The 60 Second Blog Report for January 16, 2015

January 16, 2015


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My Wild Kitchen

LemonTree & Co. Interiors

How to Do Keyword Research in 2017 – Lesson 2

January 16, 2015

Picture your ideal reader sitting at their computer, ready to search for your blog niche…will they find you?

This is the moment of truth.

Google is beckoning them with her red and yellow eyes to type in some words–a phrase that allows her to do what she’s made to do…

What do you think your prospective blog reader is going to type?

Whatever that correct answer is for your blog, this is where you want to end up when it comes to keywords.

Your keywords can and should help people using Google find your website. That’s why you must learn how to do keyword research. (more…)

The 60 Second Blog Report for January 9, 2015

January 9, 2015

The 60 Second Blog Report

This is the 60 Second Blog Report

Blogging News and Views from Matthew

All In Just 60 Seconds (more…)

Using Keywords to Kill Crickets; Help the Right People Find Your Blog–A Lot More People

January 7, 2015

Using keywords

You want readers. Desperately.

So you start out emailing your friends and sharing your blog posts on social media… Mom, uncle Bob, and your BFF subscribe and leave a “great job” comment.

Then you hear crickets.

Now what?

How do you get more readers? Answer: Get real close and personal with something called keywords. (more…)

New Year’s Resolutions for 2015 Bloggers: Get Inspired

January 1, 2015

Are you fired up about the new year ahead?

Imagine where your blog can be twelve months from now…picture the results you want:

  • A tribe of devoted fans
  • Lots of readers
  • Recognition
  • Fame
  • Higher level of income
  • Creative satisfaction
  • Helping more people
  • Making a difference in your niche

Ginormous goals like these are a beautiful thing. Yet, to reach big goals you must first set some specific goals to help you get there. (more…)

Blog Advice New Bloggers’ Need to Consider: You Can Choose a Crowded Blog Niche and Succeed

December 23, 2014

blog advice


Time for some unconventional blog advice…

Are you feeling pressured to pick “the right niche” for your blog?

By “the right niche”, I mean the conventional wisdom that says this: Pick A Completely Original, Unique, Never-Before-Considered Niche.

Some think this will lead to overnight online success.

You see these headlines all over social media: “Be unique! Provide a service no one else offers! Don’t choose a saturated niche!”

If the online gurus are coming at you left and right with blog advice that says stay away from a crowded niche, I can understand why you might suffer from”buyers remorse”at the moment…Perhaps you picked a blog niche, grabbed a domain name, and now after a few weeks or months, you’re afraid you made a mistake because there’s too many other bloggers in the same niche.

Before you give up or spend years trying to “find something that no one else is doing,” take a closer look at what a “crowded niche” really is and why YOU can reach crowded blog niche success. (more…)

Unique Gift Ideas for a Blogger that Will Make Them Feel Special

December 18, 2014
unique gift ideas
unique gift ideas


Bloggers know other bloggers.

We have our offline friends too, and of course, we have family.

Sometimes, we need unique gift ideas when a holiday rolls around…something to make the blogger we love feel special.

Maybe its a spouse that also blogs, or kids or parents that blog…

A birthday? Mother’s Day? Valentines Day?

No matter what the occasion, a great way to make a blogger (or aspiring blogger) happy would be to give them a unique gift that feeds their blogging passion.

Consider how unique it would be to give the blogger in your life one of these gifts unique gift ideas… (more…)

Shark Tank Show Isn’t Necessary for YOUR Business–Here’s Why

December 12, 2014

Shark Tank

Yesterday, I liked the reality show Shark Tank.

Today? Not so much.

Sonia Simone ruined it for me. Thanks to her blog post Why Shark Tank is Terrible for Your Business, I’ll never be able to watch this show the same way again.

Here’s what happened… (more…)

Teaching Blogs 2016: How to Benefit Your Students, Your Peers, and Your Pocketbook, by Starting an Educational Class Blog

December 11, 2014

Teachers, if you’re ignoring teaching blogs, you’re missing out!

Depending on your average class size, your classroom provides enlightenment and education to groups of 20 to 100 or more students, one class session at a time.

And while this is a good format for “one to many” teaching in a semi-personal environment, you could be reaching SO many more eager minds, including the most underprivileged people who can’t afford education in the traditional sense. Many, who would otherwise greatly benefit from all that you have to teach.

We’ll talk about creating mass exposure for your lessons later in this article. First, let’s explore the concept of teaching blogs, and examine why it’s such a powerful resource for teachers to utilize for education, exposure, and even a nice full-time, job replacing online income. (more…)

Memejacking Blogger: Promote Your Website Making Fun, Tasty Treats People Eat Up

December 10, 2014
memejacking blogger
Thank you, Captain Hindsight

Memes and social media go together like chocolate and peanut butter.

People love sharing memes on social media, and memes are gobbled up like sugary nougats all over the internet. Memes are low-cost promotional candies you can use online to get any message across, particularly for marketing purposes.

Memes (we will define them in a second) are fun to create and a smartly crafted one will catch people’s eye and make them want to share your message. Speaking of sharing, there’s 18 of my own meme examples below, so be sure to check them out and USE them if you’d like. (more…)