1 Dangerous Truth Hiding Behind Every Blogging Success Story

I follow a “blogging” Google Alert daily.

One email alert finds its way into my Gmail inbox.

90% of the time – or more – any blogging story reported through major media news outlets focuses on hefty income claims or huge social media following numbers.

Former stay at home mom makes 6 figures.

Former cop makes $1,000,000 a year.

Instagram model nets 3,000,000 followers.

I admire these folks. More power to them.

But I also know the danger in reporting these types of news stories with a heavy emphasis on astounding results.

Major media outlets use hype and yes, real results, to shock folks into paying attention. Continue reading…

How to GROW an Excited, Loyal Blog Audience Using Instagram [EP 40 The Blog Chronicles]


If you ever want to find Jenn Herman online, remember to spell her name with two N’s.

Growing up in the 1980’s with no shortage for the name Jennifer, Jenn became Jenn with two N’s which has better distinguished her from all the other Jen’s out there.

So keep that in mind.

Jenn started her blogging journey in 2013 with her first blog solely as a hobby and being on a free WordPress platform Jenn quickly realized that a free blog is not always the best option. She soon changed over from Jenn’s Trends WordPress Dot Com to her own URL which she called – Jenn’s Trends Dot Com.

Always having teaching and training skills, Jenn set out to break down the fears and misconceptions that first-time bloggers encounter when wanting to start a blog for the first time. Jenn targeted a senior management group and applied her skill to help them gain more confidence in blogging and social media marketing.

Jenn is a top-tier blogger and an expert on Instagram and social media marketing. On this episode of The Blog Chronicles, we will see how to understand Instagram as a community building tool and how versatile Instagram can be if you use it in the proper manner. Continue reading…

Hitting the Blogging Wall: 4 Tips to Dissolve this Dreaded Foe

Ryan Biddulph

I am not a blogging cyborg.

I feel.

I breathe.

I have a wide range of human experiences.

Sometimes I hit the dreaded blogging wall that plagues all of you bloggers at some time or another. Maybe you feel a lack of motivation. Or perhaps you feel frustrated about scant blog traffic or profits.

Like all perceived blocks, the blogging wall is an illusion that feeds on your deepest fears.

Following a few steps helps you dissolve the illusion so you can get busy helping people and succeeding with your blog. Continue reading…

5 Steps to Ensure Your Guest Post Pitches Don’t Fall on Deaf Ears

guest posting




Most bloggers don’t tolerate lame guest posting pitches.

Some bloggers pour salt in your pitching wounds, laying into you with a snarky or outright angry email to put you in your pitching place.

Over the years I have cultivated my “Pitch Compassion”.

I rarely get annoyed or even agitated when a blogger pitches me to land a guest post on Blogging From Paradise.

Usually I note how guest posting is permanently closed on BFP but sometimes when pressed for time I ignore the email.

The majority of bloggers either junk such emails or at best, ignore the pitches entirely.

If your guest post pitches seem to fall on deaf ears you need to change your strategy.

Something is off.

Something is wrong. Continue reading…

5 Warning Signs that You Lack Blogging Clarity

your blog lacks clarity


The #1 tool in any blogger’s arsenal.

You want to follow your passion. Ditto for honing your blogging skills through persistent practice. Toss in some serious networking and you are onto something.

But establishing clarity around your blog is the ultimate difference maker because once you get clear on your blog success flows in with greater ease.

I have experienced this with Blogging From Paradise. The clearer I get the more neat opportunities that flow my way.

Clarity cannot be measured quantitatively. It is a feeling thing.

To get a better understanding of how clarity relates to your blog, if you feel worried, or guilty, or anxious, or any fear-based energy, in regards to any aspect of your blog, you lack clarity in that area. If you lack clarity in multiple areas or through multiple aspects of your blog you will struggle terribly to succeed as a blogger.

If however, you identify these red flags, feel the associated fears and get clear on certain aspects of your blog it will become easier to drive increasing blog traffic and profits to your blog. Continue reading…

How Jeff Bullas Went from Internet Sideline Observer to World Renowned Blogger [EP 38 The Blog Chronicles]

Jeff Bullas

Jeff Bullas joined me on this episode of The Blog Chronicles!

If you don’t know Jeff Bullas, you should, because aspiring bloggers can learn so much from this guy!

Jeff was someone I immediately noticed and started following when I began my solopreneur blogging journey back in 2012. His website offers tons of helpful tips on blogging, social media, digital marketing, entrepreneurship, and more!

Getting a chance to talk face-to-face with Jeff Bullas was a ton of fun! I got a chance to ask him many questions about his start in blogging, including many details on topics like blog writing, blog promotion, social media, and how blogging has changed Jeff’s life. Continue reading…

Blogger Success Bulletin: Autumn 2017

blogger success bulletin


In this issue of the Blogger Success Bulletin, we will meet two new bloggers out there taking action and making things happen.

The first blogger writes about concerts and interviews bands! And the second blogger has a fun blog that is bound to make your mouth water.

Alrighty then, let’s meet our first blogger! Continue reading…

Expert Gift Ideas for Bloggers

Gift ideas for bloggers


If you’re reading this article right now, chances are very high that you know a blogger or someone aspiring to become a blogger.

Given the proliferation of internet connected technology, it’s no wonder that blogging is on the rise.

The crowdsourcing experts over at Gifted Idea have hand-picked 10 unique blogger gift ideas that are not only sure to inspire your favorite blogger, but also ensure you make it to the top of their personal Blogroll!


Continue reading…

Why This Working Mom Quit a Good Job to Launch Her Online Business [EP 39 The Blog Chronicles]

Lauren Golden mommy blogger

Lauren Golden runs a blog called The Free Mama.

Her journey began with Build Your Own Blog.net, that’s where she started her website, and she has been growing ever since. When I say growing, I’m talking both internally through what she’s learning and externally with her audience growth.

She’s a mid-tier blogger chasing her dreams and we’re going to find out what Lauren’s dreams are for her website, the free mama dot com. Continue reading…

4 Practical Tips to Pick a Blogging Niche

Ryan Biddulph


**Another useful yet entertaining guest post from Ryan Biddulph**

I’ve been known to pick a few winners back in the day.

Suspend the infantile humor. For just a second, you nose goblin ninnies.

I’d hit the horse tracks. I even hit the dog tracks once.

My winning percentage was solid.

But I had to take a different approach to picking a winning blogging niche. Continue reading…

Blogger Success Bulletin – Summer 2017

build your own blog


Time to meet some new bloggers out there taking action and making things happen.

In this issue of The Blogger Success Bulletin, you will meet two bloggers off to great starts. One is based in the U.S. and the other blogger is based in South Africa.

Alrighty then, let’s meet our first blogger! Continue reading…