually use those when making a desktop search or even a mobile search. People do cut off the ”and’s” and ”does”and ”is” and all the rest when they’re actually typing something in.

We have noticed that a lot, that they don’t type the full sentence in. People are used to doing searches where they don’t type in the Queen’s English.

And yet with voice search, they are going to be using the Queens English a lot more.

They are actually going to be using real English. Or real other languages.

voice search seo

voice search seo


Matthew Loomis: Right.

Allen MacCannell: And that’s also important.

Because not only are our tools translated into most languages by a special Wiki tool. Our customers translate for us. Also, we handle the written form of every language that people can type into Google.

So Arabic…Russian…

Matthew Loomis: So if somebody is using your voice search tool.

And then they’re using a keyboard search tool like Google’s Keyword Planner for example.

voice search seo

You could end up with two very different results for the same thing. Right?

Allen MacCannell: Yes. Right.

And we’re going to need to see an SE rationale that will be giving us more information on that. But also we can get a lot of that ourselves as well. Coming up with actual phrases people would use on voice that is different from the phrases that they seem to have been using.

Like right now when we use our keyword research tool, very rarely do full sentences come out as having been often searched for.

We have a section where we say ”Include all the words in the keywords.” So let’s say ”Chicago SEO company ” so someone types in ”Chicago SEO company” into our new research tool? Normally it would show every search by popularity in the Cook County area. We would have Cook County where Chicago is located.

Then we’ll have a list of all the words that were associated with that Chicago SEO company and all the keyword combinations sorted by popularity in Cook County over the past month but when I look at that it says Chicago SEO company and Chicago etc… company. Or company Chicago SEO…. it just mixes things up and it does say an SEO company in Chicago. They add the word ”in” but very rarely does it say ”where can I find?” Or ”I need” people will say this ”I need to find.”

So things are going to get really long. You know ”Hey Google I need to find an SEO company.” And that I ”need to find” needs to be processed somehow.

Do You Think People Will Eventually Shorten Sentences On a Search Product to Get an Accurate Search Result?

Matthew Loomis: That’s interesting.

Do you think eventually we’ll start talking more in broken fragments?

Allen MacCannell: No.

And that’s what I was saying earlier.

I don’t think that’s going to happen. I don’t think people are going to say ”Hey Google SEO company Chicago.” I don’t think that will ever happen.

Matthew Loomis: Okay.

Because you feel like you have a relationship sort of with this product?

Allen MacCannell: Exactly.

There are several movies and I thought they’re kind of dumb movies.

But there were movies where people have relationships with their robot computers. They were fascinating. I watched them then trying to see future product concepts.

When I watched the movies I kind of watched them as a company project. But yeah, they do get emotionally involved in their robots and this is basically where it’s going.

voice search seo

These voice search devices by the way. They are the front lines of robot technology. So this is all going to be combined with robots pretty soon.

What is the Most Beneficial Way to Use Voice Search?

Matthew Loomis: Yes. Okay.

What are some of the things a website owner can do to make their website more voice search friendly?

Allen MacCannell: Yes.

That’s a very good question.

Well, one of the big things is local. Obviously. So you really have to start making sure that if you’re a local business you better have your location, your address properly listed on the website everywhere.

But there are other things that you can do as well and that is well you have to think about what people will be asking. Like ”I need a pizza with these toppings on.” Like ”Order me a pizza.” Right? So then you have to use maybe Shema markup more.

voice search seo

Image result for Image for Schema Markup logo

Because I bet that these list of services will be using Schema markup.

Schema Dot Org can help you with that. And if you can break it down and I think that Schema would be developing constantly. So you should keep your eyes on what’s going on because there will be basically a code that you have on your website that basically will amount to that if you don’t include this code you won’t be included in any voice search results.

Right now you need AMP for your mobile version of your website. So the AMP (Accelerated Memory Production) technology has to be on your website.

voice search seo

So that mobiles phones will use that and then create the mobile site for phones. But also for the voice search, there will be Schema markup that helps you order pizza. So people say ”I need to order pizza with anchovies and pepperoni and mushrooms and tomatoes.” And you will have that in a list of ingredients that can be ordered.

Kind of like Google Shopping, somewhere along those lines.

voice search seo

So you really have to get with the program on some of these vertical code things that you need to add to your website in order to be included.

