Memejacking Blogger: Promote Your Website Making Fun, Tasty Treats People Eat Up

Thank you, Captain Hindsight

Memes and social media go together like chocolate and peanut butter.

People love sharing memes on social media, and memes are gobbled up like sugary nougats all over the internet. Memes are low-cost promotional candies you can use online to get any message across, particularly for marketing purposes.

Memes (we will define them in a second) are fun to create and a smartly crafted one will catch people’s eye and make them want to share your message. Speaking of sharing, there’s 18 of my own meme examples below, so be sure to check them out and USE them if you’d like. Continue reading…

How to Grow Blog Readership Serving Fewer People

Let’s go straight to the question posed in the title: How Many readers should a blogger try to please?

Here’s my answer: Less than 100%.

The reason: If you try to please everyone who visits your blog or subscribes to your newsletter, you will inevitably water down your message, whatever that message may be.

Your blog content, your website, your videos…they will all become a boring bland bowl of tasteless soup that doesn’t move, inspire, or challenge anybody. Continue reading…

Writing Tips for Beginners Are Everywhere–This One Single Tip for New Bloggers is the Best Writing Tip of All

The One Best Writing Tip


Do you find writing to be difficult?

I think many blogger wannabes never start because they lack confidence in their writing ability…they know they have something to say, but the thought of writing out their message makes them feel insecure and overwhelmed.

Then there are other bloggers who start but eventually quit because of writing. They set the bar way too high right out of the gate, thinking they must write like Hemingway or Harper Lee. For these bloggers, writing is an art or science full of rules, mysteries, and expectations. One must be excellent at writing immediately, they think. There is no room for mistakes or experimentation. Continue reading… vs .org is like Batman vs Superman: Dawn of the Blog

Bob liked to surf the internet at night in the dark. Keeping the lights off provided a stunning view of the Blogopolis cityscape stretched out below his bedroom window on the 56th floor.

All was quiet on this chilly evening.

Bob started searching again for more information on blogging. This was the seventh evening in a row he researched this topic. Already, his mind was so full of information that he couldn’t decide what to do next to get started…

“Whoa! What…” Bob jerked his body toward the door. A sudden banging noise coming from the front area of his condominium sounded like trouble. Bob bumped his cell phone off the desk onto the floor.

Dropping down in the dark to find the mobile device, all he could think about was 9-1-1. Continue reading…

Infographic on Daniel Scocco: A Blogger I Admire; See Why

Daniel Scocco

Daniel has a blog I enjoy turning to for great blogging tips. In fact, his website where he shares what he knows is called Daily Blog Tips.

He’s been sharing information on blog monetizing, internet marketing, writing content, WordPress, and lots of other blogging related topics for close to a decade now.

My hope is that this infographic I had made about Daniel will help me convey to you how much of a great resource he is for bloggers. Continue reading…

My Blog Post Checklist: Paying Attention to These Details Will Make Your Blog Easier to Find and Easy to Read

Blog post
Blog Post (keyboard button) by uberof202ff   CC BY-SA 2.0


Hitting that Publish button is fun, isn’t it?

There’s nothing like the feeling you get when your masterpiece blog post is finished and ready for the world…

Spelling and grammar proofed? Check.

So now its time to hit Pub…Wait! Don’t publish that yet!

Make sure you go through this blog post checklist first. Continue reading…

Citizen Journalism: Why Ferguson (and The World) Need More Bloggers Dedicated to News

Citizen Journalism

Will truth prevail?

Four months later, we still do not exactly know what happened in Ferguson, Missouri, between Michael Brown and Darren Wilson…

Would things be different today if a blogger witnessed that tragic moment? What if someone had captured the confrontation on video and posted it to their blog…perhaps a speedy revelation of what really happened would have prevented all the additional pain, violence and destruction over the past months? Continue reading…

How to Make a Living Blogging – Matthew Helps a Blogger On the Startup Nation Radio Show

How to Make a Living Blogging


How to Make a Living Blogging


Had a good time talking about blogging on a Detroit radio program. In studio was a blogger many of you can relate with…her name is Tiffany. She’s a working mom and she’s been blogging for a couple of years at her blog called Wife. Mother. Teacher.

The show was called How to Make a Living Blogging

You can hear her blogging story and the various ideas we discussed to help her raise the bar with her blog, specifically some things she should do to get more traffic and earn more income. Continue reading…

B2B Blogging Focus: Blog Tips from LinkedIn Expert & Inbound Marketing Evangelist Josh Turner

Josh Turner


Josh Turner


Can LinkedIn help your online business grow?

Absolutely. Just ask Josh Turner.

He knows a lot about how to get the best ROI from LinkedIn, conducting webinars that lead to sales, and inbounding marketing.

As an inbound marketing enthusiast, Turner understands how important a blog is for any online business.

He currently is the founder of three online businesses. Two of them are laser focused on LinkedIn…

1. Linked University – The Definitive Training Program for Building Your Business on LinkedIn

2. Linked Selling – Design and manage strategic marketing campaigns for businesses on LinkedIn

3. Webinarli – Provides outsourced marketing teams who plan and implement lead generating webinars for businesses

In fact, LinkedIn is where I first met Josh Turner a couple of years ago. He started a helpful LinkedIn group I am a member of called the B2B Roundtable.

Recently, I asked Turner some questions on blogging. Anyone who blogs to make money will find his answers interesting.

Let’s begin my B2B Blogging Focus Q&A with Josh Turner… Continue reading…

Time Management Secrets For Busy Bloggers Like You

time management



Are you struggling with time management?

Perhaps you’re a go-getter with lots of goals and dreams, but seemingly not enough time each day to conquer it all…

There’s hope for you.

Let me tell you about my friend “Gary”… This guy is pretty amazing.

(I have changed the name of my friend here to protect his identity.) Continue reading…