Should You Start a Podcast? Maybe. Find Your Answer with Prolific Podcaster Nathan Fraser [EP 43 The Blog Chronicles]

April 29, 2018
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Nathan Fraser

On this episode of The Blog Chronicles, we’re going to be talking about podcasting, more specifically, how podcasting can help a blogger grow their audience to reach its full potential.

Today my guest is Nathan Fraser -‘The High Priest Of Propaganda.’

Nathan has been a prolific podcaster since the late 2000’s and before he even knew what blogging was, he was creating content and building websites.

Mainly as a political activist, Nathan used his blogging skills to create a communication that he thought lacked through main-stream media authority. For about ten-years Nathan stayed under the radar writing content about political issues using many different pseudonyms before coming out as ‘Nathan Fraser,'(which is his real name, so, if you are really good at internet research you may just still find some of his ‘old stuff.’ ) 😉

In this ‘down the rabbit hole’ episode of  The Blog Chronicles, I spoke with Nathan and learned that he has certainly had a very interesting and colourful background. His marketing skills and the urge to push on be persistent in what he wanted to achieve as an entrepreneur building businesses and serving people in the free market, all of these things led him down many avenues, twists and turns before becoming – The High Priest Of Propaganda. (more…)

University Study Concludes: Self-Employment Leads to Happiness

April 27, 2018

self employment

Recently, I came across something that caught my attention.

The University of Exeter came out with a new study that confirms what I’ve been telling Build Your Own Blog readers for years: self-employed people enjoy their work more and find it more rewarding. 

The study analyzed 5,000 people in four different countries doing various types of work.

The researchers discovered one primary reason why: (more…)

Freelance Survival Skills – How to Stay Alive and Thrive in the New Economy [EP 42 The Blog Chronicles]

April 8, 2018

 Steve Roller

In this straight to the point talk about the realities of freelancing, my long time friend and mentor Steve Roller sets out a few hard truths about who will actually make it in the ‘Wild West Gig Economy.’

I met Steve about six years ago at his Big Ideas Retreat in Vermont, since then I gained much knowledge from Steve which has helped me grow in my own online business.

I sat down and chatted with Steve Roller about his book – The Freelancer Manifesto – 11 Big Ideas To Stand Out And Thrive In The New Economy.

Any freelancer out there should definitely connect with Steve and even read his book, it will save you a lot of time and money if you’re not sure which direction to take.

Here are a few pointers from Steve’s book that will have you thinking about whether freelancing would be a lucrative online business for you or not and that freelancing is actually great fun at the same time as hard work and dedication. (more…)

10 Best WordPress Plugins to Monetize Your Blog in 2018

March 30, 2018

Recently, Forbes published an article listing websites and blogs that accrue impressive revenues. CopyBlogger is slated to earn $1 million a month, yes, you heard it right! This is the potential of blogging. In addition to pursuing your hobby, you can become a millionaire.

To accomplish this purpose, your content should be overwhelming, and you should deploy online marketing tactics to target the right audience. If your blog is built on WordPress, you need you can rely on plugins to monetize your blog. (more…)

4 Tips to Transition from Blogging Loser to Blogging Winner

March 22, 2018

blogging winner

I love you.


Think not of the insulting definition of “loser” in this blog post title.  I mean not to criticize you.

But if your energy is mired in loss, scarcity and fear, chances are you are a blogging loser. Or a blogger whose mind is dominated by loss, lack and limitation.

I am a former blogging loser. The old me feared losing traffic, profits and my reputation.

Most of what I did blogging-wise was to avoid loss.

Not a good look.

Where you put your attention and energy, grows. I suffered through years of loss, lack, limitation, struggle and blogging failure.

I turned things around though.

Now I’m a blogging winner, all about expressing appreciation, seeing gains, observing expanding success and inspiring more folks to become successful bloggers.

Thinking and acting like a winner means it’s only a matter of time before you succeed with your blog.

If you feel stuck with your blog make no mistake about it; loss drives you. Fear goads you into doing silly, failure-inducing stuff.

Let’s turn that around.

Follow these tips to go from blogging loser to blogging winner. (more…)

8 Common Email Marketing Campaign Mistakes Bloggers Need to Avoid

February 16, 2018
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As a blogger, one of the most important concepts you need to remember is building a solid community around your blog and keeping your readers happy and engaged with your content.

However, this is easier said than done.

There are so many bloggers out there that have the potential to be wildly successful, but many fall into certain traps when it comes to their email marketing campaigns. These mistakes are vital to avoid and could cost you the reputation and credibility of your blog.

To help you make the right decision in your email marketing campaign and to guarantee quality, here are seven of the most common mistakes that you’ll need to avoid. (more…)

Bigfoot Blogger: How to Succeed in a Strange Blog Niche [EP 41 The Blog Chronicles]

February 15, 2018

Big Foot

On this episode of the Blog Chronicles, I talk with blogger and Big Foot aficionado David Boozer.

David and I have become friends over the past few years thanks to our mutual love of blogging and WordPress. David has been coaching bloggers and helping people set up beautiful WordPress websites for several years now.

He’s also found success monetizing his blogs, and one blog happens to be about Big Foot!

That’s what we talk about on this episode: how David jumped into a “strange” blog niche (Big Foot) and turned it into a money maker. 

David is always fun to interview. Here are a few things you will learn from our conversation (which you can read or listen to below.): (more…)

[Infographic] 16 SEO Myths You Should Ignore Completely

February 14, 2018

Search engine optimization has come a long way. As the years go by, more and more people are beginning to understand SEO better. Those in the industry, for their part, have been discovering techniques and developing software and applications that would help them get better results.

With all these advancements in SEO, you would think that all website owners, bloggers, and online marketers would be immune to SEO myths that have been around for a long time. Unfortunately, many of those who dabble in anything SEO still fall for optimization myths that have long been debunked.

Let’s take those who offer instant SEO success if you secure their services for example. (more…)

4 Potentially Spammy Activities from Blog Commenters

February 6, 2018

comment spam

One blogger’s spam is another blogger’s solid comment.

Spam is like that.

I have chatted with a few rocking bloggers recently about what constitutes spam and what is a valuable comment.

Opinions vary from blogger to blogger although all bloggers agree that keyword names combined with completely off topic, self-promotional comments are dead on spam comments.

But a few other comments may be open to interpretation.

As more comments pour into Blogging From Paradise I’m faced with a snap decision; what stays and what goes blog comment wise? I used to be lenient. But times have changed. Although we have no exclusive community at BFP I needed to crack the blog commenting whip. Generic comments became spam, as did any off-topic comment leading away from the blog post subject toward borderline non-sequitur thoughts.

Newbie or struggling bloggers tend to have a tough time with this blog comment filtering deal tough. I recall how getting any old comment felt good during lean times but you need to develop posture to become a successful blogger.

Your blog is no dumping ground. Treat your blog and commenting field with respect. Readers need to earn a spot on your blog through posts or the comments section. Spam any comment that doesn’t add value or foster relationship building. Boost engagement and attract fewer spammers who feel they can sneak a crappy comment through your spam filters.

I’m sharing these 4 potential spammy activities to give you clarity on your blog commenting campaign. (more…)

What If Lifestyle Blogging Is Not For You? Six Ways To Find Your Niche

January 30, 2018

Lifestyle blogging is a popular pastime, with the rise of social media influencers led by today’s millennials. However, it’s a saturated niche and not all of us like the idea of turning our personal lives into a business. Want to set up a different type of income-generating blog instead? Here are some top ideas for untapped blogger niches. (more…)