Once you do that then you can really get somewhere because what will happen is if someone says ”I need to order a pizza with anchovies and pepperoni.” Then you have to be within ten miles or five miles of that person. And if you’re not then the other person is. So if you are located in a rural area and you’re just one of two pizza parlours? You have a really good chance of getting all the voice search business.

voice search seo

Matthew Loomis: Yeah. Okay.

Allen MacCannell: If you’re out in Missouri out on the plains.

And you know maybe three or four pizza parlors that are out in the town but your website has the best markup then you’re scoring all the ”Hey Google go order me a pizza!” And then I guess Google will actually order the pizza which is quite interesting how that’s going to happen

Matthew Loomis: Right!

Allen MacCannell: So I mean.

What would happen if you work at a pizza joint and you’re constantly getting this synthesized voice from Google? You know ”Hi John’s pizza place this is Google we’re about to make an order for you and we have this guys credit card already.”

So the name of the person delivered to is such-and-such, this is the person’s address this is their credit card number. That’s kind of like the privacy thing too. Right? Because if you say that you are authorizing Google to make an order for you or authorizing Amazon.

Now Amazon, of course, that’s already happening.

In fact, what happened, a little girl ordered a dollhouse and then Amazon delivered it and then its national news because the parents hadn’t agreed to it.

voice search seo

Matthew Loomis: Right.

Allen MacCannell: Those are little glitches and kinks that we worked out.

But it’s very interesting that all this really rapidly moving towards reality then.

Now, profusely if you can delineate who you are now. If you are in a city like Sunnydale, California I used to live there and I don’t know how many pizza joints but I’m sure there were plenty over at the El Camino hop at least.

And then yeah, you’d have to compete with four or five or six or seven other pizza joints in New York or Manhattan, it would be really crazy and so you’d have to win for a certain combination because theoretically anything that person says could change the location that they’re going to order from.

Or that’s not what’s going to happen. Maybe the device has decided what place they going to by default order from.

Matthew Loomis: Wow.

This is all so fascinating. I mean we could talk for another hour.

Allen MacCannell: Go for the place with the best reviews.

And then what reviews – Yelp reviews? Google reviews?

Matthew Loomis: Yes.

Allen MacCannell: Find me a pizza place where the best reviews are and then order a pizza.

Matthew Loomis: So reviews are going to continue to be important?

Allen MacCannell: Yeah.

So we’re really getting into that and then we’re developing the module that will help people wrap their strategies around it.

That’s what we mainly do is we help people deal with optimizing their businesses.

voice search seo

Would You Call Yourself a Blogger?

Matthew Loomis: That’s good stuff.

I know on your blog you have an article called – The Three Best SEO Practices That Will Help Make Your Website Voice Search Friendly.

And you can find a link to that blog in The Show Notes.

Allen, before we wrap up the Show. I’m curious to find out if you do consider yourself a blogger?

Allen MacCannell: Ah, that’s a good question.

Well, we produce about one blog post per week.

Personally, though we have a team of experts that actually do the research. So I basically edit. So I’m like the editor over at one of the newspapers where a good post is written and then I help maybe move things around. but yeah, I often decide on the photograph or something like that. But I also ask for input from everybody else and from the main blogger so…

We really have a great new guy. He has actually been with us for four months now and he’s been producing a lot of great new content

Matthew Loomis: Interesting. Very good.

I was just curious if you were producing or doing your own writing as well or anything like that.

Allen MacCannell: Personally, I’m more like an editor.

Because I’m into sales and so on more into actually talking to big potential customers.

Matthew Loomis: Gotcha!

Okay sounds good.

So Allen, When is this product going to be available?

Allen MacCannell: Well, we are shooting for September.

I can see it releasing in the Halloween time period. Meaning the October period.

We’re shooting for September but what happens is something really big like that can come early October or something like that. But it will be when our website is covered with fall foliage and spiders and stuff. We always do that over the Halloween period.

One customer nearly broke his monitor because a really ugly spider started to file down from the top. One spider on its own on his computer.

voice search seo

Matthew Loomis: Oh wow!

Allen MacCannell: So he almost busts up his computer trying to kill it.

Matthew Loomis: Oh yeah.

That’s funny I just killed one yesterday. It was in my office, it was pretty huge!!

Allen MacCannell: Yeah, well I didn’t kill one about a week ago.

