University Study Concludes: Self-Employment Leads to Happiness

self employment

Recently, I came across something that caught my attention.

The University of Exeter came out with a new study that confirms what I’ve been telling Build Your Own Blog readers for years: self-employed people enjoy their work more and find it more rewarding. 

The study analyzed 5,000 people in four different countries doing various types of work.

The researchers discovered one primary reason why:


Self-employed people feel more engaged with their work, mainly because they have more freedom to innovate and influence their work environment. 

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Co-author Professor Peter Warr had this to say about the study: “Professional workers who are self-employed really value the autonomy they have. They have the freedom to innovate, express their own views, have influence beyond their own role and compete with other companies and people.”

“They really get to use their own expertise, so don’t seem to mind working long hours. They can find high standards really fulfilling.”

If you are like me and you value autonomy and freedom in your working life, then I sure hope you have already launched your blog.

Because you can’t work for yourself today without a website.

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Matthew Kaboomis Loomis

P.S. If you are happy with your current place of employment and are interested in blogging as a hobby, that’s cool…you still need a blog, however. 😉

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  1. Ryan Biddulph   •  

    I spent this morning promoting my flag ship eBook Matthew. Fun. But yesterday, I spied 4 million year old boulders and fur seals on their rocks, in New Zealand. One day prior I saw epic lake and Southern Alp scenery. Next week I will visit a glacier. New Zealand is bananas LOL. But you know buddy, this life, and your life, and this level of happiness is pretty much happening for self-employed folks. Entrepreneurs. Business owners. It feels fun to work. It feels fun to be free. Good to see studies are catching up!


  2. Donna Merrill   •  

    Indeed Self Employment lead to happiness, all that freedom to experiment on your own & find out new working techniques make me indulge deep into my work and I love it. If something goes wrong, we don’t need to report to anyone, so self employment is the best thing for happiness.

    ~ Donna

    • Matthew Loomis   •     Author

      Hi Donna,

      You are a perfect example of this study! 🙂

      Readers take note: Donna Merrill has been doing her solopreneur thing for years now and you can tell she enjoys it.

      Follow her on Facebook and see for yourself.

      Perfect commenter for this one, Donna. Thanks for dropping in. 🙂


  3. Edward Thomas   •  

    First of all thanks for your effort and time that you give in your articles it always help me.I just want to say that keep posting article like this regarding self employment.

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