That came out of a piece of clothing, that I regret to this day. I remember thinking about all these people who are ”Oh you don’t kill spiders” and all that. So I decided in a few seconds to give him a reprieve and that was all I needed was him to disappear and now I have to put my clothes on and I’m checking inside and… there’s nothing…!

Image result for Images of an OMG cat


Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

I’ve got to kill them because of my kids. They freak out.

But I hear you.

Allen MacCannell: If they are anywhere near clothes?

You have to kill them!

voice search seo

Where to Find Allen MacCannell – Web CEO Online

Matthew Loomis: Yeah. Exactly.

Allen, if somebody wants to stay in touch or keep abreast of the development and when this is going to be out.

Do you have a newsletter or something that they can subscribe to?

Allen MacCannell: Well, the Web CEO Dot Com blog.

Yeah, you can go on there.

Also these days in terms of subscribing definitely go to Twitter –  Web CEO / Web CEO.

There’s also / Web CEO News.

The difference is Web CEO shows our own content and Web CEO News goes crazy showing all relevant SEO content every day and it’s a lot more active. But know that Web CEO itself has a lot more followers.

We have close to twelve thousand followers

Then also on Facebook – Web CEO Dot SEO Dot Software So, Facebook / Web CEO Dot SEO Software

Then Pinterest and Linkedin.

You can find us on Linkedin and Google Plus of course. You have to be involved with Google Plus because of Google… very highly for some reason…. We have to tell our customers that. We always have to remind them you know ”Hey you need an active Google Plus account and several actually.

Because Google Plus considers Google Plus activity to be good for SEO and a lot of people don’t understand that. Why would Google rate its own social media highly? And then you have to think of human nature of course they do.

If you want to do good on Google then make sure you have an active Google Plus account.

voice search seo

Matthew Loomis: And that’s so true, yeah, even today.

Allen MacCannell: This is logical you know.

It’s like when I went into Dell computers with a colleague many years ago. We were selling PCI adapter cards for computers and then he had a laptop that he wanted to show a presentation on.

So we were flying from Seattle to Austin and he was sitting next to me and says ”Let’s go over our presentation.” So he opened up his Toshiba laptop and he started going over his presentation. And I looked at him and I said ”Do you know what you’re doing wrong?” And he’s like ”No, what, what am I missing?”

Finally, I just said ”You’ve just opened up a Toshiba laptop if you think you’re going to go into that presentation with a Toshiba laptop, you’re sorely mistaken.”

He’s like ”Oh come on they’re not going to notice, they’re not going to care!”

And I actually had to tell him ”Listen, I am not going into that presentation room with you if you’re going to be dumb enough to take a Toshiba laptop!” Right?

voice search seo

So finally he was really shocked that I would speak to him that way. Then I went into the meeting and during the meeting without the laptop and we didn’t do his presentation during that meeting.

We were actually joking around and I said to him, I said ”What would you have actually done if we had walked in and done a presentation on a laptop other than Dell?”

And the answer that came back sent shivers down my colleague’s spine and he was really nasty he said ” We would have shown you the door!” And they were serious. He said ” People have tried to do that and we’ve shown them the door they were obviously not serious about us.” Or something like that.

It really shocked my colleague and it shocked me that they would have asked us to leave if we had done that. So it’s sort of like that with Google Plus. You have to have an active Google Plus if you want Google to give you that extra push.

Matthew Loomis: Absolutely!

That could be another show in and of itself.

Allen MacCannell: Yeah. Exactly!

So we have another such meeting in September.

Matthew Loomis: I’d love to have you back on this Fall.

We can talk more about voice search and how the product is doing. That would be great!

So this has been a fascinating conversation and Allen I want to thank you for coming on The Blog Chronicles today.

Allen MacCannell: Well, thank you, Matthew.

It was a pleasure to be here.


The Show Notes

Allen MacCannell – Web CEO 

Allen MacCannell – Web CEO – Blog

Web CEO Blog – How To Find Long Tail Key Words That Will Bring Tons Of Traffic

Allen MacCannell – Linkedin

Allen MacCannell – Twitter

Allen MacCannell – GooglePlus

Allen MaCannell – Facebook

Web CEO – SEO Tools – Twitter

Web CEO – Facebook

Rand Fishkin – MOZ

Ileane Smith – YouTube Live Video – Basic Blog Tips

SEMrush – SEMrush Сompetitive Research and Business Intelligence Software


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I’ll see you next time!

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